tagNovels and NovellasMike's New Job Ch. 03

Mike's New Job Ch. 03


Tales From Sechs City -- welcome to Sechs City, a wealthy, middle-class costal area of Western America in the state of California. A gorgeous, quiet largely uneventful place, people move to the city to follow their dreams, to live their day-to-day lives. It's almost too perfect to be true...

Heidi tried to show as little frustration as possible on her face as she opened the door to let her best friend of a year and a half in, but Isabella didn't seem to notice any sign of annoyance on her face as she sauntered in, dressed in a tight white strapped top and short denim skirt, her tanned legs ending with a pair of sports trainers. Under her long blonde hair, her light pink bra straps betrayed the colour of the underwear that was supporting her 38C breasts, underwear which hid itself surprisingly well under cotton of the top.

'How's the blushing bride, then?' she asked cheerily as Heidi closed the door behind her.

'Fine,' replied Heidi, though a little testily. 'I'm fine.'

Isabella nodded and sat down on the sofa. 'Mike gone already?'

Heidi grinned widely. 'Yeah, he has; Izzie, guess what? He got promoted yesterday!'

Isabella raised an eyebrow. 'Really? Promotion, hey? Well, now I guess you can afford that royal carriage you've always had your eye on.'

Heidi tutted. 'Don't make fun. This is a big deal for him, for both of us!'

'Okay, okay,' said Isabella, raising up a hand in mock surrender. 'Seriously, I'm happy for you guys. I've never known a guy work as hard as Mike does, so I guess he deserves it. Now are you sure you're going to be okay all on your lonesome for the next couple of nights without your big strong man to come and protect you? 'Cos you know you can still totally crash at mine, or I can come here, whatever.'

Heidi shook her head. 'Nope, I'll be fine. Anyway, my Mum and Dad are coming over early, remember?'

'Okay, but I don't have to tell you, I'm just across the road.'

Isabella lived in a small house almost exactly opposite Mike and Heidi. She had been the first person to welcome to the neighbourhood when they had moved in, and the two blonde ladies had hit it off right away. Usually Isabella worked as a PA for one of the big business in the financial district of Sechs City, but she had managed to persuade him to let her take the week off to help Heidi with the wedding. Heidi was sure she knew just exactly how Isabella's boss had been 'persuaded'. Her friend was not shy about admitting all her kiss and tell stories, and freely announced her love of sex.

'Okay, blushing bride,' Isabella said now, 'What's the plan for today?'

'Well, maid of honour,' said Heidi, stretching a little. 'I've really got to get to the golf club to check on things there. Then there's the florist to ring, the cake to check, the musicians to rehearse...'

'Uh huh, yeah, blah blah blah,' interrupted Isabella, rolling her eyes. 'We can do all that, IF you let me take you shopping this afternoon!'

'Shopping?' Heidi said suspiciously. 'What for?'

Isabella smiled slyly, her blue eyes twinkling. 'It's a surprise.'


'Nope, don't start protesting. I'm allowed to spoil my friend once in a while, especially if she's getting married in three days time.'

'Okay,' sighed Heidi. 'But only after we've done all the chores I have to do. I'll go and get dressed; there's some coffee in that mug on the table if you want it, but it might be cold, I'm warning you now.'

As Heidi left the room, Isabella picked up the mug and peered into it curiously. Heidi never usually left a near-full mug of coffee un-drunk. She tasted it a little; it seemed fine. So why...?

She glanced downwards and found a screwed up invitation which, as she picked it up, felt slightly sticky. She lifted it to her face and gave it a quick sniff. Her smile widened.

'Naughty blushing bride,' she said to herself, then laughed.


Kevin, still sitting in his seat watching cartoons, was understandably surprised to see Mike back from work so early. 'Forgot your packed lunch?' he asked sarcastically. But he reacted with real anger when Mike told him of the sacking at Clarke & Bros.

'Those stupid stuck up bastards!' he raged. 'Look. I'll go right there and give them something to think about...'

Mike looked amused at his friend. 'Seriously? Kev, you couldn't give a chipmunk something to think about. No, I'm in enough trouble with them as it is. I don't want to make even more mess. But thanks.'

'But are they really serious about this whole female harassment bullshit?'

Mike shrugged and collapsed on the worn out sofa. 'Guess so, though I haven't got a clue where they would get such an idea. In the last year I've only ever worked for three, four female clients...and always, always I'm the perfect gentleman. Unless one of them got the wrong idea.'

'What, thought you wanted to play at Handsome Stud Lawyer and Lonely Rich Widow or something?'

'I wasn't gonna put it like that, but yeah.' Mike groaned and rubbed his forehead with his hands. 'What am I going to tell Heidi?'

'I don't know, bro, but you're gonna have to tell her sooner rather than later, especially if she's got this dream wedding all planned out.I don't know; maybe you oughta call it off for a while?'

'We can't cancel the wedding now! Everything's all set out just the way she wants it. It's perfect for her.'

Kevin got up out of his chair. 'Dude, you need to start pushing your weight around a bit more in your relationship. Just tell her straight that you're gonna have to start making a few small sacrifices for the big day. Do you want a beer?'

'No, thanks,' Mike replied, not wanting to admit to the fact that he had drunk four an hour ago.

'Right, well I'm gonna get one for me, and I'm gonna be reeeeeeeal slow about it, so you've got plenty of time to call Heidi. All right?'

Mike sighed as Kevin went out of the room. His friend was right; he had to tell Heidi what had happened before the wedding became even more expensive than it already was. He knew that she would probably think of something last minute that she desperately wanted -- she always did with these big occasions, and this, well, this was probably the biggest occasion of the lot, so she was bound to think of something.

Then there was the wedding night -- she'd said she'd planned something really special for then. Mike felt his wallet scream slightly. Kevin was right about one thing; lately it seemed Heidi was the one wearing the trousers, particularly in the bedroom department. He'd put it down to simple wedding fever, but now he wasn't so sure.

Mike put his hand in his pocket to find his cell phone, and pulled out a piece of white card along with the small blue oblong. For a moment he glanced at it, puzzled, and then remembered the pretty features of Stacey Field, her pearly white teeth, those three silver butterflies on that silver chain. Boy, had she been cute. What was it she had said? 'My boss heard about your situation and was very interested in your track record, Mr Crane. We'd like to offer you a more exciting job with a lot more pay than the salary you would have got from your promotion at Clarke & Bros.'

Mike looked at the card again. 'Narina Ltd' it said over the number. His mind started to work over time. What if, just what if, he went to see this company, had an interview with them, got a job with them? Then he could keep it until after the wedding, but Heidi wouldn't mind because he was earning more money...

He got a coin from some loose change in his other pocket and flipped it. Heads, call Heidi. Tails, call this number.

It landed tails.

Taking a deep breath, Mike dialled the number on the card and waited. The connection rang twice before there was an answer. 'Narina Ltd?' The voice was that of a high-pitched male.

'Er...hi. My name's Mike Crane, and, er, one of your employees talked to me earlier today...'

'Oh, yes, Mr Crane, how lovely to hear back from you so soon. Now we'd love to set up a meeting with you as soon as possible. Are you free at all later this afternoon?'


Moments later, Mike was riding in a cab to an address that was just outside the financial district. He hadn't told Kevin where he was going, in case his friend tried to talk him out of it. He'd just said he was going to go for a walk to clear his head, to which Kevin had replied with a not-listening, 'Uh huh,' as he sat watching more cartoons.

Soon the cab arrived outside a rather anonymous looking brick building with a set of glass double doors as its entrance. There were one or two windows along the walls, but apart from them there didn't seem to be much sign of this been a prosperous solicitor firm.

'Are you sure this is the right place?' Mike asked the cab driver, who scowled back at him.

'Look, buddy, I've been driving this cab for five years. I think I know where I'm going, don't you?'

'Okay, okay, sorry,' Mike replied and handed him his fair, minus the tip. After taking one more look at the outside of the building, he walked towards the entrance and through the glass doors, his nerves all over the place.

The reception room was a little way into the building, with a deep red carpet and a light paint on the walls. The desk, which had a bright bold 'Narina Ltd' on its front, was occupied currently by a middle-aged, slightly balding man wearing a phone headset and furiously typing away on a cordless keyboard.

He looked up as Mike approached. 'Yes?' he asked in the same high voice that had answered the phone.

'Hi,' said Mike. 'I'm Mike Crane; remember me?'

The man smiled shortly. 'Yes, yes. Please take a seat, Mr Crane. Someone will be with you shortly.' And he returned to his typing.

Mike sat down on one of three blue seats that were lined up along the wall next to the reception desk. He found himself staring at a wall length portrait of a thirty-something, beautiful coloured woman dressed in a sharp, smart business suit, with curly hair tied up in a bow and dark brown eyes.

Footsteps diverted Mike's attention, and he turned to see short red hair and the warm face of Stacey Field staring back at him.

'Mr Crane, how nice to see you again,' she dazzled him with those pearly whites. 'Please, come with me -- Anglee will see you now.'

As they passed the reception desk, the receptionist, without looking away from his computer screen, called out, 'Remember your four o' clock, Stacey.'

'I won't forget, Gerald,' she called back as she led Mike through the only door that led into a plush but dimly lit corridor with four or five doors on each side. There were no windows here, either, to look into the offices, like there had been at Clarke & Bros. Mike wondered if the place had just been renovated.

Then they took a left down another one, then a right, before turning into a shorter corridor that had only one door, right at the end. Stacey knocked on it and entered without waiting for an invitation to enter, Mike following quickly behind her.

The room they were now in was probably the most lavish looking of the lot. It was twice of the reception room in both height and width. A large bookcase rested along the wall to Mike's right, full of big grey binders of official looking documents. To his left was, to his surprise, a very swanky looking home bar with a variety of bottle lined along several shelves. At the end of the room was a large stainless steel desk, on which rested a neon black laptop, and behind this was a very large plasma television screen.

'Mike Crane, Anglee,' Stacey said, and Mike was taken by surprise by a head popping out from behind the bar. It was the face of the portrait he had been admiring almost seconds ago, and it was even prettier in the flesh.

'Ah, good. Thank you, Stacey. You may go back to work now, she said in a voice which surprised Mike even more; he had thought the woman would be American, but her accent was French.

'How do you do? I am Anglee Narina. Please, have a seat, Mike,' Anglee said, standing up fully. She was wearing almost exactly the same suit that she had done in her portrait. 'A drink, perhaps? A Budweiser?'

'No...thanks,' said Mike. 'I'll have a coffee, though.'

'I can do better than that,' smiled Anglee. 'Cappuccino?'

'Yeah, that would be great, thanks.'

'You seem impressed?'

Mike laughed as he sat himself down in a leather swivel chair next to the desk. 'Well, you've got both my favourite drinks right first time, so I'm guessing you've got some thorough information about me.'

Now Anglee laughed; it was a rather throaty sound of someone who smoked a cigarette or two once in a while. As she crossed over to her own chair behind the desk, a tall glass of gin and tonic in her hand, she said to Mike, 'We are very, very exact on whom we hire, Mike. We want to know absolutely everything about them. I've got your file right here on the desk. I was just reading it as you pulled up in your cab.'

Mike was puzzled again; the only windows in the room were high up, thin slits that showed really only blue sky. How could she have known when he was pulling up?

Anglee placed her drink down on a metal coaster and pressed a button on a hidden intercom. 'Gerald, can we get a cappuccino for Mr Crane?'

'Yes, miss,' came the rather short reply.

'You mustn't mind Gerald,' Anglee explained. 'His boyfriend left him for an underwear model a fortnight ago; he hasn't been quite the same snce. Now, let's take another look at this file, shall we? '"Mike Crane, twenty-eight years old, employee at Clarke & Bros for three years after graduating law school with honours, engaged to Heidi Melroy, getting married in three days", I see, so you'll want some time off for that, of course, unless your bride-to-be doesn't mind you working in the morning?' She laughed again. 'I'm joking, of course. We'll let you have as much time as you need for wedding, honeymoon, etc.

'Now then, on to the grittier stuff. "Fired this morning from Clarke & Bros for accusations of sexual harassment towards female clients"?'

Mike cleared his throat. 'Look, that's all a lot of nonsense. I've got no idea where those accusations came from.'

Anglee nodded. 'Relax, Mike. This is just between you and me. I don't care whether they're true or not. Can I ask, though, have you told your girlfriend of these rather unfortunate developments?'

Mike studied her closely. She seemed sincere enough. 'No,' he answered finally. 'To be honest, I'm not quite sure how to. It's not exactly the nicest thing to tell your fiancée days before you marry her.'

'I understand,' said Anglee. 'Well, as it's only fair, do you have any questions for me?'

'Your accent is quite something...'

Anglee smiled. 'From my mother. My father was an American painter who met my mother in art college in Paris. They split up when I was five, and I've spent most of my life travelling from one country to the other. My father died a year ago and left me a lot of money in his will -- more money than any of us ever dreamt he had, for he wasn't very successful as a painter -- and so I was able to set up this business. My dream business. Which, I am very happy to say, you are now a part of.'

As she said this, for a second Mike thought he could feel her eyes scouring him up and down, as if she was examining him, but he brushed this aside in his utter relief.

'Well, thanks, thank you so much! You won't regret this, seriously, you won't.' He shook her outstretched hand, felt the soft skin that fooled him into the unexpected strength of her handshake. 'So,' he said, sitting back down in his chair, 'what kind of solicitors are we? What do we specialise in?'

Anglee looked at him quizzically, 'Oh, we're not solicitors, Mike.'

'Oh. Well, do we work with insurance claims? Small business? Large businesses?'

She smiled at him, and for the first time he noticed that there was more of a smirk in that smile then he had first registered. 'We deal with everybody who wants our services, Mike. You see, Narina Ltd aims for one thing: to help its client's dreams come true. Look, let me show you; you'll understand better.'

She picked up a thin remote control from the desk and pressed one of the buttons, pointing it at the large plasma screen. Immediately it lit up. At first Mike wasn't sure what he was seeing, but seconds later he got a shock when he realised what it was.

He was looking at a large double bed, on top of which were two bodies, male and female. The male was naked, face down on top of the female, kissing all over her body. She was in a black bra, with a frilled garter covering her womanhood. Around her neck was a silver chain, on which hung three silver butterflies.

Mike's heart almost stopped.

'Let's get a bit closer,' replied Anglee. She pressed another button and the camera zoomed in almost perfectly until the two bodies filled the screen. Anglee pressed another button, at which point Stacey Field looked straight into the camera and smiled wickedly.

'Stacey loves it when she knows I'm watching,' Anglee explained, half to herself. 'A little green light has just come on to let her know she's on high definition. She'll enjoy herself more now; lets have a listen.'

She pressed yet another button, and almost immediately the room was filled with the pitch-perfect surround sound of sex. Stacey did seem to be enjoying it more, especially as her "friend", who was pretty well endowed unless the camera was lying, was currently eating her out.

'Oh, yes,' she breathed. 'Oh! Oh, right there, baby! Right there! Oh! Yes!'

Mike was frozen to his seat. He couldn't move, couldn't even think. What the hell was going on here? He felt a slight bulging down below and was horrified to find he was been turned on by this.

Anglee seemed to have noticed too; that smirk of a smile was back on her face as she glanced from him to the television screen. Occasionally she would lightly brush a stray hair away from her eyes. It was clear to Mike that she too was becoming very aroused by this scene.

Stacey's moans were becoming louder and louder, until her "friend" had had enough of tasting her and wanted to feel her. He roughly flipped her over onto her front and heatedly tore the garter off of her, revealing her pert bottom.

Taking her legs, Stacey's "friend" allowed himself to enter her, a fact that was certified by the sudden combination of both looks and sounds of pleasure coming from Stacey.

The male was obviously more desperate for it then he had first appeared. His movements were quick, pounding, as if he were hammering a nail into Stacey. She didn't seem to mind his eagerness; in fact her moans swiftly turned into screams and wide grins of ecstasy.

'Well, I think we've seen enough,' Anglee said suddenly, and switched the television off. The sound took a fraction longer to go away, so as the screen went blank the room was filled with an 'Ohhhhh Fuuuuuuuckkk!' from Stacey.

Mike swallowed, and then common sense hit him in the face like a wet towel. He sprang up out of his seat. 'What the hell is all this?' he demanded furiously. 'I thought you were a solicitor business, or a law firm. Not some kind of whore house!'

'Nobody said anything about solicitors, Mike,' said Anglee calmly.

'Then why the fuck did you offer me a job?' he cried exasperated.

'I haven't offered you a job, Mike. I've given you a job. From this moment on, you work for me. Your paycheques will come stamped with Narina Ltd and signed with my own pen. Your hours are whenever you are needed. Your duties will be incredibly varied and, perhaps to begin with, a little sparse. But when news starts to spread, then people will be coming from miles around to my business to have you "work" for them.'

Mike slumped back into the chair, shaking his head. 'I won't do it,' he muttered. 'It's ridiculous...'

Anglee stepped across and leaned forward, her hands on either side of the chairs rests, her beautiful features up close to Mike's sweating face, her gorgeous brown eyes boring into his startled own. Her breath smelled of peppermint.

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