tagNovels and NovellasMike's New Job Ch. 06

Mike's New Job Ch. 06


Tales From Sechs City -- Welcome to Sechs City, a wealthy, middle-class costal area of Western America in the state of California. A gorgeous, quiet largely uneventful place, people move to the city to follow their dreams, to live their day-to-day lives. It's almost too perfect to be true...


It was an incredible cliché, thought Kevin, in that the first time in a week he had bothered to have a shower the doorbell had rung halfway through it. Grumbling to himself, he quickly wrapped his blue flannel dressing gown around his wet body and marched through the front room to the door, leaving little puddles of water with every footstep.

'This had better be important,' he said loudly as he opened the door. He got a bit of a surprise when he saw who was standing there.

'Important is my middle name, Kevin. You look a little wet; I hope I didn't ruin your afternoon routine?'

'Er, no, no, not really,' he replied quickly.

'Right. Well, can I come in?'

'Sure, sure. Come on through.'

He held the door open wider and Isabella, dressed in her usual attire of white strapped top and denim skirt, sauntered quickly in and sat down on the green worn out sofa. She opened the small cream coloured bag that she had been carrying over her shoulder and began to rummage through its contents.

Kevin knew Isabella fairly well, having met her at various parties with Mike and Heidi. He'd always secretly thought that she was a little stuck up, with her nice house and seemingly cushy lifestyle. He had to admit, however, that at the moment she looked incredibly hot. A fading whiff of the perfume she was wearing still hovered around the front door. It smelled of exotic fruits, of the warm beaches in the Caribbean.

Shaking himself, Kevin shut the door and went over to his own chair in front of the television, where he sat and waited as patiently as he could whilst Isabella finished taking out two sheets of paper with a lot of words printed on them.

'What's all this about, Izzie?' he asked her finally, his mind wandering back to that blissfully hot shower that was calling his name.

'Mike and Heidi,' she muttered as she read over the words on the pieces of paper.

'What about Mike and Heidi?'

Isabella put the paper down and looked at him. 'Tomorrow night; have you boys got anything planned for Mike's last night of freedom?'

Kevin scratched his right cheek. He could do with a bit of a shave too. 'I wouldn't say that he was free at the moment, but no, nothing major planned. I don't think he really wants anything big before the wedding.'

'Neither does Heidi. Which is why I've made a plan.' And she passed over one of the bits of paper to Kevin. As he read it his eyes widened slightly.

'No way will Mike agree to this,' he said, shaking his head.

Isabella sighed. 'Look, Kevin. I'm having enough trouble convincing Heidi as it is. I've had to come up with a whole new ball plan for her. Mike may object at first, but if you work at him he'll soon back down.'

'How can you be so sure?'

'Because it's already starting to work with Heidi, and you know she's an absolute control freak.'

Kevin snorted. 'You got that right. I keep telling Mike he needs to assert his authority, show her he's the man of the house. But I reckon she's got him right under her thumb.'

Isabella frowned. 'That's my friend you're talking about, there. But maybe this will change their attitudes a little -- maybe make their marriage last a little longer than it should do.'

'You don't believe in marriage much, do you?' Kevin asked her as he shifted in his seat to get more comfortable.

'There's too much in the world out there to see, to experience. You don't need a husband or a wife waiting at home restricting you from all of that enjoyment, tying you down. And I'm talking about all aspects of life, not just sex; although that's the main reason, naturally.'

'What if they wanted to experience life together; do those kinds of things as a couple?'

Isabella rolled her eyes. 'Yeah, and then they end up on "Jerry Springer" or some other crap. "My wife and I enjoy three-in-a-bed-romps with the mailman." No thanks. Look, are you with me on this or not?'

Kevin sighed. 'Okay, I'm with you, but you're the one who gets in trouble if all goes up shit creek. Where did you get all this info, anyway?'

Isabella folded up her copy of the instructions and put it back in her little cream coloured bag. 'Contact of mine,' she said simply. 'That's all I'm gonna let you know.'

'Aw, come on, Izzie. You gotta let me know a little more!'

Isabella laughed. 'Nope, 'cos I know that if I gave you any of the numbers I've had to call you'll be on the phone straight away for your own private little stag party.'

Kevin tried to look at her with his most puppy-dog expression on his face. 'Hey, what can I tell you? I'm a guy; I have needs.'

'Hah!' laughed Isabella shortly. 'I hate it when men use that excuse. Do you know how often guys have said that to me? You ever heard of jerking off? Anyway, it's pretty obvious to me at the moment that you have "needs".'

Kevin frowned. 'How do you mean?'

Isabella grinned. 'Because I can see how hard your cock is.'

Kevin looked down with embarrassed horror as he saw his efforts to get comfortable in the seat had meant his dressing gown had loosened slightly, allowing it to open a little. His dick was on full display, and was gradually getting bigger.

'Shit,' he muttered as he closed the gown quickly. 'Oh, man, I'm really sorry, Izzie.'

'Don't worry about it,' replied Isabella. Then, with a sly smile, she added, 'Actually, it's making me incredibly horny.'

Within seconds of the words coming out of her mouth, Isabella had leapt off the sofa and straddled Kevin, planting a long, hard kiss on his lips, her hot tongue easing its way into his mouth. Taken by surprise at first, Kevin quickly followed suit. That gorgeous perfume of hers filled his nostrils, and aroused him even more.

In a short breath for air, he stuttered,' Are you...sure you want to do this...?'

In reply, Isabella pulled her white top up and over her head, revealing her gorgeous 38C breasts. 'It's tradition,' she said in a voice coated with honey. 'The best man and the maid of honour are supposed to fuck each other.'

That was excuse enough for Kevin. He greedily began to suck at those beautiful nipples; within seconds they were like plump juicy raisins on the tips of Isabella's breasts. She sighed with pleasure as she felt the gorgeous tingle of arousal fill her whole body. His cock, ever hardening, felt so good against the material of her panties, and she was getting very wet very quickly.

Kevin continued to suck and kiss her breasts. He couldn't quite believe that he was doing this. He'd always wanted to try and have a go with Isabella, no matter how stuck up she was. After all, sexy was sexy. He'd also heard one or two stories about her from Mike; he knew that he'd have to try to give her an amazing fuck for her to consider him a proper guy. That would mean, his mind ticked away, that this would be all about her; more tit sucking, plenty of gentle, teasing kissing and a lot of oral action.

But Isabella seemed to have her own agenda. She pushed him back into the seat, away from her fulsome breasts and their rigid nipples, and quickly, but efficiently, undid the cord on the dressing gown. She threw it to one side of the seat, got off of Kevin's lap and onto her own knees in front of him. Opening the gown wide she kissed and licked her way down towards his large hardened cock, where she began to suck and lick as if it were covered in chocolate.

Kevin breathed through his teeth; this girl was amazing at blowjobs! He gripped the arms of the seat tightly in a bid to control himself; if he wasn't careful he could get too carried away, and then what would she think of him?

Isabella gave the pink log one last kiss and then sat away, a very thin strand of salty cum on her lips. She licked them slowly, swallowed and then breathed, 'Mmmm!'

Kevin's self-control was breaking down rapidly. He got down on his knees, leaving the dressing gown on the seat behind him, and began to hungrily kiss his way up along her legs.

After another deep, passionate kiss with their tongues entwined, Kevin's hands quickly went under the denim material of the short skirt. His fingers wrapped themselves around the hem of her soaked panties, brushing against the thin strands of hair that lay above the wetness. He pulled the underwear down to her ankles, hopped over them between her legs and lay on top of her.

Now it was Isabella's hands that did the work. After a playful one-two motion on his cock, they rapidly pulled him into her. Isabella had not had proper sex for at least a week and a half, and in her view there was only so much pleasure a vibrator could give a woman. To feel a real, throbbing, hard cock inside of her was an incredible delight, and she made it known with a sharp, 'Oh! Oh, fuck yes!'

Now all ideas of making this slow and sensual were gone. Kevin began to move in and out, in and out quickly, relishing the opportunity to have this untamed creature in his control. She in turn began to cling onto his back, to scratch at it with her red nails as she felt herself quickly building to a powerful orgasm. This was a little surprising; she didn't normally cum this well so quickly, but she reckoned it may have had something to do with the period of time she'd had to wait to get hot and nasty.

Kevin tried to go quicker still, but the denim material of her skirt, which was still wrapped round her like a bad chastity belt, was chafing his stomach. He ignored the slight ill comfort this provoked, concentrating on his own hastily building climax. As he felt himself on the brink, he started to kiss and lick at Isabella's neck, delighting in her gradually rising cries of, 'Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!'

Then Isabella cried out louder still, a scream of total pleasure, and Kevin used that as his cue to drop the last few smidgens of self-control he had left. He emptied himself into her, collapsing on top of her sweating, gorgeous body, breathlessly kissing a few times along her breasts, as she buckled under him.

They lay still, catching their breaths and laughing proudly at the glorious five minutes or so they had just spent together. Then Kevin slowly removed his still dripping member from her mess of a pussy, and managed to get back onto his chair, where he was able to relax more.

In turn, Isabella, still smiling like the cat who'd got the cream, carefully sat up and removed her very damp panties from around her ankles.

'These were new yesterday, Kevin,' she mock-scolded him. 'And not only did you not take the time to appreciate their exquisiteness, you went and practically ruined them!'

Kevin looked sheepishly at her. 'Sorry,' he said honestly. 'Were they expensive?'


His eyebrows raised. 'Fuck, I AM sorry. Can you get a discount?'

'For these?' she laughed, throwing them in his face. He laughed too and sniffed the wet pussy stains, that aroma he knew his cock now had heavily around it.

'Hmm, you say you want to return these, madam?' he said loudly, pretending to be the store clerk. 'Well, they're in a bit of a mess. How did they every get so?'

Isabella grinned and flashed her pussy at him in response. 'That's how,' she said sweetly.

Kevin handed the underwear back to her. 'Easy, sugar. Believe it or not, I'm not Superman. You're gonna have to wait for Round Two.'

'Don't worry,' she said, picking up her white top and putting it back over her head. 'You can come back to mine after the wedding -- we can have our own mini make-shift honeymoon. I should really be going anyway. There are other maid of honour duties to attend to besides satisfying the needs of the best man.'

Kevin wrapped the dressing gown around himself again. 'Yeah, we were probably quite lucky with the timing. After all, Mike could have walked in at any moment...'

Isabella frowned. 'Mike? Why would he do that? It's only three in the afternoon. Does he get shorter hours with his promotion or what?'

Kevin's eyebrows raised. 'Weeeeeell,' he said. 'Looks like the bride doesn't tell the bridesmaid absolutely everything after all. I'm surprised; I would have thought you would have been the first person Heidi would have told.'

'Told what?' asked Isabella, her patience wearing thin.


Mike was not surprised to find Kevin still sitting in his dressing gown when he got back later that evening. He was surprised, however, to find a very irate Isabella sitting on the sofa next to him. She leapt up as soon as he entered the apartment and stood there, hands on hips, her face fuming.

'Fired?' she declared loudly. 'You were fired?'

Mike sighed and looked over accusingly at Kevin, who was doing his best to ignore what was going on in front of him, as he had been subject to at least two hours of this already.

'When were you going to tell Heidi, Mike? Hmm? She still thinks you're bringing home a bigger wage packet! Do you know how much money she spent yesterday on stuff for YOUR wedding, for YOU?'

Mike tried to get a word in edgeways. 'Look, Isabella, I was going to tell her; it's just...'

'When, Mike? When? On your wedding night? Oh honey, you're so beautiful, and so wonderful, and oh, by the way, didn't I mention, I don't have a job anymore?'

This was horrible. Mike's mind was screaming out to tell her about his new job at Narina Ltd, but he knew that would have been suicide. So instead he said, 'Izzie, you're right; I should have told her from the very start. I guess I just didn't want to ruin what's going to be the best week of her life for her.'

Isabella rolled her eyes. 'So you're just going to ruin her life? That it?'

Mike put his head in his hands and rubbed his tired eyes. He didn't need this; the guilt of what had happened only several hours earlier was still gnawing away inside him. To be faced with this other fault was crippling in its effectiveness.

Finally he said, 'Look, just let me tell her when the time is right. I'll know when to tell her. I love her. I'll know when to tell her. But please, Izzie, please PLEASE keep this to yourself.'

Isabella's eyes searched his own before she sighed and picked up her bag from the sofa. 'I hope you know what you're doing, Mike,' she said. 'Because this is going to affect all of our relationships with hr. When she finds out that I or Kevin knew before she did...'

'She won't. I promise.'

'Yeah, well...' she replied before storming out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her.

Mike turned to Kevin.

'Before you start,' said his friend. 'I didn't call her to tell her or anything like that. She came round to talk weddings: best man, bridesmaid stuff, you know? She kind of figured it out on her own.'

'Alright, Kev, I believe you,' Mike assured him.

Kevin smiled, relieved. 'Good! Well, now the storm's passed, I'll get us some beers and you can tell me how your job-hunting went!'

More lies, thought Mike. How much more of them could he pull off?

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