"You know, I never knew that she was going to grow into that" Mike thought to himself.

It took him exactly 2.3 seconds to realize what a knock-out she had become. This whole visit home looks like it would've been a complete bore. Except his mom invited the neighbours to his BBQ, and now Mikey was grown up, and very willing to play again. Amy had never really been much for Mike when he was growing up along side her. He thought back to the day when they were not even 12. Mike was getting on the middle school bus, he was 11 which meant he was in grade six. Amy was 9 so she was in grade 5 at the time. They waited for the bus together, not saying a word. Until one moment a cheery eyed little blonde face poked up from behind her hood. She spoke. "So whats your name?" It was that simple. Mike just needed to reply. Mike was far from shy, yet for some reason very caught-off guard. Mike found his courage. "Ummm, Micheal"

"Cool, you live next to me right?"

"Ummm, yeah"

With the elementary school bus arriving and the doors closing. She was gone.

Things never really seemed to escalate past that point for a few years or so. He was the young boy growing into a teen, getting new experience after another. First beer, first girlfriend, first joint, first zit, first boob. He was turning 15 when he first realized that Amy was sporting some very short shorts on her walk back from the bus stop. Mike didn't really think twice about it seeing as she was just that pesky neighbour. Yet when Mike entered his last year of highschool. He took a second look to give her a quick hug goodbye, thanked her for being such a good neighbour and bus partner, then they parted ways. Mike was moving across the country, and he wanted her to remember him. He was like that.

Mike now stands in the same backyard he always did.

Mike stood taller, Mike had muscle, he was stubbled, dark black hair, and very charming. Mike hasn't seen Amy is very long. She was 19 now, He was 20.

Yet now when mikes stands in the backyard he once saw Amy across, he's holding a beer not a Popsicle, He's wearing loafers not skate shoes, and she looks good...really good.

He just stood there staring at her laughing. She was drinking what looked to be one of his moms overly strong mixed drinks, fruity and very yellow. Amy was wearing flip flops, but past that was nothing but long and sweet little legs, tan and thin. They led to ripped up jean short shorts giving frame to a gorgeous ass that tucked nicely into her firm thighs. Her ass had the nicest little perk. He could even see a peek of the little tuck that led to her thighs from her ass. Or as his buddies called it "The Ass Smile". He was smiling alright, she had an amazing body and pretty big boobs, those were new. They had to be D's he thought, but he wasn't sure if it was the bra. But then again she was only wearing a bikini top and jean short shorts so it became obvious, it wasn't.

It wasn't long before Mike bumped into her. She was shocked to see him "Oh my god mikey! Its been so long" she wrapped her arms around him and tried to squeeze him in, he didn't mind at all.

"Yea, how have you been gorgeous?" He charmed.

"Oh, just working with the horses out at Lion Lily Farm."

"Your kidding? Still" Mike was sort of stunned, he always thought she'd go further than that.

"Well, yeah. I sort of own half of it now, after Old Walen died."

"Wow! He left it to you?" Mike didn't mean to sound insensitive but that was really good for Amy.

"Umm ya, you-you look good Mike"

He chuckled.

"So do you"

She giggled

"You know, i have something a bit less hard and a bit more private if you want" he gestured to her drink.

She leaned in with a flirty whisper

"But what if i like it hard?"

He gulped, he didn't expect that. But he wanted to play his way out of it.

"Then i guess you can stick with the yellow punch.

Her face showed she just realized her mistake.

"OH! Yeah, of course." she put the drink down in a hurry, she perked up with a cute smile "something would be nice"

"alrighty then"

They smiled as they walked to his room and made bull shit conversation about the party.

He got to his room, he hasn't been there in ages. Went straight to his suit case and into a pair of socks. Pulled out a little metal container looking like it was for a pack of smokes. He then turned around to leave the room when he paused. Thought for a second and quickly walked to his book shelf and reached for a copy of Vancouver Proper, his favourite book. He pulled from beneath pages a pack of rolling papers he left there when he was leaving and didn't want anyone to find.

Laying in this beautiful patch of forest just he did when he was a boy. They brought a blanket and grabbed food and beers from the party. His mom was a fantastic chef, seeing as she has been in kitchens her entire life and culinary school and 5 star restaurants. But today was nothing fancy, today was picnic food. Which meant it was fantastic for wolfing down after getting high with the sexy neighbour. They layed down the blanket. He rolled a joint, they smoked it slowly. She looked so sexy when she smoked, it was like the thick cloud of British Columbia grey was moving over her soft skin and into the natural green forest. She was so beautiful. So beautiful in fact without thought of cause to pay attention. Mike moved into her, kissed her shoulder and moved back with a smile.

She just exhaled and paused. Looked at him like nothing happened and smiled. It was long and silent pause until she broke barrier and moved in to kiss him, he replied instantly with a strong kiss. He felt her sly hand reach for his back and pulled him in, that wasn't enough for Mike. In one strong yet careful motion he flipped her on her back and knocked the joint away and got on top of her all in one. He kissed her, she loved it.

Their tongues playing tag while they bodies grew closer.

She puts her hands on his chest and pushes him back. He was on his knees while she was sitting on that nice little ass.

Her hands immediately go to his belt, fumbling with the buckle, and finally with the zip of his zipper and the ripping down of his boxers. She grasps his thick cock in her hand while her other supports her. She looks up at him and says "You sir, have no idea how long I've wanted this."

His cock grows harder to the point of it hurting a bit.

She lowers her silky blond head down to his waist and in a sudden burst of warmth wraps her nice red lips around his hard cock, its throbbing as blood rushed throughout him. She slowly works a rhythm as she starts to pick up speed. Sucking and licking away at his cock. She was loving it. He just knelt there loving the feeling of her sweet mouth sucking off his big cock. He wanted more, but was worried that she might just finish the job.

She licked his balls as she stroked him off, her wet tongue tracing the head and diving right down to take the whole thing. She was good. Mike was going to cum. He didn't know how to tell her.

"Baby if you keep this up things are about to get messy"

She popped her sweet mouth off it and simply replied with a smile

"No they wont"

And as if on command she immediately went back to sucking away, stroking faster and faster, she was trying to get a big load out of him and she would. His muscles tensed and with an explosion of good feelings he came right into her sweet little mouth. She was determined to get it all, taste it all, and swallow it all. After she licked him clean she got up. And went for her beer.

Mike was just appreciating the moment when he got up to get her, and ripped down her little short shorts. She tried to catch them but was too slow. With another quick move Mike had her little thong to the floor. She whipped around, her silky blonde lashed his face; she had a face on her that was almost a pout, like she didn't want was about to happen.

"What?,You don't want to have a good time too" Mike asked.

"Well of course I do! I just thought you'd take my top off, you haven't seen these yet... and I've gotten some good reviews"

Mike smiled.

"Well in THAT case!"

He immediately pulled her in, his limp cock barley touching her pussy as they stood facing each other. His arms wrapped around her, his lips on her neck and his finger fumble to undo the knot of her bikini.

Finally it falls, and she wasn't wrong. Mike stood in awe at her lovely tits, Big, Full, Perky and best of all were her tiny little nipple giving compliment to just how big they were. He was impressed, he understood the reviews... but looking time was over.

Her picked her up, she giggled. His cock was just arriving to the occasion so it didn't hurt went she wrapped her legs around him. He laid her down, she was so light. He wasn't sure of how she wanted it.. but one thing that was certain was how wet she was; Amy did want this for a long time. She bit down on his neck as he took his thick cock in hand and led it into her moist pussy. She was tight, but way too wet for there to be any problem. He fit like a glove, and she was in awe. Her head immediately jolted back and he pushed the second half of his cock in with a forceful thrust. She moaned, he wanted to take it slow. He pulled out a bit further, taking his time and taking all the pleasure he could out of it... Amy wouldn't have any of that. With her sharp nails digging into his back and his hard cock filling her pussy. All it took was her sexy legs to wrap around him and strongly pull him in to show that this wasn't about a reunion, this was a about a fuck. He started picking up speed, giving her all he had. Harder and faster as she screamed out "Fuck me!"

He wanted to give her the best fuck shes ever had, she lifted her legs onto his shoulders...making that hole even tighter.

"Oh my god yes, yes, fuck meeeee!

She was going nuts... his back felt raw from all the scratching, this girl liked it rough.

Without notice he pulled his cock and flipped her over, that ass needed to have some attention.

She knew what to do, spread her legs.. dipped her back down, flicked her hair back, perked that ass up, reached under her pussy and pulled him with his balls. It hurt a bit, but it got the job done...

He was back to fucking that sweet little pussy, harder and faster than before.

She was massaging his balls through her legs, whenever she could get her hand away from her clit.

All Mike wanted to do was pull her in with her shoulders and squeeze those sexy tits.

"Oh yes baby, pinch my nipples! Oh god ya fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Mike felt her pussy squeezing his cock

"Oh Mikey!!!! I'm gunna cuuuuum"

Mike grunted back "Yeah baby? Cum for me..."

"Spank me, Spank me hard and watch me cum"

He smacked her nice ass, as he fucked her... he felt her about to cum, she was moving against him so much she was practically fucking him.

She was going to cum.

"YES! FUCK YES! OH MY GOD FUCK ME! Oooooooooooo!!!! I'm cumming I'm cumming!"

He kept fucking her, spanking her and pulling her hair, he knew she was getting off on how rough her was being.

Mike felt it, he was close.

"Baby I'm going to cum"

She said "tell me when..."

He sat down and kicked his legs in front of him and she moved back and forth on his cock riding him backwards.

He just sat there watching that little slut ride his cock, making that ass shake as it worked his thick cock.

He was getting way to close for this, he loved it.

"You like that baby? You like watching my ass work that big cock? You know i love it right? I've wanted it inside me for so long... I've needed it. But what i really need is some more of that cum, Cum for me!"

He felt it build up.

"I'm going to cum baby"

With a quick move she got off his cock, said "Stand up"

Got on her knees and jerked his cock off.

Sucking his head as she stroked him off.

"Oh baby, so close."

Right as he was about to cum, Amy said

"But baby, this time I want a mess.."

Before mike could reply his cock was spurting out big long ribbons of thick cum all over her tits and mouth, the sight of her covered in his cum made it all much better and stronger.

She just knelt there jerking him off and taking it with a big sexy smile.

She sucked the rest out of his cock making sure to not miss a drop.

She scooped up a big finger full of cum off her tits and swallowed it...

He just stood there light headed and shocked as he watched her clean her self up. Clean all his cum of her tits and mouth. Her cheeks and chest.

She then reached her hand down to her still moist pussy and fingered her self.

Mike was confused but just enjoyed the view.

She brought her sticky fingers up to her mouth and licked them

She just grinned and said "You think your the only one I like to taste?"

It took about 5 minutes to get dressed and proper before returning to the BBQ.

Mike knew he needed to visit more often...

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