tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMiki Lee 01: People Search

Miki Lee 01: People Search


Miki Lee presented herself as any normal nineteen year old girl. Graduated from High School and taking the year off before any college plans. Living under her Father's roof made life simpler. Not only did it help her but it kept her Father company after her Mother had passed away from breast cancer.

She was between jobs and without income it became necessary. A Burger joint was out of the question.

Her goal was out there but without any serious bites. She wanted to be a model. Her portfolio was blessed with a bounty of beautiful poses in various fashions. Yet nothing was stepping up to the plate. She couldn't understand why.

This girl was drop dead Goddess. Coming from a Hungarian/ American Father and a Korean Mother, her features were flawless. Her build insanely perfect.

Miki stood at 5'3 and weighed 110 pounds. Caramel colored skin accented her shoulder length black hair. Big brown eyes drew a crowd. Her tits a massive 34DD. A heart shaped ass that curved brilliantly in all the right recesses was gawked at every time she walked. Long silky legs carried her along.

She knew she had it all together physically yet she felt very alone and unwanted. Impossible right?

All the wrong people wanted her for certain. Gangbangers and trouble. She was better than that. San Diego California had it's share. Her Father kept her civil luckily, even though her lust for life made her skip certain brain cells that maintained said normalcy.

Being out of work so long left Miki a few unexpected options. While her Father was at work as an Ambulance driver late at night, Miki discovered the internet. At first it began as chat rooms. Then, she ventured out to web camera technology. She felt that her beauty might be discovered to entice her portfolio chances.

Discovered by every pervert out there. Something she laughed about each night.

Sadly, something she had become herself.

This night Miki wore only a white t-shirt with the San Diego Chargers logo on it. Sitting in the dark basking in the glow of her computer monitor she chose to merely surf chat rooms. She blocked all incoming requests from other men. So she thought.

Miki this night would be caught off guard.

"What the heck?"

A box popped up on her monitor forcing her to raise an eye brow and check her settings.

"How are you getting past me, "Lukas411"?" She frowned and attempted to delete him and block it. Yet time after time this person slipped through.

Finally, she reads the message.

"Good evening, Miki Lee. Please do not continue trying to block me. It will fail every time. I am not the enemy. I merely want to talk."

She shivers then types, "How do you know my name?"

Incoming, "I know everything there is to know about you. EVERYTHING! Don't panic. I mean you no harm."

"Everything about me? Like what?"

"Father, "Michael". Mother, "Xian" deceased. I'm sorry by the way. Dog, "Pepper" put to sleep three months ago due to canine leukemia. Graduated from "Clinton- Fosworth High School" last year. With an 8.2 grade point average. Should I go on?"

Terrified yet curious she types, "Public record. Easy to locate. Who is this? Is Lukas your real name?"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. Time will tell. Correct, public records for all of that. I'll continue. You want to be a model. You have a well prepared portfolio by the way. I especially love the red dress. It accents your skin tone perfectly."

Her eyes bulge, "I faxed that portfolio to thirty different agencies. Again, that's easy to access online. That or you work for one of those agencies."

"No. Agency yes. Hardly fashion though. At one time that is. About me another day. Let us continue. Your favorite color is Lavender. The first book you read was "Interview with a Vampire" by Anne Rice. Your Father used to read you a children's book called, "Curious George" before bed. You had a pair of "Scooby Doo" pajamas."

Her eyes bulge as more and more info is revealed.

"You were in a class play of "the Little Mermaid" at age 9. You were a sea shell. You should have been "Ariel". Money bought that role to a girl named, "Violet". Proud parents indeed."

She swiftly types, "How do you know all of this?"

"Some public record still. In reality everyone has nothing to hide. At least from me." Lukas replies.

"How could you know about my pajamas?" She fidgets.

"They were given to "Goodwill" three years ago. You and your Mother dropped them off. They had cameras."

"Three years ago? You couldn't have possibly spotted me three years ago."

"No. However all cameras leave documentation. I can only imagine you were happy to see your Mother's fur coat being given away. It looked like a wet collie."

She wants to laugh yet finds herself spooked.

"If you know so much tell me something intimate." She challenges.

He returns with, "A man in "Glendale" recorded your striptease last month online with his cellphone and shared it with four of his friends. I've intercepted that video and deleted the memory on their phones. You may thank me now."

Awe struck she holds her hand to her lips then moves them away to type.

"I guess I'll have to take your word on that."

After a three minute pause she hears her cellphone buzz. A text had come through. Checking it she discovers the video. After watching it she sits it down and stares at the cell. Suddenly her cell goes dark. The message had been erased from outside.

"Holy shit." She whimpers loudly then returns to typing.

"How did you get my number? How did you erase that?"

He replies quickly, "No number is unlisted when you get it from the Carrier. I have a fetish for computers. Call me a Hacker. Regardless, I mean you no harm whatsoever. I could go on and on about what I know about you but lets cut to the chase. Speaking of "Chase", You bank at "Chase Federal Credit Union. Correct?"

"Maybe. You going to take my last forty dollars?" She frets.

"Hardly. Give me five minutes then call and check your balance."

"Whatever." She rolls her eyes chuckling.

As time ticked away she couldn't resist and called the Credit Union. Her exploration discovered that Forty dollars had become Four thousand dollars.

"Oh my God!"

She nearly drops her cell and types Lukas, "How did you do that?"

"Simple! I merely took a single penny from the accounts of 400,000 people in "Paducah, Kentucky" and moved it offshore then back to your account. Totally untraceable. Not even the IRS will discover it. Firewalls Miki."

"Whoa! I don't want it. I'm afraid I'll go to jail."

"Trust! I told you I'm not the enemy. I can easily make that four grand, four hundred grand. Do I have your attention?"

Frozen in fear yet excited she types slowly, "What do you want from me?"

"To offer you the chance to be yourself. You enjoy your exhibitionist tendencies more than you might admit. Am I correct?"

"I guess. I like teasing guys online."

"We both know it goes beyond a computer Miki. You fail to realize that cameras are everywhere these days. The park near your home. For child safety reasons. The café you frequent. Cabs. Job interviews. Oh, and my personal favorite, the beach. All of which you have revealed yourself to men in some fashion. You just need to kick it up a notch."

"Oh my God! You saw all of that?" She bounces nervously in her chair.

"Yes. I see all. Including the white "Chargers" t-shirt you're wearing right now."

"What? How?" She covers her chest to hide her stabbing nipples from no bra to hide them.

"I activated your webcam long ago. I have been observing you for over an hour and a half. I saw you paint your toenails pink."

"Holy Fuck! You're stalking me."

"I suppose so. Hear me out?"

"Do I have a choice?" She types.

"Not really. Calling 9-1-1 will only get you the front desk of the Sands Hotel in Madagascar. Our conversation on here will be deleted from my location. It becomes your word against mine. It needs not come to that. The four grand in your account is yours. I will not touch your account ever again unless you authorize it."

"This is insane. What do you want from me?"

"Loyalty for one. Obedience for two. To make you smile for three."

"Loyalty? I don't know you. Obedience? Sounds like blackmail." She expresses.

Lukas adds, "No blackmail. You do this for yourself. I can erase every exhibition you ever conducted before anyone else notices. Including the ones you will adventure upon in the future."

"You seem so sure about that."

"Can you admit to me that you have no further desires to expose your body to others publicly?"

"No. I love it. But, I need to be careful about it."

"I can make it careful. Call me your Guardian Angel."

"Meaning what?"

"Any camera can be deactivated at the touch of a button. Any fire alarm can go off to ward away anyone intent on hurting you. Go to your front door and listen."

She hops up and races to her door looking out. In the darkness she hears car alarms go off in the entire neighborhood. Headlights flashing light up the streets.

"Wow!" She stands in awe until the noise ends.

Returning to her computer she types, "So cool. What else can you do?"

"You have three pizzas coming within ten minutes. All paid for by your last boss "Waldo" at the Copy Shop."

She busts up laughing, "Waldo is going to crap his pants."

"When he looks into it the records will show they were delivered to the Pakistani Embassy."

"Awesome. Pizza sounds yummy."

"I made certain to request single young men that are quite fit. For my efforts I'll let you tip them."

"From my four grand?"

"No. By answering the door without that white t-shirt on. Totally nude. If you do that I'll move another grand into your account. With your permission of course."

"Seriously? I'm home alone. What if I'm raped?"

"Your home has interior and exterior security, camera and alarm. I can easily set it off and attract the cops, also record their actions. I can enter a command to the internal computers oft he delivery men's cars to prevent them from starting. There are any number of alternatives."

"I don't know. The thrill is there but I'm kind of edgy."

"If you don't push yourself how do you expect to find satisfaction?"

"What if they want sex?" She bites her nail.

"That is up to you. You have had sex with six men before now. Five in high school, one guy from the Café you visit. You love sex or so you say in your online diary."

"Should have written it in a book, huh?"

"It wouldn't have mattered. They all bragged about you online and shared pictures of you."

"Dammit!" She laughs.

"I've been tracking their cars. It looks like all three drivers will arrive within four minutes. Give or take."

Miki fidgets and wrinkles her brow ,"I'm scared."

"Don't answer the door then." He replies.

"I want to see their reaction though."

"You are extraordinarily beautiful Miki Lee. You should be seen. Touched."

"If I allow them to touch me will that get me another grand?" She giggles in her seat.

"Do it because you want to be touched. For no other reason."

"Greedy, huh. We'll see."

The doorbell rings causing her to panic and fan her hands.

"Go get them Tiger." Lukas types to make her smile.

Her t-shirt was off before she left her seat.

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