Miley and Me


Becky jumped in to Alan'sarms with excitement as the morning had arrived that they headed off to Hollywood for 5 days. It was a special surprise that Alan had organized as a birthday gift for Becky's 24 th . He grinned from ear to ear as he looked at how happy Becky was.

"I wonder if we will meet any stars while we're there baby?!" Becky said enthusiastically. She jumped back down and ran to the bathroom.

"I'm gonna have a quick shower baby. Will you pack that bag over there for me? I have already piled up the clothes I wanna take. They're over there on the bed."

"Okay. Don't take too long though! It's already 1am and we need to get on the road while the roads are still fairly quiet."

"Alright baby, I won't be long, I've already washed my hair anyway." Becky closed the door and Alan chuckled as he heard her singing to herself happily.

Some time later, Alan and Becky were well on the road and rocking out to music in the car. They discussed what sights they were going to see while there and who they might meet while out and about.

"Well we definitely have to go and look at the Hollywood Walk of Fame!" Alan said excitedly.

"And the studios!" Becky replied with a giggle. "Oh by the way baby, what hotel did you book? You never said."

"The Ramada." Alan responded with a grin.

"Wow! Aint that one of the more famous ones?"

"Yep! Maybe some of the celebs will be staying there! Who knows?"

"I have got to go shopping on Rodeo Drive!!" Becky added.

"Oh of course you would think of clothes...." Alan said with a sarcastic grin.

"Well I am a woman, baby. " Becky exclaimed while poking her tongue out.

"Aint that the truth! Haha." Alan lit a cigarette and passed it to Becky.

"Aw thanks baby."

"You're welcome baby. I really hope you have a good time. I love being able to do things for you. I don't get to do things often for you and when we got lucky with that scratch card I had to make sure I could do something for you. And what better than a nice few days away somewhere!"

"Well thank you baby. I know I am going to have fun. We are gonna have a wonderful time."

"Yes we are. No distractions, no work, nothing to spoil it! I love you Baby!"

"I love you too Baby!"

* * * *

After about 36 hours, they arrived at the hotel. They checked in and headed up to their room. They threw their bags down and both flopped on to the bed.

"Damn I am fucking soo tired!" Becky said landing on the bed and not even searching for the pillows.

"Me too.. I just wish I could drive too so I could have taken over for you here and there." Alan cuddled up to Becky while looking around the luxurious room.

"Wow.... look at how beautiful this room is baby!"

"I know!" Becky said with her eyes closed.

"Haha! You haven't even looked!"

"It's the Ramada! I think I can imagine.." Becky opened one eye and it finally sunk in at how beautiful the room really was. She suddenly jumped up to her feet.

"Holy.. wow! Look at that window! It's fuckin' huge!"

"I know! You can almost see the whole of Hollywood. And look! There's the Hollywood sign!" Alan ran over to the window with Becky not too far behind him.

"Dang baby! We couldn't have gotten a better room if we had a million dollars! This is amazing!"

"I don't think I'm tired anymore.." Alan exclaimed while still still staring out the window.

"Same here.. let's order room service! I have always wanted to do that!"

"I'll get the phone!" Alan replied while running to the phone.

"Order whatever the heck they are willing to bring up!"

"Hi, yes.. room service please.. just read the menu to me."

"I don't care if we don't drink, I want champagne!"

"She'll have champagne.. I will have Pepsi.. and whatever the specials are."

* * * *

Some time later after filling themselves up on expensive food, they lay on the bed flicking through all of the different channels on the TV.

"Woah! Porn? Haha! Don't you have to add that or something?" Becky giggled.


"You asked for porn?!"

"Well duh!"

"Haha! Oh well.. cool! At least it's two chicks!" Becky grinned and watched while she smoked on her cigarette. Alan could see that she was starting to get turned on and eased up a little closer to her.

"Ya know.. we have never done it in a hotel room before.."

"Haha yes we have!"

"They were motel rooms.. like the Executive Inn and all those shitty small town dumps! Not quite the same baby.. we have never done it in a luxury room like this before!"

"Well yeah, that's true.." Becky responded with a cheeky grin. She put her cigarette out and got on her side, looking directly at Alan's face.


"Well what?"

"You know I like it when you make the move baby." She said to Alan while raising her eyebrow.

Alan moved closer and kissed her on the lips slowly, their tongues gently meeting. The knowledge that they were in an expensive and luxurious hotel room making things that much more exciting.

"Oh my God I wonder if they have a jacuzzi or a hot tub!" Becky excitedly yelled.

"Probably! Let's go and look." They jumped off of the bed and ran to the bathroom door. They stopped suddenly and were open mouthed as they were greeted by a gigantic bathroom with marble everywhere. A jacuzzi on one side and a hot tub on the other side.

"They fuckin' have both!" Becky said in shock.

Soon after, they were in the hot tub, naked and relaxed.

"So? You gonna finish what you started baby?" Becky said while easing in to Alan's arms. His hands began caressing her shoulders, gradually moving down to her breasts. His fingers greeted by erect nipples. She lay her head back on his chest as his hands caressed her breasts and gently pinched her nipples. Her hand explored his thigh and finally reached his cock. Hard and throbbing, making her pussy even more wet than the water had made her. She began stroking him up and down. Her ear on his chest hearing and feeling his heart starting to beat faster. As she heard and felt his heart becoming rapid, her hand began moving faster up and down his cock. His unashamed moans made her get even harder and faster. Her grip making him jerk his body and grab her body even tighter.

"Sit up on the side of the tub." Becky ordered him. As he positioned himself on the side of the tub, she grabbed his dick and placed her lips around the head of it. Her tongue fluttering over the tip like a butterfly. Her sucks and licks getting harder and stronger. Alan leaned back against the wall, his legs stiffening up as Becky's hands squeezed his balls as she took his dick deeper in to her mouth.

"Come up here baby." Alan asked. Becky stood up and eased herself on to his dick. She spread her lips with her fingers as she carefully helped him to slide inside of her. Her head fell back as she felt his full length throbbing in her and getting deeper. She let out a moan and leaned forward to feel him kissing her while she thrust up and down on him. His hands caressed her breasts and he leaned forward to suck her nipples as she continued gyrating on his dick.

"Oh baby.." Becky moaned excitedly as she felt herself starting to cum.

"Not yet.." Alan added. He pulled himself out of her and guided her back in to the bedroom. He gently lay her on the bed and spread her legs. His mouth reached her soaking wet pussy and slid his tongue over her clit while his fingers spread her lips. As his tongue caressed her clit and moved downward to her creamy hole, he could feel her body jerking and shaking as she was ready to cum in his mouth. He backed away and looked up at her with a cheeky grin.

"Don't stop now!" She yelled as Alan smiled and eased his dick back inside of her. Her pussy was so wet that he slid inside without any trouble He grabbed his dick and started to jack off inside of her. Her moans and quivering body excited him and he got harder and faster. Both of their hearts beating rapidly as they got closer to the climax. Soon after, Alan came inside of her, his warm cum filling her pussy to the point where she couldn't take anymore. Her pussy becoming sensitive to the touch. He carefully eased himself out and looked as she took a deep breath and then looked at him and smiled.

"Mm that was so good." She said while taking his hand and pulling towards her to lay down. Their lips touched and they kissed before falling asleep in each others arms, finally feeling the journey catching up to them.

* * * *

A couple of days in to their trip, Alan and Becky were touring their way around Hollywood. Visiting landmarks, buying gifts for each other, and whatever else they could do before their trip was over.

"Hah! Look!" Alan said, pointing at a store called The Pink Pussycat.

"A sex shop! Haha! Come on, we have to!" Becky exclaimed.

They headed on inside and giggled like kids at some of the strange but intriguing toys that were on display. Becky was suddenly excited by a strap-on that was being sold. It was decorated with tiny diamond studs and was purple in color.

"Oh wow! Look! A fuckin' diamond covered strap-on!"

"Dang! They go all out here don't they. Go ahead and get it if you want it. You won't find one of those in LaFayette baby, that's for sure! Haha!" Alan encouraged.

Becky couldn't resist the thought of buying not only a diamond covered strap-on, but one that was no less than $500 so decided to get it while she could afford it.

* * * *

Some time later, Alan and Becky were viewing the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Many celebrities over the years had had their names added to the Walk of Fame. A sight that many tourists flocked to see.

"There's Paul Anka!.... And The Simpsons!" Becky pointed out excitedly.

"Drew Barrymore.... Michael Jackson!" They continued walking not believing that they were on the Walk of Fame.

"Miley Cyrus!" Becky added.

"Where? I think I missed that one."

"No, no! Over there! Across the street, look!" Becky jumped up and down and pointed to Miley Cyrus walking down the street.

"Oh wow it is Miley Cyrus!" They ran across the street to try and catch up to her.

"Miley!" Becky yelled. She turned around and noticed them and stopped.

"Hey! We are big fans of yours." Alan hinted, not so subtly.

"I think she knows that already, baby.." Becky replied while poking him.

"Haha, well hey. How you guys doing? And is that a Southern accent I hear?" Miley said while smiling.

"Yes, yes it is! We are on a trip from Georgia. We just noticed you so, erm.. had to come and say hey."

"Well cool! I hope y'all are enjoying it here. But January isn't the best month though! Haha."

"Oh we are having a great time! But yeah, my hubby here brought me here for my birthday and sadly we're having to head back the day after tomorrow. So that's gonna suck."

"Aw that does suck. But happy birthday! I hope you continue to enjoy yourselves and have a safe trip back home!"

"We will! Thanks! Can we get an autograph if that's ok?" Becky asked innocently.

"Sure! What's the name?"

"Alan and Becky."

"Cool! Well there ya go guys."

"Thanks, Miley! Take care." Becky said while turning around and looking at the autograph with excitement.

Alan had been writing something on a piece of paper and quickly handed it to Miley before she walked off. She looked at it curiously and started to walk away.

"Look baby! We actually got an autograph! And from Miley Cyrus too!" Becky said with a huge smile while hugging Alan.

"I know! It is so awesome! That was really lucky too!"

"Hell yeah! But what was it you handed her?" Becky asked curiously.

"Handed her?.. Oh! She dropped something out of her purse."

"Oh ok. So, where we gonna go now? It's still early and we should get as much in as possible before it's too late." Becky said while lighting up a cigarette.

"Hm. Well, it's almost 1. Shall we go eat somewhere?"

"Sounds good!"


"Chinese? We are in Hollywood baby! And we have money! Let's get a slap-up meal dammit!"

"There are such things are expensive and posh Chinese restaurants y'know!"

"Haha. We will see what we can find." Becky said with a wink as they walked off hand in hand.

* * * *

The next morning was Saturday. Becky's birthday. She awoke and wondered where Alan was. He wasn't in the bed and wasn't anywhere in the bedroom. She got up and looked around.

"Maybe he's in the bathroom" she said to herself. "Baby? You in there?" She said while tapping on the door. As she tapped she heard the main room door opening.

"Nope I'm not in there" he said with a smile and his hand behind his back. He walked towards her and kissed her four times on the lips and handed her a bunch of roses.

"Happy birthday darling. I love you so much."

"Aw baby, thank you so much!"

"That's not all." He said while taking out a little box from his coat pocket and handing it to Becky. She opened it up to find a diamond ring.

"Oh my God baby! This had to have cost a fortune!"

"Like you said yesterday baby.. we have some money at the moment! And you are worth every penny of it darling. Happy birthday."

"That isn't all of your gifts yet either Becky." A voice said.

"Who the fuck was that?" Becky said while jumping. Suddenly, a head popped around the door.

"Woah! Miley Cyrus?! What the.. how the?"

"Alan handed me a note yesterday.. after we met." Miley handed Becky the note which read:

"Saturday will be Becky's 24th birthday.. I know you are

extremely busy, but it would mean the world to her and

me if you could come to our hotel room and sing a song or two for her.. We will be at room 572 at the Ramada. "

"Wow! I.. I really don't know what to say to either of you! But.. are you sure you're not too busy to be here?" Becky said with a tear in here eye and unable to process all of the surprises that were suddenly in front of her.

"No not at all, it's ok. I have some time off, and well, if someone likes me enough to want to be given a good time on their birthday, then hell yeah! I know what it's like to want a nice birthday, so it is my pleasure Becky." Miley kissed Becky on the cheek and sat down with her guitar. She began singing The Climb while Becky lay her head on Alan's shoulder and held his hand, not being able to believe that Miley Cyrus.. THE Miley Cyrus, was there in front of her.. and not just there, but there singing to her.. Not an audience of 50,000 people, but her. How could this be possible? Would anyone ever believe her? Probably not, but she didn't care. She knew it was real and that is all that mattered to her.

"Ok Becky, it's time for you to get up here and dance with me to the next song!" Miley said while putting a CD in the stereo. The backing track for Party In the U.S.A. came on and Becky blushed.

"Dance? Right now?"

"Well yeah. Come on!" Miley said with a smile while pulling her up by her hand.

"Go on baby! Have some fun it's your birthday." Alan said, while helping Miley get her up on to the floor.

"Ok, ok! Haha." She started dancing with Miley, following her moves. She was still a little shy but started to lose herself once it got to the chorus. Her inhibitions start to fade away. She wasn't able to stop looking at Miley though. Mainly in disbelief at that moment. She couldn't believe she was in a hotel room. In Hollywood. Not just dancing, but dancing with Miley.

Suddenly, as she got more in to it she was moving her hips like yea' closer and closer to Miley. She suddenly found herself gyrating up behind her and against her ass. Miley moved away but didn't say anything and kept dancing. Becky wanted to say sorry but was too shy to even mention it. Was Miley offended? Did she hate her now? She tried forgetting about it and just kept dancing until the song finished.

"You were great Becky! Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Miley said with excitement.

"That was a lot of fun Miley!" Becky said while trying to forget what she had done.

"Sit down Miley, I'll get you girls a drink." Alan said.

"Sure! Just a soda for me. Mtn Dew or something will do."

"Same for me baby." Becky looked at Miley and tried to think of something to say.

"Erm.. I don't know how to thank you Miley. For doing this for me. It was really special."

"Hey it's cool! It is a pleasure Becky." Miley replied, putting her hand on Becky's leg.

Becky noticed this and wondered if it was just friendly or not. She reacted by putting her hand on Miley's leg.

"Oh my God, what am I doing?" Becky said to herself. But what surprised her the most is that Miley wasn't moving her hand and wasn't moving Becky's away.

"You're really cute.." Becky said to Miley.

"Um. Thanks. So are you!"

Becky smiled shyly and really wanted to lean and kiss her. But would it ruin everything? Would she pull away? Would she slap her? Would she yell and scream? Or.. would she kiss her back?

Alan got to the door and noticed the tense situation. Becky looked over and noticed him mouthing "Do it". So, she thought about it for a few seconds and decided that she had nothing to lose by trying. So she bit the bullet and leaned in to kiss her. Suddenly everything was moving in slow motion. Her lips got closer to Miley's when finally, their lips were touching. And to Becky's surprise, Miley's lips opened and she was gently kissing her back.

Becky was in shock and suddenly pulled herself away.

"You ok, Bec?" Miley asked.

"Erm. Yes. Just. I'm sorry!"

"Sorry for what? I kissed you back, silly!" Miley put her hand on Becky's and assured her that it was alright. She moved in closer and held Becky's face and started to kiss her. Becky finally relaxed as she started realizing that Miley wanted this too. And by the way it felt, she wanted it just as much. Alan walked in and quietly sat the drinks down. Becky saw him and noticed him silently pointing out that he would be in the other room so they could have some privacy.

"You can help me take my top off if you want to Becky." Miley said with a friendly smile.

"Ok.." Becky responded, still in slight disbelief, but she wasn't about to refuse the offer. Her hands assisted Miley in pulling off her T-Shirt. They both smiled and Becky's hands moved toward Miley's breasts. She caressed them over her bra, and feeling invited by her erect nipples.

"Take it off of me.." Miley seductively invited.

Becky reached behind her and undid her bra, watching it falling from her shoulders and teasingly revealing her round breasts. She carefully leaned forward to lick them, looking up at Miley, hoping that it was still ok.

"Do it.. please." Miley begged. And hearing the want in her voice was driving Becky crazy. Her lips reached her nipples and began to suck. Gently biting every now and then. She could feel Miley's heart beating rapidly and hear her moan in between heavy breaths. Her hands caressed her sides as she continued tasting her nipples in between her lips. Miley started leaning back and resting her back on the bed, allowing Becky to take her all, right there and then.

Becky allowed her mouth to explore her chest and her stomach while her hands stroked her up and down, feeling her skin so soft to the touch. Her lips reached the bottom of her stomach.. her fingers trailed across the top of her jeans. Teasing her and making her body quiver. Becky then ran her tongue along the bottom of her stomach and became excited as she watched Miley's body gradually lose control. She got up on her knees and took her shirt off and then began opening the button on Miley's jeans and slowly unzipping them to reveal a pair of white panties. As she pulled the jeans down she could notice that her panties were wet. She pulled them to one side, revealing her smooth, shaven, tight pussy. Her fingers teased around it for a little, watching her legs spread open, wanting Becky to get right in to it. As she worked her way to it, she could feel her own pussy becoming intensely wet and aching as she felt herself wanting Miley more and more.

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