tagNonHumanMiley and the Alpha Ch. 04

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 04


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I am sorry that it has taken me months to post another chapter. I am busy with life and I do try to get things posted quickly for you all. Much love to my editor Resapoo who edits all of my chapters on this story and many thanks to all who have emailed me and supported me with my writing. Again, if you have an idea on something you would like to add to the story, email me and I'll see what I can do. I already have a couple of things I'm going to incorporated from my fan Keme as the story develops. Also check out Keme's new story. It's really good.


Dante awoke suddenly. With his first breath, all of his muscles tensed and he started growling. What made him tense was the smell of Miley and her extremely aroused scent. He stared into Miley's taut, frustrated face, her squirming naked body, with her hands between her legs. The strength that he had to exude to keep himself off of Miley kept his voice on a tight growl. "Why are you so aroused?"

"Jeez, Dante, don't you think I wouldn't be aroused if I knew WHY I'm so aroused? I woke up like this and I can't seem to calm myself down. Ugh." Her hands cupped her pussy as her legs rubbed and twisted together. "What's wrong with me?

Dante knew instantly what was wrong. "You're aroused because you're pregnant and near your mate. You will stay aroused until I cum inside you. There's something in a mated Were's sperm that helps with what is going on. Weres believe it's a way to keep the mated couple bonded during the pregnancy, especially if the child is male. Sometimes her mate gets jealous over the baby. We think it's a dominance thing."

Miley snatched her hands from between her legs and pulled him to her, having registered that fucking Dante would relieve this unbearable arousal. Their lips locked together in fierce game of 'find and suck the tongue and bite the lips.' Her aroused scent proved to be too much for Dante's control. His hands tilted her hips and he made his first powerful thrust inside her, completed easy by her super slickness.

"Dante, uhh, I need more. Oh, fuck me Dante, FUCK ME!"

"You're so fucking tight, Miley, I don't know how long I can hold back."

Miley held him tight against her, her arms holding his neck firmly to her chest, her legs wrapped around his waist. Dante sucked on her arched neck as he drilled into her deeper and harder into her core. He growled with the effort it took to keep from cumming on every thrust. As he was about to lose control, reality set in: Miley was pregnant, and when he lost control he would thrust his full 9½ inches into her, tying them together with his knot. Worried about harming the baby, Dante flipped over onto his back and let Miley ride him, allowing her to direct how much she could take when he lost control.

"Dante, I'm about to cum. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh." Miley was riding him hard as her orgasm over took her body. Waves of pleasure made her pussy pulse tightly around his cock. Her back arched as Dante sat up and wrapped his arms around her back and hips. He moved her faster onto him, his lips sucking her right nipple. She screamed at the overwhelming pleasure inside her body, clinging to Dante, who gave a shout as he started to shoot thick gushes of cum inside her body over and over again as he lifted her up and down onto himself.

Dante's face rested against her breasts as their breath became normal. Though they weren't locked together, he was still inside her in the same position as when they both came. His arms were wrapped around her, hugging her to him. Her arms were around his neck stroking his hair and holding him to her.

"Miley?" Dante said with a soft, whispery voice.

Her glazed-over eyes connected with his, as she lifted her heavy head up from his chest to look him in the eyes, "Yeah."

"I love you."

Her eyes seemed to lose some of the glazed over look as she register what Dante just said.

Dante used his hands to cup her face and the back of her neck, where her long hair flowed like a curtain against his hand. "I love you so much Miley. My heart squeezes inside my chest when I think about you. You haunt my dreams. I have nightmares about never seeing you again. I truly love you Miley, more than you will ever know."

Emotions exploded inside her chest as she listened to Dante. When he was finished, Miley felt strong emotions that made her eyes fill with tears. she leaned in for a passionate kiss. Happiness overflowed from them both as they were experiencing similar emotions towards each others.

When Miley drew back from the kiss, there was only a slight curve to show that she may have been smiling, but one could hardly tell, as she was already thinking of something else. "Dante, what are we doing?"

Dante was a little lost at the question. "What do you mean 'what are we doing'?"

"You know what I mean. Don't play stupid. What are we doing in bed again?"

Taking a tired breath, Dante laid back on to the bed. He realized that things were not going to go as he planned.

"Well, it would seem that I just declared my love to my pregnant mate and I'm not going to get to hear the same from her."

Miley made an unintelligent sound, got off the bed, and started looking for a towel so she could take a shower. "Don't start in on that pregnant shit, Dante. You and that chick are wrong. I'm not pregnant."

"I have already spoken to your father about it. He knows that you and I are going to be having a baby soon. I also told him that I was hoping you would marry me before the baby came."

Miley, having found a towel, stopped and faced Dante.

"You told my father WHAT? Marry you? Dante are you out of your mind? How could you tell my father any of those things when none of them are true?"

Dante went over and drew Miley into his arms. "Calm down Miley. It isn't good for you to be upset while you're pregnant. It's not good for the baby. All I want to do is take care of you and keep you safe. To do that, you need to come to terms with the fact that you are pregnant."

He's out of his freaking mind, Miley thought. Who on earth would tell any woman's father that they had gotten their daughter pregnant when it wasn't true. It couldn't be true. She couldn't have gotten pregnant from a total stranger, no matter how un-stranger-like Dante was starting to become.

"Wait a second. Who let you in to my room? I thought I left you outside last night."

"Your dad did after he and I had our talk. Now enough of this. Go take your shower. You have a doctor's appointment before we head over to the town carnival. Maybe after he tells you that you're pregnant you'll be inclined to listen"

As Miley was about to lay in on Dante about ordering her around as if she was a small child, he flipped open that stupid phone of his and started dialing numbers. Asshole.


Tracey was fuming over yesterday's meeting with Dante's precious Miley. It was unbelievable that that young ass bitch was already pregnant with his child. Even more so that Dante didn't even use a condom at all. She'd tried so many times to get pregnant by Dante, but he always insisted they use condoms every time. She had to come up with creative ways: sucking the sperm out of the used condom with a turkey baser and then squirting it inside herself. She had poked holes in her condoms in hopes that the condoms would bust, and they did. After three broken condoms, Dante started using his own, and she never had an opportunity to get a hold of them. Any time she was in heat, he wouldn't come near her. That's when she started to freeze his sperm that she got out of the condoms. When she was ovulating she would use the frozen sperm in hopes to make a baby, but it never took. She was desperate.

Although she knew only mated pairs who have gone through the mating ceremony could reproduce, there was a possibility that half mated pairs could reproduce. The only requirement for half mating was for one of them to bite the other with the intent to mate. Logic told her that was why Dante always used a condom during sex and why he never had sexual relations with any women when they are in heat. Oh, and the almost non existing chance for conception when a newly turned female were fertility cycle is still in the between phase of human and Were. That fucking bitch and that fucking loophole.

Tracey paced back and forth. She had to come up with a plan to break up Miley and Dante. Dante is very protective and would fight for what is his, but Miley would probably end it if she found Dante cheating on her. Tracey smiled genuinely at the female Were who just enter her office, already making plans.

"What can I do for you?"


"This can't be happening," Miley said as she threw her last pair of pants down on the floor. "Why are all of my pants too tight around the waist?"

Dante hide a smile as he buttoned the last button of his blue dress shirt. "Maybe because you're pregnant and the baby had a growth spurt in your womb last night?"

"Or maybe my foot got shoved up your ass. Be serious, how can my pants not fit me anymore?"

Dante walked to her closet, "I am being serious. You don't look any bigger but your jeans were already tight. I think being pregnant gave your jeans a short expiration date. Here's a dress. I know it will fit."

Miley caught the dress and put it on. It was a wide-neck cotton and lace dress, a pale wheat color with purple and gold studding around the edges and a drawstring waist. It had cut out shoulders of the elbow length kimono style sleeves and was one of her favorite dresses. She pulled out a pair of purple suede thong booties.

"No, take it off. I don't want you wearing it," Dante said, feeling stupid for giving her a dress that was really short and would put lust into every male and adolescent guy.

"What, why, what's wrong with it?" Miley looked into the mirror and thought she looked great.

"It's too short. I don't want any other men looking at you." The dress reached where her fingers would start on her hand and showed too much of her fabulously toned and feminine legs. Dante gave his head a quick shake to get away from the


Miley looked at the mirror again. "The dress is meant to be this short. I wear it to school all the time. It's fine. And as for men looking at me, you're going to have to get over that really quick, because I volunteered to work the kissing booth while the other people go on break."

Dante just about fell over when he heard what she had said. "Well, we'll have to find someone else to do your volunteer work, because the only person you're going to be kissing is me for now on."

"Don't hold your breath on that one." Miley said as she put on the finishing touches to the outfit.

"Looks like you have gotten taller as you are now measuring at a steady 5'5" and you're weight is now 123, but you're an athlete so that doesn't surprise me, Miley, so don't fret about your weight." her father said as he took her weight and hight.

"I thought I had stopped growing?" Miley gave a confused look at her father.

"Well,"her father said,"you were a hard core gymnast and cheerleader so it kinda stunted your growth from your hormones. I'm surprise your chest had developed to be honest. But because you have been out of the vigorous training you had been doing, your starting to develop, what has for the most part, been delayed."

Dante nodded and added some facts on the matter. "Also, with the disease that makes us a werewolf, it makes us immune to sickness as well as develops us so that we are our most physically perfect self. Plus we age extremely slow."

"Miley, why don't you take off your dress and hop up on the table and lay back for me. Im going to give you an ultra sound to see how the development of my grand child is going."

"Your wasting your time with this dad. I'm not pregnant," Miley says as she complies with her fathers request.

Nico warns Miley that the jell is going to be cold as he squeezes it onto her abdomen.

"Holy shit thats cold,"Miley gasps and looks over and Dante to find him focused and grinning like an idiot in her fathers direction.

"And there are my grand babies', both of them," Nico says with obvious joy in his voice.

Miley's head whips around to see what her father was talking about and comes face to face with the most startling image in her life. A fuzzy picture of the two most beautiful babies she has ever seen and her throats clogs up with emotions.

"I'm pregnant."

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