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MILFs in Moscow


You’ve probably noticed a lot of Internet sex photos from Russia. I was a part of that scene as a teenager in Russia, but my family moved to the United States and I had to leave behind an amazing opportunity.

My introduction to the Russian sex business came to me without planning on my part. A friend’s father was involved, and it was through him that I found a part time job with no pay but great fringe benefits. Here’s what happened.

When I was eighteen we moved to Moscow from the countryside. I made new friends, but city life was tough on me. In school I met Yuri who was in a few of my classes, including physical education. It was there, in the locker room, that Yuri noticed my cock. I never paid attention to it because in my old school we had no locker facilities and the boys never undressed in front of each other.

But Moscow was going to be the place where my oversized dick was going to give me a future.

Eventually, Yuri asked me if I’d help his father with a work assignment. Not knowing what it was, I asked Yuri to tell me about the job. He told me to meet him at his apartment later that day and he would explain things.

Yuri’s apartment was much nicer than most. It was larger and they had nice things. Yuri and I knew each other well enough so that when he popped in an adult video I wasn’t very surprised. We watched it for a while, and then he told me that his father produced the video.

I smiled and asked him if that was the work he wanted me to do. Yuri nodded and said, “With your cock, you could be a big help to the business.”

That evening Yuri’s father came home and we were introduced. He knew that Yuri had invited me to get involved, so he smiled and treated me very friendly. He explained that his company had a new concept for the video market, and they wanted a new face and someone more innocent and young to help them.

He found Russian amateur wives who needed cash, and offered them a very large amount of money if they would let themselves be fucked by a young man with a larger cock. Sort of a MILF scene as you call it in America.

Each film would feature a new wife, a total amateur, who had agreed to let herself be filmed. The scripts would vary a little bit, but each focus on the first-time nature of the wives’ in doing this sort of thing for money.

I was very interested! Are you kidding? I got more excited as I heard about the plan. But first Yuri’s dad wanted to double check to be sure that my cock was in good working order and suitable for his purposes. He put in a new video for us to watch and asked me to pull out my pecker and jerk-off. It was important that he know I could perform on command, so I complied and tried my best to enjoy it. All eleven inches were hard in a few strokes, and after nursing my erection for about ten minutes, I let fly with a strong surge of cum that spattered the TV screen.

Yuri’s dad was satisfied, and I was told to report to a certain address the following week.

When I arrived on the appointed afternoon, I entered a small reception area with a desk and chairs. A middle aged woman met me and ushered me into another room that was quite large and had a nice sofa and a bed. The walls were draped with cloth, and there were three cameras on tripods. Off of this room were a bathroom and two more offices.

Yuri’s dad came in and shook my hand. In half an hour the first wife would arrive, and he wanted to brief me on this video. They wanted to preserve the amateur feeling, so he didn’t give me too much direction. He just told me that she would arrive and they would film her undressing and meeting me. He would be off camera and give direction if needed.

Two men arrived to work the cameras. They turned on music and opened a bottle of wine. The receptionist took me into one of the side offices and told me to undress. She just stood there and watched as I got out of my clothes.

This was the first time I was naked in front of an older woman, and it made my cock swell. She motioned for me to come over to the bathroom, and once inside she handled my cock and put it into the sink where she gave it a good scrub down.

That almost did me in! I was hard in no time, and I was ready to spew when she rubbed my cock up and down. She stopped before things go too messy and toweled me off and gave me a robe to wear.

Just then I heard the door open and was aware that the wife had arrived. The secretary told me to wait in the office for a while, and she left to join the others. In about fifteen minutes she returned and motioned me to enter the studio.

There on sofa was my “date” and she looked quite pretty for an older woman. My dick was still puffy and pulsing from its bath, but it was hidden under my robe. Yuri’s dad introduced me to Mia and instructed me to sit next to her. She looked nervous and wouldn’t make much eye contact with me as I joined her on the sofa.

This was just what the director wanted – a nervous encounter that showed the wife worrying. Yuri’s dad spoke in a calm voice, “She’s here for you to look at.” “Isn’t she pretty?” “Don’t you want her to undress?” “Look at her pretty face.” “She’s all yours, son.”

I was shocked at his directness, but he only got bolder. “I’ll bet she wants to see your cock.” “Show her your cock.” “Stand up and open your robe.”

I did as he directed. My dong dangled down but it was thick and was dripping a thread of cum that stretched down toward the floor.

Then he spoke to Mia, “There, isn’t that what we promised you?” “Are you happy with his cock?” Mia was staring straight at my dick with her mouth agape. I swayed my hips back and forth to make my cock swing side to side. Mia looked hypnotized as she stared at probably the biggest dick she’d ever seen.

Mia was lovelier than I had anticipated. I thought that they could only get ugly models for this kind of thing, but I was wrong. They were a fairly classy outfit, and they offered good money to models. I learned that they were very careful about advertising, so as not to rouse the ire of husbands. They had female contacts in the industry throughout Moscow, and through them they were able to source the kind of wives they wanted.

Yuri’s dad moved things along, “Mia, show the boy your breasts.” “Let him see how beautiful you are.” After a hesitation, she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off to reveal her bra. I was wide-eyed and eager.

“Stop and let your lover take off your bra,” ordered the director. I cautiously reached around Mia, with my cock inches from her face. I fumbled with the clasp before it released and fell into her lap. There were what I had only dreamed of – delicious large breasts with pointy nipples that were almost purple.

Mia looked away, but the camera caught her from three angles. There was no way she could shield her expression of embarrassment.

“Now dear Mia, remember our bargain? So far you’ve earned only a small fraction of the money we promised,” Yuri’s dad was saying to her. “And you’re about to earn a great deal of money in the next few minutes.”

“Lean back and let your legs fall apart so little Yuri can see your pretty legs and pretty panties.”

Mia took a deep breath and obeyed. As she reclined, her legs parted naturally so I could see her shapely legs all the way up to her little nylon panties. I was practically panting now as Mia covered her face with her hands.

“No, no, Mia, remember our bargain – don’t hide your face. The only people who will see these pictures are in America. No one you know will ever see them. So relax and try to enjoy yourself.”

She dropped her hands to her side as I gazed at the exquisite scene in front of me. Instinctively, I dropped the robe and stroked myself as I looked up her dress.

“Good, good,” whispered the director. “That’s it boy.” “Now kneel down and get a good look.”

I didn’t have to be coached to do what comes naturally. I took a knee and ran my hands along Mia’s upper legs. I could hear her breathing more heavily as I inched my way up toward her panties.

In a few seconds my finger was touching her panties, feeling the outline of her puffy pussy, as Mia turned her head from side to side.

“That’s it, remember she’s here for you to fuck. Play with her. Enjoy her. Do you want to look at her pussy now? Would you like that?”

“Mia, would you like him to see your pussy? Do you want to show it to him, or do you want him to take charge?” “This is for the big money, Mia.” “The big money we talked about.” “You’re financial problems will be solved once you show us your pussy.”

Mia was clearly wrestling with her conscience, and Yuri’s dad only made her wrestle harder. There I was, gently fingering a stranger’s wife’s pussy through her tight nylon panties while she was deciding whether to go through with it and let me fuck her.

This scene gave me a kind of pleasure I had never known before. I didn’t feel power. I felt pleasure and adventure. Here I was part of plan to give this lady financial freedom for her family, and the plan relied on my getting to fuck housewives. The only thing I brought to the transaction was my big ole slab of meat that was now freely leaking and dripping cum onto Mia’s leg.

Suddenly, Mia leaned forward, looked me directly in the eyes, glanced down at all eleven inches, then took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately. It was my first adult kiss, but she was probably twice my age. She whispered in my ear, “Take them off, take off my panties. Play with my pussy. Let me have that big thing.” “Do it.” “Do it now before I change my mind.”

The microphones picked up her whisper, and Yuri’s dad exclaimed, “Fantastic!” “Cameras, stay with the action.” “Don’t miss anything.”

Mia leaned back and I did the honors. A thumb and a finger on each side of her panties, a little tug, then a slow peel downward. She pressed her legs together, and all I could see was a triangle of lovely brown pubic hair. Without coaching, I placed my hands on her knees and gently parted her legs to reveal my very first look at a grown woman’s love nest.

My mouth was instantly dry as I stared at this wonderful pussy, the pouting inner lips, the nub of clit hood and urethra at the top of her slit. No hair concealed the view, and only atop her mound was a puff of pussy hair.

I was not highly trained nor experienced in what to do next. But again, instincts take over. My fingers returned to their exploration, and as I touched her cunt and felt its slippery wetness she again leaned forward and kissed me deeply. She was beyond any ability to resist.

“Take your time,” said Yuri’s father. “Just do what comes naturally.” “That’s exactly what we’re trying to catch on film.” “The innocent first time for a lovely older wife sneaking a fuck with her young lover.” “Does her husband know?” “Absolutely not.” “Will he ever know?” “Absolutely not.” “Is anybody harmed?” “Absolutely not.” “Is this an incredible pleasure for you, Mia?”

“Absolutely yes,” she whispered as my hands wandered up to her breasts and back down to her pussy.

I took her by the hand and stood her up so I could remove her skirt. Once fully unclothed, we embraced in full view of the cameras, with cameramen watching, Yuri’s dad watching, and the middle aged secretary watching.

As we embraced, my cock stuck straight out between Mia’s legs. A good five inches poked out behind her, and she rocked back and forth letting my dick rub against her crease and her protruding clitty.

In a few moments we were on the bed with me positioned to enter her. “Stop!” called out the secretary assistant. We all looked around. “Wait a second.” She came up behind me and took out a bottle of lubricant and oiled my shaft from tip to root and gave it a few hearty strokes. “Wouldn’t want to put that big thing into a gentle lady without some help for her.”

Mia reached around and took me in her hands and guided my cock to her pussy lips. She diddled herself a few seconds, then nestled my cockhead against her opening. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and whispered again, “Let me feel it.” “Press into me a few inches.”

As she kissed me I wiggled myself inside of her just a bit. She broke away from the kiss and her eyes widened and head rolled back. Again I nudged in deeper. And again. By now I was probably four inches inside Mia, but my thickness was taking a toll. God, she was tight. Even when I jack I don’t grip myself that tight.

Now I took a turn to whisper to her, “Your husband, how big is his cock?” “Am I deeper than he can go?”

“Ah, oh, he’s less than half your size.” “You’re getting into me deeper than any man has ever been.” “Can you feel the extra tightness inside of me?”

God, yes, she was even tighter as I forced myself to the six and seven inch mark. “Shall I stop?” “Does this hurt you?”

Mia’s eyes looked glazed. She only gasped, “Don’t stop!” “Don’t hurry, but don’t stop!”

I took that as a sign to be more gentle. I withdrew my cock completely as she whimpered, then I leaned down and slowly licked around her clit. She was very appreciative of this and responded with moans and began to writhe and squirm on the bed.

I could hear the cameramen moving their equipment to keep up with her. I glanced over at Yuri’s dad only to see him in the arms of the secretary. She had his cock out and was giving it the royal treatment with the lubricant. But I was too busy and happy to care. Only later did I learn that this was Yuri’s mom who had washed and oiled my cock.

Within a minute or so, Mia was gasping in orgasm after orgasm as I kept up a teasing rhythm on her slit and clit. She flowed with juices, so I decided to lay more pipe.

I boarded her again and this time I told her, “You’re going to get it all now.” “Do you want that?” “Did you come here so you could have a big dick for the first time?”

“No, I came here for the money, my sweet teenager.” “But your big cock is an unexpected pleasure.” “Not to mention your tongue.”

Before she could get out that last word, I thrust into her to new depths. Immediately I drove in at least eight inches. “Got more room for me?” I asked. She exhaled and said, “Let’s find out.”

I threw her legs over my shoulders and fucked her like a madman. I was within an inch of burying my cock when I hit the limit. Her pussy was completely full with no room for all of me, so I rared back and let her have it with piston after piston of ten inch thrusts.

Mia kept gasping and seemed able to take this as long as I could hold out. I had only fucked a couple of girls before, but never was it this exciting. The whole situation turned me on beyond anything I had ever experienced. Mia sneaking out on her husband. Yuri’s dad setting this up for free for me. His mother playing with my dick. An audience of onlookers enjoying this woman’s pleasure. And the prospect of doing this over and over in the future. All these thoughts passed through my mind as I looked at lovely Mia taking thrust after thrust of my long pole. This was Mother Russia at its best!

I looked over at Yuri’s dad, and he was clearly satisfied with my work. He gave me a little smile and a nod while I saw his wife/secretary sucking on his cock. He shouted over to me, “Hey, let’s cum together.” “I’m almost ready to blow.” “How about you?”

I nodded. “I can keep going if you want me to, or I can finish whenever you say.” “Mia, how are you?”

She looked at me, clearly exhausted, and only sighed her assent to whatever I wanted to do with her.

The director called out, “OK, when you’re ready to spew cum, pull out of her pussy and let us get a good shot of you stroking your dick until you squirt all over Mia.” “This is very important, so give us a good one.”

I took a deep breath and pounded in and out of Mia for another three dozen strokes to work myself up to near panic. Then I slid out of her, kneeled back on my haunches and stroked myself while looking down at this lovely wife. Her pussy was completely plowed, and all the moving parts of her cunt were swollen and distended. Her inner lips were flaps of about an inch wide on each side. Her clit was enlarged, very visible and bright red and glistening.

I was practically breathless by now, but I wrapped both hands around my cockmeat and sent myself into orbit. I felt release as the first spurt of cum blasted out of me and landed on Mia’s midriff. But then the second, third and fourth globs of juice launched out farther and farther with more and more power. They hit her breasts, then her chin, then flew over her head. The fifth, sixth and seventh are always my strongest ejections. I angled my cock upward to let them fly high into the air. The went up and of the frame of the camera shot, then splashed down all over Mia’s tummy and titties.

As I started to relax, the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth spurts kept coming but with decreasing power and volume. Finally I petered out at fifteen, as usual. My cock flopped forward out of my hands, and I collapsed on to Mia as we kissed passionately for a long time.

Her kiss reawakened my cock almost immediately. This had never happened before. I was often able to cum a couple of times, but I had always needed some time to recover. This surprised me to have another erection so quickly.

Mia giggled and teased me, but she was interrupted by our secretary wife. Yuri’s mother rolled me over on the bed and took matters into her own hands. With her husband and Mia watching, she stroked my dick, then she mounted me from on top and buried herself down onto me.

At the time I didn’t know her relation of this secretary to Yuri and the director. When I learned who she was, I was shocked but not displeased. She rode me like a bronco rider. Having just cum for the camera, I was almost impervious to sensations. My cock seemed to be permanently locked into a hardon. I couldn’t feel a thing as she bucked and wiggled like a mad woman. She had me inside her to the hilt, and I was impressed by this first woman who I had fucked with my entire semen stalk.

She satisfied herself over and over and finally dismounted. But still my weenie was stiff as a board. Mia had watched and cuddled in the covers, and now she rolled over and rode me just like our secretary had done. When she finished I was still sporting a hard rod. It was red and rubbed raw, but almost completely insensitive to the touch, like it wasn’t even part of my body.

To my great surprise, the secretary suddenly went down on Mia, licking her pussy while Mia, also surprised, soon went over the edge in sublime pleasure.

Watching this did me in for the second time. I didn’t even touch my cock. Just looking at them made my dick pulse and bob up and down. I was aware that an eruption was coming just from the visual impact of these two women. A camera was quickly aimed at my waving cock just before an orgasm enveloped my entire being. I’d never felt one like that. It wasn’t a sudden release like usual. It hit me like wave after wave of involuntary releases. Cum flowed and oozed out of me, but it didn’t spurt with any power. I was completely relaxed as I experienced this orgasm, and when it ended I was super relaxed and smiling.

What an education!

Yuri’s dad was very pleased with the results. Mia seemed pleased. The secretary was pleased. The cameramen were sweating and had large wet spots in their pants.

Mia showered and dressed, then I watched her get paid. Yuri’s dad counted out thousands of rubbles for her. She smiled broadly as she accepted the cash. It was more than a worker made in a year. Mia strode over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before she left.

The secretary ushered me into the shower, then she dried me off and tried to suck me off. But her husband stopped her and reminded her that they had to get to work.

He took me aside and asked if I could do that type of film every week. “Sir, I will try, if you think I am suitable,” I replied. He laughed and told me I was very suitable, then he scheduled me to return the next week at the same time.

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