tagIncest/TabooMilfy Battle Ch. 03-04

Milfy Battle Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3

Things were going swimmingly between Ben and his aunt with the added sexual element to their relationship, but his mom was a whole different matter. She seemed to be working even more than usual, which he thought was her way of avoiding him. Is she afraid we might cross the line again? He thought as he prepared her breakfast. Even if that were the case, she wouldn't escape spending time with him today. He had called off work for her and made reservations at a fancy restaurant she'd been dying to go.

Putting her breakfast on a tray, he brought it to her bedroom and set it on the bedside table next to her head. "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty." He opened her curtains, letting sunlight and walked to the side of her bed again.

His mother groaned and then sat up with a panicked start. "Oh my god, what time is it?" Her head darted all around, and she felt all over her bed. "Where's my phone? Why didn't you wake me up, Ben?"

"Because you're not working today. I called the gym and have Kathy covering for you."

She frowned. "Why would you do that? I'm going to work."

"Alright. I guess I'll take Aunt Laura to La Douchebag tonight."

Marie's eyes popped open. "You actually managed to get reservations there? Don't screw with me, Ben."

He laughed out loud. "Play with you and your food? Wouldn't dream of it."

"Mmm... Fine." She grumbled. "And speaking of food, do I smell scrambled eggs and pancakes?" His mom sniffed around.

"You have a nose like a hound dog." He chuckled and grabbed the breakfast tray to set on her.

"I'm going to ignore that comment and say thank you." She raised an eyebrow at him and began eating.

Ben sat down on the edge of the bed and turned his torso to her. "I know you've been a little hesitant to spend time with me after what happened, but I promise not to push you like that again, Mom. I just want us to have fun together."

Marie set her fork down to look at his sad smile. Have I been avoiding him...? I have, haven't I? How could I do that to such a sweet boy when all he's thinking about is my well being? It is true that what happened between us was intense, but he hardly forced me to do anything. Thinking about it, she leaned over to kiss him on the lips, making his eyes open in surprise. "I'm sorry for not spending time with you, Ben. But that's going to change starting today. Deal?"

"Deal." He had a big smile now.

Once night arrived, they got ready.

Marie stepped out into the living room where he was already dressed on the couch. She was wearing a skintight dress that accentuated her voluptuous figure, her wide hips, and supple ass the foremost things that were on display; she was also wearing stockings and high heels, which immediately turned him on.

Ben practically hopped up from the couch. "Wow, Mom. You look absolutely stunning!"

"Thank you. It was just something I had laying around." She checked herself. Yeah, right. I literally spent an hour trying on different dresses. "Are you sure it really looks okay?" Oh my god. I'm fishing for compliments from my own son?

"Are you kidding, Mom? A blind man could see how good you look." He walked over and grabbed her hand to raise it so that he could twirl her around.

The forty-two-year-old woman giggled. "What are you doing?"

He let go after one more spin. "Sorry. Just couldn't resist checking out the rest of you in this dress." And your fat ass.

"Well, thank you, Ben..." She smiled, looking at him closer. When did my boy become such a charmer? Her eyes passed over his buttoned shirt and slacks. No, not boy, man. "You don't look so bad yourself." She reached out to adjust his collar.

"Thanks, Ma." He grinned and stuck out his arm for her to take. "Well, madam. Are you ready for an extravagant evening full of overpriced food of names we probably won't be able to pronounce?" He did his best to sound British.

"Ha. That was a crappy accent, but I'll give you points for trying, and yes, I am." His mother hooked her arm around his.

Once the pair arrived at the restaurant, they were greeted by the maître d who stood behind a podium-like object. "Hello, how may I help you?"

"Wow. They got a real French guy and everything." Marie leaned close to Ben to whisper.

He chuckled and looked at the man with a wispy mustache and slicked back hair. "Yes, sir. We have two reservations under Rodgers."

The French man checked the open notepad on the podium and nodded. "You and your mother can follow me, monsieur."

They were led into a dimly lit room full of tables with fancy-looking people in shimmering dresses and expensive Italian suits and were seated in the corner. The maître d left after to let them decide on their meals.

Picking up his menu that was already on the table, Ben tried to read the foreign-sounding names and laughed. "Looks like I was right. I can barely pronounce half of this stuff."


He put the laminated menu down to see his mom had a defeated expression at her seat directly across from him. "Don't worry, Mom. I'm sure everybody else can't read them either. What the heck is escargot, anyway?"

She shook her head, forcing a smile. "It's not that. The maître d assuming I was your mother just reaffirms that I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore. I know it's a silly thing to get upset about, but I can't help it." I may act tough, but I'm still a woman.

"Mom, you're beautiful. Don't let that bother you."

"Thank you, Son."

But he could see his words had little effect. I have to do something!

The French man returned not long after. "Have you two decided?"

"Yes, my girlfriend and I will be having the roasted duck and escargot, please." Ben leaned over to give two pecks.

"W-What are you doing, Ben?" She gave a scared glance to their server.

"I'm sorry, but you look so stunning tonight that I might pounce on you if not for all the people around... and the fact that we're in a restaurant." He turned to the waiter. "Would you not agree this woman is nothing short of a queen - no, Goddess!"

The French waiter chuckled. "Yes, monsieur. Her beauty is magnificent." He left after.

Marie started laughing, too. "You're crazy; you know that?"

"For you." Ben grinned.

She giggled. "You're so corny."

When done eating, the server brought them a complimentary bottle of wine.

"Oh, no. I don't drink..." Marie glanced at Ben. "And my boyfriend isn't of age yet."

"Come on, Marie. One glass isn't gonna kill you." He took the wine.

She gave a resigned groan. I am supposed to be having fun tonight. "Fine."

Two glasses of the alcohol later, Ben noticed the change in his mother immediately; her cheeks were red, and she giggled at virtually every corny joke he threw out. "Mom, are you okay?"

"None of that, mister." She reached out with a finger to put on his lips. "I am your one and only woman - well, minus your aunt." She giggled for the millionth time.

"Right..." No wonder she doesn't drink. I've never seen her so... free.

"Oh, I love that song! Let's dance!" His mom snatched his hand and dragged him to the next room that had a dance floor multiple people were already dancing in, a melodic song playing in the back and soon swayed back and forth, everything blending into to the background.

All Ben could see was his gorgeous mother pressed up to him, her natural C cups mashed against his chest and the intoxicating smell of her hair and perfume wafting into his nose. In response, his dick turned to steel and poked her in the stomach.

Of course, Marie noticed and moved her head back to make eye contact, giggling. "Either you have a flashlight or you're happy to see me."

"Uh, sorry about that. He always comes out in the worst situations." He had an embarrassed, lopsided smile.

"For what? It just means all those things you told me were true." He makes me feel so beautiful. "Come here, Champ." She grabbed his head in both hands like their very first kiss, but this one was a lot more passionate. A soft moan came from her throat as she smacked her lips against his.

Getting hornier, Ben reached down to her big butt and palmed both juicy cheeks to squeeze. He had imagined grabbing her ass for years and could hardly believe how soft it felt. Kneading, he made the cushiony flesh mold to his touch. This is heaven!

His mother moaned louder and leaned into him more, at that same time sticking her tongue into his mouth. She encircled it around his and slurped on it, creating nasty noises as they exchanged spit.

That went on for a short while before Ben noticed the increasing number of witnesses on the dance floor with them. Not that I don't absolutely love this, but we should probably save this for home. Grabbing his laughing mom's hand, he led her back to the car where he got in the driver's seat and her in the passenger.

"Did you see the way they were looking at us?" Marie giggled. "I think they wanted to join in."

"That or they were just disturbed." He smiled sheepishly, then got a bit serious. "I hope I didn't do too much in there." I don't want to push her away like what I did with the handjob. "You're a bit drunk, too."

"I'm far from drunk. I get super horny when I'm drunk."

Ben's eyes opened. Did she really just say that?

Marie glanced at him and covered her face with both hands, laughing. "I am tipsy, though or I would've never admitted that." But what's so bad about that? I'm with my beautiful son who has done nothing but be sweet and try to show me a good time. God, I can't believe I'm about to do this. She removed her hands and turned in the seat to him. "Do you want a blowjob?"

"W-What?" His eyes grew even wider.

Her cheeks got redder. "A blowjob, fellatio, oral sex. Or do you need more clarification?"

He shook his head in a hurry and unbuttoned his slacks to lower them, putting the erection still trapped in his shorts on display.

"Someone's certainly excited." Marie smirked and reached over to rub the bulge. "Your dick is so big." She gripped the fat head and squeezed lightly. "The biggest one I've ever seen." His mom made sure to look into his eyes.

He grinned, then made a hesitant face. "I don't want you to feel like you have to just for the contest between you and Aunt Laura. So, are you sure you want to do this?" Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.

Marie rolled her eyes. "I'm not an idiot, Benjamin. I know you've wanted this and much more for a long time. So, no matter the circumstances, would you really object to me sucking your cock?"

Her too?! His aunt, Laura had revealed similar information of his attraction to her. Laughing a bit, he shook his head. "Touché. Please, keep going."

"That's what I thought." Pulling his boxers down with a smile, she let his rigid dick free and stroked it a couple of times, making him lick his lips in anticipation and breathe faster. She then kissed the engorged tip all over, leaving marks of her deep red lipstick. I can't get enough of how strong his dick smells. She brought her nose closer to take a quiet whiff, not wanting him to notice and kissed where his shaft was connected to the head.

"Suck it, Mom." He begged in a husky voice filled with lust.

"So impatient." She smirked and tucked the hair dangling in her vision behind one ear, so she could give his dickhead a good, slow lick that covered it in her sticky saliva. Then, she placed it on the tip and swirled around like she was licking dick-flavored ice cream.

Ben released shallow breaths the whole time. She's not even sucking me off yet, and I'm about ready to shoot my load! I didn't think my own mom would be such a talented cocksucker!

The forty-two-year-old finally stopped teasing and went down on him, opening her mouth as far as possible. "Like I said, your cock is big, but I'll try to get into as much of it into my mouth as I can."

He let out a weak groan at feeling her wet and slippery mouth cover his rod; her saliva was warm and sticky, too. His mom went further down, making him slide along her bumpy tongue and soft roof of her mouth. She swept her tongue along the underside of his shaft once he was fully buried near the back of her throat.

Holy shit! All his toes curled in his shoes at the mind-numbing sensation.

Raising her head again, Marie let his dick reappeared to show it was all slobbery with her spit before taking him in once more. She blew him at a steady pace, her head bobbing up and down. Like the handjob she had given him not long ago, she made sure to listen to his reactions and realized he loved it when she went deep, even though it was indeed difficult with his size. I have to make my boy happy. So, she gripped the base of his girthy penis to hold it steady and deepthroat him until his large tip poked her tonsils.

With her other hand, she played with his nutsack, gently rolling the balls between her lithe, slender fingers.

Ben gritted his teeth, trying to endure the amazing blowjob from his mom, but that and her fondling his stones was just too much. "Mom, I'm about to cum!"

Her answer was tightening the grip on the base of his dick and sucking him off even faster.

"Shit!" It only took a few more seconds for him to ejaculate straight into her mouth, filling it with his seed.

Marie waited until all of it had spurted out and then lifted her head to take a big gulp.

Ben's eyes shot open at the unexpected action. "You swallowed my sperm."

"Apt observation." She blushed a bit. "You were a real gentleman tonight, so I figured I'd return the favor. But don't expect it again, eh?" One of her eyebrows went up.

"I won't." He laughed out loud and kissed her. "I love you, Mom."

She watched him for a second. "I love you too..."

Chapter 4

For the remaining days of the two-week long milfy battle, Ben's sexual relationship between his mother and aunt continued, though he never went all the way with either of them. Since it was close to the end of their relations, he took the two women out of town to enjoy a luxury resort and hotel he had spent every penny he had. After spending two days there, the three settled in the Jacuzzi for the last night.

"I can't believe we have to leave tomorrow." His aunt, Laura was leaning back across from him; his mom was a couple of feet next to her, and both had on bikinis. "Can't we stay for an extra day?"

He did his best to steal looks at his aunt's huge Double D tits and his mom's natural, round boobs, unable to see her ass like he wanted in the current positions. And I can't believe I've even messing around with such gorgeous women; my own mom and aunt, no less.

"Certain people need to work and have a mortgage to pay." Marie quipped, throwing a knowing look to her sister.

She stuck out her tongue and blew it.

"How mature. Is that the technique you used on your last boyfriend?"

Laura chuckled, impressed. "Wow. A month ago and you would've totally pounced on me like a jungle cat for that." She smirked and glanced at Ben. "I guess Ben's done the impossible and tamed you. How'd you do it, Nephew?"

He laughed. "I haven't done anything; it's all, Mom."

She gave him a loving smile. "Thank you, sweetheart."

Laura rolled her eyes, laughing. "Fine, fine, I get it. My provoking won't touch your mother and son bond." A bit more into the night as they continued the conversation, She clapped with a huge grin. "Let's play truth or dare!"

"How old are you again?" Marie frowned at her. She can act like such a child at times.

"Come on, Mom. It'll be fun." Ben smiled at her.

She bit her lip, then nodded. "Fine. But I'm not doing anything crazy."

Laura studied the two. I haven't been hanging around Sis as much with the contest, but it is like she's much softer towards him. If I knew any better... Her eyes opened a bit. Duh, Laura! She knew how Ben could be aggressive and had brushed the thought away, but with how her sister was acting all docile, the idea seemed more plausible. Well, let's find out. "Okay! Marie, you're first; truth or dare?"

"Why me?" She frowned.

"Because I'm the one that came up with the idea and I choose you. Now, truth or dare, woman?"

"Give me strength." Marie released a resigned sigh, rubbing the middle of her forehead with two fingers. "Truth."

"Why am I not surprised. Fine, what's your favorite sex position and why?"

Marie's eyes opened, then narrowed in annoyance. "I'm not answering that." Ben is right there!

"Bennn, tell her to play!" His aunt looked at him, whining.

He chuckled and made eye contact with his mom. "Mom, it's only for tonight. Please?"

God. When he looks at me like that all my resistance melts away. Shit, I need to figure out how to get control back. "You guys are lucky I'm in a good mood today."

Holy shit. She really is dick-whipped. Gotta find out how far they've gone, though. Laura kept a poker face.

Marie blushed heavily. "I... uh, my favorite position is missionary because it allows deeper penetration. Are you happy?" She glared at the other woman, watching Ben from her peripheral.

I'll have to remember that. He smiled.

"Slut." Laura teased.

"Don't push it." Marie gritted her teeth, still embarrassed.

Ben and his mom went until it was his aunt's turn again; she picked Marie for the second time, to her great annoyance who chose truth.

"When was the last time you had oral sex or gave someone oral sex?" She's obviously only dating Ben right now, so if she has, it'd obviously be him.

Marie's whole face was a light shed of red as she glanced at Ben and crossed her arms. "I'm done playing."

Her older sister's strong reaction and telling look she gave him was all she needed to know. "Oh my god; you've been sucking his dick, haven't you?" She smirked and shot him a look. "Or has he been deep sea diving? He's pretty damn good at it, isn't he?"

His mother jumped up to face her sister. "You've been messing with him, too?!" Of course she has! But she threw both hands over her mouth at realizing she revealed the truth of her own sexual relationship with him.

"Ha!" Laura pointed a finger at her. "I knew it!"

"S-Shut up; you don't know anything!"

Ben's eyes darted back and forth between the two, not knowing what to do or say to control the heated argument. I hope no one can hear us.

"A-Anyway, all of this ends tomorrow, so it's a moot point what we did or didn't do." Marie couldn't find a better defense for her action, biting her lip.

Laura watched her for a moment in thought and then laughed. "You know, you're right. I've been holding back fucking Ben, but this whole thing ends tomorrow, and I'll be damned if I waste this young boy's amazing cock." The forty-year-old turned around and bent over at the waist to stick her tight ass to him, then reached back with a hand and slid her bikini bottom to the side, exposing the back of her pretty pussy. Turning her head back and spreading the lips with two fingers to show the narrow hole, she smiled at him. "I'm plenty wet already. Come stick your fat cock in me, my sweet nephew."

"What?!" She can't be serious! Marie's disbelieving eyes went to her sister.

Oh my god, is she serious?! I've been waiting so long! Ben almost teleported over but paused to look at his incredulous mom. "Mom, Can I?"

Laura looked up at her. "Please, Sis. It's been so long, and I don't want to sleep with some random guy. I need this - just for tonight."

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