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Military Brats


Eric Abbott was only 19 years of age and already he had seen just about every country anyone had ever dreamed of seeing. He had lived in Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Hawaii, Russia, Australia, Canada, Japan and Israel. He had lived in so many places he almost forgot he was born in Florida.

Eric had been to all these places because of the life his family led. His father was a General in the US Army and took his family wherever he was posted. Whenever General Paul Abbott was given a new posting he took Amanda Abbott, his wife of 20 years, Emily Abbott his 18 year old daughter and of course Eric Abbott.

Moving from country to country wasn't easy for Eric and Emily. They were never in a country, let alone a school long enough to make worthwhile friends.

So as a result they turned to each other for companionship. Eric and Emily told each other everything. Anytime Emily had a problem with school, a relationship or anything she would go directly to her big brother.

Eric and Emily's relationship got to the point where Eric became very protective of his younger sister. Shield boys who had the wrong ideas and fights with their parents. Just the same, Emily became protective of her older brother. Glaring at girls who were interested in him and taking care of him around the house.

What neither sibling told each other. The only thing they withhold from each other was that as they grew older and closer, the protective nature slowly began to slip into jealousy someone might take the other away from them.

There was good reason too because the siblings, like their parents were good looking in their own right. At 19 Eric attracted a lot of attention. He was slightly bigger than his father standing 6'2 and weighing 200lbs. He had short brown hair with deep blue eyes, broad shoulders, a well toned body and 10 thick inches between his legs.

Emily was much like her mother. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and smile that always went unmatched. She had a sweetness to her that made her even sexier. She was tall, standing 5'9 inches and weighing 120lbs. She was tanned with long sexy smooth legs, a hot tight ass and beautiful, perfectly shaped b cup breasts.


It was a Wednesday evening. The Abbott family had recently moved again, this time to Sweden. Gen. Paul Abbott and his wife Amanda were at a gala dinner at the base welcoming them to their new home. The Army had promised a long posting this time so the family was setting in for the long haul.

They had been in Sweden for 2 weeks now and were still unpacking. Eric and Emily were left to fend for themselves for the night. Emily made dinner while Eric unpacked and then Eric did the dishes while Emily did some unpacking.

After the dishes were done Eric walked into the room and stopped his sister. "I think we've done enough for one day sis, mom and dad will be happy with our progress," he said.

Emily smiled, "I think so too, besides we've practically being doing this for two weeks now," she responded.

Eric laughed, "two weeks? How about our entire lives sis!"

Emily smiled sheepishly and flopped down on the couch. "You ever think it will stop? The moving I mean?" she asked.

Eric moved down beside her, his arm across her as she leant into him. "I think so sis, I mean at some point we can just leave. Find someplace to call our own and stay there."

Emily curled up on the couch beside her brother now. "That would be nice, but I don't think I could do it alone. I mean you've been with me at every step of my life Eric," she said as she looked up at her big brother.

"You'd get alone fine without me Emily, besides it's not like we are going anywhere anytime soon," smiled Eric, squeezing his sister closer to him.

Emily purred as her brother squeezed her tight. "I know, I just don't want to leave you just yet," she said softly.

"I'd never leave you Emily," Eric smiled as he leaned down and kissed his sister softly on the lips.

Emily was startled by the kiss and looked up at her brother as he pulled away from his peck. She snuggled closer to him holding his body tight to hers. She moved her head up and softly kissed his neck, traces her soft lips to his chin and up to his ear.

When she reached his ear she whispered softly to him, "I love you so much Eric…….."

Eric turned to face his sister. Smiling as he looked into her eyes. He moved his head again and kissed his sister on the lips again. This time pressing his lips against hers with passion, excited when he felt her kiss him back.

Brother kissed sister on the lips, neither wanting to break the bond they had begun. Eric's hands went to his sister's back, rubbing her as he pulled her on top of him, kissing her passionately as her body sank into his.

Emily and Eric kissed for an hour. Enjoy the taste of each other before finally breaking. Emily slide off her brother and cuddled back beside him. Closer than ever as they watched TV and waited for their parents to return.


It was two days later on a Friday afternoon when Eric and Emily were alone again. Emily arrived home first from military school and immediately went to her room. Eric arrived after and went to his.

After he changed he knocked on his sister's door and entered. He smiled when he saw her. She was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt. Eric walked in and closed the door.

Emily smiled at her brother as he entered, her heart started to beat faster and her eyes ran up and down his gorgeous body.

"How was your day Emily?" he asked as he sat down on her bed.

Emily smiled and sat down beside him, "It was alright I guess, pretty boring really….I missed you," she said.

Eric leaned down to kiss his sister, his lips pressing against hers. He opened his mouth slightly and Emily's tongue shot in. Eric held his sister close as they kissed his tongue in her mouth as he pushed her down on the bed.

Eric's cock was rock hard as he kissed his sister and she felt it. She couldn't believe the size of what was rubbing against her. Her own crotch began to throb as she pushed up against him, letting his tongue go deep in her mouth.

Eric's hand moved down his sister's body. He moved under her t-shirt and rubbed her bare skin. Emily moaned into her brother, kissing his neck now.

Eric's hand moved up to his sister's chest and he smiled when he realized she wasn't wearing a bra. His hand kneaded her breasts, his hand sweeping over her rock hard nipples.

Emily stopped kissing her brother as he pushed her top up and over her head. His head moving down to kiss and lick her breasts, Emily moaned loudly as his tongue circled her nipple and then nibbled on it. She ran her hands through his hear as she pushed her back up in pleasure.

Eric's hands moved down Emily's body now. Finding there way to her shorts he pushed them down, letting them fall to her knees. His hand rubbed over her wet panties.

She moaned louder now. "Mmmmmm Eric…….ohhhhh god this feels so good……please don't stop….." she moaned.

Eric pushed his sister's panties down to her shorts. Running his hand over her wet young pussy, his lips on hers now as she kissed him madly. Emily pulled her brother into her, pressing his hand against her pussy as she pushed her cunt up to meet his hand.

Emily's pussy was on fire as Eric worked her over. Her cunt throbbed at the attention her body was being given, she had never felt so alive. She moaned loudly, moaning Eric's name as he licked down her body.

Eric began to lick her thighs, loving how smooth they were. He slowly made his way up to her hot young box and began to lick and suck her virgin pussy. Emily moaned even louder.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhh god yes brother….that feels so good……oh god yes…..eat my pussy Eric….please…..it feels so good," she moaned.

Eric couldn't even hear his sister. His cock throbbed and his tongue worked madly on Emily's sweet pussy. Her cunt was throbbing as he lapped up her juices.

Emily could feel her orgasm growing inside her. Her hands moved down to his head and she pushed him into her. Eric moaned into her, and goose bumps appeared on her skin.

Emily moaned loudly as she finally came in her brother's face as he lapped up her pussy juice.

"YES ERIC!!! OH GOD YES!!!! YOU ARE SO GOOD!!! PLEASE MORE!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs as she came.

Eric pulled back from his sister's cunt. His face covered in her juices. He started to lick her thighs now, licking them as her juices streamed down her sexy smooth legs.

Eric's cock throbbed in his pants and he need relief. He moved up Emily's body and immediately she began to lick his face clean before kissing him deeply on the lips.

Eric moaned, "Oh god Emily, my cock is so hard it hurts, you've got to touch it, lick it, suck it," he groaned.

Emily smiled and looked at her brother, eager anticipation in her eyes, "Mmmm of course Eric…..anything to make you feel as good as you made me," she moaned sexily.

As Emily started to kiss her big brother again the front door downstairs opened and then closed. Their mother Amanda called upstairs, "Eric!.....Emily?! You home?!" she bellowed.

Disappoint crossed the siblings faces. Emily looked at the pained expression on her brother's face.

"I'll visit you tonight Eric. I promise, I'll do anything you want," she giggled as she reluctantly pulled away from her brother.

She walked to her door as she pulled her panties and shorts up, her breasts bouncing softly.

"Yes mommy!! We're both home!" she answered.


That night both Eric and Emily lay awake in their respective rooms. The clock ticked silently and finally at the stroke of midnight Emily rose from her bed and walked to her brother's room.

She didn't even knock; she entered silently and smiled when she saw her brother.

"Hello sexy," she said in her deepest voice.

Eric smiled when he saw her. She was wearing a small nightie that was clearly a couple years old and much too small for her growing body.

Emily giggled when she saw her brother checking her out. She twirled for him, her nightie lifting up softly to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties.

"You like Eric?" she asked.

Eric grinned, "Without a doubt sis. You are absolutely beautiful," he groaned.

Emily giggled again, "I thought it was the least I could do after mom ruined our fun this afternoon," she said.

She moved quickly to the bed and moved beside her big brother. "Did you make out ok after mom got home?" she asked.

Eric shrugged, "I thought about your head bobbing up and down my cock sis…..but it wasn't nearly as good as the real thing could be," he answered.

Emily smiled devilishly, "Mmmmm…I'll make sure of that brother," she moaned.

And with that she moved her head down to her brother's crotch and pulled his boxers down with her teeth, stopping only when his huge cock sprung free.

Emily gasped in surprise, "I knew it was big……but it's HUGE!" she groaned.

Eric smiled proudly, "its ten inches Emily….ten thick inches."

Emily moaned deeply, "I don't know if I'll be able to take it all but I'll sure try!" she said eagerly.

She moved her head down and eagerly ran her tongue across her big brother's fat cock. Emily licked every inch of her brother's cock. Covering it with her saliva before taking the head in her mouth.

Eric moaned as he watched his sister take his cock in her mouth. She was so beautiful and now she looked to hot and dirty, taking his cock into her mouth.

Slowly but surely Emily began to take more and more of her brother's cock. Bobbing her head up and down, her blonde pony tail shaking slightly as she worked on Eric's cock.

Emily began to moan in excitement as she sucked her brother's cock. Eric's hands went down to her head, holding her tightly he pushed her deeper and she moaned louder around his big pole.

Eric started to slowly fuck her face, sawing in and out, each time sending his cock deeper and deeper. Emily started to deep throat her brother, breathing through her nose as she took his cock inch by inch.

Eric moaned at the feel of Emily's sweet lips and sultry tongue. His balls began to tingle and his cock became hot and throbbed in his sister's mouth.

He groaned, "Mmmmm fuck Emily…..you are such a good cocksucker…..I can't believe it……I'm gonna cum," he moaned.

Emily moaned around her brother's cock. Bobbing her sexy head up and down his cock, she sucked his cock harder now, wanting his cum.

Eric gripped her head, warning her but his sister only sucked harder. He threw his head back into his pillows Emily's sucking was so intense.

His cock throbbed, his gripped tightened and all of a sudden he erupted. Shooting jet after jet after jet of hot cum down his sister's throat.

Emily's eyes bugged out as she felt the explosion of her brother's orgasm. She never expected it to be this strong but quickly adjusted as she swallowed all Eric had to offer.

Finally she pulled her mouth from his cock and licked her lips with a smile. Eric's smile was even better.

"God Emily you are a great cocksucker. It was worth the wait, I've never cum that hard in my life before," he exclaimed.

Emily blushed, "thanks Eric, I've never sucked a cock before but I just knew I had to pleasure you….you always make me feel SO good," she giggled.

Eric grinned, he called his sister to lie with him under the covers and she did. He wrapped his arm around her and she cuddled tight against his body, her leg draped over his, her nightie exposing her wet pussy as they both drifted off to sleep.


Eric and Emily continued their secret affair without anyone knowing. Pleasuring each other became a daily activity. Whenever their parents weren't around they were all over each other.

When their parents were around they would sneak off to be together. Many nights would pass with Emily in her brother's bed. Her naked body against his in the spoon position as his hard cock soothed her to sleep.

Whenever possible the horny siblings would shower together. Choosing to soap each other off and touch each others hot tight body. Both Eric and Emily especially liked it when Emily would fall to her knees in front of her brother and dutifully suck him off as the water hit them both, his cum hitting the back of her throat.

Their parents were none the wiser. Eric and Emily had always been close and rarely fought so they friendly behavior was nothing new. They were worried they didn't go out as much as they used to but as Paul said to Amanda one night in bed it's never a bad thing to have two children who love each other and enjoy the comforts of home.

What they didn't know was how much Eric and Emily loved it each other. It had been three months since they first kissed and they had progressed quite a bit. Emily was a pro at sucking cock and could now take all ten inches.

For his part, Eric could make his sister cum anytime he wanted. Right away or drawn out, it was his pick.

But it was a Sunday afternoon that would take their relationship to a whole new level.


Paul and Amanda were out playing golf with some friends who were visiting for a couple weeks. The second they left the house Emily was all over her big brother.

"I thought they'd NEVER leave!" she exclaimed hornily.

Eric grinned, "I know but now that they have you are all mine," he said.

Emily moaned, "Mmmmm yes….please take me brother….anyway you want," she groaned as she looked her brother in the eye.

Eric smiled, "I want to take pictures of you sis…sexy pictures, we could use the Polaroid and it would be our secret," he said.

Emily moaned again, she could feel her pussy buzzing, "Mmmm yes get it. I will be your model," she groaned.

Eric retreated to the cabinet as his sister went up to her room. He arrived shortly after and looked at her and smiled.

"I want to take pictures of you teasing the camera with clothes on and then undressing and posing," he said.

Emily smiled, "I'm yours to command and use," she cooed.

Eric's cock jumped in his pants at his sister's statement.

Eric loaded film in the camera and told his sister to pose in front of her dresser. Emily eagerly obeyed and smiled and the first shot snapped of her wearing jean cut-offs with a tight white t-shirt.

She moved to the bed next, kneeling on it for the camera with a sexy slutty smile. Again the camera flashed.

Next she moved her hands down and began to rub her pussy through the fabric.


Her hands moved up and she unzipped her shorts.


She pushed the shorts halfway down now, showing off her white cotton panties.


She stood up now, letting her shorts drop to her knees as she rubbed her pussy.


Her shorts fell to the floor.


She slid her hands underneath her panties.


She moved one hand up to her mouth.


Her panties fell to the floor.


Her hands rubbed her pussy.


Eric focused on her wet pussy.


Emily got on the bed and got in doggy position.


She lay down on her belly with her legs spread wide.


She flipped over onto her back.


Her hands went to her pussy and she began to finger herself.


Her other hand started to push her shirt up.


She knelt on the bed and pushed her shirt higher.


She sat on the edge of the bed and rested her shirt on top of her breasts.


She took the shirt off and stood naked.


She walked to the dresser and bent over.


She got on the bed in doggy style.


She spread her legs and lay on her back.


Eric dropped ran out of film and looked at her. Her pussy was sopping wet, she was breathing deeply. My cock was hard. We looked at each other. He set the camera down and took off his clothes, as his hard cock sprung free.

Eric groaned as he looked at her, "you're so hot Emily….so fucking hot," he groaned.

Emily moaned in response, "Mmmm yes brother…..you make me so hot….seeing your hard cock now….I need it so bad," she groaned.

Eric walked to the bed, his hard cock bobbing.

He looked her in the eye, "I want to fuck you Emily, I can't go without it anymore," he said.

Emily orgasmed on the spot, "Mmmmm yes PLEASE Eric….fuck me….fill me with your cock….my cunt itches for it….satisfy it….satisfy me…..please…." she moaned.

She scurried back on the bed; her legs still spread wide, her pussy SOAKING wet.

Eric got up on the bed and moved up to her, mounting her he moved his head down and kissed her on the lips, sliding my tongue in her. She looked up at him, love and lust in her eyes.

He told her he loved her and she moved her head up, kissing me deeply on the lips. He slide my tongue inside of her as he guided my hard cock into her pussy.

She moaned loudly as the head slid inside. They stopped when he reached her hymen. Eric looked down at her and she smiled. He licked her lips and kissed her deeply.

Her hands went to my shoulders and she gripped me tightly. He looked down at her and thrust inside her, taking her virginity in one powerful thrust.

She screamed out in pleasure and pain, pushing her pussy up against my cock, taking me deep inside her as pain flowed through her body. He pushed down into her and stopped, savoring the feel of her EXTREMELY tight pussy.

Finally after a couple of minutes she looked up at him and kissed him, sending her tongue in his mouth. Eric moaned into her kiss and began to rock in and out of her slowly.

He looked down at her face as he fucked her. Her mouth was open, her eyes glazed over in pleasure as he thrust in and out. Picking up the pace we moved on. She began to fuck him back, thrust up to meet his big fat thick cock.

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