tagErotic CouplingsMilk and Cookies for Santa's Elf

Milk and Cookies for Santa's Elf


Milk and Cookies for Santa's Elf

"Come on Santa you can't just roll over on me and go to sleep again. We haven't had sex in a month!" I pout while listening to him grumble something under his breathe.

Annoyed that my special Christmas outfit for Santa went completely unnoticed for the second night in a row I was just astonished. I think I have been feeding him too well and his belly has gotten to big. I know he hasn't seen his dick in years without a mirror. I will have to change that but it won't help me right now. If Santa doesn't want his milk and cookies I know a certain young elf who is hung like a reindeer that can't get enough of my hot little oven and likes his milk right from the source. Then as a finale he can coat my cookie in icing and have a feast.

About five minutes goes by and the fat guy is snoring like a chainsaw. I slip out of the bed still in my Christmas nightie and stockings. I grab my sparkly red heels and slip out of the bedroom. My little elf friend only lives down the hall and lucky for me he works second shift and should just be getting out of the shower about now.

Being like a mother to all the elves I have access to every door which I take advantage of tonight. Slipping quickly through his door while no one is looking (Santa may know I go elsewhere because he just doesn't have the stamina but we don't advertise that fact to the whole North Pole.) I hear him singing Christmas carols in the shower. Oh what perfect timing as he will be so surprised. I haven't had a really good milking in a while.

Laying on his bed waiting in anticipation I can't help but massage my breasts and pinch my nipples where a drop of milk forms at the tip. The sensation coursing through my body soaking my pussy beyond belief as I also think of my elf (22 years old, hard body, and a 24 hour erection what more could Mama Claus want.)

I hear the shower turn off and the door slide open. I know he is grabbing his towel and drying off. Still completely unaware I wait for him with a mere hollow door between us. I wonder if he can feel my arousal from across the room and my expectancy of his closeness as he draws the milk from my nipples and the orgasmic pleasure it will bring us both.

I reach down to rub myself through my panties to discover they already have a nice big wet spot where my juices have already wet through. Realizing just how wet I am excites me even more and my pussy starts flowing uncontrollably as he opens the door and comes through. Seeing me laying there waiting for him his face lights up and it's clear that he sees not another thing in the room but me. "Hi Mama I wasn't expecting to see you tonight. What a wonderful Christmas surprise."

"Hi Buddy, Santa is way too interested in sleeping again tonight and I am starting to feel a little over full. I thought you might want some special milk with your cookie tonight," I say to him in a sexy voice while giving my breasts a gentle squeeze pushing a few drops of milk out.

Eagerly but not desperately he comes over and lays on his side next to me, propped up on his elbow he leans in and gives me a long hard kiss. His tongue gently but firmly pushes its way past my lips to play with my own. For a youngster he did know how to kiss I thought as I really relaxed into his kiss.

After a minute or so I lay back against the head board as he kisses his way down my neck to my collarbone. I notice his cock is rock hard and just laying across my thigh. I reach out and gently take hold of it. I must say I think this cock was made just for me. It is just the right length so when he is really deep he can just barely press against my cervix. But his width. Now that is another story. He is wonderfully big around. He stretches me so nicely. To the borderline point of being uncomfortable upon first entry. Now very slowly stoking him with one hand. Rubbing the head with my thumb as I get to the end before stroking downward again. Taking almost a full ten seconds to compete each stroke.

I feel his lips start kissing their way down my chest. With each kiss I know he is getting closer and closer to my nipple. Oh how I long to feel lips and tongue wrapped around it. The building anticipation literally had my pussy dripping into my panties. He is at the top of my breast. Each kiss coming closer and closer feels like someone turning up the voltage of my sexual tension. Then his lips graze my nipple and I feel as though I am going to jump out of my skin if he doesn't just latch on.

I can take no more and I reach up grabbing a handful of hair and pulling him to my nipple which he hungrily takes into his mouth and starts sucking away. Immediately starting the flow of milk from within. Suddenly I feel as though I am in heaven. The feeling just complete bliss. Then his hand slowly slides down my belly and starts to rub my pussy over my underwear. Noticing just how wet I am he begins pressing my underwear into me completely soaking them through. My orgasm building all the while.

A short while later I can feel him drain the last drop of milk from one of my breasts. Still rubbing me through my panties my nerves are in overdrive. My orgasm not yet there but building into something incredibly intense. Hooking my thumbs into the top of my underwear I slide them down my candy cane stocking covered legs and slip them off my feet. Slipping them under my lover's pillow to find later.

Rolling on top of him and straddling his cock but not inserting it I sit down on top of him. His manhood spreading my lips with his head against my clit I rock my hips grinding my wet slipperiness all over him. He wanted more as he wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to his eager mouth which latched onto my other nipple once again starting the flow.

I feel the orgasm almost there and I slide forward just a little more so his head is perfectly aligned. Slowly I drop back. The tip has found its target and as wet as I am there is no resistance. I can feel that big mushroom head stretching me as he enters my canal. Finally I am stretched to the max and his head completely enters me. Between the discomfort, the intense sexual tension, and stimulation in my nursing breast a tsunami of an orgasm starts rolling through my body. As I continue to lower onto him the orgasm just continues to build. Normally I would be very vocal but the intensity from the very intimate connection and experience has rendered me completely incapable of sound.

Then feel him start pumping in and out of me. I can't concentrate to move so he does everything as I go into multiples. A short few minutes goes by and I can feel him pulling me down on top of him hard. Holds holding himself deeply inside his balls begin to tense.

Still sucking the milk from my breast I hear him moan past my nipple, "Mama here comes your icing!"

"Oh Buddy fill Mama Claus full with your hot, sweet icing!"

I feel his cock begin to pulse inside my pussy as he explodes in huge amounts. The sudden squirt against my cervix sends another orgasm ripping through me.

Staying inside me while he finishes sucking me dry I feel my pussy spasm around his cock uncontrollably sending a mild but sudden and random orgasm through me yet again.

Eventually he rolls me over on my back. He is looking into my eyes with such love while he takes my ankles in his hands. His manhood being as thick as it is has not yet allowed any of his cum to escape my love canal. I can feel him slowly pulling out of me. Just his head is left inside sealing his cum from erupting out of me to ice my cookie.

I feel my legs get pushed back closer to my head. I can feel him pull the rest of the way out and then feel his hot cum gush out of me in copious amounts. The angle he is holding me at his cum fills between my lips like the icing from a triple stuff Oreo.

He gives me a very sexy smile and then runs his finger over my hole, through my slit, and off my clit. The sudden sensation making my pussy contract uncontrollably pushing the rest of his seed from my hole. It pooled in the crook of my legs.

His finger now covered in our combined juices coats my lips thoroughly with us. He ran his finger through our juices on my pussy a second time so he could coat his own lips. Then my young elf lover kissed me long and deeply putting all of his passion and love for me into his kiss.

"Well Mama I better clean you all up so Santa doesn't find you all covered in my icing."

"He is so sound asleep right now that he wouldn't wake up if I sat on his face, Buddy."

"I won't complain if that means I get to love you instead Mama."

He kissed me again and then made his way down between my legs. I felt his tongue first touch my asshole and then glide up my slit and over my clit. I gasped at the sensation of my elf's tongue pushed deeply between my lips. He looked up at me again with his tongue covered in us.

"We are delicious together Mama." He said after he swallowed his first lick of our special icing.

He continued licking me and sucking on my pussy until I came twice more and was totally clean. We were both spent from the fun of the evening laying in each other's arms for about an hour before I decided I needed to get back before Santa woke up.

My young elf lover kissed me once more before I got out of bed. I fixed my little Christmas outfit minus the panties which were still under my elf's pillow. I slipped my stockinged feet back into my heels and quietly slipped out the door.

I arrived back in the bedroom where Santa still lay snoring away. He hadn't moved so much as an inch while I was away. Not bothering to shower I slipped back into bed with the scent of my young lover still upon me...

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