tagIncest/TabooMilk and Cookies Mom Ch. 06

Milk and Cookies Mom Ch. 06


June Anderson's body bent to the will of her Son. Their kiss was powerful, dizzying and June felt herself fall backwards against the dresser in her bedroom as her Son David pushed down against her body. His erection, firm and hot was pressed against her with urgency. The Mother looked deep into her Son's eyes, both had equal measures of fear and desire. Her fingers scratched down David's shoulders. They both breathed deeply.

"Mum?" asked David.

She knew what she wanted. Her fingers moved to David's jeans and quickly popped the button through to his flies.

His gaze moved from her fingers back to her eyes. "Oh, shit," was all he could manage. He tried to respond by taking off his t-shirt and half succeeded. June quickly pulled it off over his head and then went back to his jeans yanking them down. David's cock sprang forward at her and she gasped with surprise. It was red and glistening. Wasting no more time June grasped the base of the cock and David moaned with delight. His own hands went to work quickly on her blouse, as his Mum squeezed his cock with delicious anticipation. David freed her bosom from the blouse and it bounced pleasingly in front of him, encased in the dark blue bra. His mouth instinctively went towards her breast, hungrily kissing the beautiful globes, running his tongue in to the cleft of her cleavage.

The young man stepped out of his trousers, his boxer shorts a crumpled heap he kicked into the corner. His hands found the edges of his Mother's small green skirt. His palms grazed the nylon of her stockingtops and pushed the skirt upwards. June balanced her still warm backside on the dresser and pulled her Son towards her. Her legs parted, thighs welcoming him in as the skirt bunched up around her waist and David pressed his body against hers. Her fingers curled around his young cock once more.

"Mum I've never... you know..."

June rubbed his cock up and down with her fingers. "It's alright, baby, it's alright, let me take care of you."

She hooked the thin material of the panties to one side with her fingers and guided his cock to her pussy. David moaned as his prick entered his Mum's steaming sex. She told him to push forward and he did. His cock slid deep inside his Mother's wet cunt as they both cried out and she wrapped her arms and legs around his naked body.

David was overcome with a mixture of emotions: warmth from his Mother's embrace, frustration from the days of teasing he'd endured and the incredible urge to fuck the body he was inside. He went with his instincts. Slowly he began to slide in and out of his Mum's body. The dresser rocked gently back and forth as David began to find a rhythm of fucking the beautiful woman in front of him.

June responded by matching his thrusts with her own body. She pushed up to meet him, bending backwards as her nyloned legs, wrapped around his body, gently moved up and down. She moaned with delight as she saw the both of them in the mirror, his naked body pounding against her willing flesh, still in her lingerie, heels and hose. This is what she needed- no, they both needed!

She murmured encouragement to her Son. "That's it baby, does it feel good? Does it feel good being in deep in Mummy's pussy? Keep going baby it feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yesss..." David found it difficult to speak, he was so wrapped up in banging the body of the woman he loved more than any in the world. The pounding of the dresser increased. The young man thrust further, harder, he didn't want to stop but he could already feel the cum rising in his balls. He moaned louder. June squeezed her thighs. She wanted him to shoot deep inside her. Her fingernails dug into the flesh of his back.

"Fuck me, David, fuck me. Cum in my pussy, cum deep in your Mother's pussy. Fuck me like I'm your toy I'm a slut, David. Mummy is a slut!"

The sordid words from the mouth of his pretty Mother were too much for David. He grabbed her ass and drove hard with his final few thrusts, crashing the dresser against the wall. Hairbrushes and make-up clattered to the floor. June's lips found his neck, bit his earlobe, squeezed him even tighter.

"Oh shit! Yes Mum, fuck, Mum, yesss! Shit!" David began to spurt into his Mother's cunt. Long jets of semen shot from his balls into his Mother for the first time, into a woman for the first time.

"Do it, baby, do it in Mummy, yes! Oh FUCK!" She felt the warm feeling of the cum hit her and in turn it triggered her own orgasm. Weeks, months, years of need burst from June as she climaxed on top of her Son's spurting cock. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and screamed with intense pleasure as her cum shook her body with astounding ferocity. The feeling reverberated between both their bodies.

Both gasped for breath, sweat glistening on their chests, the room drifting in a haze of heat and passion. Both Mother and Son trembled as their climaxes slowly began to subside. David blinking in the light of the bedroom, found his Mum's gaze and then kissed her deeply on the lips. Their tongues found each other and they held tight, David's cock still hard within his Mother's pussy.

A few moments later, David lay stretched out on his Mum's bed, still naked, his mind trying to piece together how he had managed to do this. June lay on her side next to him, resting her hand on her chin and smiling. Her breasts were now free from her bra, and she pushed her chest up against his naked body.

"Wow, Mum, I mean... wow."

June giggled. "Well I guess that eased some our tension, huh?"

"Just a bit!" David smiled at June and then stared at the ceiling.

"Are you OK, honey?"

"Yes, I just... I never did that before. With anyone. Let alone, you, Mum. I mean how many lose their virginities to their Mums?"

June frowned a little and then smoothed his brow with her hand. "Think of it as, well, practice, Baby. You get to practice on me... If you want to, that is and then when you're ready for a relationship of your own you'll be able to impress the girls." The Mum wasn't sure she was saying the right thing. Hell, what could she say? She had just taken her Son's virginity. However he had wanted it, he had played the game, they both liked it.

Meanwhile David had thought carefully about his Mum's words. "I love you so much, Mum, I really do and I know you just want the best for me, but I've got to know... Are you really OK about us doing this? About us doing this again?"

June moved her body closer towards him. She drew a finger around her left nipple. "Come and and suck here, baby." David stared at his Mum's breasts for a moment and then moved his head towards her breast. His lips found her nipple and as June caressed her Son's head he began to do something he hadn't done for years.

The Mother stroked her Son's hair as he sucked and she spoke softly to him.

"David, ever since you were born, I've wanted to be there for you and now you're a man, I wanted to please you in ways I know no other woman could. I wanted you to be proud of me. When you really began to notice me, notice how I had made and effort for you, well, it made me so happy and yet so horny." Her Son smiled as he continued to suck on his Mum's tit. "That's why I loved you telling me what to wear, how to act, it turned me on so much. Then, when I knew you'd be watching my little performances in the cupboard-"

He broke away from her breast. "You knew I was watching?"

June guided his head back to her tit. "Yes, sweetie, you need to clean up after yourself. I knew you were there and I knew that I loved knowing that. I just wanted to please you. Judging by the look on your face I was able to do that. I love you so much, baby."

David moaned and then parted from the breast once more. "I love you too, Mum." His lips then went back to gratefully sucking.

He felt his Mum's hand drift down his body and take a hold of his cock, now firm once more, nurtured by her firm, full tits. Slowly her fingers began to work up and down his warm, pulsing shaft.

"So, to answer your question, dear, yes, Mummy wants to keep playing."

"You mean you'll keep dressing up for me?" David looked up at his Mum.

"Of course. You keep your eye on the ball with these exams, you continue to revise. That's a must. But, every afternoon or evening or whenever you need it, Mummy will take the pressure off. Any outfit, any fantasy, Mummy will do it for you. Just make sure you tell no one, I mean NO ONE, about us."

"Sure, it's our secret, Mum. I'd never betray you like that."

"Good. Now: do you want Mummy to jerk it off for you or suck it out of you?"

David nearly choked. Her hand kept travelling up and down his dick. "Could, could you suck it?"

June grinned. "Of course, Sir. Anything you say."

The hot and horny Mum slid away from her Son's chest and moved down the bed so she was at his feet. Pushing up on her palms, so to give her Son a wonderful look at her breasts, June pushed herself forward and then, so slowly, it made David cry out, she slid her lips over his aching cock.

The young man clenched his fists as his Mother's lips went to work over his swollen prick. The warmth of her mouth and the flickering sensation of her tongue were incredible. His cock journeyed past her tongue to the back of her throat. June gripped he base of his prick and jerked to meet with the movements of her mouth. David watched in amazement as his Mum gave him the first and best blow job of his life. She was feasting on his cock like she needed it, the same way he had immediately sucked at her tit. It was passion and instinct and love. He felt his balls tingle in anticipation.

June closed her lips over his prick even tighter. This was what she had desired to do for her Son for so long. All that wasted cum when he wanked. She could have had it all. The Mum mewed with delight as she realised he was going to spunk in her mouth. David's moans were getting louder, harsher, dirty. Every "fuck" or "shit" from her Son's mouth spurred June on and she sucked hungrily, wanting to drain his balls, wanting to prove what she could do for her Son.

It didn't take much. Her tongue flicked over his cock-head once more and that was enough. His cum erupted in her mouth, spraying inside as his body jerked and shook on the bed. She swallowed as much as she could, not wanting to disappoint him, to show how a woman should suck him off. David writhed with body-shaking feelings of intensity. His toes were curled, knees tense, arms and shoulders stiff as his orgasm passed through him. After a few, final jerks, he stopped.

His Mum lifted up her head, wiping away the droplets of cum still forming around her lips. She moved up his body, resting her head on his chest, both of them drifting off into a much needed sleep.

By the evening David was beginning to feel that today had been a very good day indeed. They had both slept for a few hours and then June declared what she called a 'slight return for normality' and that David needed to concentrate on his revision. Shaking his head, wondering how on earth he was supposed to do that, he dragged his feet back to his room and settled down to his books.

About 6pm June called up to him and told him he needed to shower before dinner. It sounded like a good way to refresh himself and so David ran the hot water and began to scrub himself down. On finishing he pulled back the curtains and blinked, looking for a towel. As he dried off he noticed that all his clothes were missing from the floor while his dressing gown remained. There was a white note lying on top that read:

'All you need, love Mum X'

She must have snuck in, stolen his clothes and left this! Surprised and aroused, David quickly dried off and climbed inside the warm dressing gown. He hurried downstairs.

The first sight that greeted him was very pleasant indeed. His Mum was pouring two glasses of red wine. She wore a tiny black dress that David had never seen before, barely covering her ass and the tops of her seamed stockings. It was sleeveless with a couple of shoulder straps that somehow contained her motherly bosom. To top the outfit off, June had the pair of fetish black pumps with the four inch heel that David had seen her retrieve from the chest in the cupboard a few nights ago.

"Hello, Sir. Glass of wine?"

"Yes please, Mum, you look- I mean amazing!"

"Thank you, Sweetie." June placed a glass in front of her Son who was now sat at the kitchen table entranced by her every, sexy move. As she sashayed towards him David leered at her bouncing breasts. "I'm glad you like Mummy's dress, darling, she's been saving it for a special occasion. I'm afraid dinner's going to be a little while, I hope that's OK?"

Taking a sip of the wine, David nodded. He could already feel his prick beginning to poke through the gap in his dressing gown. Instead of sitting in a chair, June lifted herself up to sit on the table in front of him, crossing her legs with a delicious nylon *swishhh*. Her Son sat opened mouthed as she did this, he looked up at her gorgeous legs. She gently swung one stiletto back and forth inches away from the emerging head of his cock.

"Do you have to go over to Mrs Rein's tomorrow to help with her garden?" asked June, drinking from her glass.

"Well I said I would, I mean there's meant to be a bunch of us over there to shift that dead wood."

"Oh," June pouted.

"But, um, well I could always be... ill."

"Ill! Now that's a good idea!" June grinned and asked David to pass her the handbag that was slung over the back of his chair. She reached in and pulled out a mobile phone. Smiling, she dialled the number of Mrs Rein. "Hello, Mrs Rein? It's June here, David's Mum..."

As she spoke, June's stiletto parted the folds of David's gown, exposing his erect cock to the open air. Surprised, David gripped the edges of his seat. The toe of her shoe began to graze up and down on the underside of his cock.

"Well I'm afraid he's ill, poor thing... Yes... Such a terrible fever. I've never seen him so hot. Well if it can wait a few days, I'm sure he'll recover... OK, thank you, Mrs Rein. Bye-bye."

June put the phone down as she pressed with her shoe harder.

"Ohhh shit, Mum!"

"Did Mummy do a good job, lying for you, Sir?"

"Oh, god, Mum, yes, thank you, thank you..."

"I love lying for you, Sir. I'd do anything for you? Oh- sorry I started playing with your cock, but you weren't playing with yourself."

"You want me to play with it?"

June smiled reassuringly at her Son. "Of course, David. Anytime you like, if we're alone and you need to, just start jerking it for Mummy. Do you need to jerk it now?"

"Yes... Yes I do. Stand up and stick your ass out again, like you did earlier."

Pushing off the table, June lowered herself on to the floor and then bent over the table. Her dress lifted up past her stockingtops and exposed her ass. She wore no panties. David's hand immediately began to rub her bottom as his other hand pulled on his prick. June pressed herself against the wood of the table, her breathing deep but steady.

"Tell me, Mum... You would do anything... You're picking me up from college and I'm in the car, in need of relief, what do you do?"

June thought for a second and then replied. "I drive you to secluded part of town or maybe in to a country lane and suck the cum out of your needy cock."

David's hands were now both on June's thighs. He was parting them gently, wanting her to show him her pussy.

"I've just managed to get all As in my exams. What do you do to reward me?"

"I take you for dinner at a lovely restaurant and rub my stockinged feet all over your cock beneath the table cloth. We then go to a hotel and I let you fuck me until I can't walk."

David positioned his cock just ahead of his Mother's pussy. June felt the electric touch of prick on her pussy lips.

"I've brought a girl home, she wants you to touch her. What do you do?"

"I lick that little slut's pussy until she can't cum any more, while you jerk off watching us. I then let you tie me up as you fuck my cunt and she rides on my face to another orgasa-AAAH!"

The young man rammed his cock deep inside his Mum's pussy. The thought of her doing another woman had been too much for David, he had to have her. Pulling both her hips towards him, he drove deeper and moaned in ecstasy. His head swam. Recovering, he asked her another question.

"It's... the day of my wedding, I ask you, ah, to come to me before the ceremony in my hotel room, what do you do?"

"I let you fuck me, spank me, anything you need, anything to remind you, I'm everything your wife can't give you- ohhh, fuck, baby, yes, fuck me, fuck me!"

The thought of his own Mother being his slut, even on the day he gets married, spurred David on with increasing thoughts of incestuous lust. He began to bang against the table, fingers gripping his Mum's body as it shook against the table.

"You're a slut, Mum, a slut! You just crave your Son's cock, don't you?"

"Yes! I am a slut. Fuck your Mother, David, fuck your slut. Cum deep inside her. Use me! Just fuck me!"

The possibilities, the fantasies, the opportunities were now all open to David. He looked down at his perfect Mum's perfect body, being pounded, like she had done to herself in the cupboard and realised that this was now perfect for him. Every boy's dream, a sexy compliant woman to attend to his every need and his Mum too. He loved her so much.

Now violently banging her against the table, David couldn't stop the oncoming tide of cum that erupted from his cock, June's whole body felt violated and satiated at once. The warm liquid spray that washed inside her made her yowl with sensual, sexual need. David wanted to pour every last drop inside her, to make her his, to fulfil what she had wanted for him, for them both. His body shook against hers, his groin smacked against her peachy white ass and he finally came once more inside his perfect little housewife and Mother, June.

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