tagFetishMilk and Cum Ch. 02

Milk and Cum Ch. 02

byJay Richards©

My wife strolled across the bedroom getting ready for us to go out for the evening. I was peering at her over my book. It was Sunday. We had a babysitter coming over and we were going out to a new Japanese restaurant. I stared at her, at what she was wearing; a matching bra and panty set she had got at Victorias Secret. Boy shorts panties, black, lacy...the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Her breasts, were high, beautiful, the bra a see through fabric. I was getting hard. I thought about a new fantasy, fucking her with that underwear still on, licking her through the thin lace and sheer nylon.

"What?" She said, as she caught me staring.

"Uhh...no, nothing."

"I saw the lewd, dude. You like my new underwear?"

"Jesus it should be illegal."

"Hahahha...I have to keep you on your toes, c'mon get up , I'm hungry."

I thought about eating her cunt through the panties.

"Me too," I said.

The next day, I had a thought. I check'd her sizes from her underwear drawer. I went to the mall and made some purchases.

I had a birthday coming up, and Jess sometimes likes to indulge me sexually for some fun and games. Last year we were expecting the baby, but in other years it was something to look forward to. I do the same for her birthday.

Anyway, I went to the mall, to Victorias Secret and picked out a set similar to hers. I took it home and did a few minor alterations.

Three weeks later, on my birthday, I came down to breakfast. She was just starting to pour coffee. "Happy birthday baby," she said, giving me a big hot kiss.

"Thank you, I'm starved." I sat down and she passed me a plate of pancakes, my birthday special. The baby was in her chair, picking at a pancake. I kissed her and sat to enjoy my feast.

"So, anything you want for your birthday darling?" she said with a sassy grin.

"Well, I thought we would go out to dinner. Can you get Bridget tonight?"

"Sure I can. Where would you like to go?"

"Not sure, oh and as a special treat, I left an outfit on the bed that I would like you to wear, if you would."

"Mmmmm....sounds interesting. Ok, you're on."

I left for work.

Now I'll let Jess write the next part.

"Oh. My. God. After I fed the baby and put her down, I went to the bedroom. There on the bed was a set of underwear just like my black set, this one in green, however Jay had altered it. He had cut out the fabric in the crotch. He also cut the ends off the bra cups so that my nipples would be exposed. I became excited just to look at it. I took off my clothes and slipped on the green set. Immediately my heart began to pound. My vagina was completely bare, my nipples became as hard as stones when I looked at myself in the mirror. I decided I would do some grooming, as I was due anyway. I removed the garments and got out my waxing kit. I wondered what Jay had in mind. Did he want to do me in the car? Or touch me under my skirt in the restaurant? Either would be so exciting to me. I was game for it, Jay has such an erotic mind. I love the way he loves me, and wants me all the time, which is why I keep myself well groomed for him. And for me as well, there is nothing on this earth as good as his tongue probing my every hole." Jessie

Thanks Jess, so what happened next that day was, I came home at 6. The babysitter was there. Jess had filled a bottle with her breast milk for our daughter. I changed quickly into chinos and a pull over shirt. Jess gave me a sly grin. She wore a green flared skirt and very dark green button down shirt. I could see the hardness of her nipples outlined in the shirt.

When we got into the car I said, "show me." Jess lifted her skirt. Her bare vagina lips protruded outside the panties. she was trimmed and neat all the way. She un buttoned the blouse and showed me how her naked hard nipples were poking out of the holes I made. "I can't stay like this all night, I''m wet already." I reached my hand down and parted her vagina with 2 fingers. Her clit was erect and was throbbing. I took my hand away and licked my finger. I buckled in and said, "lets go."

We went to an Italian place we had never been to before. We took a corner booth, she sat on the far side. we ordered drinks and when they came, we both took a long swallow to calm ourselves.

"Reach down, I'm dripping," she said. The lewdness of sitting with her vagina lips exposed under her skirt had made her wet. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her blouse. i slipped my hand into her lap, She took my hand and glided it o her open cunt. I slipped a finger inside. she stiffened and moaned, I felt the flush of her wetness on my hand.

She reached out to my pants and lowered my zipper. I had not worn underwear and my cock strained for release. She exhaled when she felt my hot hardness in her hand. I removed my hand and licked my fingers. I offered a finger to her lips, she sucked it into her mouth tasting her own vagina juice.

She scooped a drop of my pre-cum and offered it to me. I licked it from her fingers. We kissed and shared the taste. Her nipples were throbbing to be sucked. A droplet of milk made her blouse wet. We were both glad we wore dark clothing.

I ordered more drinks. she watched as I spread the wetness of her pussy around the rim of her glass for her to taste.

We wanted to stop, not eat, and fuck on the table-top, it took a lot of resolve not to do that.

The restaurant was not busy, and as we were in a corner booth with a white tablecloth, I pushed the cloth farther away from us, so that the outside part hung down lower. When no one was around, I slipped beneath the table. I kneeled in front of Jessie, and leaned in to her-- licking her thighs. Jessie slid farther down in the seat.

I raised her skirt an feasted my eyes on her now parted vagina lips protruding out of the panties. Instinctively she drew her knees up and apart, allowing my face to approach her cunt. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth while slipping my tongue into the hot furnace of her vagina.

She could barely contain her moan. I licked and sucked her hot flush of cum as it flowed from her. She had multiple orgasms from my tongue, when the server appeared with our food.

She placed the plates down, and said "Where is your husband, should I serve his meal?" "Oh Yes," Jessie struggled to say; he will be right back—he went to the mens room."

"Okay, I'll cover it though, to keep it warm," she said.

With my mouth still licking and sucking her, Jessie nodded her understanding.

The server returned a few moments later and placed a cloche over my food. When I could tell she was gone. I re-appeared back into my seat. I wiped my face with my cloth napkin.

The grin on my face was huge. Jessie's eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. I smiled, kissed her lips and turned to eat my meal.

"Oh my god," she said, "that was unbelievable. I think I'm still cumming."

I smiled again and enjoyed the pasta.

By now my cock was throbbing and straining against my zipper. i had created a large wet spot of pre-cum on my pants. My heart was pounding.I had to try to calm down.

Jessie's hand reached out and tugged at my zipper. I laughed, she giggled.

"Lets finish our meal, okay?"

We dined, the food was great. But we continued to tease.

"Mmmm this sauce is great. I wonder what IT WOULD BE LIKE TO SUCK THIS SAUCE from your hard nipples."

"It might also be delicious with your milk and my cum."

She moaned.

"How do your nipples feel?"

"They are aching to be sucked, they are dripping for you."

"Mmmm my cock is dripping for you, so were even."

"My pussy is so wet. You ate me so good."

"At home i will eat you better, from behind, they way you love it; with the panties on"

"i don't think we will make it home. please, pay the bill."

I smiled as I waved the waitress over and asked for the check.

Once outside, jessie cooed, "oh my god i feel the cool air on my pussy."

Our car was parked in the far row, in the shadows. "Get in the back seat," she said.

We got in the back.

i locked the doors. Jessie reached for my zipper— she pulled it down releasing my throbbing cock. She pushed me back in the seat and attacked my cock with her hot mouth.

She swallowed my entire cock in one long suck. i raised my ass off the seat.

"Uuuhhhh oh god, Jess, oh my god you'r sucking me ...oh oh god." In less then ten long sucks I came fully and deeply in her throat. Her fingers were playing into her open cunt— she came again as she swallowed my cum.

"i want to suck your fingers, feed me your girl cum." I said breathlessly.

Jess reached out her hand from under her dress, I devoured her fingers savoring her woman cum.

it took ten minutes for my heart to stop pounding. We got in the front seat. I drove home.

I had to open the windows to defog the car. we were home in fifteen minutes. I paid the babysitter and said goodnight.

We went upstairs.

"Leave the panties on," i said as Jessie undressed. While I took off my pre-cum stained pants, she went to check on the baby. She returned, naked except for the boy panties, her vulva protruding. she looked so lewd. Her large breasts swayed with each step. She came into my arms we kissed more longingly than i ever knew.

"Happy birthday, baby." She offered her breasts to me, I licked and sucked her— she ground her vagina into my thigh as I fed on her. Now her nipples were hard points, throbbing in my mouth. My mouth overflowed with her milk, i could barely swallow fast enough. She screamed, "oh i'm cumming, i'm cumming." i felt the hot flush on my thigh.

She sat on the bed and feasted on my cock again. it was as hard as iron.

i pulled back. i said, "Lie on your stomach. i want my birthday present; to suck you with the panties on, from behind."

She moaned, she loved this, and it was so lewd with the crotch cut out of the panties. She lay down, then drew her knees up and raised her ass in the air.I lay down behind her, and savagely attacked her whole vagina with my open sucking mouth and tongue.

I gobbled her. i licked sucked probed and ate her out more than ever. she pushed back, feeding her ass and cunt to my mouth moaning, pushing and cumming in a hot flush in my mouth.

Finally, i tore at the remaining fabric and attacked her waxed asshole with my mouth. i licked and probed, then feasted on her vagina until she begged me. "Please, oh my god please fuck me, please, fuck me, fuck me."

I rose up, my cock slid into her like hot butter. in a few strokes i exploded.

"Are you hungry baby, for your birthday milk and cum?" she asked.

"Yes, feed it to me baby, feed it to me....please!"

She slid up my chest, I opened my mouth, Jess squirted milk into my mouth, then she slid up further and lowered her slippery vagina to my mouth. My cum slipped out of her and mingled with my mouthful of cum.

Soon she lowered herself and we kissed. She too, fed on the milk and cum.

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Make mine to go

Married stories always gets me hot . Them tasting her juices at the table got me on the edge as I've had my wife and I doing the same. Need to improve on descriptions of her dressing at home . I enjoymore...

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Very nice

Love your story

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