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Milk and Masturbation


The zombie apocalypse didn't quite happen the way Hollywood had always imagined it, even in the more recent incarnations that tended to be more sci-fi than supernatural. To be sure, there was a viral epidemic that caused the gradual loss of higher cognitive functions and an abnormal appetite for meat. In the later stages, that hunger would even specialize into a clear preference for human flesh, especially neural tissue. The specificity with which this horrid reality imitated popular mythology was truly astounding. Many of those who were not eaten themselves became infected and eventually had to be sacrificed when they became too much of an immediate threat to those around them.

Perhaps the only way in which it wasn't a thriller come to life was the non-dystopian aftermath. The infrastructure of even the most developed nations was certainly damaged, and technological advancement essentially stagnated for an entire generation, but the total fall of civilization that many dreaded never came. Fifteen years after the pestilence emerged as a dire global threat, the vital services that had persisted only precariously began to recover, and a slow but undeniable retreat from the brink of collapse became evident.

However, society was forever changed by the event. A key factor in the recovery was the quite accidental discovery that human breastmilk could halt the disease if consumed early enough after infection. It would take some time for scientists to isolate the critical ingredient, but meanwhile, few could afford to wait, and by the time a more focused treatment had been synthesized, it had already become common for women to offer their own milk to friends and family members. Many who didn't happen to be lactating anyway quickly induced it in themselves to save or protect their loved ones. Those who were nursing young children at the time of the crucial discovery often never stopped, even as their offspring matured beyond infancy, with many of the females among them helping to feed younger siblings when they were old enough to lactate themselves.

This newly widespread habit of extended or non-maternal breastfeeding would ultimately outlive its necessity. Once an urgent medical treatment, it soon developed into a popular and convenient snack option that came with a side of intimacy (platonic or otherwise). Virtually everyone who experienced it had become pleasantly accustomed to the sensations of closeness and bonding that accompanied it. Especially for the younger generation, it was just normal, with traditional taboos having been eroded away. Public breastfeeding was simply no longer contentious, and by the time society had restored some reasonable semblance of its pre-plague state, public mammary exposure in general had shed its stigma, since it now seemed so pointless.

Although the broader role of breastfeeding was not seen as necessarily erotic, general attitudes towards sexuality had also become less squeamish overall. During the epidemic, when few could be assured of how much longer they had to live, people were less willing to waste their time on the finer points of decorum. As a result, at least among family and friends of appropriate age, it became rather unremarkable for people to engage in sexual activity within incidental eyeshot of non-participants. No one actively sought an audience, but nor did having one give them any real pause anymore. This was another social effect of life on the brink that managed to persist even after it was clear that the danger had passed.

One of the first things to happen at the outset of the outbreak was a dramatic rise in the popularity of home-schooling, since at least initially, people were generally safer staying home than they were congregating in large groups. Even after the peril subsided, many youth who had already begun kindergarten at home also completed high school at home, because it often seemed better overall than making the drastic shift to external schooling in the middle of their pre-collegiate educations.

In at least a few cases, this situation provided an opportunity for ambitious young scholars in an economy that still had not quite recovered enough to offer them as much financial aid as it once did. Such was the case of Elena and Nikki, two enterprising Filipina sisters living in the home of a 27-year-old Latina professor of physics named Rosa, who had managed to preserve most of her hard-earned wealth through the viral epidemic. She was thoroughly impressed by Elena at her university admission interview and thought it would be a crime to let financial difficulties impede her from realizing her potential.

Rosa also empathized with the girls' recent orphanhood. Her own parents were among the last direct casualties of the zombie virus, leaving her as guardian to her much younger sister Marisol. Elena and Nikki's parents were among its last indirect casualties, because of an unrelated infection that struck before medical infrastructure had quite recovered enough to treat it in time.

Recognizing Elena's solid foundational knowledge of a surprisingly broad range of subjects, Rosa offered her free room and board as well as a monthly stipend in exchange for her services as a live-in tutor for Marisol, whom she could no longer educate herself due to increasing job demands. Especially when Rosa made it clear that there would be room for Nikki as well, Elena eagerly accepted the generous offer.

Five years later, when the two youngest were both 18 and approaching graduation via GED, the four young women had bonded into an unofficial family of sorts. Rosa often blurred the line between academic mentor and adoptive mother to Elena, who became almost as much of an older sister to Marisol as she was to Nikki, despite also being a teacher to them both. This closeness manifested itself most visibly in the form of breastfeeding. Rosa had regularly nursed Marisol since she was a teenager, and Elena had done similarly with Nikki since their parents' deaths. By the time Elena's first year of college was over, each lactating member of the expanded household would frequently nurse the other's sister, and occasionally, Elena would even partake in Rosa's milk if she had any to spare.

The girls' closeness also meant that they had no qualms about indulging their sexual urges in front of each other, which turned out to be rather convenient, because they all had very robust libidos. That is why, on one particular morning, a dozing Elena did not hesitate at all to pleasure herself in the loft bedroom that she shared with Nikki. As wakefulness began to assert itself, she rolled from a fetal position onto her back and let her hand find its way under her panties. She briefly caressed her pubic mound before sliding her index finger into her vagina and letting the pad graze her clitoris. What began as a light stroking evolved steadily into a more insistent thrusting, and a second finger was soon involved. She squeaked as her hips began rolling against the mattress, gently at first, but not for long. She bit her tongue and kept fingering herself as she started to moan softly. In a few minutes, Nikki started to stir at the sounds of her sister's purrs, which were much louder and more frequent. Elena barely noticed while she felt the first pulse of wet heat inside of her, and gritted her teeth in an effort to prolong her crescendo as long as she could. A groan of frustration as her body finally betrayed her then morphed seamlessly into a low, drawling cry of ecstasy as searing waves of pleasure rippled through her. Her hips bucked a couple more times against the bed before she went slack for a moment, blissfully awake with her eyes now closed in contentment rather than drowsiness.

Elena's morning orgasms were regular enough to serve as an alarm clock for Nikki, and as the elder sister's deep breathing returned to normal, she didn't have to wait long before enjoying a calmer but no less sublime sort of pleasure. Her younger sibling groggily approached her twin bed and crawled into its unoccupied half. Her eyes only half-open, Nikki wrapped one arm around Elena's naked abdomen and briefly groped at the nearest breast with her lips before she found the nipple and instantly started sucking. Elena purred and smiled as her prompt and copious let-down granted Nikki her first mouthful of creamy ambrosia, which the younger girl audibly gulped down only to immediately press out another one with her jaw. Within seconds, a steady suckling rhythm was set, and Nikki sighed in satisfaction at the nearly constant flow of sweet nectar from Elena's firm 42D mammaries. The older girl let out a sigh of her own and began idly stroking her sister's upper arm. Five minutes later, Nikki managed to burp in the second it took for her to seek out and latch on to the other breast after emptying the first one. Elena giggled. "Hungry this morning, are we?" Her sister just nodded against her engorged bosom as she kept on imbibing mouthful after mouthful of milk. When Nikki had finally drained the second fleshy reservoir, she sighed once more and rolled onto her back.

"You full?" asked Elena amusedly.

"Yeah, thanks," she replied. "You can shower first. I'm just gonna lay here for a bit." A gentle pat of her own stomach turned into her hand absent-mindedly sneaking under her boxers. "It's my turn to masturbate."

The older girl rose from the bed, swiftly shed her panties, and headed for the bathroom while her sister played with herself. Elena showered efficiently, smiling in amusement as she heard Nikki climax just as she reached for a towel to dry her tanned body and thick, raven hair. She soon emerged and met a naked Nikki on her way back to their bedroom. While the younger girl took her turn in the bathroom, Elena first put on her trusty dark-rimmed glasses and then dressed herself in fresh underwear, a pair of blue jeans, and a red scoop-neck T-shirt.

Next, while Nikki got dressed, her older sister lazily made her way downstairs and into the kitchen, where she found a drowsy Marisol chowing down on a bowl of oatmeal. Although Rosa usually would've left for work already anyway, she was in fact abroad for a conference on this particular day. The girls greeted each other with small but sincere smiles, and Elena quickly prepared herself a double serving of the same oatmeal, scarfing it down with quiet expediency. Habitually breastfeeding two teenagers had inevitably enhanced her own appetite, after all. Nevertheless, her body never seemed to have much trouble keeping up with the demand. When she'd first started nursing Nikki, it hadn't taken long for her glands to establish a very adequate and regular supply, and they'd adjusted rather smoothly to a second customer too, their production accelerating almost in perfect sync with the frequency of Marisol's feedings.

Her breasts' productivity was often especially handy in the afternoon, as it was today. Early on in her arrangement with Rosa, Elena had figured out how to turn the professor's small home theater into an unusually cozy classroom. Like most of the house, the décor was composed primarily of shiny blacks and silvers. There were seats for a dozen people, but only three were regularly used, though a forth would occasionally be occupied by Rosa whenever she decided to observe a lesson. Elena felt that sitting behind a desk in front of her students was too formal to really engage them, especially given the unusually narrow age difference. Instead, she routinely sat between her two pupils facing the screen, on which she projected her visual aids via a wireless tablet computer that she held in her lap.

That's where Elena found herself that afternoon as she gorged herself on a double-decker sandwich of assorted lunchmeats and cheeses while Nikki and Marisol concentrated on their daily classwork. As was routine, she had prepared her lunch just after breakfast and brought it with her to the makeshift classroom. A few hours later, she then set her students to work on a set of five math exercises while she chowed down it. Today, Marisol was the first to finish her work, but she only had to wait a few seconds for her teacher to put the last bite in her mouth before she leaned over and pulled Elena's shirt up. Wholly unsurprised by this, Elena wrapped her newly idle arm around her pupil's arms as Marisol's lips clasped around her nipple and immediately began sucking quite thirstily on it. Barely a minute later, Nikki wasted no time in likewise exposing and pressing her lips to the other breast, and Elena surrendered fully to the warm sensations of nursing with a contented smile. Both girls massaged their mentor's bronzed areolas with their mouths, drawing out a steady flow of warm milk that they gulped down with relish.

This was their lunch. Initially, all three of them used to temporarily adjourn to the kitchen for lunch and then come back to resume their lessons. As Marisol became accustomed to nursing from Elena along with Nikki, a milky after-school snack also became routine. Later, however, the trio realized that they could all spare themselves the extra trip from the schoolroom to the kitchen and back by letting Elena pre-pack her midday meal and swapping the lunch and snack menus for the two younger girls. Nikki and Marisol would almost certainly indulge in a more solid snack after their schooling was done for the day, but for now, they were quite thoroughly satisfied by Elena's sweet breastmilk. Their teacher couldn't help but feel a special sort of pride in how plentiful her lactation was. Even though an extra breastful was always a welcome bonus whenever either of her pupils suckled alone, a single breastful could always sate the appetite of each suckler individually whenever they suckled together.

When she finally withdrew from Elena's newly empty breast, Marisol looked at her watch and rose to her feet with a contented sigh. She lowered her jeans and underwear, rested her palms on the back of the seat she'd been occupying, and began rubbing her vagina against the armrest. Elena chuckled at her while she waited for her sister to lap up the last drops of nutrition from the other breast. If she found herself with a few minutes to spare at the end of lunch break, it was not at all unusual for Marisol to indulge in an opportunistic masturbation session. In fact, although all four women in the house had very robust libidos, she was probably the horniest of them all. Marisol could use her fingers just as easily and effectively as her housemates, but she typically preferred to hump the nearest piece of furniture, and today was no exception. She was rather quiet at first, grinding her privates gently against the upholstery. As her gyrations steadily grew faster and more extreme, however, she became more vocal. Soft squeaks turned into longer and loader moans, which in turn became deeper and more primal as her grinding reached a fever pitch. When she bit her lip and emitted the loudest moan yet, Nikki and Elena knew by experience that orgasm was fast approaching. Her mouth fell open to release a trio of gasping warbles of pleasure before finally tilting her head back and letting out a ragged cry of orgasmic bliss. Her hips twitched a couple of times against the armrest before she dismounted it with a sigh and pulled her pants back up, ready to resume her schooling.

"You done?" Nikki asked amusedly from her seat beside Elena, who had just put the bust of her top back into place.

"Yep," replied a beaming Marisol as she plopped back into her seat on the opposite side of her teacher, her hand resting on the very fabric that had been rubbing furiously against her clitoris mere seconds before.

As it happened, that day would not be an entirely routine one, since that night was when Rosa was returning from her trip. After a large spaghetti dinner, the three girls agreed that Nikki would hold down the proverbial fort while Elena and Marisol drove to the airport. The trip took a couple of hours, but with the two young women engrossed in an amicable yet impassioned debate over predictions for the next season of a shared TV favorite of theirs, the time passed rather quickly. They arrived about an hour before Rosa's scheduled arrival, so after Elena procured and quickly ingested a Cinnabun as a snack, the two settled into a couple of empty chairs near the appropriate terminal. They waited in contented silence, sporadically broken by softly spoken resurgences of the topic that had kept them entertained on the way there.

Eventually, Marisol shifted to resting her head in Elena's lap, which only made it more convenient when she developed a hankering for a snack of her own. Rather than rise from her comfortable position, she lazily pulled at the hem of her companion's shirt. "I'd really like some milk now," she said matter-of-factly as she pushed the fabric over the supple mounds that were Elena's full breasts. On her part, Elena smiled and leaned forward slightly as Marisol instantly seized upon a nipple with her mouth and began rhythmically kneading the surrounding areola with her jaw. The older girl sighed as the firm suction on her nipple caused immediate let-down and established an almost constant flow of creamy nutrition which the younger girl imbibed with obvious enthusiasm. Elena purred at the warm sensations of nursing that overtook her, and she absent-mindedly started stroking Marisol's hair. Meanwhile, Marisol's fingers grazed the inner curve of the breast she was drinking from and came to rest in her friend's cleavage, relaxed but loosely poised to give it a gentle squeeze when and if it became necessary. It didn't take long for Marisol to start bobbing her head slightly and mashing her nose against the areola as her suckling became even thirstier.

"Oh, wow!" Elena gasped. "You got really hungry in a hurry!" She let out a soft moan, swimming in endorphins from the unique sense of bonding she felt whenever she nursed.

Meanwhile, Marisol's only response was a very brief and muffled affirmation while she just kept feasting on the warm milk that sprang abundantly from her friend's mammaries. About ten minutes later, she had thoroughly drained both breasts and finally withdrew from the nipple with a full stomach. As it turns out, she finished her milky snack just in time for Rosa's arrival.

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