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Milk Factory


This is the first story I've written that I've let other people read. It is inspired by a couple of stories on this sight, and the artwork of someone named Dmitry. Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback. Thank you.

In a distant part of the galaxy, tens of thousands of light years away, there was a planet that, despite all earthly physics based thinking, contained sentient life. Not only that, but the life living on the planet was an almost carbon copy of human life, excluding a few small differences. On this planet, which had developed scientifically to a level undreamed of on our Earth, genetic modification was commonplace, and space exploration had led them to our world. But instead of going all War of the Worlds or Day the Earth Stood Still on us, we never once for a second knew anything about them... Except until, randomly, a person would just disappear. It didn't happen often, maybe once every one of our years, and when it did happen, it would make the local papers for about a month, then fizzle out. The only noticeable and guaranteed thing about the disappearances, was that they were all women aged 21-30, in good health and physical beauty. If the world ever actually knew what happened, they wouldn't have believed it anyways.

Chapter 1: Processing Days

Karla was walking home from work when it happened. It had been an uneventful and all around boring day at work. Her job at a small legal consulting firm meant that the bills were paid for every month with enough money to afford a few nice things. She felt that she lived moderately, excluding her computer, sound system, and gaming set-up. That was her one Achilles heel, no fancy clothes, no club hopping with girlfriends, just good old fashioned gaming in all forms.

She was about ten minutes away from a night of Gears of War and homemade chicken stir-fry, when a flock of birds exploded from the tree she was walking by, causing her to stop and watch. In that brief moment, out of nowhere, there blinked into existence a large object about a hundred feet above her, a low beam of light hit her, causing her entire body to go numb with surprise and shock, lift her effortlessly up into the ship, and blink back out. The entire event lasted 2.4 seconds, and the only thing to notice it was her neighbor's cat, sitting in a window.

Once on the ship, stunned, shocked, and all around geeking out completely, a frightened Karla lay sprawled on the floor of the ship. Her first reaction (which who can blame her) was to scream bloody murder, get up, and try to escape. What she hadn't noticed, due to the dim lights, and all chaos of being abducted, was that she was lying on a table, a thick padded strap across her midsection, with one on each wrist and ankle. Being unable to move caused even more screaming and thrashing about, until a feminine voice calmly said:

"Relax, girl."

At that, Karla barely felt a needle prick her skin in the crook of her neck and shoulder. Almost instantly, everything seemed to come in to better focus, her breathing slowed down, and her entire body felt calm and relaxed.

"That's better now isn't it? Now that the scary part, well, the first scary part is over, let me explain a couple of things. Right now, we're in a ship that travels 20 times faster than the speed of light, heading for our home planet of Isis. You have been abducted to work in one of our milk factories-"

"Milk factories? But I'm-"

"Not pregnant? Oh don't worry about that, hot stuff. With the stuff you're about to be shot up with, we can modify pretty much everything about the human genome. You're going to be rebuilt, very pleasurably I might add, into a cowgirl."

With that, the lights became brighter, and Karla was allowed to see her surroundings clearly. All around her were holographic layouts of things she couldn't comprehend. She looked to the ominous voice that had been talking to her, and was completely stunned. What stood to the side of her, next to a large tray of various vials and syringes, was a goddess of a woman. She had to be at least six feet tall, with blonde hair to her mid back framing a face that could end wars with a glance. Her breasts, massive, perky orbs of hedonistic pleasure had to be at least the size of cantaloupes, topped by thick, erect nipples that begged to be sucked on. Karla's eyes traveled further down, seeing a sculpted stomach that anyone would kill for, followed by the biggest shock of her short life: This goddess of a woman had a cock! And what a monster it was. It had to be 11, maybe 12 inches long, and so thick.

"You...You're a...-"

"What you're world would call a dickgirl. I know, it's a big shock to all of you-"

"All of us? You mean I'm not the only one?"

"Of course not, sweet cheeks, just the only one we took this time. We do this about once every one of your years, you see, and have done it about two hundred times."

"Two hundred? But that would mean-"

"Yes, yes, we've been around the block a few times, if you catch my drift. The advent of our scientific knowledge grew exponentially due to a breakthrough in physics and chemistry. It's all boring complicated stuff, but the important thing for you to know is that all of the cowgirls we've taken, every single one of them, are still alive, healthy, and just as, if not, sexier than when we found them."

"Now, we've got another four hundred thousand light years to go, and I've been put in charge with getting you ready for your arrival. This is going to entail a few dozen shots of hormones, modified DNA, and vitamins, not to mention some loss of bodily fluid along the way-"

"What do you mean-"

"Oh you'll see, babe, you'll see. Now, let's get this show on the road. This first one is going to freeze your aging process. You're basically about to become immortal. See, I told you this would be pleasurable."

With that, the first needle was picked up, inserted into a vial of clear liquid, and filled to the brim. Without a single hesitation, it was then sent right into Karla's shoulder, the plunger was pushed down, and the show was on its way.

"Alright, now these next few are going to affect the pleasure centers of your brain, and the erogenous zones of your body. And for these, well, you'd best bite down on this" a small roll of leather was placed in Karla's open mouth, right before all of her clothes were removed in an instant, leaving her completely naked, showing off her firm D-cup breasts, almost flat stomach, and long almost sculpted legs, not to mention her neatly trimmed pussy. "Wow, you're even better looking than the scout had said! I can't wait to have a taste of you baby. Now brace yourself." And took a syringe in each hand and injected them into each of her breasts, just inside the small areola, pushing the plungers down.

Karla was instantly assaulted by scorching hot waves of bliss emanating from her now completely swollen and aroused nipples. Her back arched and her teeth bit down in to the leather in her mouth as her body shook and spasmed through the most powerful orgasm she'd had up to that point in her life. When she finally came down from her high, reveling in the afterglow, she noticed that this mystery woman's cock was rock hard and leaking precum at a steady pace onto the floor.

"I see you liked that, just like everyone else did, but the best is yet to come, no pun intended. By the way, I guess it's rude that we haven't introduced each other yet. Everyone calls me Kelly around here." The piece of leather was taken out of her mouth, and in between gasping breaths, Karla introduced herself as well. "Karla the Cowgirl...I like it. Now, this next part is going to blow your mind."

With that, Kelly picked up the fourth needle, already filled to the brim with a neon pink mixture of who knows what, and headed towards Karla's wet crotch. Sticking two fingers in, she began rocking her fingers expertly across her g-spot, as Karla's body began to writhe in her restraints. She was about to go over the edge once again, when Kelly stopped, peeled back the hood of her clit, stuck the needle into the side of it, and slowly began injecting its contents. Karla's eyes shot open as liquid fire exploded through her entire being. Screaming through the gag in her mouth, body shaking and shuddering like a ragdoll, she felt her body go into what felt like an endless orgasm. She could feel a warmth and tightness in her crotch that felt completely alien, and looking down saw what Kelly had meant by "no pun intended."

She was sprouting a cock of her very own! It was stretching out and up her body, pulsing lewdly with her rapid heartbeat as it grew and grew and grew. Her hips bucked erratically, not knowing the sensation of having A) a cock, and B) the building pressure of her first load. She could feel something pressing against her squirting pussy then, growing heavier by the second, and realized that she was also growing a set of what felt to be balls.

Kelly was standing back a couple of feet, face flushed with unbridled lust, both hands working her massive cock, moaning at the scene in front of her, and her own mounting need to cum. "Ooh, this is always my favorite part, baby, you're about to know pleasure like nothing else" and reached up above Karla to bring down a tube like device that was open on the bottom end with a clear hose coming out of the top. With her other hand, she pushed a button on the side of the table, leaning it forward which brought Karla to an almost standing position, her cock sticking straight out, starting to leak precum. "During you're training, you'll be able to cum freely whenever and however you want. But when we reach your new home, you won't be allowed to cum until it's time for milking. This is an extractor, and you're about to find out what it does, and how *shudder* amazing it feels." With that she slid the open end onto Karla's cock, sliding it all the way down to the base, where it sealed itself with a vacuum, while the inner workings came to life, sending Karla into overdrive.

"OOOOhhhhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Rope after thick hot rope of cum shot out of Karla's new cock as the extractor hummed away with perfect efficiency brought on by almost two hundred years of improvements and revisions. Her body was soaked in sweat as orgasm after orgasm swept through her body, pussy squirting juice to run down the table, dick spraying ounce after ounce of hot sticky cum into the machine, running down the tube on the other end into the floor. Her mouth stayed open, completely slack, a look of pure delight painted on her face in a big dopey grin and slightly crossed eyes, cheeks flush with arousal.

Kelly grunted suddenly, turning to her newest acquisition, and letting out a shriek of her own, let loose a torrent of her own spunk, all over the upper body of her new cowgirl, generously spraying thick ropes across her face, neck, and tits. She walked over, putting her cock between Karla's breasts, and began tit-fucking her, sending hot cum into her open mouth, as the cowgirl grunted and shuddered through another orgasm, drinking down as much of her new masters cum as she could. With a faint click, the restraints around her arms released and she immediately took both sides of Kelly's face in her hands, bringing her in for a very hot kiss, Kelly lifting her leg up and over the extractor, straddling her, pushing their tits together. This resulted in Kelly's still rock hard cock being sandwiched between both sets of tits, where she began cumming again, spraying both of their beautiful body's in her seed. Their arms traveled all over each other, rubbing the cum in wherever it landed, swapping it between their mouths, until, with a last grunt, the extractor slid off of Karla's now limp, but still dribbling cock, to land on the floor.

Kelly stood back to admire her latest work, noticing that the shots that had been injected into her breasts were starting to go to work. When Karla would wake up in a few hours, she would discover that her already good sized tits would be much, much bigger, closer in size to Kelly's own, and would be under pressure from the milk that needed to be released. The cowgirl didn't notice any of this as she had finally passed out from the entire experience. Kelly reached down to pick up the extractor, which beforehand had been set on 'Drain' and saw that the session had lasted almost two hours, and Karla had shot close to half a gallon of her new cum. "Hmm" she thought, "after her training session tomorrow, she'll fit in perfectly." She then placed the extractor on its cleaning stand, setting it up for auto-wash, turned to the now fast asleep Karla, and effortlessly picked her up and took her to her temporary sleeping quarters, placing her on the bed.

"It's been one hell of a good day, and the next week should be even better."

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