tagSci-Fi & FantasyMilk Factory Ch. 02

Milk Factory Ch. 02


Authors Note: Thank you for the words of encouragement. Please note that for the most part, I'm making this up as I go, so there may be some slight continuity errors that I glazed over (heh) before submitting. That being said, I do have a few big plot changes lined up for later in the story . Once again, any feedback is greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading.


Karla woke hours later, sore and dizzy from the events of yesterday, to the wondrous and unexpected feeling of morning wood from her now 9 inch cock. "Well then, so much for that being a dream. Then again, it's not all bad..." she said as she wrapped a hand around the head and began stroking, "ooh that's something I could get used to...ahhh!" Her other hand reflexively reached up to fondle a tit that was begging for attention, giving it a pinch and twist, barely holding back a squeal of delight. Fuck, it felt so good! She looked down to see her breasts were bigger, a lot bigger actually, and that her nipples were thicker and longer than they were, about the size of the end of her thumb. A tight pressure was building nicely in the tit being assaulted, when suddenly, a short stream of milk leaked out, eliciting a cry of pleasure from the stunned Karla. Her hips started bucking randomly due to the hand that was now stroking the full length of her thick cock, glistening with precum. The hand that was milking her still squirting tit moved down to feel the heavy set of balls now hanging underneath her shaft in front of her leaking pussy, not realizing yesterday just how big they were. They felt like golf balls wrapped in velvet, and so very, very full. Her breath turned ragged as her cock twitched once, twice, then erupted a gout of seed all over herself and the bed she was laying on.

It was then that she noticed that Kelly was standing in the door of her room, arms crossed under her breasts, a slight smirk of joy on her face. "Enjoying yourself, I see" she said as she made her way to the bed. "I'll bet you can't wait to get to your new home now, right?" Karla nodded eagerly, her fingers scooping up as much of her cum as they could so she could suck it down her mouth; She never thought it would taste as good as it did.

"Well, there's a couple of things I should go ahead and get through to you, sugar tits. Where you're going, isn't all sunshine and rainbows. There are rules to follow, and if you don't follow them, consequences are harsh." Kelly said as she walked over to Karla, taking one of her swollen boobs in her hand, kneading it. "In the farm, you will only be allowed to cum when allowed to, either by extractor, or if a Farmhand takes you. From now on, you are lower than a slave, designed to serve, do you understand?" Karla was writhing under the ministrations of her abductor, nodding and moaning in affirmation. "Any resistance, any form of rebellion will be dealt with immediately and effectively." Her hand reached down to stroke Karla's hardening cock. "As of now, your life as a cowgirl begins. Training shall begin now." And with that, Karla was left in a state of complete sexual arousal like she had never been before. Stunned by the sudden absence of Kelly's hand on her cock, she reached for it herself, only to be stopped by Kelly, a stern look on her face.

"B-b-b-but-" Karla whimpered, desperate for another cum.

"No buts now, I told you your training starts now. There will be no masturbating from now on." Kelly picked up a leather tube then, placing it around Karla's completely hard cock, snapping a leash to it. "Now, follow me, cowgirl."

Karla was led by the cock out of her room and down the hall to what looked like another medical bay. She was led to another examination bench, this one set up for reclining. She sat back on it, expecting anything, but was surprised when Kelly detached the sleeve around her cock, and began stroking it once again, bring it to full hardness. Karla was moaning softly as her hips started to twitch and buck, when out of nowhere, Kelly grabbed a small metallic pipe off the table and slammed it home in Karla's japs eye. Karla squealed in surprise, curling forward only to be stopped by the padded straps reaching across her midsection and arms, pinning her to the bench. An IV bag she hadn't noticed was brought over and connected to the end of the pipe, where it began forcing its way into her. Kelly was typing away on a keyboard.

"Doesn't it feel good?" Kelly said as she reached out to the shaking girl, smoothing her hair back and cupping her cheek; "Centuries ago, we came to your planet for the first time, and brought back a mountain of data, along with a few specimens of local wildlife for experimentation. A great deal was learned, and through work on DNA manipulation, we extracted the genomes that control breeding and fertility from several of them, which is the cocktail- heh, cocktail- that's being pumped in to you now. It has the effect of making you almost permanently aroused. Also, your milk and sperm output will increase to superhuman levels, which is required to meet the quotas of full production."

Karla was moaning nonstop now, breathing in short gasps as the mix was being absorbed into her bloodstream. "Please, let me cum! Oh god, it feels so good, but I'm so hard, I have to cum! And my tits feel so full, they feel like they're gonna burst! Aaahhhh!!!" Her back was arching off the table now, sweat beading all over her amazing body. "Don't worry pet, only one more hour, then you can have your relief. Speaking of relief," Kelly looked down to her now fully engorged prick, "I could use some myself. Here, have a treat." And grabbed her cock, pushing it into Karla's open mouth, who began sucking eagerly. "Ooohh, that's good pet, keep going, just like that!" Kelly's hands reached up and began kneading and twisting her nipples. Minutes later, she cried out, took her cock out of Karla's amazing mouth, and stroked herself off, shooting hot cum all over Karla's chest and face, who did everything she could to swallow as much of it as possible.

Kelly took a few deep breaths before saying "Fuck you're good at that! I'll make sure to repay you for it. How about I fuck that tight pussy of yours?" Karla's eyes shot open at the thought, "Nooo, not that, that's too much!!! Please, let me cum! I feel like I'm about to explode!" Her body, cum sliding down her body in sticky gobs, was shaking constantly, her balls completely swollen with pent up seed. "Well," Kelly said, glancing at the computer, "You've got 5 more minutes left, so I won't fuck you, but," She reached down under the table, coming back up with a butt plug and bottle of lube "You get to enjoy this little number." She squeezed lube onto the plug, smeared some around Karla's virgin asshole, before pressing it slowly in, stretching her rosebud. Karla was bucking her hips as much as the straps would let her, eyes wide, mouth open in a silent scream that didn't stay silent for very long.

"No, no, no...no...ah...yes...ungh...yesssssssss!" Her sexy ass was shaking nonstop as the plug finally popped into place. "I thought your opinion would change once you got a taste, little cowgirl. The lube is laced with an addictive aphrodisiac that seeps into the skin. From now on, you'll constantly crave being taken in that sweet ass of yours. And, good news for you, the sessions over! You know what that means right?" Karla nodded eagerly, desperate for the relief she craved. The straps across her wrists and torso released after the IV was removed from her cock, and her hands immediately grabbed on to it and began stroking feverishly. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't cross the threshold. "Wha—wh-why can't I cum?!" She pleaded to Kelly.

"I told you earlier, you are only allowed to cum when being milked or given permission by a farmhand. Now get up and follow me." Kelly put the leash and collar back on to the poor girls raging hard-on and led her down the hall to a door labeled "Milking Parlor 1." Inside was a long bench on one side facing a device that looked like a massage chair, but with a padded front rising up about chest high, and three holes in the bottom.

Karla was led to this chair and straddled the padded seat, her cock sliding home in one of the holes, the other two lined up with her ass and pussy. The front part had two small cups sitting on top of it, each attached to a tube at the closed end, disappearing into the stand. Kelly walked in front of her, placing the open ends of the cups on her nipples, where a light suction kept them there. She then reached down and picked up the extractor that was hidden under the chair and slid it home onto Karla's twitching cock, whose hips started to buck.

"Easy there girl, I got to turn it on first. Now, last time, I set it for full drain, but I think this time we'll just set it for quantity. You know what that means?" Karla shook her head silently. "It means it doesn't stop till the tanks full." With that, Kelly slid a clear glass jug out from its hiding place, the hose from the extractor emptying into the top, with measurement lines going from bottom to top. Karla squinted and saw that the top mark had the writing "1 Gal" on it and her eyes popped open in shock. "No! No, I can't do that, I'll die, no, no," *click, hmmm* "Aaaaahhhhhhhh" The machines turned on at once, sending her completely over the edge, cum shooting out of her like a rocket. The suckers on her nipples had turned on too, and thin streams of milk were squirting out of each nipple as her entire body convulsed in powerful orgasm.

Kelly stood back a few feet admiring her work, which was now screaming herself hoarse as her body shook through a second and third orgasm in the space of a minute. She began stroking her now rock hard dick, turned on by the scene in front of her when she remembered something. With a smirk, she walked around to the side of the chair, reached down, and pressed a button on the side, causing the upright part that Karla was now holding on to for dear life to drop forward.

This had the effect of presenting Kelly with the perfect position to pull the butt plug out of Karla's ass and replace it with her cock. "Ooh, you're so tight! Unf fuck!" She gasped as she began long, slow thrusts into the quivering rear of her cowgirl. This had the effect of sending Karla over the edge once again, her legs shaking, toes curled up, back arched, as she shot rope after rope of cum into the wonderful machine.

"You love this, don't you, you little slut?" "Ooh, yes! YES! Fuck me please, don't stop, just keep fucking meeeeee!!!" "How does it feel, cow, to take it in the ass while you're cock and tits are drained? Doesn't it feel good?" "Yes!!! It feels sooo good, master! I can't stop cumming! My tits and cock feel incredible! You feel so big in my ass, it's *unh* amazing! I'm cumming againnnnaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!"

The feeling of Karla's tight ass squeezing down on her length was too much for Kelly, and with a scream of her own, let loose yet another massive load of jizz, this time not pulling out, filling her ass full of hot cum.

"Ooohh so full! I love it, master, fuck me whenever you want! Unnh! Ooh, I'm cumming again!" Karla cried. Kelly stayed planted in her ass, enjoying the feeling of her tight tunnel squeezing down on her. She pulled out slowly, cum leaking out afterwards, and walked around to face Kelly. She went to a sink in the corner and filled a glass with water, then grabbed Karla's sweat streaked face and put it to her lips. "Drink," And tilted it back for her. Karla eagerly gulped down as much as she could before another orgasm ripped through her, eeking out just enough cum to finish filling the can. The extractor wound down and was removed, cum slowly leaking out of Karla's slowly deflating cock. At the same time, the cups on her tits fell off, completely drained of milk. Kelly refilled the glass and gave it to Karla, who took it with shaky hands and slowly gulped it down.

Karla was helped off the chair, the leash was attached, and she was led to another room, this one undoubtedly the mess hall. She was led to a bench to sit, and waited while Kelly went and got a bowl of what looked to be soup. "Here, eat this. It'll do you a world of good." Kelly then sat down across from her with a bowl of her own and began spooning it down. Karla grabbed a spoonful of it, bring it to her mouth, when she asked "What is this?"

"You really ask a lot of questions don't you. Alright, it's a mixture of assorted vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that provide everything your body needs to maintain excellent health. And, in cowgirls, it has the side effect of increasing your size."


"Yes, size. Oh don't worry, you're body fat will melt away, but your tits will eventually fill out to hold all the milk you're going to make. Eventually, you're tits will be even bigger than mine. But by then, you won't care about anything but your next milking. Now eat, girl." Karla downed the spoonful that had been hanging inches from her mouth, surprised at how good it tasted, and dug in with gusto. She ended up eating four bowls of it, having not eaten in almost 24 hours.

After the meal, she was taken to the showers to clean off the sweat and dried cum of the past few hours. She was pleasantly surprised when Kelly stepped in with her. "Wash me, girl." Karla grabbed the bar of what she hoped was soap off the side and began lathering up her captor, taking extra time to rub the soap into her amazing rack. "Mmmm, yeah baby just like that. Unh you've done this before haven't you? Aahh come here." Kelly spun around and wrapped her arms around Karla's shoulders drawing her in for a kiss. Her tongue delved into her pets mouth, exploring every inch, while Karla did the same to her master. Their hands roamed all over, petting, squeezing, pinching a nipple here and there. Eventually, they had to break the kiss as both of their cocks were now rock hard and begging for attention.

Karla felt hands on her shoulders guiding her to her knees and took the cue. She grabbed on to the cock in front of her with both hands and began stroking eagerly, her tongue licking around the head. "OOohh fuck, girl!! You were born for this, you wonderful slut! Now use those big juicy tits of yours...Aaahhh!" Without taking the head out of her mouth, Karla reached down to grab her tits and smash Kelly's glistening cock between them and began sliding them up and down the hard shaft. Kelly was twisting her nipples, biting her lower lip, a look of complete glee upon her face. She was bucking her hips into the wonderful titfuck, leaning against the shower wall, when Karla decided to attack.

One of the breasts that was sandwiching her cock fell free, and in the moment of confusion, Karla reached under the stunned Kelly and slipped two fingers into her wet snatch, finding her g-spot surprisingly quick, and began pumping while she swallowed the cock in her mouth as deep as she could.

"Unh...Ooh you sneaky bitch, you!!! Oh keep going, baby, gonna...gonna...CUM!!"

Hot seed blasted into Karla's mouth, filling it instantly. She swallowed as much as she could, but it didn't stop it from leaking out of her mouth to land on her tits. Also, her entire left arm was being sprayed from Kelly's squirting pussy. She used her free hand to grab Kelly's shaft, pulling it out of her mouth, and pumping its sweet cum all over her face and jugs.

Kelly's orgasm finally subsided, leaving her gasping for air from how good it felt, Karla gasping because she still wasn't allowed to cum. She was sitting against the wall, smearing the cum off her soaked tits to use on her steel rod of a dick. Her right hand was feverishly stroking away while three fingers of her left hand were pumping into her twat. Her whole body was clenching and unclenching, locked away from the sweet release she so desperately needed. Kelly walked over to the moaning girl with a gleam of malice in her eye.

"What's the matter? Can't finish without permission, remember? Looks like I'll be getting that taste of you I wanted after all." She pounced onto the helpless Karla, grabbing her hands and dragging them up to play with her hard nipples. Karla lost herself in the wonderfully full feeling her breasts gave her. Kelly slid back down to take her pets painfully hard cock in her hands and start stoking it. "Doesn't this feel good, baby? All it takes is three little words from me and you can be showering in your own delicious cockjuice. You want to know what they are?" Karla was nodding furiously, desperation in her eyes. "Alright, you've suffered enough, here you go: CUM FOR ME!"

Karla's body hunched forward suddenly, then immediately arched back as her release finally came blasting out of her cock, shooting straight up, covering her face, neck, and tits. At the same time, twin streams of milk were squirting out of her nipples, mixing in with the jizz. Her eyes were rolling around in her head as her body spasmed on the floor of the shower, covered from head to toe in water and sex fluids. She was helped up and dragged over to the shower head where she cleaned off all the cum from her and her master. When they were both washed and dried, her collar was reattached, and she was led down the hallway to her chambers. "YOU MUST OBEY." Kelly said, suddenly, causing her to jump in surprise. Almost instantly, she felt something click inside her brain, and she knew that her block was back. She went to her bed wordlessly, and unexpectedly fell dead asleep.

Kelly stepped out as she swung the door shut, locking it from the outside, and headed for her own sleeping chambers, making a mental note that she'd have to make her report to the owner of the Dairy Farm after some much needed sleep.


Chapter 3 is in the works and will most likely be finished by the time this gets through the submission phase. Once again, I can't say it enough, but thanks for the positive feedback, it means a lot. Until next time, peace and chicken grease.

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