tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMilked by Barbarians from the East Ch. 02

Milked by Barbarians from the East Ch. 02


I woke up shivering in a bed of hay which scratched my legs and arms. I wore a nightshirt and was huddled up against my best friend, Aaron, who was also shivering. We were sleeping in a stable not far from the horses, and it was a bitterly cold night.

It must been 4 in the morning but I gingerly stepped off to find a piss bucket to relieve myself. Aaron had been quiet after the Akung warriors laughed at us while our organs were manipulated by their witch who extracted our precious man milk from us.

We were a couple of simple teens from Briton. Not warriors. Not royal. Farmers, really. Picking potatoes and cabbage from the field when the Akung and Viking raiders had captured us and taken us to this strange place of giant round tents that looked like a field of mushrooms, smoke and incense, and evil gods. There was always the sound of screams and laughter in the camp. As if some unholy BBQ was taking place somewhere.

The Akung and their Viking allies had defeated the Romans. They had slaughtered the Goths. And now they were on the shores of Dunslac just across the water from Briton.

The Akung were cannibals. We all knew it. And to our horror, they drank our milk so obscenely and forcibly extracted from our organs.

But the worse was yet to come. The witch seemed to like boys from Briton. She admired our pale complexions and had taken an interest in my friend, Aaron, who was handsome and almost as tall as an Akung. She had threatened to mount Aaron, to take his seed milk from him - something against our laws, against our religion. No male should lie with a woman until he is married. No male should spew forth his seed unless with his wife. But the Akung laughed at our ways and promised to take more of our milk from us like they had before.

I returned to where Aaron was shivering and wrapped his body with my own. He still shivered violently, even though we snuggled for warmth.

"Nico, I'm freezing!" he whimpered. I hugged him tighter and buried my face in his shoulder to warm the tip of my nose.

Suddenly we heard a rustling. There was the witch wearing a long red cape, holding a lantern. She was tiny, barely much more than 5 feet tall, but her voice, her long hair, her red nails. She was mesmerizing.

"You boys from Briton? Are you so proud to freeze to death outside, or will you come into my chamber willingly?"

"What will you do to us?" Aaron yelled through chattering teeth.

"Anything I wish," She replied slowly.

We couldn't stop shivering. I knew that Aaron was very religious and he had been outraged by the witch's hand on him last night. He was very upset when the witch had put her mouth on me! But I prodded him, "Better we live than freeze to death out here!" Aaron nodded.

I looked up at the witch, "We'll go with you, my lady!"

We stumbled up from the hay and followed her to a large red tent decorated with blue and yellow banners.

Inside, we were stunned at how warm it was. A fire crackled in the center with a brazier of charcoal. There were fur beds in a circle. To the side was a large leather tub full of steaming hot water.

"You boys," the witch began, "smell like barn animals. Get into the tub and wash yourselves clean."

Aaron and I looked at each other and sheepishly pulled off our nightshirts to climb in. The hot water felt wonderful and we washed each other with cloths and circles of soap until we smelled sweet and perfumed. Meanwhile, the witch reclined on her large fur bed and watched us.

"Britons are so pale of skin. Look at how your cheeks blush. You are like the whitest of hares." She waved at us to join her on her ample bed. We dried off, leaving a tub full of dirty gray water, and cautiously got on her bed.

She stroked my face, "Such golden hair." I blushed. She reached for Aaron's ear, "And blue eyes. What are your names?"

"I am Aaron of Tember, my lady."

"I am Nico. Well, my name is Nicholas, but my friends call me Nico, my lady."

"Such pale skin..." she seemed distracted by our nakedness. She ran her fingers up and down our arms. Unlike the bearded Akung giants, we were both fairly hairless aside from the tuffs of hair around our genitals.

"I am Antona, from the Serica." The way she said 'Serica' sounded like a serpent's hiss.

Aaron looked at her long dark hair and jade green eyes. "I have never heard of Serica, my lady. Is it far?"

"It is far east of here. My homeland is the greatest empire on Earth. But I was given to a Polonian lord who traded me to an Akung Lord. My Akung Lord was killed in battle, so these superstitious people refuse to give me to another. I now serve the Khan. But he will not mount me for fear that I will bring him bad luck. And that's why..." she reached for Aaron's penis... "I am the one to milk and mount you."

Aaron was startled at the touch of her hand, but he closed his eyes and enjoyed her stroking finger as she felt his length.

I angled my body closer just in case Antona wanted to touch me. "But didn't the Akung khan touch our organs last night?"

She laughed, "He merely examined you. I handle the milking. You boys are handsomely shaped." She crawled over to Aaron and then nuzzled his belly before kissing his erection.

"No, my lady." Aaron rolled away from her. "I am not.. not wanting this." He gripped his erection as if to make the hardness go away.

Antona smirked. "Still protecting your virginity?"

Aaron looked outraged, "After what you did to us last night, forced us to cum in front of a crowd. You took away our honor! Insulted us! Milked us like goats!"

Antona sat up and stared at Aaron until he looked away, his hands trembling as he tried to cover his boner.

"Boy, your virginity only matters if you think you'll see your village again. You will not. You are property of the Khan. And I will do with you what I wish." She waved her hands and to our horror, snakes appeared on the bed.

I tried to jump off, but snakes lashed out and coiled themselves around my wrists and ankles, holding me securely to the bed. Aaron too tried to run, but 2 serpents grabbed his wrists and secured him to a tentpole. He went limp immediately.

Antona stood up and smiled, "Aaron, I'll make you a deal. If you do not cum, I will release you and let you run home through the woods back to your precious Briton. But if you do cum, you will stay and be mounted and milked. And both of you boys must please me or else I will tell the Khan to send you to the kitchens."

"That's not fair, my lady! Your touch..." Aaron began.

"Oh!" She showed her teeth. "I promise I will not touch you with my body at all. I will mount your little friend, Nico, and you will cum."

I pulled against the snake bindings but they only coiled further down my arms and up my calves. My dick was shriveled with fear. I had no idea what she thought she could do to me in this state.

Antona stood over me and slowly dropped her silk robes. Aaron and I watched horrified. We had never seen a naked woman before, especially standing so boldly in the light of the fire. Her breasts were firm, the size of my hands, and her nipples were large and brown, protruding like finger tips. Her skin was golden and her nether regions had a small black pelt of hair. She wore a gold chain around her waist with amulets and charms of precious stones.

She sat over me and began to massage my shoulders, chest, stomach and thighs. I was panting slightly from the heat of her body and the draping of her long black hair across my chest. Suddenly, she pointed to Aaron and put her hand on my chest. "You will feel what he feels. You will feel what he feels. You will feel what he feels."

"You cast a spell! That's not fair!" Aaron cried out. He tugged at his bonds, but those serpents secured his arms overhead.

Antona then began to sniff me. I was glad I had bathed because she sniffed my neck and then armpits and nuzzled my chest. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the odd sensation of her straddling me. I could feel her wet pussy on my stomach, then on my crotch and thighs as she slid down my body, kissing me down to my belly button, then she kissed the swelling length of my cock. She kissed the head and gently rolled back my foreskin so she could kiss and lick me there as well.

I looked over at Aaron whose own organ had firmed up again. His hips were thrusting into the air slightly, as if he too was enjoying Antona's wet lips on his member.

Then Antona moved up so that her wet pussy lips were rubbing along the length of my erection. Involuntarily, I pushed up against her. I felt as if I was in a dream and that I was going to be swallowed whole beginning with my throbbing boner.

"Mmmm, Nico, do you give yourself to me?" She said this while she was gliding up and down my length. I looked at my erection soaked in her juices, her lips like a giant wet snail slickly mopping over my shaft.

"Am I yours already?" I moaned.

"No, this is merely frottage. The rubbing of organs. I have not taken you yet."

I was panting with pleasure. I looked at Aaron whose own erection looked shiny from his precum. But he opened his eyes and shook his head, "Deny her, Nico. Resist her!"

But I could not. I closed my eyes and whispered, "Take me, my lady."

Antona sat up. I opened my eyes again to watch what was happening. With her delicate right hand, she held the base of my erection and began to rub her lips with the head of my dick. She gripped me so that my own pouty foreskin teased her wet pussy lips. She then held me purposely, firmly, brushing my organ against her until she retracted my foreskin and rubbed my glistening strawberry head against her juices.

"Are you ready, boy?"

I nodded.

Then to my amazement, I felt her slide onto me. I looked at her eyes and then at her body as I was sliding deeper and deeper into her. I looked down at our bodies and realized I was *in* her. Her body was holding me inside. We looked at each other for a split second and then she began to rock back and forth, grinding against my groin, stirring my manhood deep inside her hot and moist vagina.

With 2 fingers, she held the base of my cock as she swiveled and rocked more insistently. "You are a beautiful boy, Nico," she whispered, her one hand on my chest, her other holding me in place. Then she reached beneath us and fondled my balls which were wet from her pleasure.

I pulled against the snake bonds. I wanted to touch her, hold her, but I could do nothing more than push my groin up against her straddling body. Meanwhile Aaron looked at us in shock, his organ twitching and hard.

"Nico, how could you? You are forever defiled."

Antona smiled and leaned forward to kiss my damp forehead. When she was leaned like this over me, I could take a little more control as I eagerly pushed my cock up into her though the bonds around my ankles did not allow me the leverage I needed to pump my swelling organ. My dick ached as I desperately wanted to be ever deeper inside her. I kept staring at her face, eyes half-lidded with pleasure, and then back at her vagina, imagining how far deep my body was into hers.

Her laughter was like music to my ears so I was disappointed when she suddenly got off me. I had not cum. My wet red penis was throbbing at this loss, but then I realized she was turning around to straddle me facing the other way. She gripped my curved dick and slid down on me again. This new angle felt good while she leaned forward and cascaded her long black hair along my legs. She stretched out to touch my feet which gave me an incredible view of her beautifully round bottom and the ringlet of muscle from her pussy encircling my wet organ like a hungry mouth. I thought my dick was getting thicker and thicker, massaged like this as she continued to rock her body on mine.

With my arms and legs tied, I was at the mercy of her rhythm. She controlled our pleasure, the angle, the speed. I watched fascinated as my dick was swallowed into her wet lips, sometimes quickly, then slowly as she grinded and enjoyed my hardness. She reached down and squeezed my balls and ran her fingers up and down my thighs until she was holding onto my legs for dear life as I tried to bounce her on my groin.

I knew I was close to cumming. She brought me to the edge twice before slowing down. But then I realized what she was doing - she watched Aaron twist and squirm, tied up on the tentpole. She wanted to make him cum first. But she could only make him cum by riding me.

"Aaron!" She panted. "Nico's young virgin cock feels so good squeezed inside me. Don't you want this?" She pushed down hard against me until I groaned.

Aaron kept his eyes closed but he squirmed and squeezed his thighs as his erection twitched every time she squeezed me.

"No! This is wrong! I don't want this. You've defiled my friend."

Antona shook her head. "I am mounting him for his pleasure and mine. I will milk you boys daily, as I promised the Khan. But give yourself to me and you will live happily in this camp."

Aaron shook his head but Antona waved her hand and using her magic, the bed moved closer toward Aaron until he was standing just inches away from her smiling face.

"Look here, Aaron." She pointed at her groin and my balls. "I have your friend Nico inside me. His young virgin cock is so close to giving me his milk." At that she sat back to give him a spread eagle view of me buried deep inside her. He licked his lips, feeling what I felt. Then she leaned up close to Aaron's own twitching dick. "You will cum before Nico. You will cum on my breasts. And then I will use my magic and tie you to the bed like this and mount you against your will."

"No," he whispered.

"Your choice, Aaron. Give yourself to me. If I have to take you by force, I will send you to the kitchens. Give yourself, and you and Nico can play like this with me every night."

"Do it, Aaron." I moaned. "It's so good."

"Choose now, Aaron. Choose before I take away your choice!"

I was going to cum. I knew that spelled the end for Aaron. I grunted and tried to adjust my groin to minimize her motion, but she stirred herself on me, staring at Aaron's erection waiting for his answer.

"No," he said again.

"Aaron, one last time!" She slid up and then eased slowly down on me. Aaron and I both gasped at the same time.

"Yes," he finally whispered.

"What? You give yourself?"


At that she grabbed ahold of Aaron's dick and began to hungrily suck him. He looked horrified - he had never experienced this before. She rocked her hips on me and within seconds we came together, Aaron pumping her mouth with his cum, me thrusting upward until I felt the streams of my own cum run down my balls. And she, Antona, the witch from Serica, began to shudder with our two dicks inside her. Her entire body shook but her vaginal muscles twitched and squeezed my organ as she came. She whimpered and moaned as she fed on Aaron's cock, enjoying his spurts of life-giving milk. After what seemed like an eternity of ejaculation, she released Aaron and unstraddled me, and kissing my spent dick, wiping my sweaty torso with a cloth.

She finally waved her hand, and the snakes uncoiled and disappeared. Aaron and I rubbed our sore wrists. I reached down to rub my ankles.

"Let me get you boys something to eat." She got up and left the tent.

Aaron looked at me and shook his head, "Nico, we're now damned, you know. Damned."

I squeezed my wet, soft dick and sniffed my fingers. "I couldn't help it, Aaron. It was too intense."

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