Milking Kimberly


She was hot and wet and tight around my cock, and I rocked slowly in and out of her, savoring the sensation. But inevitably my eyes were drawn to her tits, exquisite in their shape and size, adorable with their cherry-blossom-pink nipples. Just as my cock was the center of my lust to fuck this woman, my mouth lusted after her breasts, her nipples, and the milk that I knew was waiting to be sucked out of her.

Kim saw where my eyes were fixed. "Yes," she purred, putting her hand under one breast and lifting it, offering it to me. "Take it. Suck my milk and fuck me at the same time."

So I hunched my back and took the offered breast into my mouth, closing my lips on it and sucking, and once again I felt and tasted the sweet warm milk in my mouth. The combination of sensations was overwhelming, engulfing. I groaned loudly through my nose and drove my pelvis upward, fucking my cock into her deep and hard. I sucked repeatedly, filling my mouth with milk and not swallowing. Then I released her nipple and brought my face up to hers, putting my lips against her lips. I let the milk flow from my mouth and into hers, a little at first and then more and finally all of it. She opened her mouth wide to take it, then closed her lips to swallow and opened them again to laugh, stray drops of white trickling from the corner of her mouth and glistening on her chin.

I made some more long, deep thrusts, and the expression on Kimberly's face went from laughing to serious; her eyes focusing somewhere far away as she concentrated on the wave of pleasure that was building up inside her. I began slapping my belly down hard on hers, pushing up deep into her. Braced above her on straight arms, I watched her magical tits jiggling violently with each thrust. Milk was still trickling from the one I'd been sucking on, the droplets appearing on the gyrating nipple and then disappearing as they flowed down one side or another of the quaking breast.

"Y-- ye-- yes," Kimberly stammered, the word squeezed out of her in the fast rhythm of my thrusts. "F-- fuck me, L-- L-- Lyle... Fuck m-- me." The hands that had been at my waist released me and now drifted aimlessly, her fingers opening and closing on air. Then she shut her eyes tight and turned her head to the side. "Gonna..." Her voice pinched off, and for a long moment she made no sound, not even breathing, her hands in tight fists and her body rigid as I continued to fuck into her. And for a long, frozen moment, as the rest of her body was stiff and unmoving, milk began to spray upward from both her nipples. The fine little jets spurted out, some of them shooting up and wetting my chest and others squirting out in long arcs that went in all directions. Then with an explosive burst Kim's voice was released again, and she shouted "Oh!" in a bellowing grunt as her body writhed and twitched underneath me, milk still jetting out of her nipples.

I felt my own orgasm coming, and with my last voluntary act before that explosion, I cupped a hand loosely over her tit so I could feel the warm spray against my palm. Then it was my turn to let out a bellowing grunt, as the cum spewed out of me and my body went into wrenching contractions that drove my cock to its furthest limit up into Kimberly's cunt.

I collapsed onto Kim's body, dropping my weight on her as I gasped raggedly for breath. I could feel the wetness of her milk between our bodies, echoing the wetness of my cum and her cunt juices that surrounded my wilting cock and trickled out of her.

* * *

A few minutes later we were both sitting up on the quilt, not facing each other. "You look glum," Kimberly said. "Feeling bad about cheating on Sheila?"

"Yeah, kind of," I admitted.

"Me too." Kimberly sounded as glum as I felt. "Personally I don't care that I cheated on Gary. I've just about had it with him. But I don't feel too good about fucking my best friend's husband." She sighed, and I couldn't help but watch the way her tits did a slow-motion bounce. "And it was all my idea, too. If I'd worked any harder at seducing you it would have been rape." She flashed a quick grin.

"Nah," I said. "I wanted you. I wanted you so bad... I mean, you are so fucking sexy... Anyway, it's not like I can palm off the blame onto you."

Kimberly lay back, hooking one arm behind her head for a pillow. "Well, I had a secret weapon, didn't I? She put her free hand under a tit, lifting it. "I mean the tittie-milk thing was what hooked you, wasn't it?"

"Well, I guess so, yeah."

Still holding her breast in her hand, she looked down at the nipple, then started fondling it with one finger. "Christ, if only my jerk of a husband felt that way." She looked wistfully into the distance. "It felt so good when you were fucking me and sucking my tit at the same time. Oops, now look what I've started. Just thinking about it gets it going sometimes."

I wasn't sure what she meant by "thinking about it"--thinking about having her tit sucked, or being fucked, or both--but I could see what she meant about the effect. Once again drops of milk began to appear on her nipple and dribble down the slope of her breast.

"You'd think I'd be empty after the workout you gave me," Kim said. "But nope; it looks like I still have some left." To demonstrate, she squeezed behind the nipple and sent a spray of milk in my direction; some of it landing on my stomach and legs.

"Jesus, that is so fucking sexy, Kim," I said.

"Yeah, like I said: my secret weapon." She grinned and squeezed out another spurt. "But I'm sure you're tired out, Lyle. Maybe you could just give me a little suck while I play with myself?"

I couldn't turn down a request like that. I got down on my stomach, holding myself up on my elbows so that my face was poised over her leaking breast. Teasing her at first, I extended my tongue and delicately lapped a few droplets of her milk.

"Oh yeah," she purred. She put her hand on to the back of my head and pulled me to her, forcing my mouth down to her nipple. "Suck on Momma's boobie, big guy." Her other hand went down to her crotch, and as I once more began sucking milk out of Kimberly's breast, I could sense from the jiggling motion of her body that she was playing with her pussy.

In a short time she was working her way up to another orgasm. It seemed like I'd only sucked a few mouthfuls of her milk when she started writhing and moaning with increasing intensity. Briefly taking her hand away from her pussy, she used it to grab my hand and move it to the breast I wasn't sucking on. "Squeeze it," she ordered, closing her hand around mine. "Milk me. Milk my fucking tit."

I did as she commanded, squeezing her left breast behind the nipple and watching the milk spray upward as I sucked on her right. After a few minutes of this she arched her back and began making a series of moans, each one louder and more intense than the last. I could hear the wet slapping sound of her fingers at her cunt, moving faster and faster. And then her body spasmed, her back arching violently, and one final, desperate moan came from her lips.

I took my hand and my mouth away from her breasts as she relaxed, and it seemed that I could track the quieting of her orgasm by watching the decreasing flow of milk from her nipples. The fine jets of the fountain-like spray reached up to a lesser and lesser height, then became a dribbling flow, and finally only oozing droplets. Kim took a deep breath and looked at me. "Thank you again, Lyle," she said with a sleepy smile. "You're a nursing mother's best friend."

"My pleasure," I said, sitting up cross-legged. I grinned and wrapped my fist around the hard cock that was angled up from my lap. "See?"

"Ooh, look at you, you bad boy," she chuckled. "Do you always recover this quickly, or is that the effect of my magical tittie-milk?"

"What do you think?" I said. I reached over to her nearest breast and ran my hand over it, wetting my palm with the milk that was spattered all over her skin. Then I fisted my cock again and pumped it, the milk on my hand acting as a lubricant.

Kim beckoned me with a wave of her hand. "Come here Lyle. Come straddle me and slide that big thing between my boobs."

In a flash I did as Kimberly asked, planting one knee on either side of her. I leaned over and laid my cock on her chest, and she put a hand on the outside of each tit, pressing them together over my shaft. She positioned her hands so that as she held her tits together she could also milk them, her thumb and forefinger pinching in behind the nipple. Anyone who's ever taken part in a tit-fucking knows that one problem with the otherwise delightful act is the need for lubrication. Even the most liberal application of oil or lube tends to lose its effectiveness after a while. But with Kimberly there was a marvelous new wrinkle on tit-fucking: her tits were self-lubricating. As I slid my cock back and forth between the warm, soft grip of her breasts, she would squeeze behind her nipples from time to time, and the milk would dribble down into the cleft where my shaft was nestled.

Kim reached up behind her to gather some of the quilt under her head as a pillow. This brought her mouth closer to where the head of my cock appeared between her pressed-together tits when I slid forward, and every few thrusts I would push far enough so she could take a couple of inches into her mouth. My mind reeled, overwhelmed with sensations: the feeling of Kimberly's soft, pouty lips taking my cock head, the sight of her face, sprinkled with stray drops of milk, the warm cushion of her tits squeezing in on my cock through the slippery layer of milk... There's no way a man can experience all of that without reaching critical mass in a hurry, and that's what I did. I felt my balls tightening up, the explosion primed, the fuse lit. I grunted, my body hunching in on itself, and I came. The first spurt went straight up the midline of Kimberly's face, laying a cord of jism from the tip of her cute little nose, between her eyes, up along her forehead and into her hair. Then I drew back, and for the remaining jets of cum the head of my cock was buried between her tits.

When I was finished, I lifted off of her and collapsed at her side, propping myself up on my elbow so I could look at her. She was quite a sight; the stripe of cum up her face, the white droplets of milk thickly scattered over her face and upper body, and on her freckled chest between her perfectly-shaped breasts, a glistening pool of cum swirled together with milk. The two of us spent some time playing with this puddled concoction, dabbling our fingers in it to stir it around and finger-paint trails of it up and over her breasts and down to her navel. Kim brought a few finger-fulls up to her mouth and licked them off, but I declined when she offered some to me. "I don't believe in mixing my drinks," I said.

After that we decided it was time to call it a day. Kim went off to shower and I put the quilt in the washing machine. As she was about to leave, Kim got serious with me again. "This has been amazing, Lyle, but I don't think we should do it again. If I'm going to cheat on Gary--and after today I'm sure I am--I'm going to do it with someone besides my best friend's husband. I just can't do this to Sheila."

"But..." I started.

"And you--" she poked my chest with her finger-- "will just have to find some other way to feed the tittie-milk fetish you seem to have acquired."

"Yeah, like there's any chance of that," I groused. But at that moment, with my cock freshly drained, I had to agree that Kim was right. It wasn't until an hour or two later that the memory of Kimberly's milk-filled tits had me throbbing with lust again, and I began turning over ideas for arranging another tryst with her.

* * *

A few days later Sheila came home with a small shopping bag in her hand and a "we need to talk" expression on her face. She planted me on the living room sofa and took a seat beside me, still holding the mysterious bag. "I had a long talk with Kimberly today," she started. "About sex."

"Oh?" I said, my stomach doing flip-flops.

"I'm afraid... You might not like this idea... I mean, it might be too kinky for you," she said, now clutching the bag with both hands. "But try to keep an open mind, okay?"

"Sure, honey." I was completely confused now.

"Well, Kim was telling me about sex while she's nursing... I mean, while she's got milk. She talked about having a guy--I'm not sure who she was talking about, but I don't think it was Gary--about having a guy suck on her tits while they were having sex. About incorporating the fact that she's lactating into their sex play in lots of different ways. She said it was the hottest, most amazing sex she's ever had."

"Um... that's nice..."

"And... this is the part you might find too kinky, Lyle..." Sheila paused, her fingers nervously rustling the paper bag she was holding. "But I got incredibly turned on by what Kim was saying--by the kinds of sex she was talking about."


"Yeah. I mean incredibly turned on. And well... did you know that a woman who hasn't had a baby can still lactate? Usually, all it takes is for her to be--you know--sucked on a lot over the course of a month or two."

"I di-- didn't know that," I said. My heart was starting to thump in my chest like a kettledrum.

"So I got this." Sheila fumbled with the bag, drawing out a plastic contraption with a funnel-shaped extension on one end. "It's a breast pump. I figure I can take it to work and use it in the lady's room a few times a day, plus several times a day at home..." She turned to me, looking nervous and uncertain. "And that way I should--you know--get milk... and maybe, if you like it... If you don't think it's too weird and kinky, we could..."

"We could incorporate your milk into our sex?" I finished for her. "I... um... yes Sheila... I-- I think I'd be willing to give that a try."


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