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Milking Melissa


"Fuck, I'm starving." I reached across the desk for my phone. "What do you want on your pizza?"

Melissa rolled her eyes. "If I try to eat another slice of that shitty pizza from Anthony's I might choke on it and die, then you'd be left finishing this presentation on your own." She pushed back in her chair and stretched. "Let's go to the sandwich place, that way you can get whatever junk you want and I can get a salad."

I looked at my phone. It was 8:15, which gave us probably another 6 hours of working time before we were so fried we couldn't function. In our 6 months running this startup together, we'd pulled a handful of all-nighters, and it was starting to get old.

"Fuck it, yeah, OK." It had already been a long week, and it was only Thursday. This pitch was important, the investors seemed interested and it could be our best shot at getting funded. That said, a walk outside to clear our heads might help.

Melissa stood up, turning and bending to get her purse from behind her chair. She was my business partner, and I know better than to develop feelings for a partner, but I took a second to admire her body. She had lost a lot of the baby weight, but I liked the little bit that remained. She had some more curves where she hadn't before, and it suited her. Her ass had always looked great, but now it was fantastic. It was full and round in her yoga pants and her comfortable-looking tee shirt hugged her body, showing off her giant, taut breasts. A lot of the weight that remained was in her chest. I'm no bra salesman, but if I had to guess she'd gone from a modest C cup to a full D cup after having the baby.

She straightened and I averted my eyes back to my phone. If I'm being honest, my code of ethics was only part of the reason I didn't let myself go there. The other was that she was way out of my league. She had that flawless pale skin that you just want to touch, and naturally pink baby doll lips framed by curly dark brown hair. She never wore makeup and she always looked amazing.

We headed down the hall toward the elevator, chatting about the presentation, the inside intel we'd gotten on the investors and debating how to convince them to invest in our little company. Melissa was texting the whole way, probably checking in on her sister, who had agreed to watch the baby for the night.

I punched the button for the elevator. It lit up, then went out again, which was sort of odd. I hit it again, this time rapid-tapping it. It stayed lit and the elevator arrived. The doors started to open, but when they got about halfway started to close again. "Hey hey, what the shit?" I blurted, sticking my foot into the door to trigger the safety mechanism. Melissa looked up and cocked her head at me right as the doors jumped back into opening mode.

"Uh, what's that about?"

"I dunno, this building's new, guess they're still working out the bugs..." I gave her a playful punch on the arm. "That sounds familiar, right? At least this bug won't accidentally mangle the logins for all our users like the -"

"No no no! Too soon," she interrupted, "and that was YOUR bug, asshole."

I chuckled as we stepped into the elevator.

You know how sometimes things happen where you remember the moments before so clearly, and you go over them again and again in your head? This was like that. I'm chuckling, hand in my pocket, step onto the elevator, Melissa is putting her phone away in her purse as she's mashing the "Lobby" button. I turn as the doors close, the elevator starts to move, we're still smiling and then -

LURCH. Melissa catches herself on the wall, I sort of drop into a half-squat. The elevator isn't moving. Neither are we.

"Oh fuck no." Melissa mashes the "Lobby" button frantically. It's not lighting up. She mashes 20, the floor we just left. Nothing. Beginning to panic, she starts hitting all the buttons as I take out my phone. No bars. No wifi. Shit.

Here's the anatomy of our predicament: The elevator we were in serves floors 18-32 (the top floor of the building) and from there down, only stops at the lobby. There are two of those. There are two more elevators that serve floors 1 (lobby) to 17. I pried open the doors, praying we hadn't gone below floor 18, only to come face to face with cement. Bust.

There was an emergency call button in the elevator, as I assume is required by law. I don't know if it was because the building's so new, or because whatever stopped the elevator broke it, but the call button also did nothing. At this point, Melissa was beginning to visibly panic.

What about climbing out of the car? In movies, you've probably seen people jump up and push open a hatch in the roof of the elevator car to gain access to the outside. If we could open that, I could at least get up there and look around. Maybe there would be a ladder, or maybe I could climb over to the door opening for the elevator that served whatever floor we were stuck on. Worth a shot, right?

I pushed aside the drop ceiling panels in the elevator until I saw the one with the hatch. Well, it turns out that those are more designed for rescue workers to get INTO the car than for occupants to get OUT of the car. Which, I have to admit, makes some sense. It had a latching mechanism that we might be able to force open, but it was just out of my reach.

Melissa was absently chewing on her nail with her arms crossed, looking at the latch.

"Ok," I said, kneeling down, "since it's unlikely you'll be able to hold me on your shoulders for long, why don't you climb up on mine and see if you can get that hatch open? If you can, I'll jump up and climb out to see what it looks like out there."

She nodded and climbed onto my shoulders, and I grabbed her thighs right above the knee and stood up. She had to bend over a little to keep her head from hitting the drop ceiling, and I tried to ignore her tits rubbing against the top of my head as she worked.

She didn't weigh much, which is good, since she was really having to work to bust the latch open. At one point, I handed her my key ring so she could use my bottle opener to apply more leverage. As she worked, I worked at not thinking about her tits on my head or the warmth of her crotch against my neck through her thin yoga pants. I especially tried to not wonder what kind of underwear she was wearing. It was not going well.

I felt something warm drip on the top of my head. "Whoa, what the fuck, is there water coming in?"

"Huh? Oh shit." She wriggled around a little. "I'm so sorry, I'm uh... I'm leaking. I should have pumped before we left. Shit, that's so embarrassing..."

It took me a second to understand what she was saying. As the drop of breast milk on my head soaked into my scalp, I heard the latch pop, and she straightened as she flipped the hatch open.

"Yeah, got it, let me down."

I knelt again, and she stepped off. I could see now that her shirt was wet right under her left nipple. Something else for me to focus on not thinking about...

"Are you ok? I mean, are you going to be OK without pumping?"

She threw her arms out in a universal expression of exasperation. "I don't know, but I don't really have an option, unless you have a breast pump in your back pocket. What's out there, can we get out of here?"

I leapt up, grabbing the sill of the hatchway, pulling myself up and out. It was not pretty, I'm sure, and there was a lot of grunting, but I got out. Climbing up onto the roof of the elevator car, I was met with pitch blackness. Turning on the light on my phone, I surveyed the situation. Looking up, I could see the door for floor 18, but it was about 10 or 12 feet up. No way I'm reaching that.

Looking over to my right, the car had stopped just below floor 16. The door was there, but the gap was intimidating. It was a solid 4 feet of bare cement, and it looked like I would have about 3 inches to stand on if I made it over. And that was it. No ladder (I sort of felt stupid for thinking there would be), nothing. There was a 1' gap behind the car, then bare cement, and nothing but air on either side.

I leaned down into the hatch. Melissa had an expectant, hopeful look that was like a punch to the gut. I shook my head, and she looked down at the floor.

"Hey," I said, "This is perhaps TMI, but I have to piss, I'm going to just piss off the side of the elevator."

She started laughing, then laughing even harder, and at first I was worried she was freaking out. "We're such assholes, I have to piss too, and we've only been in here for like 20 minutes!" She was doubled over now, shaking, "We- ha, we - we walked right by the bathrooms... to get on the elevator!"

I was laughing now too, the whole thing was so fucking ridiculous. And it was starting to look likely that we were trapped here for the night.

After I had settled down, I said, "OK, after I piss, I'll help you up here so you can go too."

It turned out that helping her up involved making a stirrup with my hand and her first smashing her tits into my face and then standing up so her crotch was directly in my face. My desperate attempts to not think about her in a sexual way were not working.

A few minutes later, she dangled her feet and then dropped back into the car. When she landed, I heard a sharp inhale, and saw her wince as she grabbed her chest. "Fuck fuck fuck... My tits are killing me, god damn it."

What do I know about the practical aspect of tits? I only know them as highly entertaining decorative features that feel amazing rubbing against my face or cock. "So... What happens if you don't pump? Will they just leak more?"

She shook her head, and I could see there were tears in her eyes. "No, they'll leak a little, but the pressure could close up the ducts, and it'll really start to suck. The bigger problem -" She looked away and wiped her eyes, catching her breath. "The bigger problem is that it could really fuck up my milk production. It's been a struggle, I've had to give Casey formula because I'm not producing enough, and I've been working really hard to bring it up, getting up every 2 hours in the night to feed or pump and now it" - she lost it, erupting into tears and trying to cover her face.

I put my arms around her, hoping to comfort her. "It's OK, it's OK... Can you squeeze it out with your hands? Is there anything you can do? I'll go on top of the car to give you some privacy, if that'll help."

She shook her head again, "No, I mean, not really. I can't get much out that way, I need to pump."

I ran through it again, trying to think through all the possible ways out, they ways of getting help. No matter how I looked at it, we were stuck here.

I took a deep breath. "What, um... what if I uh... sucked on them?"

She stepped quickly back looking at me sharply, her hand suddenly in the middle of my chest in a defensive manner.

"Jesus, Melissa, I'm not coming on to you, I know it's a weird thing to suggest, but it's something I could do for you that would help."

"Yeah, just being a gentleman, trying to help a girl out?" She tried to sound cynical and caustic, but I could tell she was at least remembering I was a friend and no longer viewing me as a pervert, as a threat.

In my defense, that was the vast majority of my motivation. There was a small (ish) part of me that really liked the idea of her breasts in my mouth, but I was not trying to take advantage of the situation. And I wasn't entirely sure about nursing on my business partner. It was kind of awkward.

"Look, I won't lie," I said, "I would normally never pass up the opportunity to have tits in my face, but this is not a sexual thing. I feel pretty fucking weird even suggesting it, honestly, but you seem like you need something. Whatever, your call."

She looked down, her hand massaging her tit. After a moment, "OK, but this is not a sexual thing. And nothing is different between us."

I nodded, "Of course."

"And if you tell anyone about this, I'll snap your dick off."

"You got it. So, what's the easiest way to do this?"

She sat down, crossing her legs. "Lie down and put your head in my lap. Yeah, like that, scoot this way a little... good. Ok..."

She paused, chuckled to herself and shook her head. "This is hands down the weirdest shit that's ever happened to me." She lifted up the right side of her shirt with her right hand, reaching up with her left to fish her tit out of her bra.

Her breast was pale and creamy like the rest of her skin, and it looked so soft. Her nipple was bigger than I'd expected, and a darker shade of pink than her lips. I recalled hearing that women's nipples usually get bigger and darker when they have kids.

She started using her thumb and forefinger to tweak her nipple, hardening it, and then reach behind it with a milking motion to start the milk flowing.


I nodded and she leaned forward and guided her tit into my mouth. My lips closed around it, and I heard her inhale sharply.

I started to suck on it, gently, feeling the her erect nipple rub against my tongue. It was hard, but not like women's nipples usually are when erect, it was slightly more rubbery, it felt firm but soft.

Her breath hitched a little. "Suck a little harder, and less tongue. As good as that feels, it's not getting the job done."

My cock was starting to stiffen in my pants, so I put my hands in my lap to cover it up. I sucked harder. Her milk was starting to flow. It didn't taste like I expected, it was more watery and almost sweet.

With each suck now, it felt like was getting maybe a quarter of a teaspoon of milk. She was massaging her tit, milking it, helping the milk flow out as I sucked. I heard a sigh of relief, or maybe pleasure, escape as she worked it. My cock was at full attention now. I didn't mean for it to happen, or want it to, I was trying badly to stick to my position that this was not sexual.

After 5 minutes or so, she said "Ok, I think we're good there" and pulled her swollen nipple from my mouth. As she did, a drop hung on the tip of it, and without thinking I stuck my tongue out and licked it off.

"Oh!" She jumped a little. "That good?" She was more relaxed now, and obviously relieved. Her cheeks were a little flushed and her lips seemed a darker shade of pink than they had been. She tucked away her tit back into her bra.

I picked up my head, and asked "Is this working for you, with my head on your lap?"

She shrugged, "My hips are starting to hurt actually... Maybe if we lie flat on the floor, you next to me?" She climbed over me, so I was to her left, "Yeah, and you put your jacket under your head there..." The carpet in the elevator was still new enough that lying on the floor didn't make me cringe, and the elevator was just wide enough that I could fully extend without hitting the walls.

Her left arm was up, above my head and my face was now even with her chest. I turned onto my side to face her as she pulled out our left tit and started massaging it. This one was already going, and as she milked it, a thin stream hit me in the face.

"Oh shit, sorry," she said, as she reached out and wiped the milk from my cheek. "Ready?" She was already moving her tit into my mouth. This time, when I started sucking she moaned lightly, almost under her breath, then aloud said "God, that feels really good."

She curled her left arm around my head, placing her hand on my jawline, lightly caressing it as I sucked. It felt almost like a reflexive movement, like something she would do with her baby while feeding her. It was incredibly sensual and intimate, and I reached out and put my hand on her belly. She put her hand on top of mine and squeezed it.

We stayed that way for probably 5 minutes, I don't know, I lost track of time. More than that, I sort of lost myself in that place, it was so oddly comforting...

"Ok," Melissa sighed, "I think we're good there." I realized that my hand had (at some point, without me realizing it) risen up from her belly and was cupping her breast as I sucked on it. I let go as she pulled out her nipple, feeling almost drunk.

As she sat up to readjust and tuck her tit back into her bra and shirt, I rolled onto my back, not thinking about my raging hard-on or the massive tent I would be pitching in my pants by doing so. "Oh my," she giggled, "what have we there? I thought this wasn't sexual?"

I hurriedly tried to conceal it, mumbling some sort of nonsensical apology.

"Well this is hardly fair, you did such a nice thing to help me out when I needed it... " She was getting onto all fours now, a mischievous look in her eyes, "the least I can do is return the favor, right?"

I can't imagine that my face was anything other than the definition of shock. "I, uh... wait, what?"

She stabbed my in the chest with her finger to emphasize each word as she said it now: "This. Never. Happened. Got it?"

I nodded hasty approval, not able to believe what was happening as she reached down and started undoing my belt. I guess I hadn't thought about it, but her daughter was, what, 7 or 8 months now? That meant that she probably hadn't been laid in... God, almost a year and a half!

She had my belt undone and my pants unzipped and was pulling them (and my boxers down). My dick sprung out like a jack in the box, and she deftly grabbed and wrapped her mouth around it. Her mouth was oddly cool, I realized she must have been breathing harder than I thought. She went all the way down on my shaft, her tongue shooting out at the bottom with a quick lick. I nearly came right then, but instead said "Holy shit! My god, yes..." and dropped back onto the floor.

Her head bobbed up and down a few times, then she pulled my cock out of her mouth with a wet pop and held it gently while she licked it from top to bottom and back up, her tongue flicking back and forth. Then, opening her mouth wide, she jammed it all the way to the back of her throat until her lips were pressing against my body and balls.

I looked over and saw that she had reached up with one hand and had it inside her yoga pants, rubbing her pussy. I reached over and stuck my hand in as well. She grabbed it with more ferocity than I was expecting and jammed my fingers into her wet snatch, moaning onto my cock as she did.

I was rubbing her clit in circles and then looping down to shove my fingers into her pussy. Her whole pussy was sloppy wet now, and all I could think about was getting my face in it.

"Take off those pants, for fuck's sake, and put that thing on my face," I said, pulling my hand out and licking my fingers off.

She immediately complied, using one hand to work her pants and the other to balance herself as she continued aggressively going down on me.

Once her pants were off, she walked her knees over, stepping over my head so her pussy was right above my face. It was a thing of beauty. Her red pussy lips and dark pubic hair stood out from her pale skin like a house on fire in the snow. Normally, I prefer a waxed pussy, but the way her pubic hair was dripping with pussy juice really turned me on. I reached up and grabbed her ass, pulling her down onto my face. Her lips were slightly parted, and I stuck my tongue into her slit as she settled down.

I licked her clit, her moans rattling my cock in her mouth, and then drove my tongue deep into her pussy. She was moving faster on my cock now, and moaning louder, grinding her cunt into my face. I was moaning too, we were both about to cum, even though I didn't want it to end. I blew, and it felt like my nuts were wringing themselves out, sending what had to be a pint of jizz down her throat. Melissa came right after, with my dick still her mouth, screaming into my meat and grinding down so hard I thought she might break my jaw.

She collapsed, her pussy on my chin now, my dick resting against her cheek, and we lay like that for a couple minutes.

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