Milking, Mother & Son


"I remember back when I was breastfeeding you and simply squeezing my breasts until milk came out usually didn't help enough to keep them from being too full."

"I'm sorry mom; I'm at a loss for words. I'm not sure what I can do to help."

"Do you want me to go and buy a breast pump? It won't take long to run to the store."

The thought of something attached to my mothers breasts and then sucking on them made my cock swell in my jeans. My breathing was getting shallow and I'm sure my face was turning some kind of flushed color.

"Oh honey, I appreciate the offer but I think the mall is already closed for the day and besides I would like to be there to help pick one out to make sure it's going to work. I think it's a great idea though." She rested her right arm around my waist and held onto my opposite hip, then pulled me in for a side hug, but didn't let go after she hugged me close.

Her touch was glorious. I could feel the heat from her breath on my shoulder as it sent chills down my back. All of this touching elicited a reaction from my now, swelling cock. I couldn't hide it any longer.

I knew she must be feeling me growing between us. The reaction from my mother wasn't at all what I had expected either, as she seemed to pull me in closer to her bosom.

"It's alright sweetheart, I get turned on sometimes when you're holding me as well."

And there it was, the elephant in the room, bulging into my mothers stomach as we held each other closely. Be a man and talk to her like you would talk to someone else. Anyone else, for that matter.

"I'm sorry mom, I just can't help it, you're so beautiful and you feel so good when you're in my arms like this. My body just reacts to your womanhood."

"Well it would appear that it's reacting favorably! And prominently if I might throw that in as well!" Mom started rubbing in really short little circles that was driving me nuts. They were almost imperceptible, but definitely happening.

"Wow, you really are all grown up aren't you? Time has a way of getting away from us and all of a sudden my little boy has grown into a young man, with manly parts."

I felt two hands grab my hips and squeeze them while at the same time gently pulling my crotch towards hers. I think she meant to shake me side to side a little but it just rubbed our sex together even more than it was already.

I couldn't stand it any more. My swollen member throbbed like a steel rod in my jeans. It pulsed with the desire to be quenched by my mother's tender pussy That place that birthed me, now called out to me like a thunderous voice in the wilderness; take me, bury yourself in my depths.

Mom backed away from me a few inches and looked down between us both; the bulge in my pants was so noticeable I couldn't hide it if I wanted to and then there were the huge wet spots on the front of her shirt accentuated by two very pointy nipple bumps. It was obvious that mom's nipples were swollen as hard as my cock was.

"I'm sorry too young man, my body is reacting to your touch as well as yours is to mine. You should order dinner for us while I go to take a shower and see what I can do about getting these breasts of mine to stop leaking for awhile."

"I just can't believe how fast my breasts have started making milk. They're so full." It was if she were talking to herself and me at the same time. She was truly amazed that her boobs were so full in such a short time.

My eyes were glued to her tits at this point and I couldn't look away until she started to walk out of the room and headed for the shower. I instinctively grabbed for my cock and nearly exploded in orgasm right there but I stopped myself just in case she came back in. "Wholly shit I can't believe how hot she is!" I said in a whisper to myself. Some things are better said out loud.

Then the thought hit me that right now my mother was going to get in the shower so she could relieve the pressure in her tits by milking herself with her own hands. My cock has never been this hard, ever. I was picturing wet skin, followed by hands gently massaging streams of hot liquid from pert nipples. I tried to imagine how it must look as the milk sprayed out and hit the glass of the shower then traveled down to the floor.

I was so turned on I had to jack off right then and there. It didn't take long as I stroked my turgid pole with complete abandon at the thought of my mother in the shower. I came with an explosion of cum that shot across the kitchen six feet away from where I stood. With each pulse of my orgasm the distance got closer to where I stood, until I was satisfied I had milked my own liquid as well as I could. My cock stayed hard as a rock for at least another ten minutes and then it finally gave way and allowed me to put it back in my pants.

I was satisfied for now, but I couldn't stop thinking about my mother and how I was feeling about her. Horny as fuck, that's how I was feeling. I know I should have felt a little more compassion for her side effects as it were but I couldn't get past how sexy she was with her huge breasts so ready for the taking. It was amazing at how accentuated the rest of her figure was now that her tits were so large. That perfectly tight ass seemed even more tight than normal, and her hips seemed even more womanly.

The food showed up an hour later just as mom was coming out of her room. This time she wore her bigger robe instead of a tight outfit. Apparently she figured out that her shirts didn't fit anymore, at least the skin tight ones.

"How was your shower?

"It was good, I feel a little lighter at the moment, but I can't believe how long it took me to empty enough milk out of my breasts to get them to stop leaking. If I had had another set of hands to help coax the milk out it would have gone a lot faster

You know, being so close to you and then feeling turned on didn't help either. Something about being horny and milk production that goes hand in hand so to speak. Whenever I feel turned on or horny." She looked away as she said this. "My breasts swell up even more than they already are and it makes them produce milk faster.

She was giving me more mental picture than I could store in my horny little brain at the moment. The fact that my own mother is telling me that she was turned on like I was is amazing.

"Let's eat this dinner before you get me all excited again and I have to live in the shower. I'm already looking like a prune."

"Ok, want to pass me the chow main?"

That's how our night went. We sat in the living room, eating our food and watching a little television. Not much was said until it was time for bed.

Out of the blue mom asks, "Matt? I have to ask you a question, and I hope you don't think I'm being some sicko perve, but will you help me express my milk before we go to bed?" It is takes so long and I'm beat. If you help it'll mean I can go lay down sooner."

Am I dreaming or something? Did my mother just ask me to help her milk her glorious tits? This has to be a dream." What else was I going to say but, "Of course I will. What can I do to help?" I said it with as much concern as I could muster. When in reality, I was jumping for joy at the thought of touching my mother's breasts.

"Let's go to the bathroom and I'll show you Honey."

As we entered her bathroom mom pulled the front of her robe open just above the tie, so that her breasts were encircled by the fabric on both sides. I could see small white droplets forming on her nipples. She was very full of milk from the look of things. Mom tried to get situated over the sink so that she could show me how to help massage the milk out. Her nipples were so swollen that they stood out at least a half an inch or more and as she touched the sides of her breasts with her palms both breast started to leak rather quickly.

"Oh matt they're so full I can't believe it. So what I need you to do is to put your hands on one breast like this."

I watched as she grabbed her left breast by wrapping both hands around at the base of the breast and then gently pulling out and squeezing towards the nipple. As she did this, streams of milk came shooting out just like a balloon with a pin hole. Only this balloon was my mothers' breast and there were eight to ten streams coming out in a spray headed towards the sink. Then she returned her hand where it began on her breast and started to pull again; all the while looking at me to make sure I was getting what she was telling me.

I nodded with an understanding look and then watched milk start to drip quite fast out of the breast she had just squeezed. I instantly had an erection so hard that it hurt to feel it bulging in my pajama bottoms. I don't think mom noticed this time since she was so intent on showing me how to milk her.

I gave mom a reassuring glance and then reached out to take a breast in hand. It felt so warm to the touch and firm, but soft at the same time. I guess that's the miracle that boobs are.

I tightened my grip on her right tit and then squeezed like I had watched moments earlier and with a slight moan from mom I saw a stream of milk come cascading out under pressure. I completely missed the sink and got it all over the mirror. I really didn't car. I was ready to suffer through this as long as it took for mom to feel better. Yeah, suffer, that's funny. I couldn't imagine any thing I would rather be doing, ever!

"Matt you have to at least try and get it into the sink or were going to have a huge mess when were done." She was chuckling at the absurdity of the situation. She smiled at me with a look of complete happiness as we both gave a squeeze of her massive tits and watched milk spray out onto the counter and partially into the sink. It really was hard to aim the streams very accurately since they kind of went in different directions.

"Do you know what it tastes like?" I hesitantly said as we started to get into a rhythm of pulling and squeezing and missing the sink.

"It's better than store bought milk from what I remember. It has a warm sweet kind of taste. Do you want to try it and see what you think? I could spray a taste into your mouth so we don't have to go get a glass? Well what do you say there Honey? Are you up for a taste of mother's milk?" A sly grin came over her face just then.

I let go of that magnificent breast and leaned over the counter; with my mouth pointed toward my mother's tit I waited for her to point her left breast at my face. With a slight squeeze of her hands I received a long stream of warm milk into my waiting mouth. I couldn't believe how good it tasted as it glided down my throat. I was in heaven. Mom stopped after a good long squeeze and then asked me what I thought about the taste.

I exclaimed that "I've never tasted anything so good in my life and I would like to try it some more if?"

"I guess that we have gone this far with you helping me and that another taste isn't going to hurt anything. Why don't we go into the bedroom so that we can be in a different position for your taste?" As she said this she winked at me with a mischievous grin and then pulled me by my hand to her room. Her breasts were still hanging out of her robe and I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

We had expressed enough milk so that they weren't leaking like they had been, but were still quite swollen with milk. They looked amazing. One little white drop on the end of each nipple slowly inched their way down the round underside of her breasts as my beautiful mother slipped out of her robe and was wearing nothing but a very skimpy thong that was completely see through. The front was a light red lace and I could tell that she did not have much hair if any covering her mound.

"I'm going to get under the covers so that I can get comfortable." She said it without any concern for the amount of bare skin I was now getting to see. "You should get undressed and get in with me; I have a cool way for you to try more of my milk."

A pat of her hand on the covers and I wasted no time in getting undressed. Shirt, slippers and then when I got to my pajamas I hesitated and mother noticed I was looking shy about taking my bottoms off.

"You don't have to worry about me seeing you in your boxers Honey; I've seen it all before you know. It's just been awhile that's all."

"It's not my boxers I'm worried about mom, because I'm not wearing any! Do you want me to get some on before I crawl in bed with you?" I really didn't mean what I said, but I was trying to keep up appearances when I should have thrown them out the window already.

"Pull your pants off already before I have to get out of bed and do it for you silly.

I had to pull the band of my pant out a ways because my cock was still rock hard as I slid my pajamas to the floor." I heard mom sort of moan under her voice as she looked at my swollen member sticking out like a hand waving for help. There was a large glob of pre cum on the head starting to ooze down my shaft. I needed to come so badly. I wanted mom now more than ever. I knew I was close to having everything I desired from her.

I lifted the blanket and slid over the sheet until I was looking mom directly in the eyes as we both lay on our sides. She put a hand up to my eyes and gently laid it on my face to get me to close my eyes. Then I felt her move up the bed a little and put her left arm under my neck so that I was resting on her arm with my face right in front of her magnificent tits. With her right hand I felt her lift her breast and then place it on my lips as she whispered softly in my ear. "Open your lips Mattie and take me in."

Oh how my cock twitched as I sucked in my mother's right nipple and latched onto her breast. I moaned as her nipple swelled in my mouth and the milk began to flow down my throat.

I love how it tastes and how it felt as it accumulated in my mouth. This was the most erotic feeling I had ever had in my life up to this point. After a few minute of suckling her breast I came back to reality a little and realized that I was lying next to my almost naked mother. I got the idea to reach my left hand up and move it towards her lower back. I found a resting spot on her firm ass cheek as I massaged and kneaded it for all I was worth. Mom moaned out loud every time I squeezed hard, which only drove me to suckle and squeeze harder. She started moving her legs up and down mine; caressing my calves and thighs with her feet.

My leaking cock had rubbed a wet spot between her legs and just above her knees. My cock slid effortlessly up and down her inner thighs and was getting me close to orgasm. I tried not to think about it as I concentrated on breastfeeding on my mother. I think she knew I was getting close to cumming though, because she was starting to spread her thighs just enough to allow my cock to slide in and out as I thrust my hips forward and back. I really wanted to bury my manhood in her hot pussy but I couldn't seem to allow her tit to fall from my mouth.

The taste of her milk was intoxicating. I really could not get enough of it. The harder I sucked the faster it would fill my mouth with its prize. After about twenty minutes or so, mom's breast started to feel empty. I wasn't getting very much milk as I continued to suck on her glorious tit and mom could sense it somehow and said to me.

"Sweetheart, I want to try feeding you a different way if you don't mind. Roll over onto your back for me sweetie. I promise mommy will give you what you want so badly. I can see that you love mommy's milk and can't get enough of it. Your making mommy feel so good when you suck on her breasts; and the way you're touching me with your hands is absolutely driving me crazy. I need you so badly Matt!"

After I rolled onto my back, mom straddled my crotch and then lowered herself so that her weight was completely on me. She must have taken her panties off when I wasn't paying attention because she certainly wasn't wearing any now. I could feel her wet pussy as she rubbed up and down my fiery cock getting it slippery with her juices; as the swollen lips surrounded the sides of my manhood. Mom's tits were hanging in front of my face and I didn't need any assistance at this point as I reached up and took her left tit into my mouth and latched on. Instantly, warm streams of milk began to flow into my mouth.

Suckling mother this way was amazing because the milk in her tits was being helped to my mouth by gravity. This made it very easy to drink without having to use much suction.

I was starting to get into my milking when mom lifted herself off of my crotch and then pushed back so that the head of my cock touched the entrance to her pussy. With one steady push back and down, she buried my swollen member into her pussy until her firm ass was resting solidly on my groin. She had my cock as deep into her as it could possibly go and started moving in small little circles with her hips; gyrating herself around my pole intensifying how it felt.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock as I felt her orgasm take over her body; like a Mack truck hitting a wall. She was vibrating, which in turn sent me over the edge.

My aching cock exploded is spasms of pure joy. I was sharing an orgasm with the woman I loved most in this world and it was amazing. Spurt after spurt of my hot sperm filled my mother's pussy as our combined juices and instantly made her sopping wet. I could feel our combined cum running down my ball sack as I hungrily sucked on her breast.

As our orgasms started to subside, mom pulled her nipple out of my mouth, lowered her loving face to mine and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever had. She kissed me like a long lost lover kisses someone who was just found. Our tongues explored each others mouths with reckless abandon and I knew at that moment things would never be the same.

We continued to fondle and kiss each other well into the night until exhaustion overtook us and we dozed to sleep in each others arms; content with our decision to love each other no matter what.

I awoke early the next morning looking forward to having breakfast, but I knew that it meant I'd get to have mother in my waiting mouth...


Mom and I both loved how things were turning out with our new arrangement. I was definitely getting what I'd always desired from my beautiful mother. We have a routine of feedings and sex now that we've gotten past the barriers that kept us from fully loving one another. It has set us free to be a happy couple.

Mom's pituitary issues got better over time, but she hasn't stopped breastfeeding me. Her milk production has only gotten better as time has gone on. One of the benefits of having her engorged with milk all the time is that we haven't had to buy milk from the store in over a year now. When I'm not able to breast feed, mom has a pump so that she's not leaking all over the place. She regularly pumps twenty to thirty ounces while I'm away at work or school. We use it for everything, from cooking with to having on a bowl of cereal. It's amazing. Mom tells the people she works with that she has to use a pump because milk production is a permanent side effect of her pituitary problem. If they only knew the truth; wouldn't they be surprised.

We both enjoy how it makes us feel, so much so, that until it becomes some kind of issue, were going continue. We've done everything under the sun with each other since that first time in mom's bed and it seems to only get better with time.

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I'm going to be hard for at least a week.

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Well written and very scintillating! Love the topic!

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Excellent story

I breast fed my son till he chose to quit that was,10, he'd come home from school and we'd take over his day as I get him.. I continued to lactate for my hubby for many many. Years
My sin was not sickmore...

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A new variation

on a popular theme. Done very well.


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Great job.

Enjoyed every minute.

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