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Milking Time


This is my first story, so please be understanding when commenting and leaving feedback. :)


Suddenly, I awoke. I felt weak and senseless and I could not see anything I must be blindfolded. I felt restrained by straps as I tried to flex my muscles. How did this ever happen?

My team had just won the College Football Cup and I was going to go to a party in the hope of getting my jock 12 inch cock in some virgin pussy and now this! I knew some people were jealous and even hated me, but enough to kidnap me?

"So Daniel you are awake." I heard a voice but could not follow it.

"Why am I here", I replied anxiously.

"All in good time." Suddenly the blindfold was removed. As my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room I noticed I was in a lab. I was only in my boxer briefs, my cock was straining to be free.

Suddenly, a guy dressed as a doctor came up to me with a bottle of what looked like an energy drink and a bowl which looked as if it contained protein powder. I panicked and cried "What are you doing to me."

"Drink and eat you have been in an accident and need to gain strength."

"What accident, I don't remember, why am I tied up?" I replied. Naively, I ate and drank and felt a strange tingle.

Suddenly, the doctor began to laugh, "You stupid fucking jock do you realise what I have made you take? You have just consumed a litre of sperm elevator fluid, and 12 crushed Viagra pills. Boy you are going to cum big Daniel."

"WHAT, why do you want me to cum you sick bastard, tell me." I angrily blasted.

"With pleasure. At the moment infertility is a big problem. I have created a business that solves this with an alternate method. See, being a jock you are more healthy and hotter than average. Because of this your body and nature sees you as a prime candidate in reproduction, therefore your sperm is very strong. You may not have noticed but, this room is filled with tubes going into a separate room where 60 women lay with tubes up

their pussies. You are going to be milked and father 60 kids."

As I was hearing this my cut dick began to get hard, it felt so wrong I was scared but the Viagra was making me horny. Soon my dick enlarged from my full 12 inches to fucking 16, it hurt so much. Just then my balls began to tingle, fuck they were enlarging as well. "OH FUUUCK!" I cried out in pain as each ball expanded to the size of a plum.

"It's milking time", the doctor shouted. My dick had managed to rip off my underwear and he

had no trouble lubing me up. He began to slowly slide his hand over my manhood, when he reached

the head he squeezed tightly, it began to turn purple, fuck my dick was so sensitive. Just then I lost it and was about to climax. The doctor squeezed my cock harshly so my release was blocked. "You like having ruined orgasms boy?" I just moaned as the pain coursed through my body but as soon as it began it stopped. I also noticed that a tight cock ring had already been applied

to my throbbing monster.

Suddenly the doctor brought down what looked like an 18 inch black plastic tube. The doctor then informed me that he had made a skin inside the tube so close to a human, that it resembled an 18 year old's virgin pussy but lengthened. However he said there were four hymens and one cervix that my cock head would just enter. Inside there was also a smaller tube which would enter my urethra and suck.

The doctor then fixed the tube to its connector and the eased it down my cock. "FUUCKK!" I entered the first hymen; it was even tighter than a virgin. The doctor then flicked a switch and let go of the tube. A vacuum appeared, and in one second the tube slammed down on my cock. "FUUUCK WHAT IS THIS SHIT AANGHH."

My dick was aching but the pulsing in the fake vagina felt so good. I was sweating madly, and my medium length, dirty blonde hair was covering my face.

"The cycle has begun you will cum 60 times in one night." The doctor flicked another switch and the tube began to bounce on my cock.

"OHHHH FUCK" I moaned, the doctor laughed and left. I was so close to cumming I needed to release, it was then I saw a switch it only said power up. "THE FUCKING BASTARDS" I screamed, the doctor had only left me one option and that was to try and manoeuvre my hand on the switch and increase power to make me cum. I closed my eyes and flicked it, a machine then blurted out, "power increase 20%." The vacuum increased and the bouncing sped up.

My eight pack abs tensed, to think about it my whole 220 lbs of muscles tensed. I suddenly began breathing deeply "SHIT I AM SO CLOSE", it was then that I realised my future climax would shoot into the womb of a woman and I would have made a baby. With that I cummed "SHIIT ANGHH ANNGGH OHH FUUCK!"

This lasted for 4 minutes, and to make it worse the tube had settled onto my dick penetrating the cervix that vibrated my head. I then noticed a large collection tube which had all my white baby makers in, it filled up to the 2 litre line. Fuck that means I am going to cum close to 120 litres by the end.

When it started again I heard a machine say "up dosage." Suddenly I was injected with a needle into my balls with the sperm increaser and a liquid form of Viagra.

I screamed in pain and fainted but just before I did, I saw my sperm flush away into the next room, and heard a woman screaming, "FUCK it's filling up my pussy."


I woke up, I was in bed. Suddenly the doctor appeared and said "Well done you have accomplished the task I may have been mean but I am not a monster you have ten minutes and then you can get out." I felt used and humiliated.

I walked outside to find myself at a fertility clinic on the outskirts of my town.

That night I undressed and found my cock to swollen and bruised to a size of 20 inches. My balls were now the size of grapefruits and I felt a need. My cock felt the need for sex. I rang up

the nearest escort agency and was forcing my way into a sluts cunt by the end of the night. Whatever I tried I could not cum, eventually she left.

The next morning, I realised as the tube was the best I ever had I needed it no matter how painful. As you can guess, I became an employee of the doctor a week later. In 5 years I have managed to father 109,500 offspring.

The End

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