Swallowing my milk I said, "Delicious."

"Then drink some more." She took my hand and placed it under my breast. Making me hold my breast up slightly, she used her other hand to pull my head down, guiding my lips to my own nipple.

Before I got pregnant I hadn't been able to reach my nipples with my mouth when I had tried. Since my breasts had swelled, I hadn't really thought about how I could probably now reach. At Rome's prompting, I now found that I could easily reach. The feel of my own nipple in my mouth was decidedly strange and made me feel very kinky and perverted. Twirling my tongue around the stiff little nub sent a shiver of excitement through my whole body. Unable to contain myself, I sucked hard. The taste of the milk filling my mouth made me groan almost as much of the feel of my lips on my own nipple.

I groaned louder as I felt Rome lean down and wrap her lips around my other nipple, resuming her suckling. Her hands grasped my panties and pulled them down. I raised my hips slightly allowing her to remove them completely. The cool air on my very wet pussy made me shiver.

I jerked in surprise when I felt her finger first trace my slit but she wasn't deterred. Knowing fingers worked their way up and down my lips as we both continued to drink my sweet milk. The fingers made a slow, lazy trail up my lips and circled my clit several times then downward to circle around my opening without entering me before returning to my clit again. The slow steady rhythm of her finger as she carefully avoided my most sensitive places was exquisite torture. I bucked my hips, trying to get her to touch my clit or enter me but she wouldn't be rushed. I whimpered with frustrated need.

By the time her finger finally pushed inside me I was close to madness. Feeling another person inside of that most intimate place and knowing it was another woman sent a heady rush through my body. I let go of my nipple and threw my head back as I cried out in ecstasy. Still squeezing my breast with my hand, the cries turned into a long, full throated moan as I felt my climax approaching. I was dimly aware of Rome's moans as she continued to drink form me. Her moaning vibrated through me and only added to the pleasure in my breasts.

I felt her push a second finger into me and with a shriek of delight I came. A wave of electric bliss tore through me as I was taken by an orgasm more powerful than any I had ever experienced before. Undulations of blinding power ripped through me in a seemingly endless chain. I screamed and cried till my throat was raw but still Rome's expert touch continued to manipulate me driving me higher. She knew exactly what I needed and where to touch me as only another woman could.

With a final desperate cry I forced my legs closed, unable to take any more. I lay there slouched in the chair for quite some time, moaning softly and trying to regain control of myself. My hands, seemingly of their own volition, cupped my breasts and started slowly twist my nipple again, making me moan louder.

I heard the soft rustle of fabric and wondered idly what Rome was doing but couldn't manage to lift my head to look; I barely had strength to breathe. The chair shifted slightly and I managed to open my eyes to look. Rome was hovering over me, her legs were spread wide straddling the arms of the chair as she held onto the back for support. She was still wearing the green shirt, bra and hat but her jeans were gone and her clean-shaven pussy was only inches from my face.

"Come on sexy, it's my turn." She said as she looked down into my eyes.

Tentatively, I placed my hands on her ass and pulled my face to her nude sex. I took a small lick wondering how she would taste and if this made me a lesbian. The salty sweet wetness was surprisingly pleasant and I took a second, longer lick enjoying her taste.

"Mmmm... that's right sexy, eat my cunt." She groaned above me as she settled lower, pushing her sex onto my mouth and forcing me into the cushion of the chair. Her hips started to rock as she rode me, fucking my face to increase her pleasure. Eager to please, I dug my tongue into her with eager abandon.

My own fingers found my still throbbing sex as I licked and sucked away at Rome's hot pussy. My lips wrapped around her hard clit and I sucked the sensitive nub into my mouth. Grasping her thigh with one hand I held on as she bucked and rocked under the assault of my tongue. Her screams increased and knowing that I was the cause drove my own passions higher.

"Ugh! Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" She cried as she hunched forward over the back of the chair.

The sudden flood of her hot, sticky nectar that filled my mouth as she came surprised me but I eagerly lapped up the delicious wetness, not wanting to miss a drop. The musky smell of lust combined with the salty sweet taste of her cunt filled my head and drove my passion over the top. With a cry that was muffled in her pussy I joined her in rapture.

I woke up to the sound of the Katie crying. I glanced around the living room and tried to get my bearings. Rome was gone and sunlight streamed through the bay window. From the look of the light it must have been at least mid morning or so. Glancing down I saw that I was still naked and I could feel the sticky wetness on my face from Rome's pussy.

Getting up I hurried towards Katie's room to let her nurse. As I walked past the kitchen I saw an empty milk bottle sitting in the center of the counter with a rolled up piece of paper in its throat.

Quickly pulling the paper out I looked at it. It was a note scrawled on the back of a blank delivery slip. It read:

Hope you enjoyed the special delivery, I know I did. See you next Tuesday.

It was signed:

Your Milkmaid, Rome

I stared down at the empty bottle as a tingle ran through me. "I hope I can wait that long."

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