tagIncest/TabooMillie Ch. 06

Millie Ch. 06


The early morning ride was really nice. Riding the big brute really clears out my cobwebs and allows me to think things through more clearly. I don't know why but it just does.

I was glad Mom accepted that George was out. No argument at all on that and I was glad about that. She was my girl now and had already accepted my dominance in our relationship.

I wanted her to be mine, all mine and no one Else's. But I also knew we had crossed the imaginary line of incest now, twice, and it was going to be crossed a lot more times in the future because I knew I could never give up sliding into her hot depth and enjoying the feel of her body, the caress of her arms about me as we joined and the sights and sounds my Mother made that no other woman had made when I was with her.

I also knew we had only scratched the surface of our sexual appetites and arousals. We were only at the beginner's stage, well at least I was, and I also knew my Mother was the one woman that could share everything with me.

Everything. That's a huge word taken in a sexual offering. No boundaries, nothing off limits, no taboo's. I chuckled at that thought because Mother and I had just busted one of the biggest taboo's!

I swung the big bike off the freeway and down the ramp to the stoplight. It changed to green just as I got to the intersection but I slowed nearly to a stop and good thing I did as a big Buick Electra 225 blew right through the light and if I had done what the light said I'd probably be dead now! I gave him the finger and pulled out right behind him. I saw him hold up both hands in an indication he knew what he had done, but couldn't help it. Then I saw her raise her head and look back at me! He put his right hand behind her head and it disappeared back into his lap!

I chuckled again and flashed him a thumbs up, and then another finger! He knew what I meant! He was lucky I wasn't driving a semi and I was lucky I was biker cautious!

I started humming, "Staying Alive" the Bee Gees tune.

I pulled into the cleaners parking lot and parked right in front on the sidewalk, hung the helmet on the bars and slid in through the glass door even though it still had the "CLOSED" sign up.

The little alarm bell positioned over the door rang my presence out and I saw Sammy's little head pop up behind the clothes rack. He nodded and waved me back. It was early and nice outside outside, but already hotter than hell in here!

"I work, we talk, all good, yes?" Sammy asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." I answered.

"What wrong? Deal not be good for Millie and you?" Sammy cut right to it.

"No... Sammy... I mean that if it could be an even trade of everything then yes, maybe, but the place out there needs a lot of work and you know it!"

Sammy just grunted and gave a single nod, but he cut a sideways glance at my eyes and I knew he was checking me out to see just how serious I was. He knew I had inspected the place and he also knew I wasn't an expert so I had probably missed a few things, hopefully on my part nothing major!

"I have no money give for repairs before deal." Sammy said.

"Our place is in excellent shape and doesn't need anything, and you know your Dad will be within five measly minutes from this store and only a few more from your home Sammy. That Chinese tradition of the male hierarchy has got to figure in this somewhere." I asserted.

Sammy just eyed me now and grunted. I couldn't tell if he was agreeing with me or just disgruntled!

"If we can made the trade... all in... everything included... and property for property then Mom and I still lose on the deal because we are stuck with major repairs on our end and you're good to go!" I said and paused to allow him to think that over.

"Look Sammy... I know what you want... you want a straight trade and to come out without having to fork over any money to fix anything and you think the property values are going to wash each other out." I was watching the expression on his fat little face as I talked and he understood everything I was saying alright, "It's just not gonna wash with me because I'm the asshole that will have to make all those repairs for myself and buy all the materials to boot!"

Sammy just nodded. He knew.

"So, my idea was to come to you with another offer. A fair offer." I was playing diplomat now.

"You not old enough to make legal offer." Sammy said it plainly, not accusingly, but just making a statement that was true.

"Maybe not old enough for making legal offers, but old enough to control family business as the oldest male of the family. My Mother will do as I say Sammy and I certainly hope you can understand that."

Sammy nodded and bowed his head slightly in acknowledgment so I went on, "What I want is an even trade of all property with all rights included, and I have figured the repair cost to bring your property at least up to livable standards will cost around $20 grand... I propose we split that figure down the middle and your end will be 10 grand at the signing of the papers with one added concession."

Sammy's eyes narrowed as he thought the figures over. Clearly he had had the "ranch" inspected and he knew that the repair bill would be more than 20 grand if done all at once. I could see the wheels turning behind those slitted eyes he was looking at me with.

"What is the added concession?" Sammy wanted it all up front so I laid it out.

"If there should develop a major defect, deficiency or pitfall with the ranch's buildings or property of any kind you will be responsible for 75% of that cost as determined by an independent inspector certified by the state at the time it occurs, if it occurs."

That was the big one, the one George had told Mom he would slip into the contract and get Sammy to sign. I was letting the cat out of the bag so to speak but I felt better about doing it my way instead of George's.

"You think that over Sammy and Mom and I will expect to see your answer in writing on Thursday when we meet to sign the papers for the transfer and deeds of trust. If everything is as it appears and nothing major is wrong out there then it won't cost you a dime later and you'll be looking good. It only gets bad for you if there is a major problem and you've covered it up, as far as the 10 grand, hell you know yourself that labor alone for those repairs would be more than double that!"

Sammy nodded and I did too. I left him thinking the proposal over and headed back home, well at least for a few more days anyway because I suspected Sammy actually liked the proposal and we would be moving pretty quickly!

I decided to take the long way back home to give Mom a little longer to snooze so I went the opposite of the freeway and headed for the boulevard. I was just cruising on the way home and doing some thinking. Mom and I didn't have any real appliances to move other than the washer and dryer and the freezer and all of those were in the garage so that would be easy. Our bedroom furniture and clothes and dining room table,chairs and of course all the utensils. We would leave the living room furniture, stove and refrigerator in the house.

The one big bedroom in the closed off section of the ranch house would only need cleaning and painting and I was sure we could do that over one weekend and since it would be just the two of us we could get by until I could do the work. The kitchen would need to be gutted and completely redone. New appliances. Then it would be just a matter of redoing one room at a time. We could wait for supplies to go on sale before we bought and that would certainly stretch our budget. We could clean everything as best we could and be ready for whatever was needed. Yes, one room at a time and it wouldn't take too long before we could have a really nice place.

I wanted to stop off at the market to get some doughnuts for us. The doughnut shop was right on the corner of our street and for some reason it was calling to me so I pulled in. I got a dozen and was just about to the door when I saw it, the white Buick Electra 225. It came from down our street and had stopped to turn at the boulevard. The people inside hadn't seen me as I was behind and off to the side of their view, but I could see them. I just about dropped the box of doughnuts right there in the parking lot. It was Pam! Holly shit!

I'm not sure she saw me, but I recognized her instantly as the car made it's right hand turn onto the boulevard. She was looking forward down the boulevard and talking to the man. She was still cute, but I was trying to get the thought of his hand on the back of her head guiding her back down into his lap clear in my mind, she didn't seem to struggle much as she went back down on the man either. Wow!

I went from remembering her head disappearing into the man's lap to wondering why they would end up on our street. Of all of the streets in this city, why our street? Why now? I fired the bike and balanced the box on the tanks as I rode off down the street the last 5 or 6 blocks home.

Mom was in the shower when I got in and I could tell she had been up a little while. Coffee was brewing and there were just small little subtle changes around the living room so as to indicate we had had a visitor.

I waited for Mom to finish and got us all set up at the table with coffee and plates for the doughnuts. It didn't take her long to join me at the table.

"You'll never guess who showed up here this morning after you left!" she was bubbly with mischief in her eyes.

"You're probably right... but whoever it was had a girl with him named Pam and was driving a Buick Electra 225 I bet!"

Mom's eyes flashed at me and she was deflated because she thought she had news I didn't know about and I had taken away her surprise.

"I can see that I'm right about that, but I don't have a clue who it was or why they were here so you'll have to tell me the whole story while we eat!" I could see that Mom was reliving the morning in her head as I spoke. Her eyes widened and she whispered, "I didn't even really look at the girl and I sure as hell didn't realize it was Pam, that changes everything!"

"What?" I asked half hearing her and getting the idea that she was talking to herself and not to me. "What the hell are you so upset about?"

Mom laughed long and loud and then settled into a light chuckle until she calmed enough to talk to me, "It appears we should talk a little more and then we would both be laughing I think!" she stopped and took a bite of her doughnut and a sip of coffee before continuing, "The Buick Electra 225 you seem to have seen belongs to George!"

I was shocked and dropped my fork on my plate with the still skewered piece of doughnut, I'm sure my expression conveyed my shock as Mother chuckled even more. I took a sip of coffee to keep from choking on the doughnut I was chewing.

"He stopped by to find out if our "deal" was on or off." she was really enjoying my discomfort!

"Do you know what this means?" I asked knowing that Mother did in fact already know the answer.

"Yes, although it didn't occur to me until just a few seconds ago Honey." She had stopped chuckling now and was trying to be serious but was still sporting a small smirk.

"Jesus H. Christ! Pam was with George! Her dad?" I was incredulous. Totally dumbfounded.

"I guess that clears up a few mysteries for me too." Mom added.

"Mysteries?" I was a little confused.

"Well if you remember I first met George back when you were still in high school and if you remember that was also the time you suddenly became acquainted with Pam and..." she just trailed off leaving the thought to hang out there.

"Yeah, I thought it was kind of strange that Pam would suddenly be around every time I turned around and I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it's starting to ring a bell now."

I had begun to think and also put 2 and 2 together and try not to get 3!

Mom giggled, "It's us in reverse and much more sophisticated!"

"How's that?" I had to know if we were on the same track or thinking two totally different ways.

"Well that was a couple of years ago, when George first started showing up and got interested in me, his wife had been dead about a year and I do remember him saying he had a daughter at home." again she giggled a little before going on, "So it looks to me like George only wanted oral sex because he was busy getting a hard on for his pretty little daughter, I say little but she was a year older than you if I remember right so she was 18 then."

"Oh my God, Pam was getting fucked by her old man and that's why she wasn't really interested in me for anything other than a friend!" I was remembering our dates now and I do remember wondering why an older girl would be at all interested in a younger guy like me. Pam and I really didn't fit together all that much. I was kind of skinny and not at all an athlete or a good looking popular type, but Pam was. She was fairly good looking and had friends in the better groups in school, so why me?

"I think that George had Pam latch on to you for the same reason Bob suggested that we do essentially the same thing... a cover. George and Pam wanted... needed... covers. George wanted to use me as his and figured Pam could use you for her's. Us in reverse and two years early!"

Mom really chuckled now and as what she said sunk in so did I. It was funny. They had tried to do to us then... what we were thinking of trying to do with others now ourselves.

"What did you tell him when he asked about your deal with him?" I was now even more curious than before for many more reasons.

"I just told him that you didn't approve of me 'dating' anyone else now and that I just didn't see how we could possibly get together on that basis." she said in a thoughtful tone as though she were going over the conversation in her head again.

"And?" rhetorical question on my part.

"He just gave me a funny little look, chuckled and introduced me to his daughter Pam. Funny but I didn't associate her as being the girl you used to go out with in high school." she was still in the throws of deep thinking, there was something else. She absentmindedly took a bite of the doughnut and chewed slowly. With the coffee cup halfway up to her lips she stopped and put it back down, "She had an odd look and I couldn't put my finger on it then... when I was shaking her hand... she was smiling at me in an odd way, but it just hit me like a slap in the face!"

"What?" I was the height of conversation this morning!

"Her lips, they were darker and her hair had been fixed but it was just a little disheveled." Mom went on.

"So?" again I was really contributing to this conversation with my huge command of sentences!

"So... she had been sucking something just before she was introduced to me and I'm betting it wasn't a piece of candy!"

Mom's eyes were bright and wide as she related her thoughts to me. Naturally I then had to tell her the story of the ride out to Sammy's.

"He had her out for an early morning ride then!" Mom said.

"Holly shit!" was all I could muster.

We ate and drank our servings and I got up and got the pot to pour another cup of Joe for us. Mom asked me about the meeting with Sammy and I sat and sipped my coffee and told her everything including my thoughts on the way we could do the move right away and take our time fixing the place up. The best part was when I described that we would need to share one bed in the one room at least until we could get another cleaned and ready for paint.

Mom beamed at me then with those fireworks eyes and said, "We'll put that at the end of our list of things to do at the ranch Son."

I leaned forward and pulled the sash of Mother's robe opening it. It fell open at the top exposing her pert nipples. "Did you shave this morning Mother?" I inquired.

"Of course baby, I promised to keep myself bare for you didn't I?" she acted embarrassed.

A thought crossed my mind and I had to know, "Were you dressed like this when you answered the door for George and Pam?"

"Yes I was, why?" Mom answered.

"Stand up and I'll show you."

She did and I retied her sash. We went to the front door and I went outside and left her holding the screen door open. I turned to look around and then at her before I came alongside the porch and not up on it. This put me about 18" below the porch and almost 2 feet below the threshold of the front door. I looked at her then allowed my eyes to trail down her robe. Her robe was a roman style and ended at mid thigh. It was plush and she liked it but from where I was standing I could see the promised land!

I looked down again to see the smaller flat foot prints of a girls shoe and knew this was where Pam had stood.

"When George introduced you to Pam, where were you, and where was she?" I inquired again.

"George stepped back and held the door and I stepped forward and shook her hand there where you are, why?" Mom answered.

"Do it again with me, now." I said. She stepped forward and held the door with her foot as she bent forward at the waist and extended her hand to me to shake.

"Put your hand where you think her's was when you shook." I stated and she did.

"Was George talking to you while you were shaking Pam's hand Mother?" I was smiling at her and she knew something was up.

"Why... yes... yes he was. Was that important?" she was beginning to get suspicious now. I just stared at her lovely tits swaying in the open as the robe had fallen away from her in the front and she was totally exposed to anyone looking directly down her body.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Mother had followed my eyes and knew what had happened. Her hand grabbed one side of the open robe and held it tight across her chest as she rose back standing. Her face red with both anger and shame.

Adding to the fire I asked her, "Did you ever slide your hand up to the top of the screen Mother?"

She merely stared at me for a second or two the flush deepening in color.

"Yes, why?" her eyes were narrow and sharp now.

"Do it again now... Mother... slide your hand up that screen and take the same position you did when George and Pamela were here."

She did what I asked very slowly and kept her eyes on mine.

Her robe rode up her slender thighs to a point even with the juncture of her crotch bringing her pussy into full view for me in the lower position I was in and at the very least George had been treated to a spectacular view of my mothers legs and shaved mons.

Mother turned and stepped into the front room and the screen door slammed. "Son-of-a-bitch! George, you motherfucker!" she was pissed now and if I had learned anything in my short wonderful life it was that you did not under any circumstances want to have my Mother pissed at you and she was as pissed as I had ever seen her!

I slowly went around the porch and up the steps, opening the screen door, but I did not enter the room. Instead I just leaned forward a little and poked my head in ready to duck in case she were to throw something or swing something. I knew she wasn't pissed at me but at George, and at Pamela, and worse than that embarrassed by the girl more than anything else.

Mother was sitting at the table again with her head in her hands. I entered and slowly closed the screen door and the inner front door against the rage I knew to be coming. I walked back to my place at the table and decided to try to make light of the incident and try to diffuse the situation. I took a sip from my cup for courage and leaned over mimicking my earlier move and grasped Mom's sash and gently pulled it open. The robe fell open again just as it had before. Mother didn't move at all but she spoke, "Go ahead and look at me, hell everyone else in the neighborhood probably has too."

"Won't matter one bit next week when we aren't here to look back at them, will it?" I retorted. She raised her head out of her hands and smiled at me for that.

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