tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMillionaire or Mommy

Millionaire or Mommy


The camera comes up on a tall, brown-haired man with an impossibly white smile. He's dressed in a blue suit and a red tie, with his hair held tightly in place by gel, and he holds up a microphone. Behind him, a large crowd sits, cheering.

"Hi, I'm Biff Biffwell, and welcome to the game show that's making people everywhere. Welcome to..."

He gestures back at the crowd, who, on cue, shout, "Millionaire! Or! Mommy!"

"That's right," Biff says, "it's Millionaire or Mommy, the game show where a woman's fortunes are being changed one way or another. Let's meet today's contestant."

He walks across the stage to where a young woman stands. Her fingers twist together as she gives him a nervous smile. She's short, with a pale, oval face and wide blue eyes under long black hair in a ponytail. Her large breasts push out the thin blue tank top she's wearing, and her well-shaped legs are on display under her short black skirt. She's wearing black 2" heels, shifting from one foot to another.

"Hi, and your name is?" Biff says, holding out the microphone to her.

"Tammy. Tammy Johansen," she says, giving him a faint smile.

"Hello, Tammy. And what are your plans for your winnings?"

"Student loans," she says. "And maybe a trip."

Biff nods eagerly. "I know you know the rules, but I'll go over them for any new viewers. Tammy will have an ankle cuff locked to a track that starts out twenty meters from that furthest button over there," he points to the far end of the stage, where four buttons are evenly spaced in a line. "I'll be asking her questions. Each time she gets a question right, the track will let her move forward another meter. Every five meters, she'll push a button and end a round, which locks in her winnings to that point. The first button is a thousand dollars, the second is ten thousand, the third is a hundred thousand, and the fourth is one million dollars.

"However, behind her will be one of our enforcers, also locked to the track. One was chosen at random earlier, and his name placed in this envelope that Charity is bringing me." Biff takes an envelope from a blonde young woman wearing a sparkly red evening gown, and hands it to Tammy.

With a wary smile, Tammy and opens it. She looks at the paper inside and whispers, "Shit."

Biff plucks the paper from Tammy's fingers. Holding it out in front of him, he says into his microphone, "Oh, my. With the best record in Millionaire or Mommy history, today's enforcer is...The Sexecutioner!"

The spotlight shifts to the door from backstage, and a large Latino man walks through. He wears a leather executioner's mask covering the top of his head, a leather vest, tight leather pants with a noticeable bulge, and leather boots. He sticks his thumbs in his leather belt and gives Tammy a predatory grin.

Biff continues, "The Sexecutioner will start two meters behind her. Every second, he can move forward by two centimeters; in addition, every time she gets a question wrong, he gets an additional fifteen seconds' worth, thirty centimeters. Every round, those numbers increase. If he gets in range of Tammy, he can touch everything he can reach, and if that distracts her too much to answer...well, that's how the game is played. If he catches up to her, he can fuck her. Tammy's goal is to reach that fourth button before he comes inside of her."

Biff gives Tammy a vicious smile. "To make sure she's got some skin in the game, so to speak, Tammy has been given fertility drugs, and we know she's just about to ovulate. The Sexecutioner, of course, is notorious for his fertility even among our enforcers. Out of twenty-two wins, he has sixteen single births, one pair of twins, four women still pregnant, and only one miscarriage." The camera pans across the Barefoot and Pregnant board, pairs of high-heeled shoes on racks with pictures of women behind them. The images rotate between the woman at the beginning of the round, her splayed on the floor naked, and a close-up of her pussy, semen dripping out of it. Some cycle on to the same woman, very pregnant, or holding a baby.

Tammy shivers as she looks at the enforcer, who leers back at her. Her eyes drift down to the bulge in his pants, and she bites her bottom lip nervously.

"Alright, let's get everyone in position," Biff says. Tammy is led over to the track, and a leather cuff is attached to her left ankle. A short chain from it runs to a track off to the side. Behind her, a similar but larger cuff is attached around the Sexecutioner's ankle. Meanwhile, Biff continues talking. "With a record of 22 and 3, giving him a whopping 88% win percentage, The Sexecutioner leads the enforcer standings by a full six percentage points over second-place The Stallion. With 22 wins, he stands third in the all-time win column, behind only first-season legend The Sperminator and current competitor Captain Potency."

Biff walks over next to Tammy. Charity, smiling a plastic smile, hands him a stack of cards before walking away. "Okay, we're all set to go, so let's play...Millionaire or Mommy!" The crowd cheers for a moment before quieting down. Biff holds up his cards and says, "Round one begins...now! What is the capital of Brazil?"

"Brasilia!" Tammy shouts, and her track unlocks with an audible 'click'. A meter-long segment of green light turns on next to it. She steps forward and it follows, up until the end of the green light where it clicks into place again. Behind her, The Sexecutioner stands still, arms crossed and feet spread wide, a large smile on his face as a blue light next to him slowly grows.

She quickly gets the next three questions right, and the green light leads her toward the first button. As she answers her third question, the Sexecutioner steps forward half a meter or so, catching up to his bar.

On her fifth question, however, she seems stumped, and shakes her head with her eyes wide. The blue light next to the Sexecutioner is almost half a meter in front of him as it jumps in length by thirty centimeters, and he takes two steps forward before resuming his posture.

Biff reads the next card. "What is the first book of the New Testament?"

"Matthew!" Tammy says quickly, rushing forward and slamming down her hand on the button.

"Congratulations, you have completed round one! That means you have won one thousand dollars, and can continue to round two. Now, the questions get harder and the enforcer moves twice as fast. We'll start round two after a quick break to see how some of the Sexecutioner's conquests are doing now."

Biff provides a voice over as a tape of a young black woman plays. Her kinky hair is close-cropped, and her tight, short dress is pressed outward by large breasts and an even larger belly. "This is Tawny, his first competitor and first victory. Tawny, how old is Joshua now?"

She picks up a large toddler. "He's almost three. He's quite a handful. Takes after his father, I'm sure. His father stops by for his birthday, and occasionally other times as well."

"You're expecting another, I see?" Biff asks.

She blushes. "Yes, Joshua's going to have a little sister in a couple months. Sexecutioner stopped by to visit on the anniversary of Joshua's conception, and...well, one thing led to another."

The recording cuts to a young Asian woman, holding a newborn infant. "This is Aiko, his first victory of this season. Little Michiko was born two weeks ago. How are you doing, Aiko?"

"I'm fine," she says with a smile. "A hundred thousand dollars paid off my student loans, and now I've got this little doll." She hugs her child, kissing her forehead.

"How was pregnancy?"

"A bit rough. She was a big baby. Fortunately, her father came over to visit a few times during the second trimester to help relax me."

Another cut, to a busty blonde with a swollen belly. "Kristen competed six months ago, and has a unique history on our show. Can you tell us what happened?"

"I took some bondage before the final round, and ended up hogtied, so they put the final button on the floor for me. I got the final question right just as he caught me, so I rode him along to the button and managed to hit it just barely before he came."

"So, you won both ways?"

She laughs and strokes her belly. "I suppose you could say that. A million dollars will help a lot with taking care of this little guy."

The video cuts back to Biff and Tammy. Tammy keeps glancing back toward the enforcer as Biff says, "And we're back for round two. Tammy, you are currently 5.3 meters ahead of the Sexecutioner. He will progress by four centimeters a second now, and will get sixty centimeters for every wrong answer you give. Tammy, are you ready?"

Tammy nods warily.

Biff looks back at the enforcer. "Sexecutioner, are you ready?"

The enforcer has now removed his vest, revealing a muscular, hairy chest. He stands in the same position as ever, arms crossed and feet spread, and nods at Biff.

"Okay. Question one: in the animated movie 101 Dalmatians, how many of them were adult dogs?"

"Two," Tammy says, and the green bar next to her lights up as she steps forward just as her pursuer does the same.

She gets one more question right, the enforcer taking another step forward as his blue bar grows. Then, her luck turns. She gets a question wrong, and then another, Sexecutioner catching up to her quickly with long, unhurried strides. A third question stumps her, and he's barely two and a half meters behind her.

Biff tsks at her, then asks, "How many wives did Henry VIII have?"

"Six!" Tammy says triumphantly, putting a little space between her and the strong man behind her. Another right answer, and she's just one meter away from the second button.

"What is the atomic number of neon?" Biff asks with a blinding smile.

"Eight?" Tammy asks hesitantly.

"I'm sorry, Tammy, it's ten," he says, and Sexecutioner is barely two meters behind her.

Biff shuffles to the next card, and asks, "What was the first James Bond movie starring Roger Moore?"

Before Tammy can answer, Sexecutioner leaps forward. His fingers grasp the hem of her skirt, and with a swift yank, he tears it from her. She jumps, squealing, showing off the tiny blue thong she's wearing underneath it. Biff waits eagerly for an answer as the crowd cheers, yelling, "Take it off!"

"Live and Let Die!" she shouts just before the buzzer sounds. Biff nods, and she races forward to slam down the button.

"And that's the end of round two!" Biff says. "You have now locked in ten thousand dollars. You have a 2.7 meter lead over Sexecutioner. Let's see if it's enough, after this break."


Biff smiles at the camera. "And we're back for round three of Millionaire or Mommy!"

The camera zooms out, showing Tammy. Her nipples stand out stiff through her thin tank top, and her skirt is gone, leaving her in just her skimpy panties and heels below the waist. Biff stands next to her, saying, "Our contestant, Tammy, has finished round two and has won ten thousand dollars! And now, it's time for round three. She's got a 2.7 meter lead right now, but that'll go fast as Sexecutioner's speed is now tripled. He'll move forward at 6 centimeters a second - that's 3.6 meters a minute - and each wrong answer will now send him 90 centimeters forward."

The camera pans over to Sexecutioner, who has now taken off his leather boots. His muscular chest glistens over his leather pants, and he flexes for the camera.

"It's still anybody's game," Biff says. "Tammy, are you ready?"

Tammy glances back at the enforcer, chewing on her bottom lip and glancing down at the bulge in his tight leather pants. She nods, tearing her eyes away and focusing on the button five meters away.

"Sexecutioner, are you ready?" Biff asks. Sexecutioner nods curtly, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Okay, Tammy," Biff begins, "Round three begins...now! The Parthenon is found in what city?"

Tammy thinks for a second and says, "Athens!" The green bar extends another meter forward, and she quickly steps away from the enforcer.

She rattles off two more correct answers before Biff asks, "The ulna is one of two bones in your forearm; what is the other?"

Tammy shakes her head, glancing back at the enforcer. He's taking a step forward every ten seconds or so now. The timer buzzes and the blue bar grows by almost a meter. He takes two strides, reaching out to grab her tank top just as Biff starts the next question.

"Which space shuttle was built from spare parts to replace the lost Challenger?" Biff asks as the tank top is torn from her with a yank. Her breasts bounce free, and she quickly covers them with one arm as she says, "Endeavour!"

The crowd cheers, yelling, "Free the boobies!"

The green bar grows by another meter, but before she can move out of reach, Sexecutioner grabs the back of her tiny thong and pulls. The front pops open and tears away, leaving her naked except for her heels. She rushes forward, away from the enforcer, and attempts to cover her breasts with one arm and her small patch of black pubic hair with her other hand. The crowd cheers even more as Biff leers at her and asks, "What muscle car model was Chevrolet's 1967 answer to the Mustang?"

Sexecutioner leans forward and smacks her on the ass, the sharp slap echoing in the studio. "Eee!" Tammy shouts before saying, "Camaro!" The green line grows again, and she rushes forward to slap the button.

"And that's the end of round three!" Biff says. "Tammy is now naked, and her lead has shrunk to a mere 2.2 meters. She'll have a chance to lengthen that before we start round four, after the break."


"Welcome back to Millionaire or Mommy, and it's time to prepare for round four. Tammy has a mere 2.2 meter lead. I will note that the smallest lead any woman has won from going into round four is 3.5 meters, so you've got a rough road ahead of you. However, you have won a hundred thousand dollars now." Biff smiles an insincere smile as a covered board is rolled out by a stage hand, escorted by Charity. Tammy's fingers twist together nervously, as if she's trying to keep from covering herself and barely succeeding. Behind her, Sexecutioner has removed his pants, and now wears just his leather hood and a leather jock strap.

Biff continues, "The enforcer's speed quadruples in round four, so he'll be moving forward at 8 centimeters per second and gaining 1.2 meters for every wrong answer you give. So, you don't have much time to spare now. But if you'd like, you can buy yourself a bit of breathing room by taking restraints. We've randomly chosen three from Sexecutioner's list of execution-themed devices."

Charity flips the cover back, revealing three pieces of equipment hanging from it.

"First off, the Electric Seat!" Biff says as the blonde woman holds up a large silver butt plug. "It's a vibrating butt plug. If you choose this, you will push Sexecutioner back one meter, but it will be put in you and set to high. If that distracts you too much...well, that's the price you pay."

Charity holds up a black silk hood as Biff describes it.. "Next, the Execution Hood. This is also good for one meter, but you will be unable to see where you're going. We will make the button make noise once you get question 20 right, but you won't know until then exactly where it is."

Charity sets down the hood and picks up a wooden head-and-hands stock. "Finally," Biff says, "the Stocks. Your head and hands are locked in the stocks. This will make it hard to press the button, as well as making it impossible to defend yourself from groping hands. This is also good for one meter."

Biff makes a show of checking his watch. "You have thirty seconds to decide."

The crowd shouts out suggestions, ranging from "All of them!" to "Take the butt plug!" to "The stocks!" and "The hood!" all jumbling together.

Tammy fidgets, a blush covering her face. Finally, she says, "I'll take the stocks, Biff."

"An excellent choice!" Biff and Charity lock the stocks around Tammy's neck and wrists. The position of her arms throws her breasts out, making them look even larger.

Meanwhile, behind her, the enforcer has been pushed back a meter. He openly ogles Tammy, reaching down to stroke the bulge in his jock strap.

Biff takes a stack of cards from Charity, who then rolls the board off stage. "Okay, Tammy, you now have a 3.2 meter lead. Let's see if it's enough. Round four begins...now! What is the name of the song featured in a Rickroll?"

"Never Gonna Give You Up!" Tammy says, rushing forward a meter, her breasts bouncing as she goes. Behind her, the enforcer stalks forward, almost keeping up with her pace.

"What mathematician is famous for a notation that the margin he was writing in was too narrow for a proof he'd just figured out?"

"Fermat!" Tammy says, staying out of Sexecutioner's reach.

"The United Nations Charter was signed in what city?"

"New York!" Tammy shouts, and a buzzer sounds.

"I'm sorry, the answer is San Francisco," Biff says as Sexecutioner rushes forward to smack her ass again. She squeals, thrashing her pinned wrists from side to side. Her breasts jiggle back and forth enticingly as Biff pulls out another card.

"The play 'An Enemy of the People' was written by what playwright?" Biff asks. Meanwhile, Sexecutioner has closed in enough the he's running one hand up the inside of Tammy's thigh.

She's breathing heavily, her nipples sticking out stiffly as she gasps out, "Ibsen!" She rushes forward, turning to Biff for the next question.

"Which Roman goddess was considered the equivalent of Artemis?" Biff asks. Sexecutioner comes into range again, running his hand along her back.

Tammy moans lightly, almost whispering, "Diana." She steps forward briskly, her hands twitching in their bonds.

"One question away, Tammy," Biff says. "What computer company famously had as their motto, 'Think'?"

"Apple?" Tammy asks quietly, her fists clenched.

"I'm sorry, it's IBM," Biff says. Sexecutioner steps forward, barely half a meter behind her. One hand reaches around her to grab a breast, while the other slides between her thighs from behind. Her eyes close as she moans in pleasure.

"What famous actor is Emilio Estevez's father?" Biff asks, but Tammy is too preoccupied to answer. The blue bar keeps growing as Sexecutioner rolls her stiff nipple between the fingers of his right hand as his left slides up between her legs, stroking her wet slit.

The blue bar catches up to the green, and Sexecutioner picks her up, laying her on the ground. He rests one hand on the stock to prop himself up as the crowd goes wild, chanting, "Fuck her!" "Knock her up!"

"No," she whispers, but her legs are trapped wide apart by his knees between them. He reaches down and lowers his jock strap, revealing a large and very hard cock, precum already glistening at the tip. Tammy tries to twist, but his hand pins the the stock to the floor, trapping her. He slides forward, into her, and she gasps.

"You need this," Sexecutioner says in a gruff voice, rutting into her, making her breasts bounce.

"Yes," she whimpers. "Fuck me...ah!"

He reaches down between her legs to strum her clit as he thrusts in and out of her, his brown skin a stark contrast against her pale flesh. Her ankles hook around the backs of his thighs, pulling him into her as her voice is replaced by incoherent moans. One of her heels falls off, clattering on the floor.

"Ahhhh!" she screams as she comes, and the sound sets off Sexecutioner. He pins her hips to the studio floor as his seed sprays into her fertile womb. A sad trombone noise indicates that she has lost the game.

Sexecutioner stands up, removes her remaining heel, then picks up its mate as the cameraman zooms in on Tammy's naked, helpless body and Sexecutioner's semen dribbling out of her splayed pussy.

Sexecutioner places the heels on an empty rack on the Barefoot and Pregnant board. As he does, a picture of Tammy at the beginning of the show appears behind them. A few seconds later, it's replaced by a picture of her naked and newly-fertilized body lying on the studio floor.

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