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Aunt stared at the brownish, rubbery nubs standing out from the large brown aureoles and unconsciously licked her dry lips. "Your titties are right pretty like that," said Aunt.

"Kind of small," said Min, "But sensitive as all get out." She looked at Aunts fingers frozen at the neck of her dress. "Well c'mon, woman, let's be seeing yours."

Aunt opened the dress, slipped out of the arms and let it fall to her feet. She removed her slip and, outside of her shoes and stockings, stood as bare as her friend. "I feel so naked."

"That's cause you are." Min scratched the thick mat of dark, wiry curls at the triangle of her sex. "Well I reckon there's my pussy smiling at you."

Aunt looked down at her own hairy triangle and the deep crack that was partly obscured by the light brown covering. "You look much nicer down there and you got a smaller backside. I've got this old, fat bottom."

"You got a lot more to smack," admitted Min. "It might be fun slapping that big bottom and watch it wobble like Jello."

"You're terrible. You know, Jack likes to smack it." She tittered. "Through my clothes, of course." "Maybe you should let him smack it bare, like I'm going to do." "Hell," spat out Min, "you can smack my ass if it gives you any pleasure. And you can lick my pussy which I know will give me some." "You talk so nasty," tittered Aunt. "You know I couldn't do that." Min reached out and smacked Aunts ass, not hard but it made quite a sound in the quiet kitchen. "So sue me for being nasty. Sue me for making you come out of your shell. Hell! Maybe you can sue me for making you come in your pants or maybe you'll come after getting out of them." "I am out of them," protested Aunt. "You smacked me and made my bottom tingle something fierce." "Shame on me," cackled Min. "Want another one? Might make your pussy cream." "Just Terrible," tittered Aunt, "It's just terrible doing what we're doing." "Ain't it just? My pussy's drooling already." Min looked around. "You got somewhere more comfortable where we might go to get down and dirty?" Aunt tittered. "How you do talk. You come right out and say I'd never dare whisper." "We could sit on your sofa in the front room but we'd probably get our juices smelling it up and when Jack comes home the odor of two hot old women juicing up will probably give him another boner." Aunt's hand went to her mouth as she gasped. "OH God! What if Jack should walk in on us when we're like this." "He'd sprout a boner for sure." Min giggled. "Think he let us play with it?" "Don't even joke about it. Aunt picked up her clothes. "Gather up your duds. We can go upstairs and get on my bed." Min bent to retrieve her clothes from the floor and Aunt brought back her hand and smacked Min on her small, rounded butt. The crack was quite loud as the hand connected with Min's slender, rounded ass cheeks. A bit of color replaced the tanned color. "God Damn!" erupted Min. "You pack a nasty wallop, for sure." "Now you know how it feels," said Aunt." "Honey, I already knew how it it feels. Don't be thinking you got any cherry from this old butt." She moved through the living room to the stairs and paused "You lead the way." "Ha," snorted Aunt. "You just want to look up at my fat bottom. Maybe smack it some more." "Could be," snickered Min. "Might kiss it too." Aunt lead the way with Min a step behind. "You wouldn't dare." "Hon, looking up at all that white flesh, I just might take a bite out of it."

Aunt laughed self-consciously. "I should hope not."

Min leaned forward and opened her small mouth to place a loud, wet smack on Aunt's left flank. "I reckon there's more than a full mouthful there, and that's no lie." She gave the big buttocks alternating smacks as the they swayed and wobbled enticingly before her. "You got a sexy ass," admired Min. "How you talk." Aunt laughed nervously. "Nobody called me sexy in my whole life." Well it's more naked meat than I ever hoped to view bouncing up a stairway," cackled Min, "and that's no lie." Aunt reached the top of the stairs and turned. "I never been so naked in front of another human, in all my days." "Right nice looking pussy for an old babe," said Min. "And yours is as close as I ever been to one besides my own."

"I always thought it was ugly when I looked at it in the mirror. Never could see what the fascination was with my man, always wanting to look at it and put his fingers there and you know what else."

"Pussy holds a special fascination for men," said Min. "I guess every last one of them one wants to get back in the hole he come out of if the truth be known. Then there's some women that find same fascination with that hairy hole between woman's legs."

"You too,"asked Aunt.

"I admit to a mild curiosity," admitted Min. "And you being naked with me, I figure you're about as curious as me about what we can do together." "I'm nervous and scared."

"Sheeeit!" laughed Min. "You got nothing on me. I was thinking that maybe you'd never want to talk to me after I fed at your crack t'other day."

"I was some took back." said Aunt. "Nothing like that had ever happened to me. I couldn't move." Aunt swallowed. "An then. . ."

"And then you couldn't set still" chortled Min. "Your old pussy wouldn't let you say, 'stop.'"

"I just knew I was going to die and go to hell," confessed Aunt.

"And it felt like you went to heaven instead," purred Min. She followed Aunt into the bedroom and watched Aunt stand by her bed, hesitant to get on it. She smacked Aunt on the butt. "Well? Are we getting on the bed and getting to it or are we just standing here and looking pretty?"

"Aunt giggled. "Pretty, at our age, we ain't."

"But being horny makes up for it," said Min. "Now roll on up there and I'll be joining you."

Aunt raised one knee and crawled up on the bed and rolled to the other side.

Min followed and pressed her hairy crotch against the massive hips before Aunt could turn. She reached around and her scrawny hand searched the others groin for the opening. "Want your crotch tickled, Hon?"

"So filthy, what you're doing," giggled Aunt.

"Now ain't it just," snorted Min. Her fingers searched out Aunt's clitty. "It's about time your old puss got more of the attention it needs."

"I always been a upstanding, Christian woman," gasped Aunt. She shuddered as Min touched a particularly tender spot."

"That's nice," purred Min. "And I bet it never brought you that heavenly feeling down there."

"My man did nasty things to me but I never enjoyed them," said Aunt.

"So you had to make yourself come."


Min smacked Aunt smartly on her plump ass. "C'mon, confess. Every woman has got to do herself once in a while just to calm her nerves."

"Is that true?"

"Shucks," smirked Min. "I can't remember a time I didn't plunge a finger or two up the old puss?"

"I don't think plunge is the word. I've used Vaseline so it didn't hurt."

"Would you show me how you do it."

"That would be just terrible," tittered Aunt. "It really would."

"Oh come on. At this late date, I don't think it's any time to be getting shy with each other. We're just two old ladies wanting to feel good."

Aunt shook her head. "I'd say we've left off being ladies." She twisted on the bed and reached under her pillow to withdraw a hand towel that was wrapped around a cylindrical jar of Vaseline and a long, cylindrical, wooden potato masher. "Oh God," Breathed Aunt. If Jack found this under my pillow, I'd die of shame."

Min watched her remove the jar lid and coat the knurled handle with a light film of Vaseline. "There's been times I've used some of that in one place or t'other."

Aunt dipped in a finger and removed another dab. "Sometimes I can barely go on. I swear, I know I'm going to hell but one I start I can't stop."

"Know the feeling," confirmed Min, "know it well. But," she confided, "I got me a big old candle that fills me up."

"Do tell?" giggled Aunt. "I'd love to see you do that." I'll tell you something else I do sometimes that makes it feel even better."

Aunt carefully guided the dab on her finger to between her legs. "I got to lay back some."

"Now Hon, you do it however it comes natural." Min cupped her fingers and applied them to her groin. "I'm about to do some pump priming on my own while I watch you."

Aunt nodded and carefully pointed the make-believe phallus between her plump thighs. She surprised Min when she pressed the rounded knob of the handle against her anus and slowly applied pressure until it slipped into her rear passage.

"Good God! Woman!" breathed old Min, "You're cornholing yourself for a fact."

"Don't you do that with your candle?" Min nodded. "That's where I put a smaller one after I shove the big one in my cunt," said Min. I never thought about you doing yourself back there. I figured only nasty old ladies like me teased the shit chute."

"That's where my man mostly did me. He said that's the place where real men go."

Min shook her head. "I got my doubts about that. But I got to confess I've known a few ass-hole bandits in my life. I never shied from letting a man get his pleasure there so long as he brought on my jollies with his."

"He said it was tighter and it fit him better."

"That's for sure," agreed Min. "I'd say ass-fucking is an acquired taste, though I admit I took to it the first time my man pronged me back there." Min giggled. "I always said he pounded the crap out of me."

Aunt moved the object slowly in and out of her back hole. Occasionally, she drew in a sharp breath as though in pain.

"You ain't hurting yourself, are you,Hon?"

Aunt shook her head. "It just so tender there that I can hardly stand the tickling." She bit her lip and wriggled the plunger without withdrawing. This feels nice."

Min nodded. "Hope you don't mind me giving my clit some attention. You're making me all sloppy down there, watching you plug your ass."

"So dirty, what we're doing," gasped Aunt."

"Ain't it just?" cackled Min. "Couple of old biddies getting their rocks off."

"Oh God!" gasped Aunt. "It's happening to me!"

""You're coming? Already?" "Never happened so quick," gasped Aunt. "It must be the audience." "Your audience is hornier than hell," said Min. "I'm needing a good come for sure." "What can I do to help?" asked Aunt. "Ram that slick finger up my butt and lick my clitty," gasped Min as she forced her fingers into her own snatch. "Good God! I'm so fucking hot." "Well let me get at it," said Aunt.


Thursday was not one of Min's Canasta days with Aunt and I took the chance that she might be home. I walked down High Street instead of the street we lived on so I would not pass our house on the off chance Aunt might see me go by and enter Min's place up the hill. I stepped up on the porch and walked quietly to the side door. Through the screen door I heard the familiar whir of a vacuum cleaner. Looking across the kitchen and into the living room I caught the shadowy movement of old Min stroking the carpet, back and forth with a tight grip on the sweeper handle.

I knocked lightly several times, but she apparently did not hear me. The screen door was not latched. I entered the kitchen and moved to the door of the next room. Min was turned away. She was barefoot and dressed, as far as I could tell, in nothing but a ragged silken slip that barely reached her knees and slid half way up her thin thighs when she bent to guide the sweeper under a low coffee table.

Surprise for surprise, I thought. I slipped out of my shoes and unbuckled my belt. I quietly lowered my pants and stepped out of them. Min continued to move about in the next room. I quietly stepped in behind her, wrapped my arms about her and reached down and turned off the sweeper.

Min pressed back against me. "You know, Hon, If I hadn't a known you was coming' in, I might a shit my pants."

"You knew I was here?"

"Saw you traipsing down the lane and figured you was horny and was stopping by for more than a little hello."

My hand roamed over her belly and detected no waistband for her bloomers. The old gal was naked under that puny slip Going upward, I found nothing under the old slip. The small boobs hung low on her chest and felt nearly empty. The nipples, however quickly stood erect under my fingers. "Nice tits," I murmured.

Min looked up and back at me over her shoulder. "You like my little bumps? I reckon they ain't as firm as they once was." She sucked in a deep breath through clenched teeth. "But I reckon they're just as sensitive." "That's what counts, I'd guess."

Min tuned in my grasp and looked down. "Well now, I say you was ready to do to business. What happened to your pants?"

I eased the slip up over her tight rump. "I figured they might get in the way."

"Whooee now," tittered Min. "Ain't you taking a lot for granted for a young man?"

I rubbed her crotch through the slip and felt the material slide over her mass of curly hairs down there. "I don't think so. I heard you had another hankering to see my boner."

"Do tell? And who passed this information to your young ears?" "Maybe it was you."

"I don't remember saying any such thing to you."

"Guess I just picked it out of the air. Something in my head kept saying, 'Min wants your cock. Min wants your cock."

"Ho. Ho. And you think I'm wanting it from you?"

"I think you said you'd ride it a frazzle."

"Well now. Saying I said it, what makes you think I'd really do it?" "I think you're a horny old gal who would take advantage of what a horny young man has to offer."

"Well," said Min, "I'd have to think about that. Good Gar! If it ever got out that I was letting a youngster like you jump these old bones, I'd never hear the last of it."

"It's nobody's business what we do. Besides, I wasn't figuring on going at it in the front yard."

"Har," croaked Min. "Now wouldn't that be a picture? Old Min getting the bone put to her in the front grass." She slapped her boyish rump. "Would you have the guts to do that?"

I laughed. "In the daylight?

Min licked her lips and rolled her eyes. She extended her bony hand, gasped my erect member through my shorts and squeezed it. "Well I see this talk's made you more a lot more than just ready."

As she made no objection and did not try to remove my hand, I continued rubbing her crotch. "Let's get out of the rest of our clothes."

"You sure you want to see this skinny old woman wearing her birthday suit." "Sure." I raised the slip over her head.

As the slip came off and I tossed it aside, Min grasped my shorts and pulled them down past my hard cock and let them slide to the floor.

We stood naked except for my shirt. I hastened to get rid of it.

Her fingers clasped the hard column of erect flesh and moved the skin up and down over the bulbous, purple head. "Well now, Jack. I'd say you got a mighty fine one and that's no lie."

"Think you can handle it?"

"Ho-ho. I been thinking about that since I last saw it. Reckon I can." She paused. "Though it be some time since I tackled one if you've got to know the truth."

My fingers worked between her legs and found her crease and the thick lips that protruded from the outer ones. I found the first traces of moisture. I inserted a finger and worked it in as far as it would go.

"Looks like you know the territory and just where to go," said Min. "You're making this old lady weak in the knees poking through my parsley patch." "Is that what you call it?"

"Ho-ho" chuckled Min. "That's one of the things I've heard it called."

"I always liked pussy."

"I just bet you do." purred Min "And I'm betting you got just the right strokes to make this old puss feel good."

"I whispered in her ear." "You like hard cock?"

"You know, for a young man you know all the right questions." Old Min licked her lips. "That pole does you right proud. Would you be putting it to an old lady in need of a poke?"

My hand returned to her hairy crotch and probed inward. Her lube slickened my fingers.

"Oooooh," cooed Min. "You're making me crave more than fingers and that's for sure."

'I withdrew a moist finger and patted her on the butt. "Should we give it a try on your bed?"

"Hell,"said Min, "I'll just bend over on the chair and you can put it to me from the rear. You ever done it that-a-away?" She turned and positioned herself.

I instantly thought of the session of cornholing of Aunt Fran two nights before. "Sure have." I fingered her cooze, withdrew and ran the slickened finger up the crack of her ass to tickle her bung hole. "You got a choice of which place I should put it?"

"Well Good Gar," exploded Min, "I got me a nasty one for sure. She looked around and winked. "You got a preference for going up old dirt chute?"

"You've been done that way?"

"Honey, I reckon I been done ever-way there is."

I aimed my hard cock for her pussy and slipped it in. "Maybe we should start out in the right place and get everything slicked up."

"Whooee, now you go easy. You got some boner there, boy. You take an old lady's breath away." She wriggled her old ass, teasingly. "Now come on and give old Min a ride she'll remember."

I gave her a quick series of ins and outs. "Like this."

Min countered every thrust. "You're doing mighty fine. I ain't had a good pounding in many a year."

I slammed into her to the balls and then pressed against her, my pubic hairs tickling her ass hole. "You're mighty tight for an old girl."

"I'm taking that as a complement."

"You fuck good too."

"Whooeee. . . keep up the pounding. This old gal is about to get her first jollies."

"Well come on and come," I said between hard breaths. "I want you to get a good one."

"Fuck!" breathed Min. "Oh God! Fuck this old pussy. Oh God Yes. Fuckit.!"

"Talk dirty," I breathed.

"Cunt-fuck" shouted Min. "God Damn! I'm fucking coming."

I forced my cock into the tight old pussy as hard as I could and throbbed out my juices in to her sixty-nine year old cunt. "I'm coming," I breathed. "I'm coming hard." I bent over her naked back with my loins pressed tightly to her taut buttocks.

"Min was breathing heavily. "Good God! What you done to me. You make an old gal weak in the knees. I don't know if I can stand up."

I fought for breath. "Want me to pull out?"

"I'd hate for you to do that. You fill me up real good." She slipped to her knees on the floor and rested her head on the chair seat.

I went to my knees behind her without withdrawing. I did a lazy in and out with a cock that was still semi-tumescent. Ready for some more?" I teased. "Good God! tittered Min. "Give a lady time to catch her breath. "What's the Min short for, " I asked old Min Trout as we knelt naked on her living room floor .

"Good Gar, Boy!" cackled Old Min. "That's a fine question to be asking an old lady after you just screwed the bejabbors out of her skinny old bottom."

"I'm not in your bottom, yet."

"I reckon you're figuring to go there next," teased Min.

"I'm curious." I gave her a couple more in and outs, before pulling out and fit it to the dark brown star of her asshole. Her lubrication helped it slip into the tight hole. I pressed forward until I was grinding against her little, rounded butt. I stopped to give her time become accustomed to my rod.

"Whooee," breathed Min. "I do got to say, when you bust in the door off my back porch, you do take this old lady's breath away."

"You like?"

"You do give an old gal that filled up feeling in the poop chute." I pressed against those small rounded globes and wriggled my lower belly against them as I pressed into her for the full length of my hard cock.

"Good Gar, Boy! Ain't you had enough?"

"It might if you weren't so damn sexy."

"Har de Har."

"You had enough?" I laughed quietly.

"You ain't seen the day you could out screw me even if I am three times your age and then some. Her hips began to match my motion and soon we were going at it again. Fucking up a storm, I watched my hard cock ram in and out of her tight back hole. I pounded hard into and bounced off Old Min's tight ass.

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