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Mind Control of the Master


(c) This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.

This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: Tony, a master hypnotist, does not approve of how a few other hypnotists in his community are toying with their subjects. They can't let him continue to steal their subjects away from their control. He falls for a beautiful girl – begins to have weird dreams – and ends up serving the community a new way.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.


I am a hypnotist. I am one of the very best at my job. I help people stop smoking, become more attentive, relax when flying or public speaking. I was the good professional hypnotist that took the job, and my ability serious and tried to help the individual customer attain the better life that they searched for.

There were many people in my trade that have occasionally used their ability to satisfy their desires. The three main desires were for power, money, and of course sex. Unscrupulous professional hypnotists made themselves into Master and their hapless customers into obedient slaves.

Richard Mullins was the epitome of this type of hypnotist. He had accused me of stealing several customers who were under his control. I had rescued these individuals from his perverted clutches only to find out how cruel he had been while they were in his grasp. A beautiful housewife, who wanted to relax before going to the dentist, was in turn forced to open her mouth and accept his hard tool. She had nightmares about losing control and being his puppet. She turned to me from a simple ad in the yellow pages. I found the deeply hidden trigger phrases that he used to put her into a trance and then subject her to his will. To remedy her particular fear – he would have her obediently suck his dick, or strip down and let him fuck her.

Several other mind control hypnotists did the same thing with other slaves that they had ensnared along the way. After our monthly meetings, this click would adjourn to a hotel suite and practice putting their pets to use on one another.

I made the mistake of slightly becoming friends with one member and attending one of these hotel fuck fests. Since I was the new guy to their group – several people were a bit cautious around me. A few even tried un-successively to hypnotize me. I was too good for that, and they didn't stand a chance of putting me under their thumb. So Richard seemed to be one of the leaders of this group, and he told the others to command their pets to strip me naked and hold me down while they take turns taunting and playing with my helpless body. It was awful – their slaves yanked my clothes off --- and then several of them would hold me down on the bed while a few of the dominant females in the group played with my cock and balls. Being afraid – didn't help my manly erection. They did all this while I was fully aware of their presence. Unlike the slaves that they used – I assume those people didn't really know what they were doing at the time. This hurt my pride – but I wouldn't be beaten.

When I was free – they all said it was a game – a joke – nothing more than play. The girl who had taken me to the hotel suite was no where to be found. Missy apparently had gone off to another hotel room with an acquaintance. When she heard what the others had done – she too said she was sorry but dismissed it as a prank that had been done to others before.

I made it a point to be a threat to their way of life. Although Richard had accused me of stealing his customers and changing them from being his pets – I didn't start off getting even.


The sweet housewife was named Sue. She had beautiful body (even though I didn't see it naked) and absolutely perfect face. I could imagine what he would do with this woman – but she told me of the dreams she had. Sue said that she was seeing a hypnotist (Richard) but felt very uneasy about him. She had found cum stains on her clothes and hair after coming out of session. He had her worshiping his cock. She was convinced it was the only way she would not be afraid of the dentist. She only came to me when she had dreams of being tied up. She would be used by several people including women. She desired to lick pussy but never had a lesbian craving before visiting Richard. She was afraid to confront him; she believed that he was behind all of her new fears and kinky attitudes.

I had her under hypnosis and found out that he had a huge cock. It apparently was 9 inches when erect and very potent when it came. His shaved balls were like walnuts in a soft sack. She could describe every inch of his body, and that was quite frightening since she says she has only had sex with her husband of 10 years, and he is no where near that size. She told me how she was starting to get into fights with her husband --- how she told him he wasn't man enough for her anymore when he found her pussy wasn't quite as tight as it used to be. She told me how she spoke these words, but it was like it came from another person – not herself. It was like she was being forced to act this way to the only man she had loved. His feelings were getting hurt, and she couldn't quite prove or figure out what was happening to her. She turned to me --- and I in turn made his activities public knowledge. At the next monthly meeting I publicly condemned his activity. Apparently several other 'slaves' who were in the audience heard my words through the fog in their brains and came to me the next few days. It seems that 3 other women and one man were being used as toys for these hypnotists pleasure. Their bank accounts were being robbed – they were being instructed to get cash from the self service machine and bring it to their Masters and Mistresses.

These people were used for sex --- not just pretty ones --- but the guy who came to me reportedly found it necessary to give gay men blow jobs outside a porno shop. Yet he swears he had no inclination to being gay prior to going to a hypnotist to quit smoking. He remembers being a little rude when he heard the price per hour – but then he doesn't smoke anymore – but the craving for cigarettes has been replaced by a craving to suck cocks. I could surmise that Richard had some 'fun' with this guy for being rude to him.

Being a wonderful and powerful hypnotist – I stole these hapless people away from the torment that they were subjected. I even made it so that no one (other than me) could ever put them into a trance and get them to do anything that they didn't want to do.


The following monthly meeting Richard and Ann (one of the more dominant women of the group) pushed me into a corner and threatened me.

"I don't appreciate your meddling in our affairs!" Richard hissed at me under his breath.

"Those are people --- not your private play things. You want to be a stage hypnotist and get people in the audience to bark like a dog or strip out of their clothes 'cause they think its so hot --- FINE. But playing with their minds against their will - is not professional. It SUCKS!" I shot back at him.

"We'll just see who sucks!" threatened Ann "If I get my hands on you – I will turn you into a sissy little girl who loves to suck big cocks." She cupped Richard's crotch.

My eyes followed her grasp – and I couldn't help but notice that maybe Sue's description of Richard's private parts was accurate, but I couldn't let my mind wander with these two piranhas nearby. So I snapped back my own reply "If you two are so good at hypnotism – why on earth can't you get Sue, Linda, Tommy and the others back in your clutches?" Then quick as a wink, I used an analogy from part of the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' "You're powers are of no use here --- be gone before someone drops a house on you!"

My wit didn't impress her – and Ann again commented "You might be a genius at getting the trigger phrases in their minds fixed, but you have fucked with the wrong group here – don't be surprised if sometime soon you find yourself in the humiliating position of begging to be Richard's or my slut"

I shoved past them and spent the rest of the meeting with a full table of more pleasant mind control experts.

************ MEETING BECKY

No one contacted me about Richard, Ann or the others that next month – and I thought about not attending the September meeting, but I didn't want to ever let on that I was the slightest bit intimidated by them. I knew I could not stop all of their mindless slaves from attacking me again – but that was too obvious. I would think that they would be more devious in nature. Never the less I attended the meeting.

I am so glad I did.

Missy introduced me to the most fabulous woman I have ever seen. Becky was 5' 8" tall about 135 pounds, with a very healthy set of knockers. She was a playboy pin up dream girl. Her soft red curls flowed to the middle of her shoulder blades. Her bright green eyes could capture anyone – and these had my heart written all over them. With her fair skin and few freckles she was a dream come true. Sexy to T. I found out later that some body parts (such as DD breasts) and the flat tummy (liposuction) were purchased beauty parts. But she was fantastic. We talked for hours, yet it seemed like just minutes. She was a psychology major in college and learning the art of hypnosis. I agreed to help teach her. I would have been a tight rope walker if she told me she wanted to be in the circus. I was so taken by her beauty and intelligence I would have done anything to be with this superb woman.

Near the end of the night Becky was away at the restroom, Missy came up to me and asked "Well – what do you think of her?"

"Ever believed in love at first sight?" I replied with a huge grin across my face.

"She is special – so I brought her especially to you – for instructions. Don't disappoint me. You make sure you teach her everything!" Missy smiled at me.

"It will be my pleasure!" I replied in a graceful manor.

"No silly, the pleasure should be hers. I don't bring my friends around to meet just anyone --- I want you to promise me that you will do everything to please her." Missy winked at me.

With no hesitation I replied "Don't worry – I will do everything in my power to please her."

Having quietly snuck up behind me, Richard and Ann had overheard my comment to Missy about Becky. Richard sarcastically remarked "So Tony here is going to please that cute redhead, huh? I doubt it – She is way out of his league."

"Mind your own business Dick!" I snapped back.

"I wasn't talking to Sissy Slut – I was talking to Missy about Sissy Slut." Richard smarted off by referring to me as Sissy Slut.

"What name are you calling me?" I wanted to fight back. I wanted to punch out this asshole for calling me silly names. But Richard is muscular. At only 6' tall, he's 185 pounds but most of it looks like muscle. He has a goatee and a bald head and his facial features are very masculine. While I am two inches taller and at least 15 pounds more than him most of my strength is in my legs not my arms. I do a lot of bicycling, thus built up my legs pretty good – but I have scrawny arms. Punching him would be futile.

"Sissy Slut! You're a sissy who will wear women underwear & clothes. An inferior wimp who will prostrate himself at a superior man or woman's feet and beg to suck them off. I can feel my cock twitch at the erotic thought of seeing you naked – begging for my masterful cock. You are a slut --- one who doesn't deserve a fine woman like the one who was just with you. When you become MY SLUT – I will insist that that you be gagged and tied up. As my slut --- the moment I remove your gag – I want to hear your begging to please me or any of my friends. And trust me – You will BEG. I will reward your proper obedience by letting you kiss and lick my ass. Or maybe lick my balls. Then I will shoot my heavy load all over you pathetic face, and you know what you will do next --- you will wipe it off with your hands and suck it into your mouth." Richard smirked at the picture he just painted.

"You're sick --- you know that!" I half heartedly responded.

"I may be sick – but I see you don't argue with the truth. You really would like to be a Sissy Slut. You would get so hard by being my newest Pet. You think about that --- You can just wonder how it would feel to have my hard cock sliding in and out of that pretty little mouth of yours." Richard continued taunting me.

I was speechless. I was certainly not going to dignify that last remark with an answer. But my lack of a crude and fighting come-back made me look just a bit inferior to him. In the world of hypnotism I was his better. In the world of aggressive and dominant men – I wasn't quite in the same ballpark. I had been raised as a gentleman – not a fighter with my fists or words. Oh, I could be sarcastic whenever I wanted – but how should I respond when a guy says I am a sissy slut who should be on my knees paying homage to him as Master.

His smirk became a huge smile. "I got you pegged, don't I slut? You hide behind that façade of dignity when really you would be better off craving my dick, or a recently fucked pussy to suck on."

"Fuck off!" was the only come back I could think of.

"You wish – Slut. You wish I would let you be my Sissy Slut. Then I could fuck you when ever you're good and whip your ass whenever you are bad." Richard continued.

Ann and Missy were silently watching this war of words --- it was no surprise who was winning. Richard was a pro at making people question their self worth. Adding the whip my ass when I am bad remark brought them both to smirk and "Whooo Hoo" cat call.

Missy took my side for a moment just as Becky returned from the restroom, "Richard, I know you would love to fuck me sometime --- I will let you fuck me – as soon as my man Tony here – kneels on the ground – naked – spreads his legs – and looks up at your very huge dick and BEGS to suck you off. When he swallows your load and says 'Thank you Master Dick, you are so much more of a man than I could ever hope to be' --- that is the day I will let you put that huge sausage into my lovely but too tight twat!" She gripped his crotch. Then winked at me --- "I know that you would refuse to accept this cock as it fucks your sweet little mouth. Wouldn't you?"

I looked over at Becky who was wondering just what in the world the four of us were talking about and said "You're lovely twat as you so elegantly put it - is perfectly safe from his deformed useless manhood 'cause I am not ever going to do that." I tried to laugh and joke about the conversation.

Missy corrected me "Oh, you might call his manhood that's 9 or 10 inches long and thick as my wrist deformed. But I wouldn't call it useless!" Then grabbing Richard's wrist dragged him away from us saying "C'mon big boy! We have a party to attend at the Suite you rented."

"See ya' later Sissy Slut!" Richard called out toward me as he was led away from Becky and me. Ann who had remained quiet the whole time – soaked in my humiliation then followed Richard and Missy toward the exit.

Becky – who had not heard all the conversation – raised her eyebrows "Nine or Ten inches and thick as her wrist – Wow that would be something to see."

I cringed.

"Why did he call you a Sissy Slut? And why did Missy say she will let him fuck her as soon as she sees you on your knees swallowing his load? Are you gay?" Becky quizzically asked.

"He is just a Rude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable person." I answered her.

"So, are you a Sissy Slut? Do you want to suck his cock more than make love to me?" Becky asked with such innocent eyes.

"No!" I vehemently disagreed. "I am not a sissy slut, and I don't ever want some guys limp cock."

"Prove it to me!" Becky laughed "Let's go back to your place!"


For the next 2 hours we made love – sexual pleasures that I had only dreamed of. She was fabulous, and I wasn't too bad myself.

Becky's kisses were passionate. Her movements only increased my desire to fuck her. Everything we did that night was perfect. I stayed hard inside her even after ejaculation. I fucked her again and again. I nibbled on her breasts, her neck and eventually worked my way down to her well fucked pussy.

"Lick me" Becky persuaded me as she pushed my face into her sopping wet pussy.

"I want to – but I would rather do it before I cum instead of after." I meekly complained.

"Nonsense silly, I don't sleep with just anyone. You came inside me – if you ever want to fuck me again you will go down there – and clean me out. When you bring me to a couple of orgasms – then you can stop licking me." Becky told me.

She wasn't being dominant – or overly aggressive, but she was being forceful in a very sexy way. She brought out the slut in me. I asked "You can't be serious?"

Becky got a cold look on her face and sighing "Damn. I thought you would be the one to earn my love. Guess I was wrong." She started to get up off the bed.

"No – No please don't leave. I just wasn't sure I wanted to do that right now --- but its' Okay. I will please you." I pleaded.

Becky teased a bit with her body by thrusting out her nice breasts and pouted her lip "You sure you want to do this for me?"

"Yes" – I took a deep breath and buried myself between her legs and lapped at her soaking wet pussy.

She held my head so I could not back away. It was quite a turn on after all – once I got over the initial gross feeling in my stomach. I was licking her wet pussy, knowing I had fucked it at least 3 times – dumping my load deep within her walls. It was then that the sick thought came to mind.

What if I were sucking a used pussy? What if some other guy had dumped his load of thick white sperm, and I was made to lick it out? How would I feel? Then I put a name to my day dream – what if it were Richard who had fucked her instead of me? I literally started to choke and gag at the thought.

At the same time as I was serving her Becky was divulging to me her enjoyment "You are doing a wonderful job --- that feels so nice, I can't believe how much I enjoy not having to run off the toilet – with sperm running down my leg. Laying back and having someone like you --- oh, what did that guy call you? Pussy slut – no Sissy Slut! He called you a sissy slut --- wow – this is what sissy little boys do for their women. Lick all the cum from their well fucked pussy." Becky teased as she held my head firmly against her wet pussy and damp thighs. "Don't choke on my hair – maybe I should trim it a little closer tomorrow – I just never knew how good it would be to have a guy like you licking and sucking me this way."

I am really not sure who thought of Richard first --- me or her mentioning his new nick-name for me. But that thought stuck in my brain for the rest of the night.

I was worn out and tired but Becky was anxious to learn some more (she knew a little) about hypnotism. So I explained a few things to her. "First you must win the person's trust – even just a little can go a long way. The more they trust in you – the easier time you will have getting to the deep subconscious mind. Second it is imperative to have them a little tired --- it is not a joke when you see that most hypnotists want their patient to be relaxed and in a sleepy mode. This is when you can bypass their barriers and get to the heart of the matter – their will to change or obey." I covered my mouth and yawned.

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