tagMind ControlMind Frequency Ch. 01

Mind Frequency Ch. 01


This is only the third story I've submitted to the site, and the first one that's been this serious. Any feedback I can get would be much appreciated. This is a concept I've been devising for a long time, and I hope you like it.

Casey knew he had to be dreaming. There was no way he could actually have received something that did what his uncle said it did. Casey knew his uncle to be a brilliant inventor, who had created many bizarre things that were never patented, but a device that could actually control people’s minds? That had to be impossible!

Casey was about half-way through his senior year in high school, and had turned eighteen a few months ago. At this point, his uncle decided he was old enough to entrusted with his most secret invention. It consisted of a device about the same size and shape as a toaster oven that supposedly emitted a sound frequency specifically attuned to human brainwaves. The resulting effect rendered those exposed completely obedient to whomever might issue a command to them until the frequency dissipated after approximately two hours, or when it was deliberately turned off.

Along with it, Casey also received a small cardboard box that contained six small gadgets that looked designed to fit onto the ear. His uncle told him that these were the frequency neutralizers, and that he should never ever operate the frequency without wearing one on his ear, because that was the only thing that would prevent him from being affected by the frequency himself.

Casey had to take a minute to think things through. This thing, if it worked, would make him one of the most powerful people on the planet. If he wasn’t careful with this power, the consequences could be horrendous.

His train of thought was suddenly broken by the sound of a knock on the door. Casey snapped back to reality in an instant. Erin was supposed to be dropping by this afternoon to study with him. He could always brood about this thing another time, so he stashed the device in his room and went to answer the door.

Erin had been Casey’s friend for a number of years now, and these study times were a frequent thing between them. Erin had curly dark hair, a fairly pretty complexion behind her glasses, and a body that did tend to turn a few heads now and then. So far, Casey had never viewed that body of hers with any real reaction other than it belonged to a friend. Things were about to change. Phenomenally.

"Hi Casey!" she beamed.

"Hi! Come on in."

He led her inside and up the stairs towards his room, the two of them conversing as they casually did. As they arrived in his room and started to break out the books, thoughts began racing through Casey’s mind. What if his uncle’s invention actually worked? What better time to test it than now? No one else was in the house besides him and his guest. He could try it out now just to see if it worked. But would it be right for him to use it on one of his best friends? And yet, if he didn’t, who else was he going to test it on?

Ultimately Casey made up his mind. He would try it on her now. First he would have to get her out of the room to get out the device and set the distance for the frequency to cover. "Hey, Erin, you want to run down to the kitchen and grab us a couple of cokes out of the fridge?"

"Oh, sure," she agreed without a second thought. As soon as she had left the room, Casey pulled the gadget out of the closet and fitted one of the little neutralizers onto his ear. Into the little data console, he inputted the direction for the frequency to cover a radius of fifteen feet; nowhere outside the house.

The sound of light footsteps heralded Erin’s return as Casey finished preparations. She set the two coke cans down on the computer table and walked over for a casual look at what Casey might be up to. "What’cha doing?" she asked lightly.

"An experiment," was Casey’s only answer before taking the bull by the horns and flipping the switch. For a second, Casey noticed nothing, until he spun around to look at Erin. The device wasn’t making any sound that he could hear, but Erin evidently heard something because her hands were pressed over her ears. Her eyes were shut, her body trembled violently as she stood curled forward, and a loud moan of agony poured from her mouth. Casey had to stop this! Erin was in pain! He extended his hand for the switch, but stopped in mid-motion as the continuous moan ceased. He looked at her again. She was bent over further, and her trembling had become less violent, but whatever was happening to her hadn’t stopped yet. He still should have turned the thing off, but he found himself transfixed on what was happening to Erin and couldn’t look away.

A few more seconds passed, and Erin slowly ceased her movements, dropped her hands, opened her eyes and straightened up. The look in her eyes was completely blank. It was gradually becoming clear that this device worked as advertised. What Erin had just gone through must have been the induction process. Now she was completely under and awaiting instructions.

Perhaps he had best test his authority now. "Erin, raise your right knee." Erin raised her knee. Casey grinned slyly. "Hop on your left foot." Erin hopped up and down on one foot. Casey chuckled with triumph. "You can stop. Put your foot down." She did. Now what else could he make her do?

Erin was the kind of trustworthy teenager and model student who did well in all her classes, who didn’t swear often, and rarely talked about sex. With that in mind, Casey thought of making her say something that Erin would never say of her own free will. "Erin, say ‘I’m a damn dirty fucking ho.’"

"I’m a damn dirty fucking ho."

Casey stopped. Hearing Erin say those words had a bizarre effect on him. For the first time his eyes began drifting towards his friend’s nicely molded body. He began to wonder if maybe this would be his best possible chance of seeing what that body of hers really looked like. After all, his uncle did say that those under the frequency’s influence remember nothing that occurred while under when they are released, so he wouldn’t have to worry about losing a friend. "Erin, remove your blouse please."

Erin obediently began unbuttoning her blouse, tossing it aside when she was finished. Little if anything was left up to the imagination by her silk bra. Casey wasn’t satisfied yet, though. "Erin, take your pants off." Erin unfastened and unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs. Now she stood before him in full lingerie. But he still wanted more. "Take off your bra." Erin reached around behind her and unfastened her bra, letting it drop to the floor, displaying her gorgeous, succulent breasts to him.

Casey suddenly remembered something else his uncle had told him: the mind-control frequency would allow him to control not only a person’s actions, but their moods and emotions as well. Somehow it seemed only fair if Erin shared the feelings he was feeling right now. "Erin, I want you to start feeling sexually aroused. I want you to start feeling horny." He waited a moment, and gradually began to notice her breathing harder, and her fingers trying to inch their way downstairs. Her panties also began growing rather moist. He decided to allow her some degree of relief. "Erin, I want you to start playing with your tits."

Erin grabbed a hold of herself by the boobs and began kneading the nipples like dough. As she did this, Casey began to realize that if she was going to be getting some relief, he should be getting some too! But at the same time, he didn’t want to end up doing something he would eventually regret, so he ultimately made a decision. Erin’s eyes glimmered as he released his throbbing cock from its prison and said to her, "Erin, I want you to rub my dick between your boobs."

Erin stepped forward, got down on her knees and obliged him. Her cleavage was wonderfully warm, and the feeling of her heartbeat against his shaft only added to the exquisite experience. In fact, Casey could only think of one thing that would make this moment any better. "Erin, look at me. Look at my eyes." Erin looked up at him, and Casey reached down and removed the glasses from her face. Her sparkling green eyes were utterly magnificent.

As this went on, Casey absently extended an arm out to lay upon the desk. As he did, he suddenly felt something move under his fingers. He turned to inspect it, and went white with horror as he realized he had just accidentally switched off the machine! Inevitably, Erin’s glorious service to him stopped. With her glasses removed, it was hard for her to make out the situation, but there was no hiding the fact that she was just short of naked. "What the fuck is going on?" she bellowed, throwing one arm across her chest and using the other to search for her glasses.

Casey’s mind raced for an excuse as he hurriedly stuffed his member back inside his pants. Perhaps the fact that she couldn’t see clearly could be used to his advantage as long as he organized things properly before she found her glasses… oh, damn. Too late. She found them. "Casey, what the hell just happened? Why the hell are my clothes off, and what the hell is that thing, and what the hell is on your ear?"

Casey sighed. The game was up. He couldn’t think of anything to tell her except the truth. As she worked to get her clothes back on, he proceeded to explain about his uncle’s machine, and how it worked, and about the neutralizers and everything. "And you decided to use it on me?" Erin asked angrily when he finished.

"I was testing it," Casey explained. "You know I would never do anything to hurt you, Erin, I just wanted to see if it worked. So I just started giving you some simple commands, and one thing led to another, and…"

"Did you have sex with me?" Erin demanded.

"God, no! I just… I just…"

"You just violated me."

Casey’s head drooped. "I’m sorry, Erin! I really am! I never planned for this to happen, it just sort of spilled out. I’m sorry! God, I’m really hating myself right now."

Part of Erin wanted to hate him. She knew she should have, but something about the way he sat there, hanging his head and shame and remorse touched her. She bent down to her knees and said, "Okay, I forgive you Casey."

Casey’s head bolted up. He hadn’t dared hope or expect he would hear her say that. "You do?" he asked in honest surprise.

She nodded tenderly. "Yeah. But if we’re going to get on with our studying, maybe we’d better go do it at my house, where you’re not tempted to use that thing again."

Casey smiled and nodded. "Okay, that’s probably a good idea."

So they began to gather their books into their bags and headed down the stairs. As they approached the door, Erin stopped them suddenly by saying, "Hey, do you still want that coke that’s sitting up in your room? I do."

Casey thought about it. "Okay, sure. I’ll go—"

"No, I’ll get them," said Erin, handing him her keys. "You go get in my car and I’ll be with you in a minute."

Casey proceeded out the door and Erin headed back up the stairs and picked up the cokes off Casey’s computer table. Before leaving the room, her eyes glance over the mind-control device, and a sudden wicked thought entered her mind. She was still a little angry at Casey for what he did. What better way to get even with him than with a taste of his own medicine? She set the cokes down for a moment, and stuffed the machine, along with the neutralizer sitting by it, into her bag. Then she picked up the cokes again and headed down the stairs and out the door to her car.

Finding Casey in the driver’s seat as she arrived, she crossed her arms and sternly said, "What do you think you’re doing?"

"Waiting for you?"

"You’re in the wrong seat, junior!"

"Hey, you gave me the keys, remember! You told me to get in the car!"

"But I missed the part where I said you could drive my car."

Lacking a good comeback, Casey grinned sheepishly and scooted over to the passenger side.

When they arrived at Erin’s house, she suggested they set up in the living room. Planning it carefully, she set the machine in her room and went on and started studying with him, not wanting to arouse his suspicion by excusing herself to get the machine ready right away. She took a look at the clock. Her parents weren’t going to be home for at least another three hours, so she had time to go for the whole two hours.

After studying for about ten minutes, she got up and excused herself to the bathroom. Once out of the room, she hurried to get the machine from her room and fitted the neutralizer onto her ear. The current setting of fifteen feet was probably good as it was. She also decided to get his attention before turning it on; if she wanted her revenge to be proper, he would have to know what was happening.

Thus, she walked back out to the living room with the gizmo in her hands where Casey was continuing to study. "Oh, Caaaseeeey…" Casey looked up, and his eyes went wide as he saw what Erin held, with her finger hovering over the switch. "Call it poetic justice," Erin mused just before throwing the switch.

Casey’s eyes snapped shut and his hands clamped down onto his ears. His body shook and a loud, agonized groan shot through his clenched teeth. Casey had said that the induction process looked something like this, but the sight of Casey in this apparent pain was more than a little unsettling to Erin. She bit her lip, though, and waited it out. His shaking gradually lessened, and his teeth relaxed. Finally his hands dropped, his big blue eyes opened, and he sat up straight and stared blankly ahead.

Erin’s mouth molded into a slight smile. "Casey, stand up and face me." He obeyed. That was confirmation enough for her. He was her slave. Now what to make him do? Well, her parents did say they wanted the dishes washed by the time they got home. Why not make him do it while she continued with her studying? Heck, that would allow her to get hers done, and force him to still do his after he went back home! Ah, sweet revenge!

"Casey," she commanded, "go wash the dishes." He proceeded off to the kitchen, while she set the gizmo down atop the TV, where he would still be within its range in the kitchen.

Thus, the time ticked by. Dishes rattled about in the kitchen, while Erin went on with her studying. All the while, Erin found her mind trampled with various thoughts. She was beginning to realize, to somewhat of a surprise, that she wasn’t quite as upset in particular about the fact that Casey had violated her as she was about the fact that she couldn’t remember what she had done. Had she been awake for it, would she have enjoyed it? What frightened her was the feeling she had that she would have.

"I’m finished," Casey suddenly said, standing over her. Erin realized he had returned to her to receive his next instructions. What loyalty! Wait a minute… why not ask him what she did? As long as he was under, there was no way he was going to lie.

"Casey, when I was under the frequency’s mind control, what did you make me do? Tell me everything."

"I told you to stand on one foot, then hop up and down." What? Boring! That must have been a test of authority. He continued, "I made you say ‘I’m a damn dirty fucking ho.’" Now that was a little more interesting. "I told you to remove your blouse. Then I told you to take your jeans off. Then I made you undo your bra. I told you to start feeling sexually aroused." As he said that, Erin made the unsettling discovery of just how turned on this was starting to get her. "I told you to start playing with your tits." Yes, indeed, as he spoke those words, as if she had no will of her own, one of her hands did travel up and begin massaging a boob through her blouse. Hey, she thought, who’s supposed to be under mind control here, him or me?

"Then I made you rub my dick between your boobs." That was it, then. That was what she had been doing when she broke out. But wait, there was more… "I told you to look up at my eyes, and I took your glasses off. Then I accidentally turned the machine off."

Now that interested her. "Do you think I have pretty eyes?"


Incredible! Even though he was busy taking advantage of her, he had still taken a moment to admire her in a non-sexual way. Something about that got her warmer still. Oh, what the hell! Every good girl had to have a naughty moment now and then. If he had used her sexually, why couldn’t she use him? It would just be for a moment. She stood up and said, "Casey…" she hesitated, then continued, "…I want you to go down on me." There. She’d said it. She’d never asked such a boon before, much less received it, but she had no intention of taking it back. And Casey was showing no signs of hesitation as he proceeded to undo her jeans and let them drop to the floor. He lowered to his knees and slowly pulled her panties down, exposing her waiting pussy for his mouth. Thus, his tongue went to work. Erin’s eyes fluttered shut, she rolled her head and let out a soft moan. One hand placed itself on his head and pressed towards herself. Her head leaned back, and another moan came out, and another. She took hold of his head with both hands, running her fingers through that fiery orange, spiked hair. Oh, God, she wished this could go on forever! Her moans began escalating to gasps. As the excitement slowly intensified, her eyes suddenly popped open, as she went from gasps to cries. Louder. Louder. It was coming! She could feel it! She gave a final, earth-shattering scream, and thoroughly drenched Casey’s face.

Erin collapsed onto the couch, her senses whirling. Her head, though a bit hazy, was nonetheless thinking. That had been wonderful. Maybe even a little too wonderful. It was so good that she was eager for more. Also, she wasn’t so sure that Casey could be trusted. As long as this machine was in his possession, he had power. He had power that he could use any time she let her guard down. There was no telling when he might give in to temptation and take her virginity without her consent. When she lost her virginity, she wanted it to be on her terms. She wanted it to be when she was in control of herself, and would remember it.

Hell, she wanted it to be right the hell now!

But first she needed to get Casey ready. "Casey, drop your pants, please."

He obeyed, and she got down on her knees. She rolled her eyes, though, realizing she should have been more specific; he’d dropped his jeans sure enough, but his boxers were still on. Oh well, nothing she couldn’t do herself. She pulled his underpants to the floor, uncovering his still limp piece of meat. She took hold of it, engulfed the head in her mouth and sucked away. As she had hoped, being in a zombie-like trance didn’t prevent him from showing appropriate response to stimuli; the thing in her mouth did indeed swell and harden as she continued to suck.

Once he was hard enough to satisfy her, she released his swollen meat and stood up. "Remove your shirt, Casey," she commanded as she unbuttoned her blouse. Once he had been totally disrobed, and she was just starting to unfasten her bra, she said to him, "We’re going to have sex now, Casey. And we’re going to enjoy ourselves, aren’t we?"

"Yes, we are," he agreed.

"Oh, and when you come," she instructed, "I want you to shot it onto me, not into me, understand?"

"Yes, Erin."

"Good." With that, she seated herself on the couch and raised her legs in the air. "Now get down here and put yourself inside me."

Casey lowered to his knees, allowing her to lay her legs on his shoulders. "Slowly now," she instructed as he moved towards her. Slowly, deliberately, he eased his way in and punctured her. Erin winced with pain and let out a low and painful groan, a bit surprised at first, but remembering then having heard that the first time was supposed to hurt at first. She would just have to bite her lip and endure it until it got better. She gritted her teeth and waited, as he stroked in and out. Gradually, with each stroke the pain began to fade, and she found her hips starting to move with him as if they had a will of their own, and her hand began working her clit. Her breathing steadily intensified, eventually accompanied by vocal sounds. "Faster," she suddenly said between gasps. As the sounds out of her mouth grew stronger and her body motions become more vigorous, at last a jolt suddenly shot through her, and her body went stiff. Her body then grew limp for a moment, but only for a moment. Casey wasn’t finished.

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