tagMind ControlMind Frequency Ch. 02

Mind Frequency Ch. 02


The feedback I got told me you liked the first one, but didn't have a lot of suggestions for the second one. So I just played by ear to come up with something I think is even better than the first one. I hope you agree.

Work. Ugh. Not that his job ever really thrilled him, but today especially Casey found it unappealing. The back of the counter of the Burger King had never looked so disgusting. His passionate afternoon with Erin yesterday simply refused to get out of his head. After that, looking at a cash register and a line of hungry customers was like following a delicious cheesecake with a plate of broccoli.

He and Erin had barely spoken at school today. In the classes they had together, they had exchanged a number of long, sometimes sensual glances across the room. They had met briefly during the lunch period, but that meeting had been filled by more awkward silence than actual words. They exchanged a little "Hi," and "How’d the studying go?" Neither of them seemed able to say anything important, no matter how hard they tried.

The afternoon had gone by equally uncomfortably. The task of homework had simply dragged on and on, as every few minutes he would look over to the phone, waiting for it to ring, wondering why he wasn’t going over to pick it up himself and call her. Everytime he closed his eyes, even if he just blinked, he could see himself just as he emerged from the thrall, hammering away at her, staring down her bare, beautiful chest, his equipment disappearing into her again and again. Then, hours later, it was time for work. There had never been a longer day.

Well, time to face the music and get on to the next customer. "Hi, what can I get—" He suddenly looked at his customer and went silent.

"Hi Casey."

"Erin, what are you doing here?"

"We need to talk."

"Yeah, I know, I’d love to, but now is really not the time for it."

Erin sighed. "Casey, I’d like us to say more than a few short sentences before it’s tomorrow."

Casey was beginning to lose patience. "Okay, I think we’ve done that now, and I’m getting paid by the hour here, so either order something or stop holding up the line." Erin scowled. "Look, Erin, don’t think I’m not happy to see you, but your putting my payroll on the line, okay! We’ll talk when I get off."

The guy behind Erin was developing a serious bug up his ass. "Hey, did I walk into some kinda youth club by mistake, or can I actually order something, damn it?"

Casey and Erin exchanged a look, and Erin moved aside.

As it turned out upon inspection of the time, Casey only had about a half hour left for the day, so Erin wasn’t kept waiting long. As soon as his uniform was packed up, Casey stepped out and said, "Let’s go outside."

Their conversation outside the building started much like their previous meeting: silent. When the silence finally became unbearable, Erin said at last, "So what are we going to do?"

Casey looked at her questioningly. "Do?"

Erin’s look turned incredulous. "With the machine!"

"Oh." Casey suddenly cocked an eyebrow. "We?"

Erin shrugged. "Well now that I know about it, you can’t expect me to just let you have all the fun, you know!"

"I see." Casey said. Then he said nothing. Neither did Erin. Silence again.

That is until Erin started chuckling. "You know something really ironic that I realized in school today, is that I’m a spaz who just had sex in a school with a lot of popular virgins!"

Casey thought, and began laughing with her. "Hey, that is interesting!" They laughed some more, then it died down…silence again…then an urgent thought came to Casey’s mind. "Oh, speaking of which, I wonder if, you know, we happened to…if you…as a result—"

"I’m not pregnant," Erin cut him off. "I checked."

Casey breathed with relief. "Okay. But we’ll have to be careful about that next time."

"Now that’s another thing I think we need to talk about," Erin added, "the possibility of there being a next time. We need to talk about us. Especially considering this mind-control gizmo we have that we’re more than likely going to end up using to get a bunch of other people in the sack."

"Is that your prediction?" Casey smiled. "Okay, well, I guess if we’re going to be fair about, you know, sharing this thing, we should probably alternate ownership of it every week, maybe on Monday or something, and we should probably blah blah blah blah…"

Casey was still talking, but his words were beginning to become incoherent. At least to Erin’s ears they were. She found her mind beginning to drift. She wasn’t paying any attention to his words; it was his lips she was looking at. Those tempting lips. In a burst of unrestrained need, Erin suddenly grabbed Casey’s head and pulled him into a ravenous lip-lock. Her arms wrapped around him in a death hold, and she rolled them around along the wall, ultimately knocking into the trash cans and dropping to the ground. Her hand began rubbing his bulging crotch through his pants, while his hand reached down under her skirt.

"Erin? Erin, I’m talking here!"

"Huh? What?" Erin suddenly snapped back to reality. "I’m listening!"

Casey cocked an eyebrow. "What were you thinking about?"



"Look, whatever, just what were you saying?"

"What I was saying was we should probably take turns with the machine, like every week," Casey explained again.

"Yeah, I caught that part."

"And I said we should keep tabs on each other, and keep each other informed as to how we’re using it."


"And I said that I’ll hold onto it this week and let you have it on Monday."


"And then I was going to get into the part about us, but that was when I noticed you looking kinda spacey and concluded you weren’t listening to a word I was saying. Thus we arrived at this moment."

"You know what," Erin said, "maybe we should just leave it at this for tonight. Maybe we should just let the us thing pan out. And we make sure that anyone we decide to…well, screw…stays under for the whole…session. No one else knows about this."

"You’re really okay with us doing it with other people? After what we did yesterday?"

"Oh come on, what else are we going to use it for?" Erin smiled. "To take over the world? A little hard when you can only keep a hold on people for two hours you know! That’s only really enough time to use someone as a love slave."

"You’ve got a point there," Casey mused.

"But we’re going to have to be careful not to go overboard with this," Erin added. "This much power is a big responsibility, you know!"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"At any rate, I don’t we should get like…involved, you know. We’ll regard yesterday as a fling." Erin noted the questioning look on Casey’s face and said, "This doesn’t mean for a minute that I don’t love you, Casey. I’ve loved you since I even liked boys. I just don’t think we should be a couple or anything just now. That way sleeping with other people won’t be considered cheating. And if we end up doing it again, it’ll be just another fling."

Casey began to chuckle. "You know, this is weird!"

"Don’t I know it! Uh, which part of this specifically were you talking about?"

"I’m talking about hearing you say these things. Until now, the only time I’ve heard you talk about sex was the sex-ed course in bio class. Now you couldn’t sound more casual about it if you tried."

Erin shrugged. "Well what can I say?" Almost against her will, and without even much conscious knowledge of it, she started inching closer to him. "Yesterday was good. I enjoyed it. A lot. I want more."

Casey couldn’t help being painfully aware that Erin was coming slowly closer as she said these words. "Do you want to do it again?"

The concept hit her like a bolt. Was that precisely what she had in mind, or the last thing on her mind? She honestly didn’t know. She did know one thing, though: It certainly wasn’t without appeal. Okay, well that was putting it mildly. She loved the idea. But her conscience didn’t. Yesterday’s ordeal had certainly awakened an animal in her, yet her moral voice hadn’t changed, and it was telling her that she shouldn’t. If she slept with him again tonight after yesterday, who was to say they wouldn’t do it again tomorrow? And the day after? And the next day again? They’d become the very thing she just said she wanted to avoid.

"No. I should really be getting home now anyway."

Casey noticed she still hadn’t stopped inching forward. "Why do I not believe that?"

"No, Casey, really, we shouldn’t."

She was still moving. Her eyes were locked to his, and the look he saw in them was one of powerful, urgent longing. Apparently her heart was waging a violent war with her head. She didn’t look like she believed what she was saying any more than he did. He stepped closer to her and gently took hold of her shoulders.

"No, no really, I need to get home, really…" she said as she drew ever nearer to his face. The anticipation killing him, Casey decided to break the tension and engulfed her mouth. As he expected, she made no attempt to resist him but returned the favor eagerly. They embraced fervently, hands moving everywhere, as he moved his lips to her neck. Her mouth being free allowed her to continue the protests that both of them were ignoring. "No, no, no, we shouldn’t, no, no…"

Casey raised his head and looked at her, and simply, coolly said "Shut up."


With that, they locked lips again with even more fervor than before. Their lips began moving about almost as much as their hands. Erin took a moment of having her lips unoccupied to ask "Is anyone watching?"

"You’re right," Casey said between kisses, "let’s go around to the bushes behind the building." He took hold of her and lifted her off the ground, and she responded in kind by throwing her legs around his waist. He hoisted her over to the chosen spot, all the while neither of them able to cease their frisky activity for an instant.

He steered them around behind the bushes before leaning back just enough to allow her weight to bring him crashing down onto his back. As she continued to ravage his face he reached down under her skirt and slid her panties down the length of her legs. As he reached her knees, she took over the task and finished removing them before going to work unfastening his belt. She released his engorged meat and, straddling him on her hands and knees, positioned herself above it and dropped her hips down as he guided it in.

Her hips began churning, and her breath came hard and loud, but other than that her position remained more or less stationary: straddling him on her hands and knees, staring into his eyes. They went on thus for at least twenty minutes, lost in the throes of gentle passion. Eventually Casey reached up and removed her glasses. This seemed to brighten the moment even more, as he stared into her luminous, forest green, and now uncovered eyes. Erin would have expected this to hinder the moment for her, but somehow it didn’t. She was just close enough to him that she could still make out clearly his shimmering cerulean eyes, and that was all she was concentrating on.

The sound of a cell phone suddenly went off. "Is that yours or mine?" Erin asked between gasps.

Another cell phone rang then. "That one would be mine," Casey said.

Both of them simultaneously answered their phones, neither of them stopping what they were doing. "Hello?" they both answered.

"Yes, Mom," Casey said, "I got kinda held up."

"Hi, Mom," Erin said. "It’s okay, we got caught up."

"Erin showed up and we, uh…got into discussing a few things."

Erin put a hand over the receiver to gasp a few times, then continued. "I went to see Casey at work, and he’s off now, so we’re going over some stuff."

"Yes, I’ll be home shortly."

"Eleven. Right."

"Bye," said both of them before dropping their phones off to the side and locking lips.

They ultimately came almost simultaneously, and Erin collapsed into Casey’s embrace. They made out for a few more minutes, then Erin rolled off of him and they lay side by side, catching their breath before either of them spoke again.

"So," Casey said at last, "what do we do now?"

"We get home is what we do now," Erin said, pulling her panties back on. "I still say we really shouldn’t have done this."

Saying Casey didn’t care would have been the understatement of the century. "I know," was all he said.

Erin hesitated. She wasn’t exactly sure how to properly dismiss herself. As much as she’d enjoyed what they just did, she didn’t really feel happy with herself right now, but she didn’t want to just give Casey the brush off for the night.

As it turned out, she didn’t have to. Casey beat her to it. "Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?"

"Uh, yeah…"

"Okay…" And he got up and left.


Casey came to school the next day with a lot on his mind. Erin had herself approved of them using the machine to turn people other than each other into sex slaves. This week was his turn to use it; today was Wednesday, and he had to give the machine to Erin on Monday. Thus he had until Sunday to make good use of his uncle’s gizmo. The first thing he had to do now was select a target. It was difficult, but by lunch time he had narrowed it down to a list of three choices.

Sofia was a girl who was all about performance. She was the drama teacher’s pet, had a featured role in every school play (especially the musicals), led the cheerleading squad, and occasionally, when she could, would break out dancing in the quad for no real reason at all. She had light blonde hair, gray eyes, a fairly pale complexion, and a slender body that could move as if it were made out of rubber. Casey was eager to test just how flexible she really was.

Katie was, essentially, the little girl of the senior class. She was relatively short, with a very sweet and innocent face. She had straight brown hair and a pair of innocent blue eyes that frequently looked afraid. She approached almost everything with a gentle touch. She’d had sex once before, and apparently regretted it or had been frightened by it, and had been rather reserved about it since. Casey found the idea of making this cute little girl do some nasty things to be quite a turn-on.

Joyce was nothing less than an Asian doll. She was more absorbed in her looks than any girl he’d seen, and half the time he saw her she seemed to be getting into her makeup kit and reapplying her mascara or something. She was hailed as the leader of the so-called "fashion squad," the girls who were always deciding what clothes were in and what ones weren’t. Casey wondered what she might look like underneath all those stylish clothes.

Of course, he planned to do all of them sooner or later, and eventually some others to, but for now it was just a matter of choosing which one to be first. And once he’d done that, he’d have to get her alone long enough to have his way with her.

As it turned out, chance happened to drop the solution to both right into his lap. In economy class, sixth period, the teacher assigned them a poster project to be done in pairs. She added also that she didn’t want them working with friends, or they would spend all their time yapping about other things and not get anything done. He just happened to share that class with Sofia, so when the word was given to select a partner, Casey went straight for her. The arrangement to meet at her house that afternoon to work on it was quickly made. It was so easy it was almost unreal.

Casey made the preparations before leaving, in case a moment alone should prove unattainable. He set the frequency to cover the standard range of fifteen feet, and stuffed it into his bag. If only it didn’t make his backpack so damn heavy.

She greeted him at the door casually, as nothing more than a work partner, naturally. Casey decided he had to plan this carefully. He concluded it would be best if they worked for an hour or so before he went to work, or they might not get anything done, and she might wonder how she missed the time passing when they were done.

So they worked, and researched, and drew on their piece of poster board. Casey waited, and waited, and waited, checking the clock every two or three minutes. At some point, Sofia casually flipped her hair. Time seemed to snap into slow motion as he watched her, and at last he could bear it no longer. He got up and went to grab the gizmo and to put his plan into motion.

Sofia turned around in her chair to follow him. "Where you going, Casey?"

"I just need to get something out of my bag. Just keep working, I’ll be back with you in a tick."

Thankfully, she turned back around. He couldn’t blow it with Sofia like he did with Erin. This had to stay under wraps. She couldn’t be allowed to see the machine, or have any clue as to what was going on. Casey fitted a neutralizer to his ear and, keeping one eye on Sofia, threw the switch.

The pen in Sofia’s hand suddenly dropped as her hands flew up to her ears. Casey could only see the back of her from where he was, but he could see her body curled forward, her head bobbing up and down, and he could hear the cry of distress she was making. The induction process was only something he’d seen once before, and it was still a little difficult to watch. He could console himself some with the fact that it only lasted a few seconds, and the victim would never remember going through it.

When the process ended, and Sofia’s hands dropped and she raised her head again, Casey commanded her to stand up and face him. She obeyed, and stood motionless, staring off into space. Now what to make her do? Should he just take her now? No. He didn’t want to just do it and get it over with. He’d selected Sofia for a reason. He wanted to remember this. Sofia was a performer, and she was going to perform for him.

"Sofia," he commanded, "dance for me. Show me a sexy dance." Then he added, "And I want you to be happy about it."

Instantly the human mannequin before him came alive. She showed off all her sexiest moves, each one thought up right on the spot; thrusting her curves outward, running her hands over her body, and staring enticingly at him with her shining gray eyes. She was a natural! Then he had an idea: "Let’s make it a strip dance now," he said.

Voom! Off flew Sofia’s shirt in a single, simple motion. A smile cracked its way into Casey’s face as he watched this. She was goooood! Keeping her eyes on him, she turned sideways and bent over, thrusting out her ass, and slide her pants down. Then she kicked them aside, and continued dancing in her lingerie. She turned her back to him, allowing him to watch as she unhooked her bra. She tossed it aside, and turned back around, hefting her boobs in her hands.

Casey decided he was ready to unleash his swollen dick and tell her to come over and service it. Or maybe he should let her get her panties off first. Oh well, it didn’t make that much difference. Not yet anyway…

The front door of the house suddenly opened, and someone came inside! "Hello? Sofia?"

Oh, shit!

"Sofia, stop! Put your clothes on, quick!" She obeyed without hesitation. "Get back in the chair," he commanded once she was fully dressed again. She sat back down, and Casey switched off the machine and then took off the neutralizer and stuffed both into his bag just as Sofia’s mother knocked on the door.

Sofia got up to answer it, completely unaware that anything had happened. "How’s it going in here?"

"Oh, great!" Sofia smiled. "Oh, Mom, this is my partner, Casey. Casey, this is my mom, but you probably already figured that out."

Casey stood up and grinned sheepishly, doing his best to conceal his disappointment. "Hi."

"Hello, Casey."

Casey glanced at his watch for no real reason in particular. "You know what, I wish I could stick around, but the time’s kind of gotten away from me here, so I guess I’m going to have to take off."

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