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Mind Fuck


by Zebulon

The true erotic pleasure of using mind control to fuck someone lies in fucking with their mind. It took me years to figure this out.

I was twelve when my powers first started to develop but I was too timid to use them. My earliest experiment was to get a lady in a grocery story to pick out the exact tomato I was looking at. Later I got a man in a diner to drop his fork and then spill his drink. For a while I thought I might be nuts. It took me over a year to convince myself I really had the power to control others. It took me much longer to try anything interesting.

I was a senior in high school and still hadn't thought about using my powers for sex. Well, actually I thought about it all the time. I just hadn't worked up the nerve. Then one day, I was in the library when realized I was alone with one of the prettiest girls in the school. I can still see her fuzzy sweater and pouting lips. I concentrated a bit and made her fall deeply asleep. Then I nervously walked over and felt her up under that sexy sweater for half a minute. I was flushed with triumph as I scooted out of the building and woke her again. Such was my sex life at the time. I was such a nerd.

Things got better in college, but not much. I started out where I had left off in high school. I went through a phase of having sex with sleeping girls in their dorms. By the time I graduated, I was having zombie-like dates with girls who did everything I desired of them and then remembered nothing. But these robot-like encounters were not very satisfying. There is an essence to sex which involves a girl's conscious participation. Without it, sex is just masturbation.

During college, I also had a couple of real dates with real girls. I mean, dates with girls whose minds I wasn't controlling. And these were much better than the mind control sex. So while I liked the idea of using my powers to get sex, I didn't know how to get what I really wanted.

Money was obviously no problem, so after college I concentrated full time on honing my powers and trying to figure out how to make them work for me. Within a few years I found that I could feel the emotions others were experiencing. Soon after I began to read thoughts. I can now read them with a fair degree of accuracy. It took me a few years to really develop these higher level abilities and it took almost that long to figure out how to make best use of my gift. But learn I finally did. The breakthrough came in L.A.

I'd invited myself to a big party being thrown by a producer. It was being held in a huge mansion up in the Hollywood Hills. There must have been a couple hundred party goers and some of the most beautiful and talented women I'd ever seen. I'd spent hours wandering around, meeting, eating, drinking, and making merry. I was also checking out the talent. This was like a sexual smorgasbord. There was everything here. Beauty, intelligence, sensuality, dominance, submissiveness, lust, and kinkiness of all kinds. You name it; it was there. So many possibilities. So many combinations. I'd been busy using my powers to make money for about a week and hadn't bothered with sex. So I was randy as hell and wanted this night's entertainment to be exceptional. That's why I was taking my time.

And that was the key to my discovering the secret of great Mind Control sex. I could have anything I wanted. What did I want? Instead of trying to conjure something out of my own imagination, I was reading the thoughts of some of those wild sex-pots and getting ideas based on their lusts and needs.

I kept coming back to this one delightful little brunette. Well, not that little. Her name was Robin. She was 5' 6" and had a perfectly wonderful figure. Not too thin, not to heavy, fabulous curves, a lovely face, and an even more adorable personality. She was a 23 year old journalist wannabe working for one of the studios in their PR department. She was rather inexperienced but full of all kinds of repressed sexuality. And she was homophobic as hell. That's what gave me the idea. Robin had been badly scared by an experience she had as a college freshman. There was this powerful erotic memory of kissing a girl at a New Year's Eve party.

Since she had gone to the party without a date, Robin ended up hanging out with this other girl. Midnight came. They were both just a little drunk. And they kissed. It turned into quite some kiss. As they were breaking it off, the girl gave Robin's tit a little squeeze and an inviting look. That sobered her up quickly. She stammered something about 'happy new year,' and ran. Since then, she'd been with a number of men, but the party kiss was the most erotic sexual memory she had. She beat off to it frequently and hated herself for doing so. The idea of being a lesbian ran counter to everything she had been taught by her family and church. And I was pretty sure she really wasn't gay. She might have been Bi. But I think she was far more hetero than anything else. She'd just gotten caught up in a strange moment and couldn't get it out of her head.

Yet there was something about Robin's feelings and vulnerabilities kept by libido boiling. Something in my mind was nagging at me because of some other party-goer I'd sniffed out earlier. Now who was it? There were so many. I kept Robin on the hook while I mulled it over and suddenly I remembered. Heather. That's right. Now where had she gotten off to? Heather was a true lesbian. Definitely. And a kinky one at that. She had been in a long- term BDSM relationship with another girl but that had ended a few weeks before. Heather had been a 24/7 submissive but was secretly curious about playing the Dom. She had asked her girlfriend to switch for a day and been severely punished for it. That's what led to the break-up. And that also gave me one hell of an idea.

Heather had a rich head of auburn hair. As a submissive she'd kept it long. But now she was wearing it shoulder- length. She'd come dressed in a flamboyant kimono. She was a couple of years older than Robin. She was also a couple of inches taller and was wearing heels to boot.

The two girls had a very similar body type. Truth be known, both were stunning. Heather had sharper features and, while quite attractive, she didn't have the classic Greek or Roman beauty of Robin. But Heather's face was more interesting. I loved the combination.

So I made a couple of innocent suggestions which got the two girls in the same room at the same time and gave them a careful twice-over. Perfect. But here is where the angel of good sense landed on my shoulder and made me slow down. I didn't want to rush this. I was getting so horny I couldn't stand it. But the situation was delicious. I think I was teasing myself. I wanted this to be great. So I stalled and mulled it over.

I planted a suggestion in each of them to be sure neither girl would leave. Then in a moment of inspiration I made them keenly conscious of each other. Robin found herself aware that Heather was watching her and found herself intensely attracted and repelled at the same time. Heather became aware of Robin and started thinking how wonderful it might feel to make the little bitch lick her cunt. Without any other influence on my part, both girls started getting seriously aroused. Robin's heart rate nearly doubled. Heather was already wet and very sensible of the fact. So I turned them loose to wander around the party and thought about it some more.

I had scoped out the mansion when I first arrived. There was a whole wing off-limits to the party goers with two bouncers to ensure privacy. This was perfect. From the mind of the producer, I learned there were a half dozen rooms including a huge master bedroom. But I wanted to check it out for myself, so I just walked past the guards like I didn't exist. The room was even better than I'd expected. There was a huge bed, a great chair in the corner from which to watch the show, and an attached bathroom. When I returned to the party, I made a few additional security arrangements. We would not be disturbed and no one, including the producer, would enter the closed wing until very late the next day. In fact, our host would suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to drive up to San Francisco when the party was over. I'd love to know how that one turned out.

I finished making my little arrangements and went back to find the girls. Heather was easy. She was hovering around one of the buffet tables with a distant longing expression. Robin was nowhere to be seen. Had Robin somehow gotten away? I read Heather's mind and smiled. Her distant longing was directed at one of the bathrooms where Robin was hiding out. And once I knew where she was, I could read her mind. Robin was beating off. In an instant, I was rigid with anticipation.

Robin had found herself being stalked by this mysterious intense redhead and had been so repelled that she'd gone to hide out in a bathroom. But she'd also been so turned on that, almost without realizing what she was doing, she had hiked-up her skirt and pulled down her undergarments. Then she sat on the pot and started fingering herself. If I hadn't intervened I think she would have come fairly quickly. Instead she suddenly got the overpowering feeling that someone was listening at the door. Maybe it was the redhead. She pulled herself together, cursed herself for being stupid, checked her make-up, and left the bathroom.

Heather brightened at her reappearance. It took a moment for Robin to find her in the crowd and shuddered inwardly when she finally did. I was as ready as I've ever been. This was going to be great. It was show time.

* * * * *

Who was that strange woman in the oriental dress and why was she following me? Why I was so aware of her? Why was I having all these weird thoughts and feelings. Why I didn't I leave? Why was I getting so hot?

I'd jumped at the chance to come to the party. Here was a real opportunity to do some serious networking. I thought I might even arrange a freelance writing project if I could make a good enough impression on someone worth interviewing. I was dressed in my casual-professional-sexy outfit and was wearing my best 'dumb-blond' personality. I knew men find me attractive and I don't mind using that to my advantage. If I could get an interview because some bigwig thinks I'm cute, that was OK with me.

And everything was going great. I'd actually talked to a couple of very important names. One of them had even given me a card and told me to call his people. Then I just zoned out. It must have been the punch bowl. I remember I was looking at the punch bowl and it reminded me of Laura and the New Year's party. I'd been soooo drunk that night. No matter how I try, I can't seem to lose the memory. She had such soft lips. And when I close my eyes, I can still smell her perfume and feel her fingers . . .

Well, anyway, that was the end of the party for me. I couldn't get Laura out of my head. The next thing I knew some strange woman was staring at me and following me around. What did she want? Was she trying to hit on me? Why was I getting so aroused thinking about her? God, I can't believe what I was doing in the bathroom. I've never ever done that before. But I was so turned on.

And then I lost track of her. When I came out I remember looking around and wondering, 'where are you?' Then I spotted her by the punch bowl.

She must have been waiting for me. She was looking straight at me and smiling like she knew what I had been doing. I zoned out for a second time and lost track of her again. When I came back to myself I scanned the room for a few wild moments. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. An electric charge raced down my spine and I swear it settled in my clitoris. I must have flinched like crazy. It's a good thing I wasn't holding a drink. I froze. I could feel her warm breath on my ear.

"Come with me," she said. Her voice soft, gentle, and commanding. Her hand slipped off my shoulder and gently raked down my back as it dropped. For a moment, I didn't move. Then I turned and saw her walking off. If ever there was a time to run and hide, this was it.

But I found myself following. I had started walking after her before I even realized I was doing so. And my panties were damp. I could feel them cling as I moved. What the hell was happening to me?

The woman walked into a dimly lit hallway between two very brawny men who seemed to be security. They ignored her completely. As I walked up, I expected to be stopped. But they ignored me too. It was like I was invisible. I looked back after I was well past. Neither of them had even moved. When I turned back into the hall the mysterious woman was gone. This would have been a perfect time to scoot.

I started to tremble as I began to inch my way down the strange hall. It was kind of dark but that wasn't why I was moving so slowly. I was scared and I was horny. I couldn't believe how horny. There was something about that woman something about her eyes. I wanted to scream, but I just kept moving. There were lots of doors, but none of them seemed right. And still no sign of her. By now the party noises had faded away. The house must have been well insulated and the party was losing steam.

After an agonizing time creeping along in the semi-dark I came to the end of the hall. The door on the right was open, but somehow I knew the closed door on the left was the correct one. I stood in front of it and waited. I couldn't bring myself to move. I was trembling so much I could actually see my hand shaking in the dim light. I finally got ready to knock when I felt her hand on my shoulder again. This time, she had gripped me with some force. I froze. I'd almost peed myself.

"Well, little darling," she said, and pulled me around to face her. "Well, well, well." She was looking at me like she owned me and smiling in a way that sent more shivers down my spine. "Very nice," she almost whispered, "very nice, indeed." She looked me over slowly from head to toe. "Turn around." And to my amazement I did. I turned in a slow full circle so she could get a good look at me.

The strange woman smiled and then removed a thin sash from around the waist of her oriental dress. She reached up and draped it around my neck and then grabbed the lose ends together just where my breasts met. "Come," she said with another wicked smile.

Then she moved past me, opened the door, and entered, pulling me along with her. I felt like a dog on a leash.

I was so focused on my weird situation and on the woman who was leading me that I hardly noticed the room. I remember that it was very big and there was a huge bed. The woman pulled me to the foot of the bed and then turned to face me.

She didn't let go of the sash, but reached up her other hand and started stroking the side of my face. It felt unbelievably nice. Why? I could feel myself getting even damper. I really had to get out of there, but I couldn't seem to move. I tried to say something, but all I could do was to form the word, 'please' with my lips. No sound came out. The woman leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and gentle. My eyes seemed to close of their own accord. 'Oh, Laura.' For a few moments it was just her lips, then I felt the tip of her tongue.

I wanted to scream. I was so hot. I finally got my hands to move and brought them up in a half-hearted attempt to push her face away from mine. She used her free hand to brush mine away. The whole time she hadn't released the sash and she hadn't stopped kissing me. And then I realized that she had been unbuttoning my blouse because once she had swatted my hands away, she went back to the last few buttons.

This realization gave me some added strength. I reached up with both hands and grabbed hers. She broke off the kiss. "Please, . . ." I finally was able to get out.

Her face darkened. "Please, what?" she said in a very commanding voice.

"Please, . . ." That's about all I could get out.

She let go of the sash, pulled her hand free from mine, and grasped my breasts with considerable strength. It was almost painful.

She used my breasts like handles and shook me as she repeated, "please, what?"

I couldn't speak. Couldn't move. Couldn't breath.

"I know what you want, bitch," she said with some force. "So don't fuck with me." Then she released my breasts and quickly finished unbuttoning my blouse and undoing my bra. She pulled both off of me and let them drop to the floor. My nipples were hard. Her sash was still hung around my neck and the feel of the silky fabric against my skin was maddeningly erotic.

And still I hadn't said anything or made any real move to stop her or to run away. I was more excited than I can ever remember. I couldn't believe how wet I'd gotten. If almost felt like I had actually peed a little even though I knew I hadn't.

For a long moment neither of us moved. Then the woman leaned forward, kissed one of my nipples, licked it a bit, and then and rubbed her cheek against it almost to dry it off.

I made one last effort to assert my will. I reached up to pull try to pull her face away. It wasn't a very good effort. But it was too much interference for her. She broke off her attentions to my breast, spun me around, grabbed my waist and pulled me back toward the bed. Then she pulled the sash off of my neck. I heard the bed groan as she sat. She used the sash to tie my wrists together behind my back. I did nothing to stop her.

I could feel my heart thumping. When she was finished, I heard her 'humpf' as if she were inspecting her handiwork. I felt her unbutton and unzip my skirt. It fell to the floor around my ankles. She spun me back around, grabbed the waistband of my pantyhose and panties and looked up into my eyes.

"You like being controlled, don't you?"

I wanted to say 'no.' My lips were moving but nothing came out. And I knew the flush on my face and heavy breathing was giving me away.

"You like this, don't you?" she asked again.

And again I said nothing. Tears were forming in my eyes. I looked straight ahead and tried not to think about what was happening.

The woman reached around with her free hand and clenched one of my rear cheeks. Her touch was almost gentle. She pulled me in more closely to her and then tugged my panties and hose down around my thighs. There was nothing I could do. I felt her hand move to my crotch. Her fingers sank into the warm, wet folds of flesh. I felt a flash of raw lust come over me. My legs were trembling. I found my feet had moved further apart to make it easier for her. When had I done that? I was more ashamed than I had ever been before and more turned on as well. Was this the real me?

I looked down and the woman was still looking up at me.

"What's your name, Sweetpuss," she asked.

"R. . . ., R . . ., Robin," I finally managed to say in a very small voice.

"Well, Er-Er-Robin, I think you like this very much." There was a smugness in her expression. "Don't you?"

I didn't say anything, but I'm sure my expression gave me away.

"Don't you?" she asked again. This time more sternly.

And again, all I could do is to look mutely back at her.

She suddenly looked very severe and pulled me quickly down across her lap. She slapped me very hard on my naked behind. It hurt. I tried to cover myself with my hands before she hit me again.

"Don't do that." I heard her rasp. "Don't do that!" she almost yelled. "You get your hands out of there right now!" With tears in my eyes, I pulled my hands up to the small of my back.

For a long moment nothing happened. Then she spanked me again with three more hard slaps.

I was blubbering like a baby when she pushed me off of her lap and I landed on the rug at her feet.

She only let me lay there crying for a few seconds. "Get up," she said. "Get up NOW!"

It wasn't easy with my hands still tied and with the pain in my rear. I must have looked very clumsy. But I got up and stood a few feet away, facing her.

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