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Mind Fuck

byMany Feathers©

By the time Jared was six years old, his parents knew he had a unique ability. At first, they were worried that he would turn into some sort of idiot savant, much like the character Dustin Hoffman portrayed in the movie 'Rain Man'.

Early on, they had taken him in to be examined by several Doctors. Jared had remained quiet, shy and aloof, giving some credence to that prognosis and assumption. Yet, as time passed, and as Jared grew, he proved everyone wrong. He was intelligent enough to have seen and taken the wisest choice possible to keep himself from being treated as some sort of freak, a human Guinea Pig for scientists to pick a part and examine.

After all, Jared had the unique ability to read minds.

It wasn't as though he could read everyone's mind, or worse, be bombarded with multiple conversations taking place whenever he went to the grocery store with his mother. It didn't really work like that. It was more like tuning in to a station on the radio. Sometimes Jared would hear something inside his head, crisp, clear and distinct. Within seconds he could pinpoint where the thoughts were coming from. Other times, he would get what seemed like a faint buzzing in his ear. If he was curious about it, Jared could 'tune' the buzzing he was hearing until the thoughts came to him just as clearly as those times he seemingly stumbled into them. He had tried on numerous occasions to 'dial' into the thoughts of his parents or friends. But there again, he was never successful in being able to do that. It just happened. But whenever it did, as long as he held onto that channel or frequency as he came to think of it, he could clearly hear whatever that person was thinking as though they were actually speaking directly to him.

He'd been lucky as well as wise with his physicians. Even at an early age, Jared learned to keep much of what he could do to himself, no matter how tempted he had been to try and exploit it, or show it off as some kind of magical trick to amuse his friends with. By the time he had reached his teenage years, he had seemingly lost the ability to be able to read anyone's mind, though his family had come to think of it as more intuitional rather than anything paranormal. Which is exactly what he wanted them to think of course. Even when he had known their intentions, things he could have easily sidestepped, Jared often marched boldly on as though knowing nothing of what their plans were for him. Particularly in chores that he found distasteful, which he could have easily pawned off onto his older sister, or younger brother.

The hardest thing for Jared to overcome was temptation. Throughout high school, he could have on numerous occasions used his gift, his ability to make school that much easier. But he was smart enough to know, that there was always a suspicion, always the nagging wonder if he was doing that. And as such, Jared had to be extremely careful about what he did with whatever information he heard or learned from. For the most part, it became simply another tool to help him learn. But if he benefited unfairly by the use of specific thoughts he happened to overhear, he would most often in those cases purposely sabotage that advantage, especially with regards to any tests he was required to take.

Jared was intelligent enough that he needed to appear average, even if he knew he was anything but.

By the time he had graduated high school, ranked well within the normalcy of most of his class, he began to re-think his position regarding his ability. After all, he did want to be successful without appearing as though he were overly so. But even more importantly, though he wasn't interested in settling down or getting married, he certainly was interested in meeting women that would like him for who he was, and not for what he was.

He had dated little if hardly at all. Most of the girls he had been with or taken out, thought of the silliest, or most stupid things whenever they were with him. If anything, it was an emotional, mental turn off. Far more mature at his age than most, even the girls who were supposedly more mature turned out to be nothing more than mental fluffs of candy-cane thoughts that dissipated into insignificance as far as Jared was concerned. And as such, he formed few if any real significant relationships with anyone.

Jared was reasonably handsome. Though even in this he had often downplayed his more striking features. He had a full head of thick dark auburn hair, emerald green eyes, and at just under six foot, kept himself physically fit enough that he could boast of a tight 'six-pack' stomach though it was a rarity that anyone ever saw him in this fashion.

Initially his intention had been to attend college. Like any kid however, his newfound freedom in being legally of age and out of his parent's direct control, caused him to put that future goal temporarily on hold. Jared decided he wanted to travel a bit, see the world...have some fun.

He soon moved out of his parents home, located a cozy, yet affordable apartment and began working as a waiter at a small outdoor café where the food was good and the tips made working there certainly worth his while.

He had just finished seating three very attractive women, all as he guessed to be in their late twenties or early thirties when he picked up on one of the woman's thoughts. Patiently waiting to take their drink orders, he stood by as they casually glanced over the wine and liquor menu. He had asked each of them if there was anything in particular that they liked, or that he could get them. Having said that, a millisecond later he heard the tall good-looking brunettes thoughts as he stood beside her, and while she continued to look intently at menu, not even glancing in his direction.

"What I'd like, is for you to bury your face inside my pussy," she'd thought, much to Jared's secret delight as he stood there tuned directly into her thoughts. "Or maybe, follow me into the bathroom and fuck my brains out while waiting for our lunch to arrive," she added to herself smiling at him almost smugly.

"I'd like a gin martini for starts, then a nice Caesar Salad," the brunette told him, handing over her menu a moment later.

Jared reached for, taking the menu from her, but doing so in such a way that his hand lightly touched hers in the taking. He smiled at her disarmingly so, having practiced that particular look in front of the mirror on more than one occasion. The brunette smiled back, almost blushing at him when she did.

"Oh if you only knew what I was thinking," she told him still smiling.

Jared took the rest of everyone's orders, no other thoughts coming to him except for those of the brunette. And as he had learned so long ago, once he was tuned into her particular frequency, he could hear everything she was thinking. Only distance, or purposely tuning her out would eventually break that connection.

"Could you tell me where the restrooms are?" she asked.

"Follow me," Jared replied courteously, going so far as to stand behind her taking her chair as she stood excusing herself to her friends.

"I'll be right back," she said with a wink smiling at them.

As though they were somehow reading her mind, one of the other women quipped almost suggestively, "I'd be careful if I were you Jared," she began, having obviously noticed the name badge he was wearing. "It's her Birthday, and if we know Janice, she just might be making a birthday wish with your name on one of the candles if you know what I mean."

Everyone had a good laugh over that while Janice, as he now knew her to be, stood up 'pooh-poohing' the girlish tease from her friends.

"Debra, you're so horrible!" she exclaimed with an accusatory remark.

But Jared noticed she was smiling even more broadly as she finally stood up and began to follow him through the restaurant back to where the restrooms were located.

As they entered the interior of the café, Jared spotted Jenny one of the other waitresses. As they were a close-nit little group, everyone got along very well, so it was no real concern when he stopped briefly by Jenny on his way back towards the bathrooms.

"Hey Jenny, do me a favor?" he asked.

"Sure Jared," she said with a wide-open smile.

"Would you mind turning in this lunch order for me? And then take their drinks out to them? I'm gonna take my ten minute break now," he told her quickly, and in doing so, letting Janice know as he did that he was suddenly 'available' though she wasn't aware of his true intentions yet of course.

"This way," Jared said turning back towards her.

He could sense her confusion, though the words spoken inside her head were nearly as incoherent as the jumble of emotions and thoughts he was hearing from her as she continued to follow him. Finally reaching the short darkened hallway, Jared pointed towards the rear where two small one-person restrooms sat, one his, one hers.

"Down there," he stood indicating with a wink and a nod.

He was sure she expected him to turn and walk away. Instead, as she headed down the short hallway, Jared followed. She looked briefly over her shoulder towards him, curious, not quite alarmed.

"I'm taking a ten minute break," he assured her, telling her something she'd already heard moments ago. "We have an employee lounge just around the corner," Jared added. "But don't worry, I'll be back in time to serve your lunch to you myself."

Jared actually heard a mental laugh from her upon saying that. "Damn, and here I was hoping that you'd actually follow me inside," she responded to herself.

Jared had learned a very long time ago that there really was a big difference when someone entertained serious thoughts, or when they were merely flights of fancy. It had a lot to do with the tone of thought, just as much as a person's verbalized tone of voice. Same held true for ones thinking. And as far as he was concerned, Janice had been thinking more seriously than merely fantasizing her wishes or desires. True, he was taking a bit of a risk here to be sure, but he was also confident enough in his abilities to know when someone was serious enough in their thoughts as opposed to thinking silly. Janice wasn't. She really did want him, and he certainly wanted her.

Jared knew she'd expected him to turn. As she put her hand on the door pushing it in, he followed. She was so surprised, that her momentum carried her in even further than she realized, allowing Jared to slip in quickly behind her closing the door. She could have screamed, yelled...cried out in alarm. She didn't, but he was also aware that he could easily lose control of the situation any moment now.

"What are you doing?" she asked worriedly.

He had to act fast. "I saw it in your eyes," he told her.

"Saw what in my eyes?" she said backing away from him, actual fear starting to take hold of her now.

"That you wanted me to fuck you, as badly as I want to fuck you," he said boldly. "If I'm wrong, just say so and I'll leave right now. Lunch, drinks...everything will be on me. But If I'm right, and I think I am, then consider this as the best damn birthday you've ever had!"

She continued to stand there staring at him. But at least she wasn't screaming.

"Come on Janice, we only have ten minutes before either one of us will be missed, if you really do want this as badly as I do, say so...or I'll turn around and leave right now. So, which is it?"

He knew the answer before she even spoke the words.

"Lock the door," she said with a lust-filled gleam in her eyes.

Jared reached around behind him doing just that as she began hiking up the short black skirt she'd been wearing.

"Turn around, face the wall!" he said authoritatively.

She did. Moving behind her, he placed his leg between hers, spreading them. Once she had, Jared reached up yanking down her pantyhose as well as the black bikini briefs she was also wearing. Seconds later she stepped out of both having also kicked off her shoes. Unzipping, he reached inside withdrawing his hard swollen member, laying it against her backside so that she could feel the firmness of it resting against her near-perfect heart shaped ass. Lifting her blouse up and away from her skirt, she quickly unbuttoned it while Jared reached beneath flipping her bra up and over her breasts until each one filled his hands.

"Oh God fuck me!" she thought.

"I'm going to," he responded, answering her unspoken words, though she was too delirious with desire to have noticed.

She was wet. Really wet. But then he knew that she would be. Standing a short distance away from the wall, Janice bent over, leaning against it as he slid his angry swollen cock inside her in one quick powerful thrust.

"Oh God! Oh God! Yes...Yes! Fuck me Jared! Fuck me!" she begged excitedly.

And so he did.

It was probably a damn good thing no one else came down the hallway to use the restroom. If they had, they would have heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, loud, hard and repeatedly. Thrusting his prick inside that sloppy slick pussy, Janice was moaning and groaning loud enough that he actually began to worry someone might eventually hear them. As he began to twist her hard erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, she leaned over biting into her arm so as to muffle the sound of her orgasm as Jared felt it unleash, sending a torrent of additional female nectar bathing his still rapidly fucking prick into her from behind.

Upon hearing her pleasure, Jared allowed his own climax to quickly join with hers. Spurting ribbon after ribbon of gooey hot sperm inside her quim, he waited until she was completely satiated, only then turning to face him thus forcing his prick to quickly withdraw.

Though certainly no virgin, this less than five minute fuck had been one of the most intense most interesting encounters he'd ever had.

"No one's going to believe this!" Janice said as she began buttoning up her blouse once again.

Jared finished fixing himself, and then bent down to retrieve the brunettes discarded panties and panty hose.

"Well, there is ONE way," he grinned mischievously.

Sticking her black lace panties into his front pocket, he allowed one portion of them to peek out at the corner. Janice burst out laughing as she slipped her panty hose back on, checking herself in the mirror one last time to ensure she still looked somewhat presentable. Jared laughed when she seemed more than satisfied and happy with her hair being slightly disheveled.

"Let me check the hallway," he told her listening for a moment at the door before opening it to peek out. "The coast is clear, head back to your table and I'll see to your lunches."

Jared watched as she quickly made her way out back to her table before following at a discrete distance. Making his way over to the window where Al, their short order chef placed all the completed dishes, he watched as Al just finished serving them up. At that moment he saw Jenny as she came over to check on one of hers too. She looked at him giving him a brief smile. When she did, he heard that familiar buzzing sound, somewhat surprised, as he hadn't often picked up on Jenny's thoughts, tuning in.

"I know what you were doing back there Jared," she thought to herself. "So why is it you never come on to me?" she stood wondering as she waited patiently for her tables orders.

Jared turned back towards her. "Thanks for covering my table Jenny, I really appreciate it."

"Oh, no problem honey," she remarked. Jenny was always calling everyone honey, but for some reason, she seemed to put a little more emphasis on the word this time as she spoke to him.

"You know, I'd really enjoy taking you out some place fun one evening, if you're ever interested," Jared added.

He was pleased by the expression on her face. He'd caught her off guard for one thing, vulnerable in her not so secret thoughts.

"I'd really enjoy getting to know you better," he added.

Jenny's face split into an excited look even as she thought briefly to herself before answering. "Only if you promise to do to me what you were doing to that slut in the bathroom!"

"Well? How bout it Jen?" Jared pressed, using the more affectionate nickname she normally went by.

"Well, if you really are interested, I'm off Friday night."

"I have to work, but I have the early afternoon shift, so I could be there around 7:00, maybe 7:30? How's that sound?"

"Sounds good to me!" Jenny giggled back.

"Ok you two. If we're all done playing kissy-kissy here, we have customers waiting!" Al shot through the open window at them.

Jared placed the orders on his tray quickly running them out to the three women, one of which he knew was sitting there with her cunt full of his cock-juice.

Once he'd placed their respective lunches and asked if there was anything else anyone needed, he made his way over to another table where two new customers had just been seated. With his back turned, he focused his attention on what the three women were saying. Though he wasn't reading anyone's mind at the moment, he had also learned to enhance his ability to listen, even to the quietest of conversations short of an ear-to-ear whisper.

"You did not!" Jared heard one of the women saying as she spoke to Janice.

"No really Cindy, we did. He just followed me inside the bathroom, and the next thing I knew, he had his cock inside me and was fucking me silly!"

"Yeah...right," Debra spoke joining in. "You weren't gone that long!"

"I'm telling you...we did! We really, really did!"

Jared finished taking his new customers orders, reached down and pulled Janice's panties from out of his pocket. Wading them up into a tight little ball, he concealed them inside of his hand. Making his way back to their table, he pressed himself between Janice and the woman he now knew to be Cindy.

"By the way," Jared whispered conspiratorially leaning over. "You forgot these!"

He placed the small wadded up pair of panties into her hand, smiling wickedly at each one of the women in turn.

"Anyone else have a birthday coming up soon?" he questioned. Both Debra and Cindy sat there with their mouths agape as Janice grinned at him appreciatively.

"Thank you Jared," she said seductively. "I'll make sure I leave you a really nice tip too!"

"You already did baby," Jared said turning and walking away. Hearing as he did Debra's sudden thoughts.

"Well that fucking sucks!" she told herself. "How come Janice gets all the lucky breaks anyway?"

A short while later, Jared brought out fresh drinks, "On the house!" he said telling them. Along with each, he had scribbled down his phone number on a small napkin.

"Just in case anyone else is interested in a little naughty fun," he hinted with a leer. "Feel free to call me."

Even as they left, he could hear both Debra as well as Janice thinking nearly the same thing. The way things were going, Jared was going to have a very busy weekend, which he was excitedly looking forward to.

There wasn't much else that caught his attention in an exciting way except for a brief quick moment when he spotted Jenny standing around the side of the café enjoying a cigarette on her break. It was busy, so he couldn't afford a lot of time to stand there, tuning into her thoughts, but what he did get was bits and pieces of some sort of fantasy she was currently enjoying, much of which involved his fucking her ass. Jared grinned, turned and went back to finish waiting on his tables, looking more than forward to his upcoming Friday night date.

Jared stopped by the grocery store on his way home. He wanted to fix a romantic little dinner for Jenny on Friday, culminating in what he hoped would be a wildly erotic evening of ass-fucking her. As he made his way over to the produce department, he picked up on that familiar little buzzing sound and decided to check it out. Especially when he spotted an attractive looking woman who he guessed was in her late forties to early fifties. She was currently browsing through the cucumbers having picked up several, looking them over as she did.

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