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What a decadent picture they made... two sweaty lovers clinging to each other like shipwreck survivors, amidst a severely rumpled bed that looked like a tornado had swept through it. How had it come to this, she thought dreamily.

Jess' upbringing had been sheltered, mainly because just after she hit puberty, her parents noticed all the leering, lascivious stares that men were giving her. Normally, being an attractive brunette would have been enough to warrant their attention. But along with her shapely figure, all Jess had to do was bat her baby blue eyes in a male's direction and they were instantly captivated.

She moved away from home when she started college, leaving behind her worried parents. What a joyous and liberating experience it had been for her. Released from the burden of their shelter at last, she made many new friendships and went to so many wild parties that it was a natural conclusion that she'd finally lose her virginity. Applying herself nevertheless to her studies, she graduated with honours and established herself in the business community.

Shortly thereafter, she met her boyfriend Mick. He seemed so knowledgeable and possessed such an air of confidence that it was easy to be drawn into his charm. However, they had dated for a while before she realized that he was harbouring an arrogant, vindictive nature. He took great pleasure in publicly humiliating people and never missed an opportunity to slander someone's character, if they dared to have a difference of opinion. She would have left Mick if it weren't for one thing... his brother Jake.

Jake and Mick were roommates and she often thought to herself that if there were such a thing as a dream man, Jake would definitely have been it. He was tall, dark, and handsome, with the most extraordinary Caribbean Sea coloured eyes, but in spite of his good looks, he was unusually modest and quiet. He kept such a tight rein on his emotions, yet she sensed a smoldering volcano of passion lying dormant within him. He aroused her, both mentally and physically, and the wistful hope that one day he would unleash his ravenous need on her plagued her dreams.

If Jake had ever given her any inkling that he was interested, she would have gladly dumped Mick in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, he seemed to go out of his way to avoid her when they happened to be alone, and every once in a while she'd catch him staring at her with an indecipherable expression. The closer she tried to get to him, the further he would withdraw, and it frustrated her to no end. She knew the situation was hopeless but she couldn't leave, he seemed to have such a strange hold over her.

So, one night Mick asked her to stay over but then was called away on business. He wasn't sure how long he'd be gone so he asked, or rather ordered, Jess to stay and she grudgingly accepted. Heading towards the bathroom to put away her toiletries, she thought she was alone until she heard her name. Cautiously proceeding, she paused outside the partially open bathroom door, and peeked inside. To her astonishment, Jake was frantically stroking himself. His eyes were clenched shut, his pants were opened just enough to allow his turgid length freedom, and he was so focused, moaning her name over and over. Fascinated, she watched him until her shock wore off, then quietly tiptoed back to Mick's room. She couldn't believe what she saw! Was that why he was always so aloof? He wanted her and it was making him feel guilty? Sinking weakly to the bed, a wonderfully luminous smile lit her face.

Later that evening, they shared a pizza in complete silence, both of them deep in thought. Every once in a while, Jess would glance up and catch Jake staring at her, with his usual unfathomable expression. Definitely feeling more confident since her revelation, she watched him wipe his mouth with a napkin and couldn't resist teasing him. Leaning forward, her braless breasts swung heavily in the thin t-shirt that she was wearing. She brushed a finger across the corner of his mouth and held it in front of him for his inspection. 'You missed a spot' she murmured, waiting for him to open his mouth and suck the sauce off her finger. His eyes darkened and his breathing picked up slightly but he refused to oblige. Shrugging, she brought the finger to her lips, licked it delicately, and then slid it into her mouth while boldly holding his gaze. 'Mmm, delicious. You should wear sauce more often. I'd be more than happy to lick it off for you.' She grinned when he audibly groaned.

Her gaze dropped from his eyes to his mouth. What delectable lips he has, she thought. They were so inviting and she couldn't resist the urge to sample them. Getting up, she sauntered over to him. Placing her hands on the arms of his chair, she pressed her breasts against him, her hardened nipples stabbing his chest. She leaned forward and slowly nibbled on his lower lip, enjoying the texture and taste of him. He shoved her away so suddenly that she staggered back, struggling to regain her balance. His eyes held an unusual expression... was that fear? 'I was just cleaning off more sauce for you' she lied smoothly.

He got up, visibly shaking as he turned away, but before he could hide it, she noticed the bulge in his pants. 'When are you going to let go and just give in to your needs, Jake?' she called out, before he could escape.

With a roughened voice, he mumbled, 'I don't know what you're talking about, Jess. Make sure everything is locked up, I'm going to bed.'

A few hours later, she was lying in Mick's bed and couldn't get the image of Jake masturbating out of her mind. The more she thought about him, the wetter she got, her pussy aching for him. Jerking into a sitting position, she thought, why not go for it? He obviously wanted her and she most definitely wanted him, so why not put themselves out of their misery?

Opening the closet, she pulled out a skimpy peach nightie that Mick had bought her a while ago. She couldn't bring herself to wear something so revealing for Mick but felt no such qualms with Jake. Slipping into it, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. The sheer material certainly seemed to be draping around her curvaceous figure lovingly. It reached the top of her sleek thighs and was held up by two thin straps. The plunging bodice could barely contain her firm breasts. Smiling, she smoothed her palms down her body, then ran them through her thick, wavy hair.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she crept towards Jake's room. Silently opening his door, she leaned against the doorjamb and gazed at him. He was lying on his bed naked, apparently asleep, the sheets tangled around his feet. To her delight, he was still sporting that impressive hardon. Just the sight of him caused her to throb unbearably.

As if sensing her presence, his eyes opened and he glanced over at her. Smiling shyly, she slowly started running her hand up and down her body, sliding over every dip and curve. Hungrily, he stared at her, taking in her very skimpy attire and the luscious body that it had no hope of hiding. When her movements caused the material to rise, briefly displaying her trimmed mound, he groaned softly.

Emboldened by his response, she walked into his room and straddled his lap. That's when he seemed to rouse from his trance-like state.

'Jess, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!' He tried shoving her off but she stubbornly grabbed a hold of him and hung on, feeling him freeze beneath her when the little tussle caused one of her breasts to burst free of its confinement. Smiling, she lifted his hand and placed it over her naked breast, which he couldn't seem to resist squeezing.

Absorbed with the plump morsel in his hand, he made no move to push her off. Seizing the opportunity while he was distracted, she positioned his cock against her drenched entrance then slowly sank down, his textured length rubbing against her sensitive tissues. When he was fully inside her, she paused, both of them moaning loudly at the shocking sensation of penetration, it was so arousing. She waited as her pussy desperately tried to accommodate him, stretching with a mixture of pleasure and pain, then holding onto his chest, started riding him, watching his eyes.

'Tell me how much you want me Jake' she murmured.

His pupils expanded as he glanced down dumbfoundedly to where they were joined, as if he couldn't believe she was actually there. 'You're out of your mind!' he growled, thrusting up into her.

'Am I?' she purred, taking his unwitting cue and riding him harder and faster. 'Come on, tell me that you want me, Jake. I want to hear you admit that you've always wanted me.'

He shook his head and gasped, 'You're my brother's girlfriend for Christ's sake, what the fuck has gotten into you?'

Grinning, she sighed, 'You... and doesn't it feel amazing?' She desperately wanted him to let go of his damnable control and unleash the animal that she knew was in him. She craved for his lust, needed him to give himself to her completely. He squeezed her breast harder, gripping her hip with his other hand, bucking up into her, but would not heed to her request.

Frowning at his stubbornness, she suddenly lifted off and stood over him, enjoying the glazed, lust filled look he was giving her. His hard, glistening penis begged for attention and his hands still clenched in mid-air. 'Well, since you don't want me, I'll leave you to get some sleep then.'

Smirking, she had taken no more than a couple of steps when she heard him growl, 'You goddamn teasing bitch!' just before he reached up and forcefully yanked her back onto his bed. Flipping her onto her stomach, he roughly kneed her thighs apart and rammed his cock deep inside, furiously fucking her. Intent on only one thing: cumming. Reaching underneath her, he shoved his hands into her nightie and grabbed her breasts. Their heavy breathing masked the tearing sound of her gown.

Yelling in unbelievable pleasure, she concentrated on the savage pounding she was getting. Yes, this is what I wanted, she thought, and it felt much better than she had imagined. As he ruthlessly hammered into her, her moans grew louder. She writhed on the bed, hands clenched in fists, as she got closer to that elusive orgasm that she'd never experienced.

He fucked her unceasingly, his thrusts becoming increasingly desperate, until he came powerfully. A loud growl tore from his lungs as creamy streams shot deep inside her abused, excited pussy. Pulling out, he sank heavily onto his back, his cum leaking down her legs.

Gasping, so close to orgasm herself, she turned to him in confusion. He just smiled, 'Thanks for the lay, babe. I'm kind of tired now so get out of my room.'

She stared at him incredulously, her mouth agape, not even trying to hide the tears that formed in her eyes. 'You son of a bitch!' she whimpered, running out of his room in mortification.

Locking herself in the bathroom, she removed her tattered clothing and gingerly cleaned herself. The anger and hurt was almost suffocating her. Jake was supposed to have been different, special, but it was quite obvious that he was just as selfish and immature as Mick. First thing in the morning, she'd pack up and get the hell away from them both. Somewhat appeased with her decision, she sank into Mick's bed and cried herself to sleep.

She had probably been asleep for about an hour when she started having the most amazing dream. Jake was making love to her slowly, whispering sweet and loving words in her ear. Smiling, she murmured, 'Mmm, Jake'.

But then she woke up with a start when she heard him mumble, 'Yeah baby, it's me'. She stared up at him wide-eyed in confusion, which was quickly replaced by anger. He was actually fucking her! In spite of enjoying it immensely, she had no intention of being used so callously again.

'Get the fuck off me, you bastard!' Shrieking, she shoved him away and pushed him onto his back. Pummeling his chest with her fists while she kicked him hard in the shins, trying to give him a small dose of the pain that she was feeling.

Grinning, the excitement of the fight alive in his eyes, he easily wrestled her onto her back and plunged into her. Screaming, she shivered in arousal but fought him like a wildcat, refusing to give in. Chuckling in amusement, he simply lifted her arms above her head and held them in one of his big hands while placing his other hand on her shoulder, effectively pinning her down.

Between jarring thrusts, he growled, 'This is what you want, isn't it bitch?... Did you actually think I'd allow you to have the upper hand?... Your mind games won't work on me... You've met your match baby.'

Panting, she stared up at him with eyes glazed in passion. Her anger dissipating in the face of her overwhelming need for fulfillment. Jake saw the surrender in her eyes and growled in triumph. Letting go of her hands, he clutched her shoulders, keeping her immobile, and banged into her aggressively. She sinuously wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and dug her nails into his back as they writhed frenziedly against each other. It was such delightful torment and she couldn't take much more.

He felt how close she was getting and maddeningly slowed down. Whimpering in protest, she peered in his eyes and saw how they gleamed. He was deriving great pleasure from the knowledge that he was the cause of her aroused, gasping state. Moaning, she thought, It was hard to put the tiger back in the cage after you let him loose, but this is what she wanted: for Jake to finally lose control and use her so sumptuously. Panting heavily, he muttered, 'Mick must have been lying when he told me you were a frigid bitch, I can see how hot you are. Guess you just needed my cock filling your cunt.'

Gasping in shock at his crude comment and enraged at having been discussed so cold-heartedly, she heaved up unexpectedly, taking him by surprise. Pushing him away, she bolted off the bed, her body shivering in unfulfilled longing and rage. 'You fucking asshole! Both you and Mick can go to hell!'

She couldn't believe that she actually heard Jake laughing as she stormed across the room. Chasing after her, he caught up quickly, hoisted her over his left shoulder, and headed back to the bed. She squirmed madly, sinking her teeth into his side, trying to wound him. But screamed in indignation when, in retaliation, he slapped her ass with enough force to leave a red imprint.

Grunting from the effort, he maneuvered her onto her hands and knees and gripped her hips tightly. 'What fire' he growled, just before he forcefully pulled her back, impaling her onto his rampant shaft. Ignoring her cry of outrage, he removed one hand from her hip and wrapped her long hair around his fist. He yanked her head back and leaned forward, so that she could see his face. 'Do you have any idea what it did to me to hear you and Mick having sex in the next room? Having you so near and wanting you but knowing that I couldn't have you? You and I both know that you belong to me and I'm finally going to make you completely mine.'

Holding onto her hair and hip firmly, he fucked her ferociously. His dominance weakened her with pleasure; she was so close to fulfillment but unable to cross the threshold. 'You're the only one I want, Jake, the only one I've ever wanted. Please, help me cum!', she whimpered.

With a groan, he thrust repeatedly deep inside her grasping pussy, bashed his pelvis so hard against her that it was all she could do to hang on. Clawing at the bed, she was helpless against their mutually violent hunger. Leaning forward, he bit her neck ravenously as his hand slid down from her hip to rub her clit roughly. Whimpering from the onslaught, it abruptly became too much. Her tingling body was being suffused by shuddering waves of heat.

The unfamiliar, sensations frightened her. She thrashed wildly, trying to regain control, but Jake stubbornly held on, knowing exactly what she needed. She fought him and herself but to no avail. The feelings just got stronger until they imploded. Arching her back, she screamed in unbearable pleasure as an amazingly intense orgasm ripped through her shuddering body.

Her squeezing, milking pussy set off his response. He grabbed her tits, mauling them, as his savage thrusts became uncontrollable.

Roughly, he pulled her up against him; her back pressed tightly to his chest. His hips pistoned repeatedly up into her until, with an animalistic growl, he spurted his load deep inside her convulsing pussy.

Grinding and writhing against each other, they remained firmly locked, then weakly sank to the bed in complete exhaustion. Turning, Jake pulled Jess into his arms and she clung to him tightly.

After a few minutes of blissful, comfortable silence, Jake murmured, 'Did I mention that I'm getting a new roommate?'

'What do you mean?' she drowsily muttered in confusion.

Kissing the top of her head, he grinned, 'I'm kicking Mick out and you're moving in.'

Glancing up into his beautiful eyes, she smiled, 'Really?'

'Yes' he said, kissing the tip of her nose. 'There's no way I could ever let you go now.'

Closing her eyes in unbelievable happiness, she hugged him. 'Don't worry, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.'


This is the first erotic story I've written, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and don't forget to vote!

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