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I recently read "Now it's my turn" by Aussie Bard where a wife tricked her husband into thinking he had cheated so that she could fuck around. I liked the this story a great deal but I had this idea of the ill used spouse playing mind games in return. This is a standalone story that sets out my take on how such deceit might alternatively pan out. Sex in the story is minimal, while revenge is maximal. This is NOT an alternative version of Aussie Bard's story.


"I was talking to Chloe this morning," Janice announced as we were eating dinner one evening.

"Oh yes?" I responded wondering what snippet of scandal or gossip they had exchanged.

"She's heard that Malcolm James has moved back to Ely."

I felt a pang of concern and looked up just in time to see a flash of excitement in my wife's eyes.

Let me explain.

I was born in the early 1960's in the East Anglian city of Ely.

Two of my closest friends, Janice and Chloe, lived in the same street. We attended infants and junior school together and soon became inseparable.

Malcolm's family moved to our street when we were in junior school and he soon joined our group. Malcolm had an aloof and somewhat arrogant nature and while the girls took to him, I found him a difficult person to get to like.

As for me, well I'm Michael.

In our late teens Malcolm had been Janice's boyfriend. While I had had a few girlfriends they rarely lasted long. My problem was that I had a thing about Janice. I had had a crush over Janice since I was five but I had never had the courage to express my love to her. Things got worse when she hit puberty. At the age of 12 Janice metamorphosed into a thing of beauty. Her long, blonde hair became thick and lustrous, she developed curves in all the right places, including a fine pair of C cup breasts. Janice was one of those lucky to avoid the ravages of acne and was one of the prettiest girl I knew.

I was gutted when she began going out with Malcolm. It didn't help that there was a competitive tension between Malcolm and me. Malcolm saw himself as the alpha male in the group and constantly tried to gain an advantage over me.

I was heavily into sports and played rugby for the local youth team. This kept me fit, gave me a good social life and helped keep my mind off my sex life. It also meant that I was strong and this was the one thing which prevented Malcolm dominating our group. He knew that I would always beat him in a fight.

Chloe, the other member of our group was one of those paradoxes that nature often throws. She was a short, black haired girl with a tendency to being chubby. She had always been overweight but this wasn't helped by her development when puberty hit. She had C cup breasts by the age of 11 and these had blossomed to a good E cup by her late teens. She was also agonisingly beautiful. She had the flawless skin of an "English Rose", the cutest nose and an eternal smile. If I hadn't had such a crush on Janice I could have easily fallen for Chloe. Sadly, her size led to ridicule from many of the kids at school hammering her self confidence. Basically Chloe was shy and she relied on our friendship to keep her afloat.

When we reached 18 there came the inevitable parting of the ways as we headed off to university. Janice and I went to London, me to Imperial college to read Chemical Engineering and her to London University to read English. Chloe went to Newcastle to read History. The biggest surprise was that Malcolm went to the USA to study law.

Janice was understandably upset with Malcolm's sudden departure but seemed to settle down to a student's life in London. Initially I saw little of Janice, preferring to immerse myself in university life. The only way I could see myself moving on in my life was to establish a new life and a new circle of friends. I played in the University rugby team, enjoying the social life that surrounded it to the full. I had always had a liking for the theatre and I took the opportunity to join the university Thespians. Acting suited me like a glove and I soon had parts in a couple of productions. If the truth be known, I deliberately avoided any contact with Janice, I had a deep suspicion that linking up with her wasn't the best of options.

After six months I had a phone call from Janice. She seemed down in the dumps. My immediate reaction was that this had potential for undesirable complications to my life but what could I do? As a friend I at least had a duty to help her so I chose a simple option and invited her out to the pub.

It transpired that she wasn't enjoying university life. Basically she hadn't made any friends at university and she missed our little group. It was obvious that she wanted to go out with me. Although I still had strong feelings for her, it was with reluctance that I agreed to start going out with her. Perversely, I liked the life I had at university. I had good friends, I was enjoying the course and my theatrical activities stimulated my mind. I had a few girl friends and in spite of my feelings for Janice I really didn't want my life to change.

We dated regularly and after a time our platonic friendship became much more and I began to accept the inevitable. I was still deeply in love with Janice but, through great will power, I resisted coming on strongly to her. I wanted Janice to feel the same about me first.


We were married a month after our graduations and we set up home back in Ely with Janice teaching at a local primary school. I took my PhD at Cambridge University, just 10 miles up the road.

Like all newlyweds with little money we couldn't afford a house and we found a small flat to rent. We were effectively living just off Janice's wages so things weren't easy.

I suppose I was lucky that I was able to foresee a niche where I could develop my expertise. While my first degree was in chemical engineering, I chose numerical and computational methods for my PhD. In a word, I immersed myself in all matters IT including programming and computer simulation. Cambridge was fast becoming a technology Mecca in the 1980's and as luck would have it, Peter Bates, a friend of mine from my university days, set up a consultancy based on the outskirts of Cambridge.

One afternoon the phone rang at home. It was Peter offering me a job.

"I need someone to set up and head a new computer modelling section," he explained.

Up to then, most modelling had to be carried out on mainframe computers which were usually too expensive to provide a facility for routine day to day use. This changed with the advent of the PCs and Peter had identified this as a new business opportunity. This was a god given opportunity and I seized it with both hands.

Over the next few years I built the department until we had a cadre of 25 programmers and engineers and a turnover in the millions. In truth, I fitted Pete's organisation perfectly and we became sound friends. After a couple of years I became a member of the board with a salary to match.

Now I was on a decent wage we were able to find a house to buy and we got our first car. Slowly over the next couple of years we furnished and decorated our house and gradually built up our savings. It was at this time that we decided to begin a family. Somehow we always expected that it would be straight forward. We had a strong and vigorous sex life and I found Janice so arousing that I would get a firm erection moments after giving her a kiss. To be honest, we fucked like rabbits.

After six months of no success we visited the doctor. We had a few tests and discovered that I was firing blanks. I had suffered from mumps when I was 13. This had made my balls swell up and basically made me sterile. For many this could have been a marriage wrecker but Janice was both sympathetic and understanding.

"We can always adopt a child," she told me as she hugged me tightly.

Chloe had graduated with a first class degree and like me took a PhD. She secured an academic post at Cambridge University and returned to Ely to live. She had taken control of her life and had lost a lot of weight. The new Chloe was a slim, confident woman with a magnificent pair of tits. (Sorry, I'm a bit of a tit man) It almost seemed like old times with the three of us yet again living within a short distance of each other. That is except for Malcolm.

While Janice and I had a good relationship, I had always had this nagging feeling that maybe Janice had shacked up with me on the rebound. I firmly believed that our marriage was strong and I for one would do anything to keep it together but I always had that feeling in the back of my mind that Malcolm was still somehow in the picture. What would happen if Malcolm ever chose to come back to the UK?


Hearing that Malcolm had returned to the UK brought back all my fears.

"Well I don't see what that matters to us," I replied. I had no desire whatsoever to meet Malcolm again.

"Oh come on, we were all best friends," Janice replied.

Damn she could be annoying. "take those rose tinted glasses off," I snapped. "You know full well that I never got on with him. He was a arrogant, pompous, prick."

"You're just jealous because he's so successful," Janice retorted spitefully.

"Are you suggesting that I'm not successful?"

"Well no..." Janice began. "I'm just saying..."

She tailed off, not sure what she was saying.

"I have the life that I want," I interrupted. "I'm sure you'll agree that our life style reflects our own success. I need nothing from Malcolm, I need to learn nothing from him and I doubt that he has anything he could teach me. In fact, you have no idea how successful he has been. Or do you?"

Janice didn't reply. She looked more than a little shocked at my reaction.

"I have no desire to meet him and that's all there is to it." I told her as I left the room.


I wasn't surprised when we received a call from Malcolm a week later. He invited us to dinner at a very nice restaurant just outside Cambridge. Initially I resisted going but Janice, through a combination of begging and threats, changed my mind."

The food was good and Malcolm was intolerably smug. He was full of what a big shot he was in the US legal scene and how great his life was compared to our hum-drum existence. Janice positively gushed over everything he had to say leaving me to sit, struggling to control my temper.

"What an arrogant fuck!" I muttered as we got into the car. "The prick is as insufferable as ever." Janice didn't reply and was silent throughout the journey home.

I sighed in dismay when a few days later Janice announced that she and Chloe had organised a party to celebrate Malcolm's return. I cringed at the idea of another evening of his insufferable arrogance.

"Don't be a misery," Janice protested. "Malcolm is an old friend and in any case it's been ages since we went to a party. You'll be able to relax and have some fun for once."

Chloe greeted us with a warm smile when we arrived at the party. She guided us to a quiet corner and brought us drinks. The place was packed and Malcolm was sat in the corner of a room holding court to a number of women. Flash bastard!

For the next couple of hours I was constantly pampered by Janice and Chloe. They ensured that my glass was always full and that I had plenty to eat.

"You've been looking stressed over the last few months," Janice whispered in my year, "Chloe and I want you to have a great time tonight."

The fact that both women were cuddling me was more than a little disconcerting -- things didn't seem right.

After a while Janice left to mingle, leaving Chloe to ply me with booze. I usually have a pretty hard head when it comes to drinking but the room was beginning to swim. Chloe leaned over me and with a smile whispered:

"Come upstairs, I've got something to show you."

The room swayed as I stood up and I nearly fell.

"Careful big boy," Chloe giggled as she grabbed my arm.

Once upstairs, Chloe guided me into a bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and crawled over me. God she was beautiful! I could actually smell her arousal. She was ripe for fucking but this was wrong.

I tried to get up. "This is wrong, Chloe," I protested.

Chloe pushed me back and began to pull off my trousers.

"Janice told you earlier that we want you to relax and enjoy this evening. We meant it."

Shit! Was Janice endorsing this? My head felt fuzzy and I felt unable to refuse. Damn, why had I drunk so much?

The human cock has no conscience. In spite of my reservations, I was turned on and my cock sprung free as my pants were pulled off.

"Oh that is nice," she husked as she reached under her dress and pulled her panties to one side.

She slid over me and deftly mounted my cock. Suddenly I was buried, bollock deep, in the tightest, wettest, sweetest pussy ever. Chloe fucked me hard, moaning loudly.

"Oh god, Mike, I need this," she cried out.

"What the fuck!"

I froze as I heard Janice's shout.

"You shit! What are you doing fucking my best friend?"

Janice didn't wait for an answer, she simply slammed the door and stormed off.

Chloe rolled off me, her face white with shock.

"Janice?" she whispered before bursting into floods of tears.

If I hadn't been so shocked I would have been surprised at Chloe's reaction. As it was, I was more concerned with sorting things out with Janice.

Our car was gone by the time I got outside. I had a 2 mile walk home.

The house was in darkness by the time I got home. Our bedroom was firmly locked and Janice refused to respond when I knocked on the door. I finally retreated to the guest room.


I found Janice sat at the table in the kitchen the next morning. I poured myself a coffee and sat down opposite her.

"Janice, I want to apologise for last night, it was a misunderstanding," I began, trying to repair the damage.

Janice glared at me coldly.

"That was no misunderstanding! You don't end up in bed with my best friend by accident." She hissed.

Janice sipped her coffee and paused a moment.

"I spent the night thinking about this and what it means for us. At first I was ready to divorce you without a thought but in spite of what you've done to me, I still love you and I hope we can work through this."

"I love you too," I protested.

"Please let me finish," Janice snapped. "The fact is that you hurt me badly last night. No one likes to be betrayed, especially with a friend. I've decided that if we are to get through this then you need to feel my pain. I intend to have an affair."

"But two wrongs don't make a right!" I gasped, not liking the idea one bit.

"You have a choice Michael. You can accept that I intend to have an affair or we can divorce. I cannot live with the pain of your betrayal otherwise.

The simple fact was that I couldn't envisage life without Janice. I had loved her for more years than I could recall and divorce was the last thing I could stomach.

"I don't like the idea one bit but I can't image life without you," I reluctantly conceded.

Janice gave a look of grim satisfaction and left the room. In a short moment I heard the front door open as she left the house.

The door slammed as she left, leaving me to ponder what was to come. I really wasn't in the mood to skulk around the house all day so I packed up my fishing gear and headed down to the river for a few hours.


Janice was sat in the lounge when I got home.

"Sit down Michael," we need to talk.

I sat in the chair facing her.

"Malcolm is coming around tonight," she announced.

My heart sank. "Why?" I asked, knowing what was coming.

"I warned you that I intended to have an affair," Janice sneered.

"But Malcolm?"

"Would you prefer it if I picked up some stranger in the street?" Janice snapped. "At least we know Malcolm."

"Quite frankly, yes! I would prefer anyone other than Malcolm." I snapped. "What if I beg you not to do this, would you listen?"

"You've hurt me badly, I warned you there would be consequences," Janice snapped back.

"What about our marriage?"

"You endangered our marriage not me!"

"I assume you've deliberately chosen him knowing how much we dislike each other and the additional hurt it will cause me. Well you've made your mind up but don't expect me to be here when he arrives," I told her.

"Oh no, you have to stay. I saw you in bed with Chloe, I want you here to experience what it feels like."

I shrugged and left the house for the pub. There was no point in arguing, she had me by the balls.

"What you want and what you get are two different things," I shouted over my shoulder. "I will not stay here while you fuck that half-wit."

I'll make no excuses, I got wasted that evening. I sat in the pub and buried a serious amount of booze. Harry the landlord was a great friend and made sure I got a taxi home.

"You're too pissed to drive mate, I've got your car keys and you can collect them tomorrow."

I could hear the sound of fucking coming from our bedroom as I entered the hall to our house. Damn! That fucker was using my bed to screw my wife. I felt sick. I couldn't stand the sound of infidelity anymore and staggered to my study.

I collapsed on the recliner in my study and thanks to the booze slept like a dead man.

I was awoken the next day by the sound of the door bell. It was 11 pm -- shit I had slept well! To my surprise I had hardly any hangover, I just needed a piss and a drink.

My study would be better described as my sanctum sanctorum -- the place I retired to, to work or enjoy tranquillity. It housed my library, my HIFI system and cinema, the main computer server for the house, my two computers and all I needed to communicate should I choose to work from home. I had also installed a toilet and a fridge for drinks.

I heard the security system kick in as the front door was opened to let in our visitor. I sat down at my desk, flipped a couple of switches bringing the CCTV feeds to my PC monitors and sipped an ice cold coke.

One of my work sidelines was the development of state of the art security systems. Every room in my house contained concealed CCTV and microphones. Motion detectors identified the presence of anyone in the room and triggered the monitoring systems. All video and audio feeds were captured in occupied rooms and stored on my server. All very slick and quite automatic.

Our visitor was no less than Chloe. Janice greeted her with a smile and a hug and led her into the kitchen.

To use a common phrase, I was gob-smacked. After all the aggro of the previous night, what the hell was Janice doing greeting her like an old friend. What the hell was going on?

"So what was the big idea at the party?" Chloe asked, her voice subdued. "You told me that I could sleep with Mike no strings attached. You then storm in just a few minutes after we started shouting at us, why?"

"Sit down Chloe," Janice asked in her "pretty please" voice. "Please forgive me, I'm afraid I misled you a little. You know that Malcolm is back well I have some unfinished issues with him. I wanted to catch Mike being unfaithful so that I would have a justification for linking up with him."

"What issues?" Chloe demanded.

"Although we went out together for a long time, we never had sex and it's been something I've wondered about for years."

"Ah, so you wanted to use me as an excuse for a revenge fuck. Is that right?"

"Yes, that's about it."

"So you used Mike and me," Chloe asked, her voice quavering. "You used me, your friend, to deceive your husband."

Janice didn't reply.

"What about Mike's feelings? We led him on to think that you wanted him to fuck me and then you hit him with this. You're screwing with his mind as well as screwing up your marriage. If you don't love him then you should do the decent thing and get a divorce."

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