tagMind ControlMindOps Ch. 03

MindOps Ch. 03

byMilitary Mech©

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments about this story! I'm glad so many seem to like it. I've decided to try something a little different.... I'm going to post what I have when I have it. It took me a YEAR to get the last chapter out. I don't want to wait that long. I was getting hung up on stupid stuff, especially writing the sex scenes (it seems I don't do that very well..... amazing since I read so many of them!). This chapter doesn't have any sex in it, and the future ones may not as well (although I fully intend for Jimmy to get his brains fucked out several times). Right now, I'm just trying to get this story out!

Please leave me feedback and let me know what direction you'd like to see this go. Especially when it comes to SEX!!!!!


"Echo six, this is echo one. I have target in sight. Awaiting instructions"

"Echo one, Proceed with plan"

Corporal (Cpl) Burke, was looking through his spotting scope at his target. Hazzem Muhamed was a known terrorist, and was responsible for creating many of the IED's that had injured his fellow Marines in the last few months. Muhamed was walking along a semi-busy dirt road on the outskirts of Baghdad. There were several small houses on the road, witch led into the busy market district of the city. Muhamed was probably on his way to the safe house to hand out one of his bomb vests to yet another martyr who would try to take some more infidels with him into the afterlife. Cpl. Burke new that his successful completion of this mission would mean many of his fellow Marines would make it back home alive. Having been given the go ahead order from the "skipper" he initiated his target lock sequence. Cpl. Burke focused on Muhamed and began to send commands.

Stop. Turn around twice. Walk two paces to the left.

Muhamed stopped mid stride, did a complete 360' and moved two paces to his left. Other people on the road gave him some funny looks, but they were too busy with their busy lives to bother with someone who was "touched" and wasn't causing trouble. Burke was satisfied that he had control of the target. His acquisition dance was a bit unusual, but he had learned through experience that it was better to make the target look a little foolish than to not be certain he really had control of the target. That could get people killed.

"Echo six, target acquired. Beginning read"

How far are you from the safe house?

It is two houses down on the left.

How many others are there?


Are they all members like you? Any innocents?

No innocents. They are all members of the martyr brigade.

It was amazing that Cpl. Burke didn't need to know Arabic for this crucial interaction to take place. Somehow his link with the target worked like a 'babel fish' and he could understand everything that his target thought or said while he was linked.

"Echo six, target confirms location of safe house. Also confirms that there are no innocent souls at the location."

"Echo one, proceed with caution".

Given the go ahead, Cpl. Burke instructed his target to move at his normal pace to the safe house and re-verify that the other members of his "martyr's brigade" were present. Once the target had entered the house, it was much more difficult for Cpl. Burke to maintain his lock.

Tell me what you are doing Muhamed. Tell me what is there with you.

I am in the safe house. Abdul, Azeem and the rest are here. My bomb is stored in a covered pit in the back room.

Go get it. When you return to the main room, inform me.

I am removing the board over the pit. The bomb is where I left it. I am disabling the booby trap I left for the damn Americans.... I have the device. I am walking back into the front room.

How is the device fused? How long is the delay?

It is a simple pull handle fuse. There is no delay.

Pull the fuse

I am pull......

There was a muffled "thump", the windows shattered, the roof caved in and a dust cloud rose from the house.

"Echo six, Mission accomplished. Send in the verification team."

With that transmission, a team of Marines from Cpl. Burke's unit moved into the building and verified the kills. In total, twelve terrorists were killed and not a single civilian was injured. The mission was a resounding success. Cpl. Burke snapped shut the lens covers on his spotting scope and got ready to "get the hell out of dodge". After the team's missions, there were usually problems with the local population. Burke wanted to get away as soon as possible and get back to the fire base to a Hot MRE and a cold shower.

Looking back on things, Cpl. Burke had come a long way in a short time.


Jimmy Burke was scared out of his ever loving mind.

What the FUCK did I get myself into!!!!!

It was eleven pm on a Thursday night, and Jimmy was standing on some yellow painted foot prints on the asphalt outside of the in-processing building at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego. He was standing rigidly at attention while a Sargent wearing a goofy looking "Smokey the bear hat" was yelling at him. Apparently Jimmy didn't move quite fast enough for the Sargent. Little did Jimmy know that failure to move with speed and intensity was a major infraction here at MCRD.

"You slimy sack of snail shit! Who the fuck told you to move slow! You will move with speed and intensity while you are in my sand box or I will fucking kill you! ARGH!!!!!

The Drill Instructor (DI) stormed off and began yelling obscenity laced instructions to the gaggle of recruits he had been charged with. The mob yelled back. Apparently they hadn't yelled loud enough for the SGT and he had a small conniption fit about the lack of the recruits ability to father children due to their obvious lack of testicles.

After five more minuets of angry yelling, the recruits were herded into the building and began the process of losing their civilian identities. They turned in all of their possessions. They were given two sets of camouflage utilities and a host of other items. They were moved from the issue point to a huge room with over a thousand seats already full of recruits. They all began to fill out forms and worked late into the night, being harassed all the way.

After several hours being spent filling out forms, the recruits were hopeful that they would be allowed to get some sleep. Little did they know, they wouldn't be getting much sleep for the next few days. They were formed up into ranks on the other side of the in processing building and were given a quick introduction to their new life for the next thirteen weeks.

"My name is Drill Instructor Sargent Johnson. I will be in charge of you assholes for the next four days while we get you ready to drop to your training platoon! Inside of your dity bags, that would be those fucking bags your holding there in your dick skinners, you will find your moon-beams!"

All Sgt Johnson saw in response to his statement was a sea of very tired and very bewildered faces staring back at him.

"Those are your fucking, god-damn flash lights you fucking morons! OK, since you all seem to be dense, here is a quick hip-pocket class on Marine speak! The floor is now the deck! The ceiling is now the over head! The wall is now a bulk head! The shitter is now the head! Your left is Port and your right is Starboard! Now fucking follow me!"

With that, Jimmy began his long journey to become a US Marine.... And God, was he scared out of his ever loving mind.


Jimmy was sitting on his cot in the tent he shared with some of his squad mates. They completed a successful mission and everyone came back to base alive. It had been a good day. After cleaning his weapon and getting a nice cold shower, Cpl. Burke was spending some time thinking about his life. What he really wanted to be doing, was a big no-no. He wanted to be fucking the hell out of one of the female sailors in the medical detachment here on the base. Unfortunately that was a generally frowned upon behavior, and specifically he would be checked up on by his unit because of his special abilities. Its not that they didn't trust him, but the First Sargent (1stSgt) understood the hormonal drives of twenty year old young men. If there was pussy around, they were going to chase it. And since Cpl. Burke had a known ability to control people, the 1stSgt was going to make damn sure that one of his Marines was not going to get into trouble over some damn pussy!

Jimmy thought back to when his abilities first came to the Corps attention. He was a young recruit and simply tried to keep his ass out of a crack.


"Ooh-Rah Sgt. Weisman!"

"Semper Fi, Sgt. Bernard. How goes things?"

"Pretty good. Hey, you know that memo we got in our E-mail last week? The one about recruits that were 'strange'?"

"Yeah, what of it? All of my little weirdo's are strange."

"I think I'm going to submit a report on this one recruit...... He's..... I don't know how to put it, but he's just fuckin' strange. I was in the middle of tearing him a new asshole, and the next thing I new, I was marching the platoon off to chow..... I know I was gonna take him to the pit, but I didn't...... I meant to take him there after evening chow, but when I went to go get him, I kept getting distracted by other shit.... Fucking weird!"

"I think the barber just cut your hair to fuckin' short and took out some brain cells! What, you think the kid's fuckin' controlling your mind?"

"Fuck you! Semper Fi Weisman, I gotta go!"

Little did Jimmy know it, but he was not the first person to have his peculiar ability to make people do things. Far from it, though most people don't have anywhere near the control or expansiveness of abilities. Having gotten the attention of one of his DI's was a mistake that would change his life forever. Sgt. Bernard did write up that report on Jimmy, and sent it on the the director of the special recruit training platoon.


Major Jackman was sitting in his office reading his daily E-mail. Most were the usual E-mails from other company commanders, from the Battalion Staff and from the Depot. There was one that might be promising. It was from a Sergent over in Lima Company. It was in regards to his 'strange recruits' E-mail. Apparently Sergent Bernard felt that recruit Burke deserved some investigation. The E-mail held no specifics, but it was at least a starting point for the Major to take a look at this new recruit. It was not uncommon for Major Jackman to find his new recruits this way. He was always on the lookout for recruits with 'special' abilities.

Major Jackman was one of only two officers at MCRD San Diego that even knew about his special abilities training platoon. Most of the Marines aboard the Depot thought that mind control and telekinesis were science fiction or fables, not real abilities that could be harnessed by the Corps. Major Jackman was responsible for identifying, selecting and training those talented Marines. His platoon completed every training regimen that the other standard training platoons did, and more. His recruits were taught how to hone and use their abilities. Some came to him not even knowing that they had these special abilities. Jackman himself had special abilities. He was able to do a little telekinetics, not much more than move salt shakers around a table, and was also able to see into people and read their minds. He couldn't control people, but knowing what they wanted from you was often more than good enough. While in someone's mind, Jackman could tell if they had abilities, even if the subject in question did not know they had them.

Jackman picked up the phone and called the duty Drill Instructor for Lima Company and made arrangements for recruit Burke to be sent to his office at the earliest possible convenience. Upon hearing that some Major wanted to see recruit Burke, Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergent Watson did what any good Staff Sergeant of Marines would do. He dropped what he was doing, grabbed recruit Burke and double timed over to the Majors office.

"Lo right a leyo, Burke! Keep up!"

"Aye aye sir!"

SSGT Watson and Recruit Burke double timed it over to the majors office with the DI screaming at Burke the entire way. Once they entered the building, SSGT Watson glared at Burke.

"Keep you eyes open, your mouth shut and do exactly what you're told! I will not have you embarrassing me in front of this Major! So help me God, you will spend the next week in the 'pit' doing incentive training if you fuck this up recruit"!

The duo walked to the Majors office, stopped at the door and SSGT Watson pounded on the door frame three times while Burke stood rigidly at attention.


"Enter! Thank you SSGT, I will have one of my staff members bring the recruit back to you. That will be all."

"Eye eye sir!"

The Staff Sergent about faced, glared at Burke and hustled out of the office. Burke was left alone with the Major, trying to remember his class on military courtesy.

"Shit! What the fuck do I do! Do I salute, do I speak, do I ….."

"Stop worrying Burke. I'm not here to fuck with you. I'm here to see if you have what it takes to become a special kind of Marine. How long have you been able to make people do things, Burke?"

"Uhh, Sir?"

"Don't play stupid Burke. I'm one of the 'special' ones too. I can read your mind son. I know that you have the ability to control people. And I can see the wheels turning in your head son. I now see that you were never really sure you had any special skills. Well you do. With training, you should also be able to telepathically communicate with people. You understand what I'm saying Burke"?

"Ye... Yes Sir... I think so..."

"Yeah, you understand. You have some very special abilities Burke. I'm giving you the opportunity to learn how to control your skills. With training, you will become an efficient tool that can save the lives of many, many Marines. You will learn to locate, control and kill targets. I'm offering you the ability to become a member of the most elite cadre of the most elite military unit in the world. I'm not going to lie to you, the training is going to kick your ass. But when it's over you will become part of Marine Force Reconnaissance. I know you're able to handle it. Are you ready to start reaching your potential"

"Jesus Christ! Holy Shit! That's allot to swallow.... what the fuck...."

"Burke, I told you, I can read your mind. It is allot to swallow, but there it is. You need to make your decision now."

"Uh... Yes sir.... I'm ready, I guess."

"Good. If you had said no, no one would have ever heard from you again.... The CIA forces us to pass on all recruits who don't want to play ball.... Scientific studies and such. I'd hate to see you become a lab rat."

That had been almost four years ago. Burk had gone on to finish boot camp, gone to Jump school, Scuba school and completed Recon training. Now he was nearly finished with his second tour in Iraq. Jimmy had earned a bunch of medals that he could never shown anyone, saved many lives and was ready to get back to the USA.

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