tagMatureMindy Ch. 02

Mindy Ch. 02


The next morning quite interesting. You see the night before I was pretty well hammered but how would this all play out when I was sober?

I was in the middle of having a dream about my wife and I breaking-up when it hit me. You guys know when you have that feeling like you have pee. I awoke to Mindy just sucking my penis like it was a melting popsicle. What I thought was the urge to pee was actually Mindy giving me a blowjob.

"Mindy, What the hell?" I blurted out, without thinking about my next phrase.

"Shut up and enjoy." Mindy ordered and went back about her business. She was working my dick over, and then she did what has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Mindy deep throated my cock I could feel it hit the back of her throat.

"OHHHH MMMYYY Mindy you are the best." I moaned as I felt a tingle in m balls again. This time she new what was cumming and quickened the pace, once again she swallowed all I had to offer. Then she crawled up, gave me deep kiss and laid her head on my chest.

"Mindy what the hell are we doing?"

"Well Lewis we are fucking each others brains out this weekend and every chance we get from now on."

"It's been great and all but I don't think I can do this to April."

"Look Lewis if you don't tell her. Nobody has to know, besides would April ever let you explore her ass?"

"No, but I can't keep anything from her. We are very well in tune to each other."

"Look Lewis enjoy the time we spend together fucking that's all it has to be nothing more, nothing less. O.K.? That's all I want. I love Bob also but I need a good hammering like everyone else."

"Ummm," I was starting to get tired again. "Fine Mindy fuck buddies," with that I was asleep again.

"Lewis wake-up we're going to be late for work," slowly opened my eyes and caught Mindy's perfect ass walking out the door. I rolled over looked at the clock it was only 6:30 A.M. we had plenty of time. Mindy and Bob only lived about two minutes from work.

As I layed in bed my mind began to retrace the events of the night before. That's when I reaffirmed that Mindy was going to be my little fuck bunny. With that decision out of the way I began to notice the shower running so I decided to join Mindy. April didn't like to screw in the shower, but Mindy was nothing like her daughter yet so what the hell?

I slowly crept into the bathroom and watched Mindy was her sexy body. First she washed her tits which were twice the size of her daughters but still even better. Then her ass and pussy it was very erotic, and finally her log sumptuous legs. Her body was rockin' and my dick a knockin' "Mindy you have amazing body!!"

"Thank you Lewis. That means a lot to a old lady like me."

"Can I join you in there?"

"Only if you eat my pussy."

With that I was in the shower. They have one of those showers that are big enough to fit like four people, it has three shower heads. I started to kiss back and rub her ass. Mindy spun around and started to kiss me deeply and passionately, all the while playing with my dick. After a couple of minutes making out with her, I moved down to her big tits. I started to lightly lick her areola. With the warm water running gently over her nipple and my cooler mouth they were quickly pointing at the roof. Amazing they were firm almost more firm then her daughters. From there I followed the warm flow of water down her body. I finally found her clit still in her smooth lips and gently begin to flick it with my tongue. It must have been the warm water and my tongue, because she practically collapsed on me. Next thing we knew she was riding my face while, I was lying on my back on the cool floor. I was just getting into it when the hot water ran out. Mindy was grabbing my hair and grinding her pussy against my face when the cold water and the shock must have been enough because she came with enough force to almost suffocated me. Between the cold water running in to my mouth and what air I was getting, my mouth was filled with her warm love juice.

"Holy shit Lewis that was perfect."

"Well, Mindy that was a first I don't think April has ever came with so much juice."

"Let's get out the cold water and finish getting ready for work. Did like my taste?"

"Yes. It was very sensual and erotic. I eat April out all the time and she does come but not with that much juice." I said as I watched Mindy dry her beautiful tits, then flat stomach, great ass, and then her perfect legs.

"Bob never satisfies me like you have in the past twelve hours." Mindy said as she finished drying her legs. She was bent over and her tits were pressing against her legs and she was just watching my dick grow. "Lewis, We need to get to work if we call in then our other halves might think something is up. Besides I don't want to use up all your energy you're going to need it for tonight."

As she walked past the love swing and gave it wiggle. I watched as Mindy put on a pair of crotch less panties on her now bare pussy with swollen lips. "I will see down stairs I'll start breakfast."

I couldn't believe how hard my dick was. I tried to get dressed but all I could think of the swing that hanging in the middle of the bedroom. I couldn't take it I had to whack it.

"What took you so long lover?"

"I had to spank it I was so horny I could not take it."

"Well that's a shame because I was planning on having that for breakfast."

Stupid Lewis!! I thought to myself. Oh well I will get it later. Now I just have to make it through nine hours of work. Hopefully it's a busy day.

We finished breakfast with small talk and soon after it was time to leave for work. On the way there was more small talk, but all I could think of was this beautiful woman fucked, and still wanted too fuck me senseless. As we arrived at work she put her hand on my hand and slowly moved her hand to my semi- hard cock. Then she whispered in my ear," This is all mine later."

Well the morning wasn't to busy and just dragged. Pretty soon it was time for break. Our break room consists of a small table in and off to one side of our receiving area, and of course Mindy works in receiving. I sat on the far end of the table and chit chatted with other employees, but I kept glancing at Mindy. She looked incredible. She had on a white turtle neck, her naturally curly and long hair was down, and she had on a pair glasses she used for reading. (I really dig the look of glasses on some; they just look good on certain ones.)She must of known I was looking because she go this really big grin on here face and blushed a little. In no time flat my break was over and I had to go back to sales floor.

I kept busy the rest of the morning when someone reminded me that it was time for my lunch I got all chipper because Mindy and I had arrived together so we had to goto lunch together. So I called Mindy,"Hey good lookin' what cha got cookin'"

"Why have you been avoiding me today Lewis?"

"What the hell I thought we were just fuck buddies?," was all could think to myself. "Mindy, I haven't been avoiding you I just didn't want anybody to think something was up. Besides you look hot and I know what you put on underneath those clothes."

"So are you saying you're horny?" long pause "Again?"

"Mindy you have no clue. You look amazing."

"Well it's lunch time Lewis maybe go back to house, so we can… Ummm… eat"

"I'll see you at the car in a couple minutes."

"Don't keep me waiting."

Well needless to say like almost everything, something inveriably halted my lunch. So I called Mindy and told to go ahead, disappointed she agreed. Later that afternoon I received a phone call. "Lewis, you missed an incredible lunch. I think I came 3 or 4 times."

"That's nice I might just have to go play with myself in the bathroom now"

"I think you need to come up and look at some grills we received yesterday."

"What, Why……" I trailed off. Then it hit me the grills are kept in the most secluded spot in the store. "Mindy we'll get caught up there"

"Well, I guess you can just CUM around later. Bye Buddy. Have a nice long afternoon.," Mindy chuckled at me.

Needless to say the afternoon drug on and on. At closing time I was gone like a bolt of lightning. On the way to Mindy's I stopped and grabbed a couple bottles wine, when I got back to the car Mindy was gently rubbing her clit through her jeans.

"Jesus Mindy are you horny?"

"Lewis I need so much dick lately and yours is all I care to have." With that she lurched at me and gave me a sloppy and sensual kiss. She sucked and tugged on my tongue like she did my cock last night. I broke the kiss as much as I didn't want to, "We have to be careful. We both know too many people in this town to be caught kissing in public."

"I know Lewis. It's just that lunch wasn't enough for me I need real dick, your dick."

"Trust me you're not the only one horny around here. Let's just get back and take care of these little problems."

As soon as Mindy and I got in the house we engaged in another erotic lip lock. This time with a different result. We stripped each other's clothes off, I cupped her perfect tits, and she cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with other.

"Lewis fuck me hard. I need a good deep dicking." With that she dropped to her hands and knees raising her ass up a little and I got on my knees behind her. I inserted two fingers in wet pussy to test the waters but no prep work was needed. "You really do need a good fuck."

"Quit talking and fuck me." As she pushed back against my fingers and started to rub her clit. No longer did I get my finger out of dripping wet pussy then did I place my dick at the opening of her pussy. "Hurry up I'm going out of my mind!!!" With that I thrust into her warm pussy and could feel her muscles contract around my rock hard cock. "My god I love fucking with you Lewis. Your cock feels sooo damn good."

Mindy pussy was like heaven, better than last night. As much stimulation as I had had that day I couldn't take this humping like it was my last fuck, very much longer. Just as I was about to bust a nut, I felt Mindy's muscle contract and she screamed "OHHH MYYY GOODDDD LEWIS YOU'RE THE BEST FUCK!!!!" With that she collapsed and my cock pooped of her sopping wet pussy and started squirting all over her ass and back. All I could do was grunt and try to stay conscious, the fucking was getting better and so were the orgasms. Mindy managed to reach around with a very trembled hand wipe the cum off her ass. "MMMMM Lewis that was great" she mumbled as she rolled over onto her back.

I was a little light headed from all the excitement, plus I was still hard as a rock. I laid down next to Mindy. She reached over still kind of trembly and played with my semi-rigid cock. "I can't wait for tonight, it has only just begun" This is the start of beautiful thing.

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