tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMindy Gets Africanized

Mindy Gets Africanized


Mindy Rutledge graduated from college with a degree in primary education. She came from a well-to-do family and there was no reason to immediately find a job. Her career plan was to teach for five years or so, marry well and raise a family.

When her application to the Teach Corps was accepted, she was thrilled. She figured it would give her the chance to travel a bit. When she was assigned to a grade school in Africa, she wasn't pleased. But she had signed up and was committed for a year. Plus, the Democratic Republic of The Congo didn't sound so bad.

Mindy was assigned to live with an old missionary couple on the edge of a small village. Their house was large and reasonably modern. The school building to which she was assigned was close by but trips to the village required use of an old Range Rover that had no roof or seat belts.

Two weeks after arriving, Mindy felt comfortable with her new surroundings. Classes had started and she enjoyed working with the youngsters, most of whom were bright and eager to learn.

After school one day, Mindy returned to the house and asked the missionary if she could borrow the Range Rover to drive to the village. She had only been there once since her arrival but thought that she could purchase some decorations to liven up her class room.

She was wearing a prim khaki skirt that was just above her knees, a light blue blouse and running shoes and socks. After wandering the village and purchasing a few items, she started to head back to the house. It was starting to get dark. She was dismayed when she realized the vehicle's headlights didn't work.

On the way back, she failed to take the correct route when the road forked. After driving a few minutes in the fading light, Mindy grew apprehensive. The road was starting to turn into more of a path and she realized she had taken the wrong turn. She managed to get the Range Rover turned around and retraced her tracks.

Anxious to get back before dark, Mindy was driving too fast with too little vision. When the antelope bounded in front of the jeep, she screamed, jammed on the brakes and yanked the wheel. The animal bounded away, avoiding a collision. Mindy and the Range Rover weren't as lucky.

Taken away

The Range Rover's right front had smashed into a large tree. Mindy had leaned away from the impact and was thrown through the open side of the vehicle. She landed hard on the dirt road and was knocked cold.

Mindy awoke groggily. She tried to remember where she was and why she was sitting in the middle of a road. It was dark now. She started to recall the events, then turned to look at her wrecked transportation. Steam and hiss rose from the crumpled hood.

She stood up slowly. Her left shoulder ached. She reached up with her right hand and felt the rip in the blouse at the shoulder. It felt like a scrape. She managed to rotate her arm so she knew it wasn't broken, just sore.

Mindy's heart was thumping from the post-accident adrenaline and from her situation. She figured she could walk back to the missionaries' house. She thought the fork in the road wasn't far away and once she got on the correct path she'd just walk until she got there.

She went to the Range Rover to retrieve her belongings. The impact had scattered things across the floorboard and the passenger seat. As she gathered things together, she got the feeling, an icy chill up her spine, that she was being watched.

Suddenly, she was surrounded by 10 natives. These men didn't look at all like the people in the village nor did they look like the children in her classroom. They were wearing loin cloths, carrying spears, clubs and machetes and their faces were painted with a variety of markings.

Mindy gasped and then screamed, her voice piercing the quiet jungle night.

One of the natives behind Mindy stepped forward and hooked his arm around her throat and slapped a hand across her mouth. She struggled and screamed again but the sound was muffled against his hand. Two of the natives came forward and grabbed her arms, then tied her wrists together with leather straps. Two more knelt before her. She tried to kick her legs but they soon grabbed her ankles and tied those together with a strap. A scrap of cloth was used to gag her mouth.

One of the natives produced a 6-foot long pole.

Mindy was wrestled to the ground and the pole was slipped between her bound hands and ankles. Two natives lifted the pole and Mindy. She was carried off into the pitch-black jungle.

Camp site

About every 15 minutes, the natives stopped and laid Mindy on the ground. She realized that kept her hands and feet from going numb because of a lack of circulation. The first time they stopped, Mindy realized that her skirt had slid up her thighs almost to her crotch. She tried to wiggle around so that her skirt moved down and didn't expose as much flesh.

She occasionally glanced at her watch; she estimated it was over 2 hours since the accident. Surely her missionary hosts knew she was missing. Would they alert someone to form a search party?

After another hour or so, the natives came to a clearing. A banked campfire glowed, giving some light to the area. There were some crude lean-tos scattered in a circle.

The two natives carrying Mindy laid her on the ground and removed the pole. A native put his hands under her armpits and lifted her to a standing position. He then dragged/carried her close to one of the lean-tos. He laid her down on an animal skin, grabbed her hands and tied them to a stake driven in the ground. He pulled down her gag and gave her a drink from a water pouch.

Given the chance to speak, Mindy started to beg and plead with her captors.

"Please, let me go. I didn't do anything wrong. Please don't hurt me."

The native responded by replacing the gag. He and his tribesman headed to the lean-tos and were soon asleep. Mindy, more exhausted than she realized, quickly fell into a deep and - thankfully for her – dreamless sleep.

Bound and stripped

The bright African sunshine woke Mindy. For a moment, she forgot where she was and her predicament. But her bound hands and feet soon reminded her.

One of the natives noticed she was awake. He came over and untied her hands from the stake. He handed her a banana and some berries. Realizing she was famished, she made quick work of her breakfast.

Mindy saw that near the edge of the clearing, in the shade of a huge tree, several of the natives were hard at work with machetes, hacking away at sturdy tree branches they had brought to the camp site. Mindy couldn't quite make out what they were doing. But she soon found out.

The natives near the "construction site" called out to the native standing near Mindy. He picked her up and dragged/carried her towards the huge tree.

She saw that they had driven two of the tree branches into the ground about five feet apart and had lashed another branch across the top of the two support poles.

The native pulled a knife from the sheath at his waist and cut the bindings from Mindy's hands and feet. She was then led toward the structure. She noticed there were leather straps hanging from the two top corners and she started hyper ventilating. "My God," she thought, "what are they planning?"

She was made to stand between the poles. Two natives each bound one of her hands and two more bound her feet so that her legs were stretched about shoulder width apart. The way her hands were tied, her upper arms were about level with her shoulders.

Her gag was removed and Mindy again tried to talk her way out of her predicament.

"Please, please, let me go. ... what are you gonna do to me?"

She soon had her answer. One of the natives, apparently the leader, approached Mindy while the other nine natives stood back and observed.

Mindy was about 5-foot-8 and slender with long, muscular legs. She had swam competitively in college so her body was toned. Her breasts were a perfect size for her body, 36 c/d cup. Her hair was light brown; in sunshine it was almost a dark blonde.

The leader stood in front of Mindy. Like his fellow tribesmen, he was about 6-foot-3, sinewy and muscular. He reached out his hands and touched her hair, stroking it. Mindy tried to pull away but her restraints prevented much movement. His hands moved over her face, stroking the soft skin of her cheeks and her neck. His fingers moved over her soft, full lips. His touch was strong yet gentle.

The native noticed the rip in her blouse sleeve. Looking at it, he noticed the scrape she had received in the accident. He called out to one of the tribesman who tossed him a pouch. He reached into it and his fingers came out covered with a liquid. He rubbed it on the wound and Mindy immediately felt a cooling sensation.

The native tossed the pouch back to its owner and his hands returned to the ripped sleeve of Mindy's blouse. His strong hands grabbed the sides of the opening and ripped it lengthwise down her arm. The sound of the tearing cloth rang out like a gun shot.

"NOOOOO, stop. Don't," Mindy pleaded.

He continued tearing at the sleeve until it was pulled away from where it joined the shoulder of the blouse. He tossed the material to the ground.

His hands then quickly moved to her breasts, cupping them through her blouse.

"NOOOOO PLEAAAAAASE, don't do that, don't touch me," Mindy shrieked in protest.

The native cupped and fondled her full breasts, his thumbs brushing over the tips. The stimulation hardened her nipples and Mindy was surprised that they were responding to such unwanted manipulation.

He unsheathed his knife and Mindy's eyes widened in terror. He inserted the sharp tip in the other sleeve of her blouse and sliced a small slit near the shoulder. He drove the knife into one of the poles, freeing his hands. He grabbed the sleeve at the opening he had created and ripped it as he had done the other. Soon Mandy had a sleeveless blouse that was tattered at the shoulders.

His hands returned to her breasts, fondling them again but in a more possessive and demanding fashion. Again his thumbs moved over her hardened nipples and this time his fingers squeezed and tweaked her hardening buds.

Mindy's breathing was ragged and gasping, her heart felt as though it would explode out of her chest.

The native's hands moved to the neckline of her blouse. He looked her in the eyes and Mindy's eyes met his. She could see the lust and superiority in his gaze. He was in control.

His hands ripped her blouse open, the buttons flying off.


She was wearing a stretchy sports bra that hugged her twin mounds and somewhat flattened them. The native retrieved the knife from the pole and slipped it under the material between her breasts. Mindy looked down and saw the gleaming knife tip poke through the cloth.


The native pulled the blade away from her body and the sharp edge slowly sliced its way through the stretchy material, parting the sports bra as it moved upward. When the blade reached its destination, the bra was split open and it popped free, revealing her firm, ripe mounds for all to see.

The native stared in appreciation at the white captive's lovely breasts. If Mindy had looked down at him or at the other natives, she would have seen large hard cocks poking from their loin cloths.

The native took the knife tip and lightly teased around Mindy's nipples. She froze and her spine tingled at the stimulation and the danger. The tip circled her areolas, causing the flesh to goose bump. Her nipples became harder than ever as the knife tip lightly moved over the fleshy buds.

Again the native drove the knife into the pole. He took a breast in each of his calloused, strong hands and started to fondle, stroke and caress the mounds. His thumbs flicked over the hard nipples, making them bounce. He grasped each nipple between his thumb and index finger, twirling the buds. He pulled her breasts up and out by the nipples, then released them, watching them bounce back into place.

He walked behind her and grasped her mounds from behind. As he did so, he thrust his hips against her lower back. She could feel his hard erection pressing against her as he continued to play with her breasts.

Mindy's sex life to this point had been normal. She wasn't a virgin but she wasn't a slut. She had enjoyed her sexual encounters in college but she had never been obsessed with sex. Now, though, she was feeling a heat building in her loins that she had never felt before. Being bound, helpless, having her blouse and bra stripped and cut away, the native's demanding hands on her breasts, his hard cock pressing against her ... her rational mind told her she was in grave danger but another part of her brain, the part she couldn't control, was reacting to the stimulations. As was her body.

"NGGANNAWMMMMWWWMMNNNNNN," she moaned/groaned as the native's hands covered and molded her breasts. She looked down and saw the stark color contrast of his black hands on her white mounds. She felt like she might feint.

He stopped toying with her breasts and stepped around in front of her again. Mindy's chest was heaving as she gasped for breath, her breasts quivering as the rose and fell. Her arousal plus the heat of the morning sun, even in the shade, was covering her upper body in a sheen of sweat. She could feel a drop of sweat run from the hollow of her neck, between her breasts and across her flat stomach. Her tattered blouse was sticking to her sweaty back.

Again, the native grabbed his knife. He pulled the waist band of her skirt away from her stomach and inserted the blade. Despite her arousal, Mindy's rational thought returned.


The sharp blade did its job and sliced through the waist band into the material of her skirt. It slipped down her hips, revealing the top of her panties, which were cut like boys boxers.

The native repeated his actions ... Knife to the pole ... Hands to the clothing ... Grabbing the skirt where it had been parted by the knife, he grunted slightly and ripped it apart, through the hem. He dropped the ruined skirt to the ground.


Her eyes were closed and her body was futilely tugging at her restraints. Her frantic movements caused her leg muscles to ripple and her breasts to bounce. She heard murmuring voices and opened her eyes.

The other natives who had been observing the scene were now standing, the loin cloths removed and they were all stroking their large, hard cocks. Her eyes widened and she felt her pussy quiver. "My God," she thought to herself, "I can't believe that I'm so aroused ... their cocks ... so big ... so hard."

The native's hand was moving over her torso, over her flat stomach, down over her upper thighs. His hands reached around and cupped her ass cheeks, squeezing and testing the muscled firmness through the thin, silky material of her panties.

The knife was in his hand again. He pulled one side of her panties away from her thigh and sliced through the flimsy material to the waist band. He repeated the action on the other leg. The wispy material floated away to the ground.

More explorations

Because of her swimming experience, Mindy had always kept her pubic hair trimmed neatly. She had a narrow hairline about half an inch in width and about an inch long just above her pussy lips.

The native noticed this and started stroking Mindy's soft, short bush. His index finger teased its way up and down across her hair, always stopping just above her cunt lips.

Mindy felt her hips rocking back and forth at this teasing stimulation. But she froze and went rigid when his probing finger suddenly slipped lower and inserted itself in her cunt hole.

"IIIIIIIIEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH," she screamed, her leg muscles tensing and thrusting her self on her tiptoes as she attempted to escape the finger invading her most private area.

Her pussy had other ideas. Mindy's cunt walls grasped the finger and her secretions increased. The native sawed his finger back and forth, finger fucking her in an efficient and erotic manner.

As his finger slid in and out, his thumb moved to the top of her slit. Her clit was beginning to respond to the arousal and was peeking out of its hood. His thumb started to rub that button of nerves and Mindy's lower body started to tremble.

When he used his jagged thumb nail to tease and then push against her hard clit, Mindy's body could no longer stand the stimulus. Her mind exploded at the thought she was about to orgasm.


She came, her body jerking, her breasts bouncing, her cunt gushing fluids onto the native's insistent hand. He continued to finger fuck her and tease her clit until her orgasm started to subside.

Mindy had never in her life felt that kind of orgasmic sensation. She felt as though her pussy had melted into something hot and liquidy. Her breasts quivered, her hard nipples and areolas puckered into twin caps on her upturned mounds.

She heard some moaning that was not coming from her mouth and opened her eyes. All 10 natives were jacking their hard cocks and two had reached the point of no return. As Mindy watched, they came, their thick white jism jetting through the air, landing near Mindy's feet.

Mindy was quite the sight. Strung up, legs spread, her pussy mound moist and her breasts heaving from her orgasm, her tattered blouse and sports bra far from concealing but enhancing her naked form.

The leader and another tribesman moved closer. Each took a firm breast in their hands and lowered their mouths. Mindy gasped as their hot lips encircled rock-hard nipples. Their tongues licked and twirled around those buds, slicking her areolas. They nipped at her erect nipples with their teeth, they sucked hard on her tit tips, pulling her breasts deep into their mouths.

"AAAAHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." Her body had not really come down from its orgasm and the two mouths on her mounds were stoking the fires again. Her pussy started to throb as her breasts were toyed with.

The leader broke away and walked behind her. The other native pushed both of her mounds together with his hands and licked back and forth across her nipples.

The leader stood behind Mindy, rubbing his hands over her firm butt. He crouched down slightly and his erect cock slipped between her butt cheeks. Her crack was slick with sweat and he pumped his cock up and down, slipping through her ass mounds and against the small of her back. He flipped her ruined blouse up and tucked it into the top of her blouse, exposing her smooth, arched back. He continued to stroke his cock up and down, his precum adding to the sweet friction of skin on skin.

Mindy felt his hot, hard cock, a warm rod of flesh rubbing against her ass and her back.

Neither the leader nor the native in front of Mindy had the proper angle needed to insert their cocks in either of her holes. The native in front of her fisted his cock and rubbed the swollen head over her pussy mound. His precum and her juices produced a squishy sound as he used his cock to push and probe against her slit. When he rubbed his big cock head over her clit, mashing it in a wet, hard manner, Mindy shuddered and felt a mini orgasm rippling through her cunt.

Mindy's moans, her quivering body, her pliant flesh were enough for both men. The leader continued to rub his rod against her ass crack until the cock, pointed upward against her back, started to spurt. Mindy felt the hot lava of his jism spurting against her back up to her shoulder blades.

The native in front of her, his sensitive cock head reacting to the contact with Mindy's shaved pussy mound, also started to spurt. He fisted his manhood and turned it upwards, spurting his love cream on Mindy's torso, onto her breasts. One glob landed on her right nipple and hung there before slowly sliding down her breast.

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