tagInterracial LoveMindy's Moving Day - CFNM Ch. 02

Mindy's Moving Day - CFNM Ch. 02


Author's note: I think this works as a stand-alone. I get my lily white ass reamed by a big black bull in front of my wife, her friend and my swim team. Delicious humiliation!

Mindy's moving day signaled a huge change in her life and the relationship I have with my wife, Debbie. That was the day we put on a real life show of me offering up my sissy ass while Debbie reamed it with Mindy's big strap-on. I'm still reeling from it all.

Debbie immediately offered our help on moving day when Mindy had announced her move to our town. I've known Mindy since I started dating Debbie in college. I underestimated the depth of secrets shared by two women who were best friends, former college roommates and former teammates. Mindy still works with athletes in sports medicine. Debbie keeps herself in shape at the gym while working for a realtor. I'm a former college athlete, too. I was a competitive swimmer in college and I still coach college-level swimmers while working for an investment firm during the week. The day Mindy moved for her new job we became her only in-town friends.

I'm sure it was an accident when I found Mindy's strap-on inside an unlabeled box. I don't believe Mindy meant for us to find it. I had thought Debbie was tipsy from too much wine when she had strapped it on and told me to suck it. One thing led to another before I was buns up naked in front of Mindy while Debbie demonstrated how much I love a big, fat strap-on inside my ass.

Debbie and I had started dating in college. She had found a dildo I owned the day moved in with me and thought I had a girlfriend on the side. I convinced her it was mine by using it in front of her. It's been over five years since that day and our sex life has evolved. We bought Debbie a strap-on. She started calling me "sissy" and "bitch" while fucking my ass and in real life, too. It felt like a private joke between us when she would refer to me as her bitch in front of a friend. I never imagined anyone else knew how Debbie would sometimes dress me up in her panties for hours while she paraded around the house wearing her strap-on. Debbie enjoys teasing and humiliating me and my hard-on is proof enough that I like it.

I spend my days as an important power broker and a stern coach for two teams of highly competitive collegiate swimmers. It's humbling and humiliating whenever I come home to Debbie wearing her strap-on and waiting for me to get naked. Sometimes she'll make me pull on a pair of her lacy panties and tease me about being her sissy-bitch as I cook dinner. It was our little game; personal and private until moving day with Mindy. Now Mindy knew and I guess she had known for more years than I cared to guess. Debbie descriptions of our fun prompted Mindy buying a strap-on, too. Mindy's toy was much bigger than Debbie's toy, inspired in part by Mindy's affection for big, burly black athletes.

Two other important things had happened that day. First was when Debbie had caught my orgasm in her palm and fed it to me. That was a new form of humiliation and had thrilled me. Second was Mindy's suggestion that her friend Leon might enjoy plowing my lily white ass in front of an audience. Debbie had suggested the all-girls' swim team I coached.

"You and Mindy were joking about Leon, right?" I asked Debbie the morning after Mindy's move.

"Why?" Debbie asked. It was a difficult question to answer.

"Because I'm not gay?" I suggested.

"Neither is Leon. According to Mindy, he'd only doing it because you're white and he likes showing off."

"But, in front of my team?" I protested. "That part was a joke, right?"

Debbie smiled, gave me a kiss and left for work without giving me an answer. Debbie's day started and ended before mine. I once spent a summer as a sous chef and remain the designated cook at home. After coming home I went into the bedroom to hang-up my suit and found a pair of panties sitting on our bed. I knew what that meant: Debbie wanted to play. I squeezed into the lacy pink panties with a thong back nestled between my butt cheeks. I struggled with keeping my hard cock inside the lace as I went into our kitchen to cook. "Maybe those are the ones you should wear on Saturday," Debbie mused as she watched me.

"What's Saturday?" I asked.

"Mindy's apartment warming party. You promised to cook for her, remember?"

That wasn't quite how it went. Debbie had volunteered my services in exchange for Leon having his way with me. I didn't correct her. I played nice in hopes of the delights the rest of the night held for me. I thought it was strange she wasn't wearing her strap-on. That was usually part of our play. She would wear her strap-on over her clothes, I would spend my time either naked or wearing a pair of her old panties and after teasing and humiliating me for a couple hours, she would fuck my ass. I didn't realize it but I was starting a full week of teasing and humiliation without relief.

On Tuesday, I came home to pair of black panties sitting on the bed and repeat of being teased without relief. Wednesday was even more challenging. That's the day I came home to Mindy enjoying a glass of wine with Debbie and a pair of white panties on the bed. I knew without asking that I was still expected to change and I'm sure I was red-faced with embarrassment when I returned to cook wearing nothing but those panties and an eager hard-on. Mindy's first reaction was laughter.

"I'm sorry," she cried with laughter as she covered her mouth and hid her pretty smile. "But that's a great look." I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic.

"Little sissy boy hasn't had an orgasm since your move," Debbie said with a smile as big as Mindy's case of giggles. "Come over here and let Mindy see how big your man-clit is."

I'm six inches when I'm hard. I know that's slightly above average but hardly impressive. Debbie's toy was eight inches long and slightly thicker than me. Mindy's toy was longer than that and as fat as a porn star's prick. "What's white and twelve inches?" Mindy asked, biting back her laughter until after she reached the old joke's punchline: "Absolutely nothing!" Both women howled while I stood with my six-incher straining against the white lace of Debbie's old panties. Was this a sign of things to come?

"You're such a good little bitch," Debbie consoled. "I would fuck your girly ass except I'm afraid you'll come and I don't want you to do that. Not yet." As a former competitive swimmer, I'm lean with broad shoulders and tight, tiny ass.

"He really does have a girly ass, doesn't he?" Mindy giggled. "I bet Leon will have fun fucking it, especially with that tan line." My privates are well outlined in the tight, bikini shape of a Speedo.

I cooked for them in the near nude. Afterwards, we planned a menu for Saturday's party at Mindy's new apartment. I groaned when Debbie asked how many girls from my swim team they should expect. "All of them," I mumbled. I couldn't imagine a single girl missing the opportunity of seeing their coach used and abused.

I coach my girls' team after work on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I work with the men's team on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. I cancelled Friday and Saturday's practices. I had to because I was a mess. I was a bundle of nerves stuck in a constant state of priapism. I was unable to dress out for Thursday practice and remained in the business suit I wore to work. Worse, while Debbie forced me to abstain from sex, she didn't put the same restraint on herself. I whimpered and watched as she used my dildo on herself, something she had never done. "Wow, I miss feeling filled like this," she purred while fucking herself. "Maybe Leon will fuck me, too!" I soiled her panties with pre-cum and it was as close as I came to an orgasm.

We arrived at Mindy's around noon and met Mindy's lover from her former city. Leon towered over us. His height suggested basketball player. His massive muscles suggested American football. He gave me a big, white toothed grin through thick lips as his large hand dwarfed mine. "Wassup?" he asked. His head was shaved. His flesh was a deep, dark brown and he laughed when I swallowed hard as I shook his hand. "Just so you know, I'm not gay." His voice was deep and booming.

"Me neither," I said.

He thundered with laughter. "Any dude who likes it up the ass ain't straight." He glanced down at Mindy, which isn't saying much because he had to glance down at everyone. "We had a Spanish guy on my team who told me it's not gay if you're pitching." That answered how Leon felt about fucking another man.

"Trust me, baby. You're too much a man for anyone to think you're gay," Mindy cooed as she cuddled next to him.

"Just keep that damn toy of yours away from me and we're good," Leon joked. "Do we have to keep it on the coffee table?" That's where I had left the toy after Debbie fucked me. The girls had joked how it made a lovely centerpiece.

"I told you, it's stays there in case you chicken out," Mindy said.

"Won't chicken out," he said as he eyed Debbie. "How did a sissy like you get a fine looking woman like her?"

"Not until you fuck her husband," Mindy cautioned him, her voice stern. "Or I will use that toy on your black ass."

"I'm just looking, baby," Leon grinned. "And curious. I mean, really. How does that happen?"

"Maybe that's why he keeps me," Debbie said, cuddling close me. "Maybe I like fucking his ass and spending his money. How much of a signing bonus did you get?"

Leon looked rebuked before his face broke out in another toothy grin. "Ask me again after this little girl finishes rehabilitating my knee." The word "ask" slipped out as "ax." Leon wanted to know when my girls would show up and asked if they were cute.

"Swimmers are like gymnastics, pure muscle," I said.

"They like to fuck black dudes?" he asked.

"Not sure they know any black guys," I said. Swimming has few African-American participants. Both my teams were white.

"They'll all want one after they see this," he said, flexing and showing off biceps nearly as big as my thighs.

"Are you ready to start cooking?" Debbie asked and I felt butterflies doing bombing raids in the pit of my stomach because I knew what else that meant. It was time for me to change out of my street clothes. Debbie pulled me towards Mindy's bedroom. She pulled out a new pair of lacy, pink panties and placed them on the bed without a word before pulling out a frilly apron that looked as if it was part of a French maid's costume. The eager sparkle in her eyes told me everything else I needed to know: Debbie wanted this. I got naked, wiggled into the thong panties and put on the apron. As I feared, the skirt of the apron ended at my crotch. My slightest move would show-off my man-clit sandwiched beneath the loose lace of the panties. "I love you," Debbie said before surprising me with a huge kiss and a playful squeeze of my ass. Between that and the excited flush on her cheeks, I was ready for anything.

"Oh shit!" Leon groaned the moment he saw me and bellowed with more thunderous laughter. "You look like a fucking sissy!"

"He is," Debbie said. "He's my little cock-loving, sissy bitch."

"Nothing's little about Leon," Mindy giggled, though I'm sure she understood what Debbie had meant.

I went to work in the kitchen, rolling up easy finger food from flatbread and cutting them into bite-sized spirals. I was arranging things on the table when there was a knock on the door and in walked my entire girls' swim team. Each of them had the same reaction. They first looked up with awe at Leon's towering height before noticing me in an apron and pink panties. Their look of awe instantly dissolved into laughter.

"Looking good, Coach," Team Captain Ashley-Marie said as she stared. Next to her stood Olivia, my best 400 m swimmer. Olivia stared with wide blue eyes and her mouth gaping open. Fair skinned and blonde, her blush made her face absolutely red.

"Woohoo!" Catherine Tuttles squealed as if she was starring in an episode of "Girls Gone Wild." An athlete's fashion sense is based on comfort and swag provided by sponsors. Team athletes are accustomed to wearing matching outfits. Like most of the girls, Catherine wore a skintight Under Armor t-shirt with team colors. Her large breasts were well displayed beneath the deep swoop of the tank top design and I could see the twin points of her nipples.

Madison had opted to wear the cropped top version of that same t-shirt, the one that fits like an oversized sports bra. Too muscular for any fat on her body, her breasts reminded me Debbie back in her competition days. Madison shunned bras because her tits were too firm and perky. Her breasts were like two teacups squeezed inside her top and I again saw the telltale points of firm nipples pressing against the inner lining.

My team included eight girls in all and as I predicted, they all showed up. Glasses of champagne were passed around and Mindy's new apartment was christened. More wine was made available and the girls displayed their college aged lust for free food and alcohol. I worked hard to keep the platters filled and wine bottles opened as the girls laughed, visited with Mindy, Debbie and Leon and gave me humiliating smirks. It was clear they weren't sure how to address me and I was treated as eye-candy instead of a member of the party. My lack of an orgasm for the last week kept me hard inside my pretty little panties.

Saying the girls were fascinated by Leon is an understatement. They were absolutely enamored with him. They squeezed his biceps, compared their hands to his large black hands and giggled like girls half their ages. As the wine kicked in, a few of them became more adventurous. "Are you really going to fuck him?" Madison asked standing next to Leon and raking her breasts against his arm.

"Depends on you. Do you want to see me do that?"

"I want to see everything," blonde haired Olivia gushed as she pressed closer to the giant-sized man.

"Maybe I want to see a little something-something, too," Leon suggested to the petite blonde who was deceptively fast in the water. Seeming to catch himself, he glanced over their heads at Mindy to see if she had heard him.

Mindy and Debbie were standing across the living room and watching the party. During my last trip to fill their wine glasses, Debbie told me take off the apron. Without it, everyone could see my six inch prick straining against its pink, lacy prison. The girls on my team stared whenever I walked by. A few of them smiled and few more of them giggled. "Looking good, coach," one of them said as I walked by. Once I past her, she added, "For a bitch." I could feel my face blushing with shame as my cock throbbed.

I overheard snippets of Mindy and Debbie's conversations while keeping their glasses filled. ". . . Rock those grades," Mindy was lecturing Catherine and Emma, the team's newest mixed medley endurance swimmer. "College sports doesn't last forever."

"Thanks bitch," Debbie told me in front of the two girls. They giggled and looked at me as if I was a piece of pretty meat.

Another twenty minutes passed before Ashley-Marie held up Mindy's strap-on from the coffee table and loudly asked, "Is this yours?" Her aggressive and no boundaries enthusiasm was why I had made her Team Captain.

"It's what I used last time I fucked the sissy-bitch up his ass," Debbie reported.

"After you made him suck on it," Mindy added, revealing the rest of my secrets.

"Put it on!" one of the girls told Ashley-Marie. She looked at Debbie and Mindy for permission. They both nodded as the room broke into a chant. "Do it! Do it! Do it!" The room of girls were ready for more. Ashley-Marie fumbled with sorting out the straps before sliding it over her skintight Under Armor shorts. She grinned as soon as it was in place and made jabbing motions at the other girls.

"Pucker up, bitch!" she said, stroking the toy and looking at me. I gasped. How dare she talk to her coach like that!

Debbie put her hand on my shoulder, leaned in close and said, "You heard her, slut. Pucker up and give them a show."

I gave Debbie a panicked look. Was she serious? In front of my team? I started to say something and then noticed the set of Debbie's jaw and how her raised eyebrows said, "Go ahead, test me." I felt my face blushing red as I realized I didn't have a choice. I nodded, made a move towards Ashley-Marie and felt Debbie's hand back on my shoulder.

"Crawl, slut," she said.

I dropped to my knees in front of the roomful of people. They grew quiet as an expectant hush passed from one girl to the next. They formed a loose circle around Ashley-Marie who was still smiling. "Come on, bitch. You know you want it." It seemed as if she looked past me at Debbie and I wondered if my wife had put her up to this. Maybe. Did it matter? I looked for Leon. Was he going to watch this, too? I saw his white eyes staring out from his black face as he towered over the curve of girls standing around Ashley-Marie.

"Do it, white boy," he said and that started a new chant of "Do it! Do it! Do it!"

I knelt in front of Ashley-Marie and stared at Mindy's big dildo before looking upwards. Ashley-Marie wore a cruel smirk, grabbed the back of my head and shoved the toy between my lips. Without Debbie's grace, she shoved it deep into my throat and I gagged before regaining my composure. The room cheered and I felt sorry for Mindy's neighbors. "Oh yeah," Ashley-Marie giggled as she rocked and wiggled her hips. "You suck dick so good! You love that dick, don't you?"

"Do you like black dick, coach?" someone asked.

"Big black dick!" another girl suggested.

"He will," someone else standing closer to Leon said as a chant of "Do it! Do it! Do it!" began.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mindy stepping forward. She pulled him inside the loose circle of girls. She wrapped her arm around Leon's waist and held him close. "Let's be clear," she began, stifling the new chant as she rubbed his massive chest. She had to reach upwards to reach his chest. "This man is mine." She worked her hand lower, across his flat stomach and kept moving until she was rubbing the front of his tight jeans, "Including this." Her intimate caress drew cheers. "I can promise you Leon is more man than most of you will ever get to see."

"Aw baby," Leon said and gave Mindy a kiss on top of her head.

"He's not gay and he sure as shit ain't nobody's bitch."

"Got that right," he boomed with a grin and there were twitters of laughter. I noticed Mindy's hand had moved to his thigh so she could rub the tube snake of his prick. How fucking big was he?

Mindy pulled Leon closer, moved on her tiptoes and told him, "I love you," before kissing him. The room of college girls smiled and cooed "Aw . . ." as Leon pressed his fat lips against hers. Their kiss lingered and became more intimate. Mindy pushed Leon's shirt upwards and the girls said "ooo!" as if they were watching 4th of July fireworks. Leon broke their kiss long enough to pull off his shirt. His chest was massive with black looking nipples riding high on huge pecs. Mindy kissed his chest while her hands worked the front of his pants. "Ready to show these white girls what a real man looks like?" she asked. He nodded.

Leon's massive, black cock sprang into view. The room fell dead silent for a heartbeat before one of the girls started a slow clap. I know I gasped when I saw his huge prick. He was fatter and longer than Mindy's toy. His cock was filled with veins and looked angry. Mindy smiled and moved back to his side so everyone could see. She caressed his throbbing length as the girls stared with wide eyes.

"My God," Olivia moaned, summing up everyone's impression.

"Let the sissy suck his balls!" Debbie called out. Mindy nodded and waved for me to come close. I crawled towards them, past my team of girls and their eager eyes. I knelt in front of Leon.

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