BethyBoo is proud to present this audio rendition of 'Mine.' Written by BethyBoo and read for you today by Photoman4u2. And now...MINE.

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Grab a drink, sit back, get comfortable and close your eyes. Let your imagination go free as I tell you a tale. This story is about no one in particular, but if you have a vivid imagination, it might just be about you.

The hour is late. Darkness blankets the sultry summer ground, the heat still rising, carrying the scent of wild roses and rain. The night is alive, people scurrying in the cooler air, and he sits and watches.

His long, lean body gracefully draped over the park bench. Tanned legs stretched out in front of him, his hands loosely clasped behind his head, his entire being exuding relaxation. The only visible signs of movement from this handsome man are the rise and fall of his chest, and his eyes as they watch.

He loves this game. To watch, making up scenarios in his head, who are these people of the evening, scurrying, and where do they scurry to?

He lets just his eyes wander; tracking the lone man, cell phone in hand, looking not where his feet are taking him. What is his story? Who is texting him that so consumes him?

The young woman, barely out of her teens, iPod in her hand as she smiles. Is she listening to a song, remembering a past love, a wild night of passion?

His eyes narrow, a group of teens, their steps almost in sync, almost seeming to march to unheard orders. Where are they going and what makes their faces look so happy or where is it that they have been?

As the night becomes complete, finally cooling enough that even breathing is easier he smiles, a long slow smile as he ponders where his own feet will take him. Will he go home, or maybe pop into one of the all night diners and continue his study of humanity from there?

As he shifts, leaning slightly forward, preparing to stand, he sees a movement on the path, a figure walking towards him and he decides to watch one more before calling it a night.

She walks, no...he furrows his brows, that is not the right word and he holds his breath as he wonders exactly how to describe her movements. The park lights are soft, not harsh, pointing down, minimizing any light pollution while still illuminating the walking paths. Yet, she seems to shine without benefit of man-made or moon light.

His usually relaxed state deserts him and he can feel his muscles coiling tight, almost sensing danger. How can this tiny creature cause the hairs at the back of his neck to prickle?

Glides...that's it, she seems to glide, her body so fluid as she moves that it is as if the world below her shifts as she directs the earth to do her bidding. Her face is in shadow, but he can tell that she is beautiful, the graceful curve of her hip, the long length of bare leg that peeks from the slit in her skirt, and delicate toes encased in....?

He closes his eyes then opens them to blink rapidly, shakes his head as he stares at her feet. His eyes wide as a single syllable slips over his parted and breathless lips, "Ohhhh!" It hisses out, soft as a gentle breeze, so quiet it barely registers to his own ears.

Her feet are tucked into what appear to be glass slippers. As he realizes this and the soft ohhh escapes, she looks up, the light finally bathing her face and yes, he was right...she is stunning. Her eyes, blue like the warmest of oceans, her perfect nose, and her lips, pursed as if they were perpetually waiting to be kissed.

He reaches out to touch her, runs one trembling finger along her forearm, traces a lazy circle on her wrist, then lets his strong hand encircle that delicate wrist, pulling her to him.

As her body touches his, he wonders how he got here. He does not remember standing let alone closing the distance between them. He looks deep into her eyes, and asks her, "Have you bewitched me?"

She smiles, and says, "Yes, but haven't you been waiting for me?"

He pulls her to him, their bodies touching from breast to thigh, and he looks down at her face. Hers upturned, those blue eyes burning into his gaze, he gasps aloud as those perfect lips part, poised for that kiss and he delivers. His lips descending, at first soft, tentative, barely brushing. Her sweet hot breath tickling his lip as she exhales and then, his lips demanding.

He moves against her, his lips parted, his tongue snaking forward to press into her mouth. The night has become silent, as he hears only her breathing in his ears. Her taste is as if the sweetest of concoctions, brewed specifically for him have been infused within the heated confines of her delectable mouth.

At her command, the world stands still, even the moon afraid to track across the heavens. He is lost in her heat, in the curves of her body, the tilt of her hips and ohhhhhh in the depths of her eyes. His body tenses, and then her small soft hands are caressing him, relaxing his aching muscles, soothing all confusion from his mind and he finds peace.

His eyes close as he enfolds this ethereal creature into his embrace, seeming to breathe in the very breath that she breathes out. He bends and lifts her into his arms, as light as the air, or is it that she is feeding him a strength he didn't know he possessed. It doesn't matter, he holds her close, one arm beneath her shoulders, the other beneath her knees and carries her to his bench.

He lays her down , bending to his knees in the soft earth and traces a finger along the curve of her cheek. Paying homage, his hands never breaking contact, he whispers, "What is your name?"

Her eyes sparkling, like watching the stars in those deep blue orbs, she smiles and presses a warm finger tip to his lip and whispers back, "My name is your breath, your heart beating and all that you desire, my name is Mine."

"Mine?" I don't understand. He shakes his head, unable to break contact with her eyes.

"I am yours, therefore you may call me Mine." she smiles sweetly, her even teeth flashing white behind perfectly red lips.

The contrast momentarily taking his breath, the reddest of red against the whitest of white. His breath returns, a whimper as he whispers her name, "Mine." The name a litany as he repeats it, "Mine, Mine my Beautiful Mine, yes, I do believe I have been waiting for you without knowing that I was waiting for anyone."

Her very existence seems to mirror his own, his lips claiming hers, her name a constant echo in his head, "Mine."

With a slight nod of her head, the lights on the path dim, and they are engulfed by the night. He lifts her skirt, his hand boldly tracing the fine line of her thigh muscle, trailing a fiery path on her delicate skin. His lips sealed to hers as he kneels in the grass, his body singing with delight to have captured her like this.

She winds her small hands in his hair, fingers twisting the soft strands, holding him in place.

His hand patrols her body, his fingers hesitating as he nears her sex, he can feel the moist heat of her before he even touches those quivering petals. His long fingers running over puffy nether lips, letting them push slowly, press those lips apart and as his fingers delve into her slit his breath explodes in a groan.

She lifts her hips, pushing, insistently at his hand and he brushes her clit with his fingers. She gasps, arching upwards, her breath hot as it fills his mouth and he breathes it in. He can hear her yearning in his head, a whispered plea as he pulls his lips from hers. He kisses the soft swell of her breast as she lays on his bench, a part of his night.

His free hand trailing the curve of her neck, tracing lower to pull at the edges of her top, freeing her nipple at last, he feeds on it. Suckling on the swollen tip as his fingers wriggle deeper into her wet cleft. She thrusts up quickly and his fingers slip inside her, like a heated sauna, her velvety smooth walls squeeze his digits.

His teeth nibbling on the throbbing nipple, tongue flicking back and forth across it and he growls as her moans grow louder, her pussy drenching his hand. His thumb rubbing her hard clit, pressing down to let it roll over her pubic bone. She rewards him with her whispered voice, he hears his name over and over again.

He pauses, wondering how she knows his name, but he is too lost in the moment to let it linger. He renews his assault on her nipple, his teeth biting in, scissoring the soft flesh as she shudders under his touch.

He lifts his head, to look up at her, catching her eyes for a brief moment before her hand pulls her other breast free and she guides him to it. He bites down, lapping at the sensitive peak, bringing it to life. Her body writhing on his fingers, her pussy greedy as the muscles contract violently, and she shudders, her cries ripping the very fabric of the night.

With her hands urging him, guiding him wordlessly, her voice soft in his head she commands him to mount her. To take her, here in the outdoors, where the public path winds an arms length away, and he cannot stop himself. He shucks his clothes, his fingers glistening with her juices, he brings them to his mouth, savouring the taste and then he lowers himself between her legs, his cocks tip like a guided missile seeking its target. Her long lower limbs wrapping around his hips, heels resting on the muscled flesh of his ass, and she pulls at him, drawing his cock into her molten depths.

The outside world ceases to exist, it is just Mine and him, as one, moving with each other all through the night. His passion rises, almost to the point of release, and then her satin voice in his ear, pulling him along, not letting him cum. Her body arches as she orgasms again, he has lost track of the many lustful screams.

The sun is starting to just tinge the sky, a pale line on the horizon, her nails rake over his back, spurring him on, faster and faster, harder and deeper his cock pistons into her passage, wetter then ever, the movements in and out a blur. His heart ready to burst from his chest, the night seemingly so long, yet never wanting it to end. Her voice, "Cum for me, seed my womb, fertilize the earth, cum for me my precious one."

The command, like a switch, his body rages with a heat, the burning in his belly as his balls pull up, and then the hot spunk, rising, tracking through his cock, exploding from the tip as she pulls him deep, its force pummeling her smooth walls, demanding entrance to her womb. He shakes, screaming, "MINE!"

She smiles, her night of passion fruitful, she holds him tenderly against her breast. Already her body feels more alive for the gift of liquid life she holds deep inside her. He rocks on her body, his cock still hard within her, her strong vaginal muscles almost painful as they continue to milk his throbbing manhood, until he finally slips from her depths, laying his head on her breast, he falls asleep, to dream of his beautiful Mine.

Her voice in his dreams, the images beautiful as his eyes dart rapidly beneath his lids. The woman, his woman, showering the earth with life. Aromatic flowers, food and swift-footed beasts surround her as she smiles. She blows him a kiss, a warm breath upon his cheek as she walks away with a promise of next year.

Curled in a ball, a naked slumbers on a park bench, smiling.

A man walks by, and wonders, "What's his story, how did he come to be naked on a bench in a public park, and why is he smiling?"

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