tagInterracial LoveMine! Ch. 03

Mine! Ch. 03


*Hey guys, so here's the next chapter to Mine! Thanks again to my lovely, amazing editor who just makes my stories seem brilliant! THELOVELY1GLO!!! She's awesome! Hope you guys like. Sorry for the long wait, but I'm a freshman in college for Christ-Sakes! I have a ton of homework lol. Love it, Fav it, Rate it! Oh and for updates check out my tweeter I made just for you guys. ChynaMarie6.

Ta ta for now.

Chyna Marie*

I sighed as I placed my elbow on my father's desk, propping my chin in my hand, and watched my father, Blake, Michael, and Blake's father along with everyone else connected with 'the family'. They were all engrossed in their conversation about revenge and my protection, unaware of my annoyed expression.

MY God-I thought as everyone talked in circles around me and no one talked to ME-the person that they were talking about- as usual being a woman-I was ignored! Yelling and over-talking one another about how they could solve this little problem and Yes, to me it was a little problem. I mean, this was all happening to Me, not them, and if I'm correct, this all started because of my connection with Blake. If I cut Blake out of my life, like I did for three years, my problems will be solved is how I was still thinking, not realizing how asinine this thought concept was for someone being raised and connected with the mob to be able to disconnect themselves from them ever.

I cleared my throat as loudly as I could, and I swear that this did nothing to get the attention or cause them to realize that I was still in the room with them. I swear I wasn't even a spec on these boneheads radar. Na-ah, no way in hell was I going to be treated as if I was invisible while being in the same damn room. So, the only way I could think of to get their damn attention was to simply walk the hell out, get into somebody's damn car and drive off; until someone knew I was missing, but knowing Blake and my father, I would barely made it past the desk, before one of them would call me back into the room.

"Where do you think you're going, Bailey?" My father asked me, silencing the room. I rolled my eyes, before I looked up into matching deep brown eyes. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed heavily.

"Well, since my presence in this room has not been acknowledged since Blake brought me in here, I decided I was going to walk out and probably go home. I miss my condo in Jersey," I admitted hearing Blake growl behind me. My father ran a hand roughly down his face; he was clearly exhausted and worried for me and my safety. Everyone had been at Blake's parent's house since we arrived seven hours ago, debating about which criminals or mob family was involved in this apparent hit on my life.

"Sweetie, you're the reason why we're all here. We all want you safe. You know we protect our own and since Blake told us you guys were engaged, this is something we're not taking lightly." Engaged-why in the hell would he tell them that? I wanted to scream at him; but some part of me didn't want to give Blake the satisfaction.

"Yeah, I realize that and I'm grateful, but none of you realize that this is happening to Me, Bailey, none of yous, ya got it? I don't need protection, since all of this happened because I have connections with Blake."

"What are you saying?" Blake asked, gripping my hand, whipping me around to face him. I ripped my hand away and took a step back while taking a needed breath in order to release my thoughts and anger on the men in the room at large.

"I'm saying, none of this would have happened if you hadn't shown up. It has been three years, Blake! Three years I have been away from you and I received no threats and no trouble for that matter, but then Yous show up and I'm on somebody's damn hit list!" God! My Jersey accent was coming out full swing tonight, due to the level of my anger at the situation being over the damn moon and none of them could bring me down from the height of anger with their outbursts or trying to over talk me or talk some of their so called sense into Me.!!! I was Royally pissed at all of them and let it be known with the anger and resentment at being ignored that I spewed at them.

"I want Nothing to do with you, Blake. You caused this whole Fucking mess, so you should be the one to fix this, but without me. I'm done with this life, which is funny because you knew it the moment I turned eighteen and realized what exactly 'the family business' was." I shouted punching him in the arm before I punched Michael in the arm as he came over to back Blake up.

"As for you, you promised you wouldn't tell him where I was. You gave me your word, Michael!" I was livid. The anger radiating off of me caused everyone to take a step back from me, besides, of course, Blake and Michael.

Michael glared at me as he rubbed his wounded arm. "Bailey, I didn't tell him where you were. He found out through your phone records." I rolled my eyes at the absurdity of his comment and my stupidity for not seeing it coming down to this.

"I don't believe you, but I don't care anymore. You went back on your word Michael so you can just Fuck off too!!! As for you Blake," I shouted facing him, my eyes narrowing with rage. "Stay the fuck away from me! You're the reason this is all happening to me. I was perfectly safe in France before you showed up." Blake took a menacing step forward, his eyes turning to ice. I tried to hold back the shiver of fear, but nothing missed his bull's-eye gaze. He smiled slightly crossing his arms across his chest when he realized that I was fearful of him.

"Go then, Bailey. You want to be unprotected, and easily available for this assassin, be my guess. I'm actually encouraging you to be dumb and careless as women usually are." I gasped at his rudeness. I wouldn't have thought I would hear such words from his voice, from Michael yeah, but Blake? I swear this was a trick of some sort on his part.

"Wait a damn second! Blake my daughter is not leaving here unprotected and she is neither dumb nor careless." My father shouted stepping in front of me. Blake eyes never left mine as he looked over my father's shoulder, the challenge clearly swimming in his eyes. I smirked as I accepted.

"Sneaky bastard," I muttered underneath my breath as I turned around and headed for the door. Blake wasn't as smooth as he thought, both Michael and I saw through his careless attitude he was trying to give off.

Blake wasn't going to leave me unprotected, that wasn't a thought that ever crossed his mind. I laughed as I smelled the familiar cologne fill my sense as I continued to walk towards my freedom away from the whole Blake mess.

"Michael get away from me," I said walking down the grand staircase. He chuckled as he opened the front door.

"You know for a fact that my brother would not leave you unprotected. Even though you hate me right now, for some unknown reason, even though I told you the truth, we both saw how annoyed you were getting by being in that room and being purposely ignored. We were waiting for you to snap. My money was on the engagement mess, but that didn't even spark a flame, little one." I rolled my eyes as I waited in the football field of a driveway, debating which sports car I should take for myself.

Blake brought me here in his precious Lambo which he still held the keys to, but thankfully Michael had taught me how to hotwire a car as we hung out when I was younger.

"Not on your life, little one," Michael chimed as he sought out the object of my gaze. I looked up at him with a pout.

"That pout of yours will not work on me this time. I regret teaching you how to do such a thing. We're leaving in my car." I just let my shoulders slump in defeat for now.

"And where are we going exactly?" I asked as he grabbed my hand, pulling me over to his Porsche.

"A place that is a surprise, a surprise I won't share. You hate me remember?" I let out a much needed laugh at this remark.

"I was mad Michael, but can you blame me? I know deep down you would never go back on your word with anyone."He grinned, his eyes widening with cockiness.

"Aw, thanks for the compliment, but I'm still not telling you the surprise little one, now come on get into the car, so that we can get to our surprise."

"You suck," I grumbled as I got into the car. Yes, I was pouting like a little girl and yes, Michael wasn't falling for it, but I definitely did not feel like smiling. So pouting it is.


The surprise ended up being my condo in Jersey. My baby, whom I missed so much, the two story love of my life was my calm of all calms, especially with my cat Mr. Grumpy. He never made noise and had a permanent pout on his orange face. He was fat beyond belief thanks to Blake over feeding him all the time when my back was turned, but he was the sweetest cat ever.

I wondered if he was still there as I turned the knob, and sure enough his fat self was laying down on the couch with his fish flavored chew toy hanging from his mouth. As I walked further into the living room, I noticed how all the girly features of my place had gone into a he-man makeover while I was gone.

Leather couches, dark wood covering the floors, a huge flat screen television, I was sort of scared to go into my bedroom and see the changes made in there.

"Don't tell me that he has-"

"Been living here for the last three years waiting for you to come home?" Michael finished coming from the kitchen with a beer in his hand. I arched my eyebrow at his comment very surprised. Michael merely shrugged while taking a sip of his beer.

"What can I say? My brother loves you." I rolled my eyes while crossing my arms over my chest in disbelief.

"Oh, really? If he loves me so much, please explain to me why I got a threatening letter from one of the women he's fucking." Michael spit up his beer, coughing roughly before gathering his wits about him. I laughed as I walked over to my couch, actually Blake's couch.

"Was it from a girl name Lucy?" I gave a nod as I rubbed my fat cats belly-happy to be around a peaceful and comforting environment after the long and exhausting day that I have had thus far.

"Shit," he muttered before taking out his cell phone. I knew he was calling Blake and I knew that this Lucy was more than I thought she was-I just felt it and my feelings never led me wrong. Michael sped through Italian so fast my mind couldn't comprehend anything he was saying and that was a first for me.

By the time Michael got off the phone I was in his face. "Who is this girl?" I demanded. Michael shook his head with a sad smirk before he downed the last of his beer. With a sigh he turned around and went straight for the liquor cabinet.

"I hope Blake has something hard and strong in here."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because you will need a drink after I tell you who Lucy is."

"Michael just tell me who she is. No more games!" He chuckled.

"This is not a game. Oh, how I wish this was a fucking game, little one."

"Michael just fucking tell me!"I screamed grabbing his arm. Michael turned around and some part of me just shut down due to the look on his face, which had my knees buckling and my breath shortening.


Just like that, everything went black...

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