tagInterracial LoveMine Ch. 04

Mine Ch. 04


“What are you doing here?” Narissa asked. Jake seemed to be everywhere today.

“I had an appointment. This is a law firm isn’t it?”

“Your lawyer is in this building? Which attorney did you see?” She interrogated.

“You’re awful curious today aren’t you?” He spoke indulgently, almost as if he were speaking to a child.

“Why shouldn’t I be, you keep popping up everywhere. Besides, you never mentioned that your lawyer was in the same building that I worked in.”

“You never asked. Do you need a ride?” He asked giving her a devilish grin.

“No thank you.” She wasn’t about to let him off the hook so easily this time. She didn’t have the patience at the moment to deal with his secretiveness.

The casual smile fell from his face. “Why not? You’re standing in the middle of the sidewalk with an armload of stuff. You live twenty minutes from here by car, and who knows when the next bus will be by. Stop being so stubborn.” He chided. When put like that, Jake had a point. It was just a ride wasn’t it? When he saw her wavering, he smiled again dazzling her with its brilliance. “I won’t bite.”

Her head said no, but her heart was screaming yes. One last time couldn’t hurt, she decided. “Okay, thank you.” He took her heavy load from her arms and escorted her across the street to a navy blue Cadillac Escalade. “How many cars do you have?” she asked.

“Four.” He answered as he let her into the SUV. “How about lunch?” He asked as he started his car.

“Whatever.” She shrugged casually, with a nonchalance that she didn’t feel. Over lunch she would tell him that she wouldn’t be seeing him anymore. It was for the best.

They drove for a while in silence before Narissa began to wonder where they were. She had never seen this area before. “Where are we going?”

“Some place private.” He answered vaguely.

“Where?” Narissa persisted.

“It’s a surprise. We’ll be there in about ten minutes. Sit back and enjoy the view.” He ordered.

Narissa sighed. She was really too tired to argue, so she leaned back in the leather seat and watched as the houses became fewer and far between. Finally Jake made a turn into what Narissa thought were the woods, but there seemed to be a path that Jake was following. Holy shit. Where was he taking her? She was on the verge of panicking when she spotted a house. It wasn’t actually a house, but a mansion. Its beauty took her breath away. The mansion looked like something straight out of Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous.

‘Do you live here?” Narissa asked in wonder.

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful Jake.” She answered sincerely.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He grinned.

“Of course. Anyone would love a place like this.” She remembered that they were suppose to be going to lunch. “Jake, I thought we were going to lunch. As nice as your house is, I have a lot of things to do.”

“We’re having lunch here. We can eat out on the terrace. I’m a great cook.”


“No buts. Just enjoy. It’s not like you have work or school to go to.” He had a point, Narissa reckoned.

The inside of the house was just as gorgeous as the outside. It was a dream. “What would you like to eat?” He asked.

“I’m not that hungry really. Something light I guess.” She shrugged feeling distinctly uncomfortable now. Something he had just said was bothering her.

“Well I guess I can make a couple of sandwiches but you’re missing out on all of my superior culinary skills.”

‘I’m sure you’ll get a chance with someone else.” She said snippily, remembering Jake’s blonde.

Jake gave her a long hard stare before saying anything “Would you like something to drink?”

“Water please.”

“We’re both adult here. I won’t tell anyone if you want something a bit stronger.” He teased.

“I don’t like the taste of alcohol, and when I’m really thirsty, I prefer water.”

“Okay. Why don’t you go out on the terrace and I will be out in a moment. Go through the living room and through the glass door.” He instructed.

While they ate lunch they chatted easily. Jake’s ancient Golden Retriever, Rusty sat at their feet. Narissa began to relax. Jake was at his most charming, making her laugh, and taking her mind off of her troubles. She let her guard down once again. “Would you like the grand tour?”

“Sure.” She agreed easily.

This house was really something else. Jake had an indoor and an outdoor pool, along with his own private screening room, five bedrooms and three and a half baths. Narissa went in and out of each room with delight. “You live here all by yourself?” She asked in amazement.

“In this house yes, but there is a little house on the estate where the housekeeper and her husband live. Olga and Sergei keep the house and the grounds pristine.”

“They have their work cut out for them, this place is huge.”

“I’m pretty self sufficient and for the most part, I clean up after myself. I have a cook that comes in twice a week to cook meals for me or when I entertain. Olga usually hires extra help when I have parties.”

“Do you entertain a lot?” Narissa was fascinated.

“Quite a bit actually. I have to in my line of work. I’m sure you’ll be at one of my parties.”

“I couldn’t really Jake. Actually there’s something I wanted to tell you. I don’t think it’s a good idea----” She was cut off.

“Something has been distressing you. Is it about your job?”

“Yes. Wait a minute! Earlier you mentioned me not having a job and school. How did you know?” She asked suspiciously.

“You told me of course. You also told me what your roommates did to you. Have you already forgotten?” He asked smoothly not batting an eye.

“I don’t remember telling you.” She said firmly, but the way he looked at her, made her uncertain. She was upset, maybe she did tell him without realizing it. He sounded so sure. How else would he know?

“You did my dear. Anyway, as you can see, I have lots of room here. You can stay with me as long as you want and I’m not expecting any rent either.” He offered.

“That’s really nice of you to offer but I don’t think so Jake. Actually I wanted to tell you that I think we should go our separate ways. You’ve been so nice to me but this is just too weird.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you want from me? You’re rich and good-looking and I’m an unemployed nobody. Not only that; you never answer a straight question. I’ve been asked what you do for a living and you keep avoiding the question. Are you a drug lord or something?” She demanded.

“I didn’t know you felt that way. The truth is, some people are a little uneasy about what I do, but I guarantee, that it’s perfectly legal.” He assured.

“Uneasy about what. Please tell me.”

“Okay. You’re an adult. You should be able to handle it. Do you remember when, practically everyone in the dot come business was a millionaire?”

“Sure. Is that how you made your money? That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I never said that I was ashamed of it. I said that what I do makes some people a little uneasy, but let me finish. Of course, you know what happened to all the dot coms. Just before the big crash, my partner and I argued over the direction of our website. I wanted to take on a more adult edge, and his ideas didn’t exactly coincide with mine so we went our separate ways. He bought out my shares and I sold all my stock. I became a very wealthy man. I then invested my money in a company that made specialty items. I opened up a few specialty shops selling their items, as well as launching another website selling them worldwide. I also have a mail order catalogue. It’s wildly successful.”

“Really?” Narissa asked impressed. “What’s it called?”


“I’ve never heard of it. What kind of products for you sell?”

‘Adult toys.” He answered trying to read her expression.

“Oh.” Narissa said, too embarrassed to pursue the conversation any further.

“Would you like me to show you to your room?” He asked slickly.

“I never said that I would stay here with you Jake.”

“But you will won’t you?” He asked softly, taking her face between his hands and dropping a kiss on her lips. Her knees went weak. How was it that this man could do this to her?

“ I saw you at the Wicked Burrito with someone else. Is that your girlfriend?” She blurted out wanting to know the answer to the question that had been on her mind since yesterday.

“That was Sonny. She does some modeling for the catalogue occasionally. It was a business lunch.”

“But she was all over you. It may have been a business lunch to you, but I think that she had other ideas.” Narissa observed.

“She’s like that with every man. Put her from your mind.”

Damn, she was a fool but something about this man turned her brain to mush. “Jake are you sure it’s okay for me to stay here. Just until I can find another place?” She asked tentatively.

“Take your time. There’s no rush. As a matter of fact, I would like you to stay for a while. I get lonely sometimes.” He smiled at her with a lost little boy look.

“Why Jake? I can’t imagine someone like you ever being lonely. You could have anyone you want.” She pointed out honestly. She felt her face grow hot at her admission.

“As flattering as that statement is, I have to disagree. You’re quite lovely and I want you. Haven’t you guessed that yet?”


“Yes you. Shall I show you? Should I show you how I’ve wanted you since I first saw you?”

“When you first saw me, I was black and blue.” She laughed unbelievingly.

“I saw through that. Shut up so I can kiss you.” He said before lowering his lips to hers.

He pulled her close as he deepened the kiss slipping his tongue between her lips. His hand stroked her back as his other hand cupped the back of her head while taking a light grip of her hair. His tongue explored her mouth slowly savoring the taste of her. Narissa’s tongue tentatively moved forward to meet his and she grasped in surprise as his teeth nipped its tip. The grip he had on her hair tightened and Jake pulled her head back even further.

Narissa tried to pull away because the kiss was becoming more intense that anything she had ever experienced, but the hand on the back of her head held her firmly.

His pelvis grounded into hers and she came up against his hardness. His hand on her back moved lower to cup her well-rounded bottom, squeezing tightly. Narissa twisted her head to the side. “Jake please!” She begged, not sure if she was begging him to stop or continue.

“Don’t you want me too?” He asked seductively, not letting go of her hair, but trailing kisses along her jaw and the side of her neck. Narissa could feel her pussy throb. She had never felt like this before and it scared her. There were so many unanswered questions that she was still uneasy about but her body was burning up with wanting this man. She felt her head yanked back painfully. “Don’t you want me too?” He asked again.

“Yes!” She gasped. Tears welled up in her eyes at the pain he inflicted but her body would not allow her to deny him. His mouth covered hers once more. Without removing his mouth from hers, Jake scooped her up in his arms. By this time, Narissa was firmly under his spell.

Jake carried her upstairs and took her into one of the bedrooms. He laid her on the bed and covered her body with his. Jake’s teeth tugged at her lower lip biting down. “Ouch!” Narissa cried out but Jake gripped her faced and sucked on Narissa’s injured lip. His hands slipped in between their bodies and Narissa heard a loud rip. Jake trailed kisses along the side of her face and throat. The loud rip was her blouse that Jake tore asunder with his bare hands. In the next instant her bra befell the same fate. He hadn’t even bothered with the fastenings. With her bare chest exposed, he moved downward, kissing and licking her chest until he came to the valley of her small, pert breasts. He placed kisses around one breast before taking a hard nub between his lips, sucking ferociously.

Narissa squirmed beneath him. She was so hot between her legs that she couldn’t keep still. Never really a vocal person, she gasped, moaned and whimpered with pleasure at each new sensation. Her body was on fire. “Do you like that Narissa?” he asked lapping at her nipple with broad strokes of his tongue. Narissa could only moan. He bit on her nipple this time making her gasp with pain. “Do you like this?” He demanded this time making eye contact with her. He had an unreadable expression in his eyes, which made a very dark shade of green.

“Yes.” She answered more in fear. The bite had really hurt. Maybe he didn’t realize how rough he was being, but that bite was like a bucket of cold water thrown over her. “No more Jake.” She tried to push his body off of her. Jake’s hard body would not budge.

“Don’t pull away from me.” He ordered in a voice that chilled her to her very soul.

“You’re scaring me Jake.” She whispered. He stilled looking into her wide brown eyes filled with fear. He leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“I’m sorry angel. I got carried away. Let me make it up to you.” And with that he began to plant kisses on her mouth and all over her face. He made a path of kisses from her neck to her navel. Narissa’s body began to tremble once more. Jake was a very skilled lover and he pulled no punches. He unbuckled her pants, and quickly disposed of them along with her panties. When Narissa was completely nude, Jake parted her thighs.

‘Jake what are you doing?” Narissa tried to sit up but Jake’s strong hand pushed her back on the bed. Narissa wasn’t a terribly hairy person but she had never shaved or groomed her pubic hair, thinking that it wasn’t something that nice girls did. She was now embarrassed by her natural state although Jake didn’t seem to mind. She gasped as he placed his nose between her legs and took a strong whiff. “You smell delicious. I will enjoy tasting your pussy, angel.” He grinned at her.

Narissa shivered in anticipation. It was as if her body had a mind of its own. Jake’s fingers parted her labia before taking a long lick. His tongue caressed her clit in circular motions, slowly driving Narissa insane. He took the aching bud into his mouth and sucked hungrily, until Narissa was moaning loudly. Jake pulled back to look up at her. Narissa’s head was moving from side to side on the pillow. His fingers began to rub the outside of her dripping wet slit. He slipped a finger inside her juicy hole. Narissa’s body instinctively bucked against his finger.

“Tell me you want me.” He commanded. Narissa moaned. Her throat was dry and her body was calling out for all of him. “Tell me you want me or I’ll stop right now.”

Narissa didn’t want him to stop. “No. Please don’t stop.” She pleaded. Jake smiled wickedly. He was still fully clothed but he didn’t undress. He simply unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He pulled out a very erect penis. It was a monster. Narissa had only glimpsed at a couple on television since her former roommates were big fans of porn, but Jake’s cock was a lot larger than the ones that she had seen. If she were guessing, his cock was close to a foot.

Narissa knew that it would hurt like hell, but she was so fucking hot that she needed his cock inside of her to relieve the ache she felt. Jake placed the tip of his dick at the entrance of her tunnel.

“When I take you, there will be no going back angel. Is this what you want?” He asked. Narissa nodded. Her body could no longer take the wait. He leaned over and kissed her as he thrust forward forcefully. She ripped her mouth from his to omit a loud scream. The pain was excruciating. “Relax angel. You will get use to it.”

She didn’t believe him. She wanted him to remove his freakishly large cock from inside of her. She bucked her hips to throw him off but it only served to drive him deeper into her. Tears welled up in her eyes. Jake kissed her tears gently and began to slowly move inside of her.

Although the movement was still painful, she could feel her body responding to the stimulation that Jake’s hands were giving to her nipples. Narissa’s body was torn between pleasure and pain. The amazing things Jake did with his hands made her tingle to the tips of her toes, but the pain of his large pole shoving in and out of her became torturous as it continued.

If she could close her eyes she could focus on the pleasure and not the pain but each time she shut her eyes, he would ram his cock harder into her. “Keep your eyes open angel. I want to see the look in your eyes while I’m inside of you.” He said menacingly while he caressed her body. As he continued to move within her, Narissa began to feel raw. After several minutes Jake shuddered against her and gripped her thighs tightly. “Oh my God. You’re so goddamn tight angel. You feel so good.” He praised as he came inside of her with one last powerful thrust.

Narissa felt as if he would rip her in two. This no longer felt good, and she had a pretty good idea that he knew it. Why would he bring her body to the heights of pleasure only to hurt her? If this was what sex was like, she didn’t want anymore to do with it. She tried to hold the tears back, but they escaped from the corner of her eyes. She didn’t think she had ever cried so much in her life.

“I know it was painful for your first time angel, but you will get use to my ways. You made my cock harder that it’s ever been. I think we will be very good together.” He murmured as he pressed kiss on her neck.

“Jake, let me up please. I would like to get dressed.” She tried to push him away, but he seemed to have other ideas. He wouldn’t budge.

“What exactly do you propose to wear? Your shirt and bra are no longer useful.”

“Why did you do that? Why did you rip my clothes like that?”

“I couldn’t help myself. I’ve waited a long time for you Narissa.” He said in an odd sort of voice.

‘Jake, let me up right now. If you can lend me a shirt I would appreciate it. I want to leave.” She persisted. There was no way she could stay with him after this. She was seeing a side of him that was perhaps there all along but she was too dumb to acknowledge it.

A malevolent look came across Jake’s face and before Narissa knew it, her face was clenched roughly in his hands. “You don’t seem to get it Narissa,” he sneered “You are not going anywhere. Ever. When you gave yourself to me, you became mine. You are mine!” Jake hissed the words through clenched teeth.

Narissa thought she had been scared before, but now she knew what true fear was.

To be continued…

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