tagInterracial LoveMine! Ch. 04

Mine! Ch. 04


*You guys, yes you hate me for making you wait, yes this entry is short, yes there is no excuse, but I started a new series and I'm finishing Tame the Untamable. So sue me lol. Thanks again to my editor, your awesome hun, she added some things to the story hope you guys like.!!!!<3

Ta ta for now,

Chyna Marie*


Years before...

"Blake and Michael I swear I will kick both of your asses to kingdom come if you do not give that back to me NOW!" I screamed at them as they threw my favorite stuffed teddy bear my boyfriend had won for me at the fair last night. God, it was an everyday thing with those two, they were Always taking things from me that Any boy that seemed as if they liked me gave to me!!! First, it was my pink fuzzy handcuffs from my room, then the riding crop, now my bear!!I was so sick of them and their antics of destroying my gifts from admirers-they are such Haters, yet womanizers in their own right!!!

"Little one, it's so much fun to see you flustered and angry because of our love for you and desire to keep you from the clutches of men that mean to do you harm while trying to get into your pants; with all of their sweet gestures of gifts and what nots'. We know them to be what they are-games to get your gem." Michael teased as he caught the bear. I literally felt as if I was going to charge him and tackle him to the ground and kick his teeth out. Though Michael was bigger than me, stronger than me, and much taller than me, I honestly believed I had a chance of causing some damage, not much but some which would give me a sense of satisfaction that I had knocked him off of his high horse for a change.

"What kind of stuff does this boy have in store for you we wonder?" Blake asked as he sat down on my bed, playing with the fuzzy handcuffs he had previously placed in his back pocket. I shook my head, blushing as I thought about the sweet and naughty things that had been whispered to me nightly over the phone and promised at the fair last night. I didn't want to answer. The admission would lead me to a lifetime of ridicule from these two that I couldn't stand to bear on top of everything else.

"None of your fucking business." I snapped as I snatched my hand cuffs away from him. His eyes narrowed, his nose flaring as he let out a deep breath.

"What part of, 'you are mine' did you not understand, Bailey? I made it perfectly clear at graduation, did you allow your boyfriend to take the precious gift that we both know you are saving for me? If so, I will kill him, maybe I'll let you watch." He said with disgust. I gasped as I felt what he said down to my toes, knowing that he was Very serious about me being his and his alone! Though he felt that he could date and sleep with women as much as he wanted to and I was not allowed to say anything to him about this part of his screwed up thinking.

"Blake, that was too much." Michael muttered as he ran a hand through his hair roughly as he began to get embarrassed for me. Blake's eyes were on mine, daring me, challenging me and all I could feel was nausea and sweat began to pour off of me as I looked at the man that I had dreamed of for years. Threats in both of our families were not taken lightly. Once it was said, there was too much pride to take it back and all of us knew Blake was deadly serious.

"Blake, it's none of your business what Matt and I do behind closed doors and how dare you threaten him! Do you see me threatening to kill your current girlfriend Rafi? No,you don't because I do not claim what I don't have and Blake you will never have me you pompous jerk!" Blake abruptly stood up, gripped my arm and pulled me close. His free hand gripped my chin, positioning it to the point I had no choice, but to look at him.

"Blake!" Michael shouted, but was quickly silenced with a look from Blake. Once his attention was trained on me again, I could barely hide the cringe. He was pissed!

"L'ha fatto o lei non ha lasciato quel ragazzo la fotte?" He yelled at me, as he moved towards me until his lips were just an inch from mine.

"No, I did not let him fuck me, are you happy now?" I screamed back at him, struggling to get away from him. His gripped tightened causing me to whimper from the pain that he was causing me, yet he did not seem to care.

"Yes, I am happy, Bailey, but know this, let that prick touch you in the ways you dream of me touching you and his death will be on your hands. Try me, Bailey." And with that he jerked away from me and was out the door, Michael on his tail, as he looked back at me with a look of pity on his face and mouthed the words, "I'm Sorry Bailey" to me.

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think. I found myself falling to the floor and crying uncontrollably, knowing that even though I loved Blake with a passion, I could never be his due to the fact he would never remain faithful, and his double standards would be the death of me or I would be the death of him-physically.



"Why are you so obsessed with Bailey? Ever since we were kids, you always claimed her even when you had someone else?" I heard Michael yell over me. I found myself in his arms as I came too, but I also knew Blake was there as well. So, as nosy as I am I pretended to be unconscious still.

"Because she is Mine! I love her and she knows that." Michael let out a humorless laugh.

"That's why you are married to someone else, right? You've been married for three years and now that you find her and she's in trouble, you want to be this controlling, possessive brute. What is wrong with you? Why must you put her through this shit? She moved away because of you, can't you see she doesn't want you anymore?"

"Watch it brother." Blake warned, as his heart jumped at the thought of Bailey not wanting to be with him anymore.

"No, I'm tired of being the brother who keeps his fucking mouth shut around you and the family when you are wrong. My best friend had to leave for three years because of my brother. She's my sister, Blake and I protect my family. Keep hurting her and I'll make sure you will never be able to find her."

"Is that a threat little brother?"

"No, it's a fucking promise. You try to break her little by little every time she sees you, but you don't notice these things because you automatically think she'll fall at your knees and wait for your commands. She's not a fucking dog and I will not sit here and allow you to do this to her." Things were getting a little too heated for my taste, time for me to wake up. My eyes fluttered open and I couldn't help, but gasp. I hadn't realized how close the brother's were to me, Blake's chest was just a hair away from touching my cheek.

"Michael? What's going on?" I asked, clearing my throat at the husky sound that passed through my lips. Michael looked down at me and smiled a really sad smile at me. My heart hurt seeing the genuine care he had for me. It made me sad that he was the one who was defending my honor because it wasn't his job. I didn't want to come between the two of them, but somehow I always do.

I wiggled in his arms waiting to get free, but Michael wouldn't budge. He didn't want to let me go, his thoughts were of me falling back into the trap of Bailey and Blake running routine circles around each other, me away from him, him running after me. I couldn't blame him, glancing a look at Blake who had the same sad look on his face, if he would have let me down I would have wrapped my arms around Blake to comfort him, when in reality I was the one who needed comfort.

"Bailey I-" Blake began, but my glare silenced him for once in his life.

"Do not talk to me! You're married, you biased fucker! How dare you come to France and find me, only to find out that you're already a taken man, but how am I not surprised. You always had someone Blake, and I was always the one who didn't care. Oh how naïve of me!"

"Bailey please I-" He started to say to me again.

"No, there is nothing for you to say to me. I don't fuck with married men, I don't fuck with men who have girlfriends either. So, Blake just fuck off!" I buried my head in Michael's chest, wishing Blake would just leave, but knowing Blake, having the last word was the annoying factor about him.

"I'll leave now, Bailey, but trust me I'll be back. The next time you'll see me I'll be divorced and no one, I mean no one, not even my brother will be able to keep me from you." I jumped as the door slammed. I wondered how long it would take Blake to come back to me, while secretly hoping that it wasn't that long. Loving him and being in love with him seemed to be the ticking time bomb towards my death, if I did not learn to love without him and love myself I might just fall to pieces...literally.

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