tagBDSMMine Ch. 09

Mine Ch. 09


Her one chance of escape was blown, unless Sonny went to the police, which Narissa knew was highly unlikely. She sat in the car looking sadly out of the window. If she had the opportunity, she would have thrown herself out of the car while it was in motion but Jake had child locks on the side of the passenger door. The door could only be opened from the outside. Jake made a call on his cell phone on the way to their destination but Narissa wasn’t paying attention to what was being said. Her stomach was too tied up in knots to listen. When they arrived back to Jake’s house, (she refused to call it her home), Sergei and Olga were waiting at the door.

Jake dragged Narissa from the car and practically threw her at the waiting couple. “Take her downstairs and get her ready.” He instructed the Russian couple before disappearing into the house. Narissa made an effort to wiggle out of Sergei’s grasp, but the giant of a man held her firmly against him. He hoisted her up by the waist and proceeded to carry her through the house. Narissa kicked and clawed at his arms and legs, which only served to tighten his hold on her.

“Be still you fool. You will only make it worse for yourself. What were you thinking to pull such a stunt anyway?” Olga hissed at Narissa as she followed closely behind her husband.

Sergei took her downstairs and Narissa expected them to put her in the usual room where she received her punishment, but he bypassed the room and took her through a door that she had never been through. When they were in this new room, Sergei dropped Narissa to the cold concrete floor. Narissa looked up to see the Russian couple standing menacingly above her, wondering what they were going to do. Instinctively she knew that her punishment was going be unlike any she had ever experienced.

Narissa noticed chains hanging from the ceiling. Her heart began to pound in fear. Olga knelt down beside her and undid the chocker from around Narissa’s neck, and then removed the girl’s earrings. “Stand up.” Olga ordered. Narissa shook her head. Olga shot a meaningful look to her husband. Sergei stalked over to them and grabbed Narissa’s arm so hard that she felt that it was being wrenched out of its socket.

She was pulled up roughly. He lifted her higher still. Olga pulled a chair from the corner of the room and pulled it to over where Sergei stood. Olga climbed up on the chair and grabbed Narissa’s wrist and locked it in one of the hanging cuffs and then repeated the motion with Narissa’s other wrist. Narissa found herself dangling a foot off the ground.

From somewhere else in the room, Olga produced a black bag. From the bag, she pulled out a gag and stepped up on the chair once more to fasten it around Narissa’s mouth only to be meet with the sharp nip of Narissa’s teeth. Olga let out a stream of angry Russian words. Curse words most probably. Stunned at being bitten by this insolent girl, Olga did what she had been itching to do for weeks; her open handed palm connected with Narissa’s check.

Sergei spoke sharply to his wife in their language, to which Olga answered back angrily. Olga tried again to put the gag on Narissa. She was met with little resistance this time. With that accomplished she stepped down from the chair glaring at Narissa who glared back. Sergei then pulled out a knife from his back pocket and Narissa’s eyes widened like saucers. She wanted to scream but due to the gag, any sound she made came out as a muffled groan.

She closed her eyes not wanting to watch him stick the knife into her body, but when no pain came she opened her eyes to see him using the knife to slice her dress right off. When her clothes fell away he lifted a piece of her dress and rubbed it between her legs. Narissa tensed. Sergei lifted the cloth to his nose to inhale deeply of her scent. Narissa turned her head away in disgust.

She had no idea where Jake found these two, but they were just as crazy as he was. She didn’t notice Olga pull another item from the black bag until she felt the Russian woman fastening something on her nipples. Whatever it was, the clamps were so tight that she felt her nipples would fall off from lack of blood circulation. A chain connected the nipple clamps, that when pulled, it would increase the tension on her already tortured nipples. Olga pulled out another clamp from the bag, and spread Narissa’s thighs apart and fastened the clamp on Narissa’s clit.

Once again, Narissa’s traitorous body let her down. She was becoming aroused. Olga smirked as beads of moisture formed along Narissa’s swollen labia. Narissa hung there naked and ashamed while Olga and Sergei watched her squirm. Her arms were beginning to hurt. After several minutes of watching Narissa hang from the ceiling, they abruptly left. Upon their exit, one of them flipped off the light switch. She hated the dark and her arms hurt. She didn’t know how long she would be left in this painful position. She began to cry in frustration. She cried until her head drooped and she nodded off.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

While she slept, Jake came into the room. He turned the light on and took the chair to sit in front of an unsuspecting Narissa. No other woman had ever made him feel quite this way. In the beginning, it was just a game. Women were a dime a dozen to him. He could easily let Narissa go so that he could find her replacement on that very same day if he so desired. The thought of letting her go however, made him physically ache. She looked so beautiful hanging there. Her chocolate body was just waiting to be ravished. He had only to look at her and he wanted her.

Jake still didn’t know what it was about her that had driven him such an extreme lust, that he would hold her here against her will, but he no longer cared. Every other woman that he had been with had been free to come and go as they pleased. He didn’t even mind them sleeping with other men. Sonny for example, had been his lover for a few months. She was by far one of the most beautiful and experienced women he had ever had. She loved S and M, she gave great head, and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t try at least once, and yet Sonny couldn’t hold a candle to his Narissa.

The situation was laughable because in the beginning Narissa had been so innocent and inexperienced in the world of sex. Now, she was exceeding his wildest expectations and the explosive lust he felt for her was so obsessive that he knew he would rather kill her than let her go. She was his! One day she would admit it to him and to herself. She would have to realize that he would never let her go. In the meantime, she needed to learn who was in charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

Narissa woke up aware of a presence inside the room. Her eyes adjusted to the light. Jake was sitting in a chair in front of her, staring at her with a dark, brooding look. Her arms ached like a son of a bitch and she had to pee so badly that she could barely stand it. It felt as if she had been here for days, although she would find out later that she was only there for three hours.

Jake sat there staring in silence. She closed her eyes against his scrutiny only opening them when she heard him move to get up. He walked out of the room and she breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Her relief was short lived. He returned with a bullwhip in one hand and a riding crop in the other. He had never used either item on her before. Her body began to shake in fear. It wasn’t so much from the instruments that he carried, but the quiet menace in which he was moving.

She had seen Jake angry before, but she had never seen him quite like this. He walked behind her. He rubbed the riding crop against her ass cheeks before he slashed it against her tender flesh. She moaned loudly through the gag. Jesus this hurt! Not giving her much of a chance to react to the first lash, another came down on the backs of her thighs. She let out a howl. He continued to slash the crop down on her butt and thighs. Never had she experience pain on this level, and she realized that her previous punishments were nothing compared to this.

By the time he finished whipping her with the riding crop she had urine running down her legs and tears running down her face. She was sobbing loudly in pain. She let out a muffled, “Please stop!” From behind the gag.

He finally put down the riding crop only to pick up the bullwhip. The riding crop had not prepared her for this. It was so painful that when he brought the whip down on her back, she passed out after the first two strokes. Jake finally relented when he saw her body go limp. He looked at her dispassionately before taking his leave of the room. This was only part of her punishment.

Narissa regained consciousness later on to find herself back in her bed, naked and facedown. Olga was applying some salve to her back, thighs and buttocks. Jake was a maniac, she thought to herself. The pain was unbearable. Narissa would have gladly welcomed death at that moment. Mercifully, she passed out once more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Narissa was kept in her room for the rest of the week. Olga would come in to tend to Narissa’s backside and leave her food. Jake would periodically check in on her but he would not speak. One night Olga informed Narissa that there would be a party that night and she would have to attend.

A nice warm bath was run for her. Olga sat by the tub lathering her hair and Narissa was sitting in the tub listlessly when Jake walked into the bathroom. “Have her ready in an hour.” He said to Olga while he looked at Narissa’s flushed face. She didn’t look up at him. She didn’t dare. As quickly as he entered, he departed.

An hour later, she was still naked but Olga had perfumed her, oiled her body, and fixed her hair and make-up. Jake came back to the room exactly one hour from his last appearance. Narissa was sitting in front of the vanity mirror.

“Stand up.” He ordered. These were the first words he had spoken to her since the car ride home from the party. As usual he slipped some jewelry around her neck. Her quick glance in the mirror showed her that this was no ordinary piece of jewelry.

It was a rhinestone dog collar. She looked up at him with a question in her eyes but knew better than to ask it out loud. When the collar was tightened around her neck to the point where she thought she might choke, he attached a leash to the collar. Appalled, her first thought was to pull away but one look from Jake quelled any rebellion that she may have felt.

He tugged the leash indicating that she should follow him. When they reached the foot of the stairs, he turned to her. “Get down on your hands and knees.” He instructed. Narissa got down on all fours without hesitation. He tugged the leash once more and she followed him on her hands and knees. He was treating her like a dog. He led her to the dinning room. To Narissa’s dismay, there were people seated at the table!

“Oh my goodness Jake, you are too much!” exclaimed Sally, one of the people from the party.

“Jake, what happened to your other dog?” Asked a snide voice that Narissa recognized as the hateful Sonny’s.

The rest of the people sitting around the table acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. Jake took his seat at the head of the table tugging Narissa to his side. Her humiliation was complete. This was far worse than the whipping she had experienced earlier. While Jake sat, Narissa remained on her hand and knees at his side.

Anyone observing the people at the table would have thought that everything was normal: if you didn’t take into account the naked girl wearing a dog collar and leash. Tears of shame welled up in Narissa’s eyes. She wished that the floor would swallow her up. Nothing that Jake had ever done to her had prepared her for this.

When a dinner of Lobster tail and Filet Mignon was served to the guests, a dog dish was with her name was placed in front of Narissa. Narissa’s face burned with humiliation. “Eat up.” Jake said softly. She knew it wasn’t a request. She leaned over the bowl and began to pick the pieces of cut up meat with her hand only to get it smacked. Her eyes flew to Jake wondering what she had just done wrong. “Is that how dogs eat?” Jake asked.

“No Master.”

“Well eat up and do it right.” He said, in a jovial tone. The people around the table looked upon them with amused interest but didn’t say anything. They all acted as if this sort of thing was normal.

Narissa leaned over face over the bowl to take a bite of her beef. She was relieved to discover that the meat was cut up filet mignon. When she had first seen the bowl, she had feared that it was dog food. She could barely taste her food anyway because she was too conscious of the situation. To make matters worse. Rusty moseyed out of the kitchen and stuck his face right in her food. She was not going to continue eating with this dog’s face stuck in her food, but when she heard Jake telling her to finish it, she had no choice. She wanted to gag. A tear slid down her face as she shared her food with Rusty. As she ate, Jake’s hand began to stroke her ass.

She felt his hand slide into the crack of her cheeks and to her chagrin, her body responded to his touch. Jake grasped her hips to pull her closer to him, but Narissa didn’t dare lift her face from the bowl. Rusty growled at the sudden movement, not liking his dinner interrupted. Jake’s fingers continued their light caress. He stroked his middle and forefinger from her neither hole to her now damp slit. He did this while not missing a beat in the dinner conversation with his guests.

“Jake when are you going to let us play with your doggie.” The odious Herb spoke up.

“Feel free to play with Rusty anytime. He likes the attention.” Jake answered smoothly.

Herb was not amused. “You know what I meant damn it.”

“Do I?” Jake seemed in a devilish mood.

“Oh come on man. Quit playing games. You know I’ve wanted a piece of that action the moment I saw her.” Herb eyed a now quivering Narissa who was so caught up in Jake’s fingers now sliding in and out of her that she didn’t realize that they were talking about her.

“Hmm, I’ll think about it.” Jake smirked.

“You never used to be so possessive.” Sonny observed jealously wishing that it were her receiving Jake’s attention at this moment.

“I’ve never had such a prize before.” Jake answered smoothly. Sonny’s face turned beet red.

“That put you in your place, didn’t it honey?” Sally chortled at the indignant redhead.

“Shut up you old cow!” Sonny hissed.

“Come on ladies, there’s no need to be catty.” Spoke an unidentifiable voice at the table. Narissa didn’t care who was talking. Rusty was long gone, sauntering back to the kitchen when the food was gone and Jake’s fingers were buried so deep in her cunt, that she was literally oozing juices. Narissa moved her hips back and forth over his fingers.

“At least let me get a whiff of that sweet pussy.” Herb whined.

Jake feeling indulgent withdrew his soaking wet fingers from Narissa’s pussy. She whimpered in protest at the withdrawal. Jake picked up a napkin and wiped the moisture from his finger and then tossed it to an eager Herb.

Herb inhaled the scent of the cloth taking delight in the sweet, and tangy scent of Narissa’s channel. He thought that his cock with burst right then and there. “I can see why you don’t want to share her, but you did say you would be game tonight.” Herb pointed out.

“And so I did. There will be stipulations though.” Jake said thoughtfully. Narissa wasn’t sure if she liked the sound of that.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After dinner while the guests were having dessert, Olga reappeared and took Narissa’s chain. She was lead to the living room where she was laid out on a table similar to the one in her punishment room. Her legs were spread out as far they would go. Each leg was tied down to the legs of the table. Olga handcuffed Narissa’s wrists together and hooked them to post above Narissa’s head.

Narissa was bewildered when Olga began to remove her own clothes. Olga’s body was milky white. Her small firm breasts were crowned up large red nipples. Olga’s pussy was clean-shaven and she had nicely rounded hips with long shapely legs. The sight on Olga’s body should have repulsed Narissa as she had never entertained the thought of being with another woman, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the other woman’s body.

Olga ran a hand across Narissa’s taunt breasts causing the younger woman to shiver. Narissa wished her body wasn’t so responsive to touch. “Do you like that little girl?” Olga asked with a smug look on her face.

Narissa nodded. She arched her back as Olga pinched her nipples. Narissa moaned softly as Olga continued to stimulate her by playing with her breasts. During this, the other guests entered the living room in several states of undress. By now, Narissa didn’t care, she was so turned on that she didn’t care who fucked her now. This was what she had been trying to escape all along. She was no longer a Jake’s prisoner. She was a prisoner of her own body.

To be continued…………

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