tagInterracial LoveMine Ch. 14

Mine Ch. 14


Narissa stared at Jake, afraid to speak. Her mind told her to resist, but her body was screaming for the release that she knew only he could provide. "Say it Narissa." He demanded. His green eyes were wild with desire.

"I can't." She finally answered. Tears welled up in her eyes. Damn him for being able to make her feel this way again. After all that he had done to her, she still couldn't walk away.

He pulled her against his body and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Give me another chance Narissa and I promise, I will make you very happy." He said desperately. His eyes searched her face. When he saw her wavering he moved in for the kill. "Let me spend some time with you. We will take things slowly. You can set the pace."

Narissa sighed. She knew that she would have to keep her guard up where he was concerned but she realized upon seeing him again, that she missed him. Dammit she missed him, but this time around, she was going to have a lot more say in how things were going to be. "Jake, we're going to have set a few ground rules if I agree to see you again.

He hesitated briefly. Jake was use to being the one in charge. That basic part of his personality would never change, but he understood her need to assert herself. If he wanted her in his life, he knew that he would have to bend a little. "I understand." He agreed.

"First of all, I would like to have some input into what we do and where we go out. I don't need fancy restaurants and expensive gifts. I won't lie and say that those things aren't nice, but sometimes I like going out for a burger or ice cream, you know, the simple things. Second, I want you to be honest with me. No more secrets Jake." She stated firmly.

"Okay. That sounds fair." He conceded. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her quivering lips. "Can I get a kiss goodnight?" He asked, which was humbling experience for a man who was so used to taking what he wanted.

Her lips were so soft under his. It took every ounce of willpower within him not to take her and run off. God he missed her. Jake forced himself to pull away. "Perhaps we can see each other this weekend. We can go on a picnic. Would you like that?" He asked.

Narissa smiled for the first time that night. "I would like that very much, only on one condition though."

"And what's that?"

"I get to provide the meal."

"Okay, you've got a deal." He smiled back.

Narissa's heart skipped a beat. After all this time he still had that effect on her.

"I'll pick you up on Saturday around noon?" He asked.

"Sure, that sounds good."

As he walked away, she remembered that she didn't give him her address. "Jake don't you want me to write down directions to my place?" she asked.

"I already know."

She froze. How did he know? Tim. That must be it. She shrugged. No big deal. It was Tim who had given Jake her phone number so that was probably how Jake knew her address. It was lucky for Tim that she decided to give Jake another chance or he would be in hot water.

It wasn't until later that night when Jake realized his slip up. As he lay in bed, he agonized over Narissa's no secrets rule. How would she react when she learned that he was the one who owned the very apartment complex she lived in, and that it was he who had gotten her the job she now had? Jake recognized how proud Narissa was of her independence. Jake realized that she would feel that he was manipulating her again, when in fact he had only wanted to help her. He knew that if he told her the truth, he could lose her, but if he didn't tell he and she found out, he could lose her anyway. He was torn.

* * * * * *

Narissa was on cloud nine. She and Jake had been dating for two months and everything seemed perfect. Unlike the first time, she felt as if she and Jake were equals. Jake no longer tried to impress her with his money or made her feel that she ought to depend on him for anything.

They would go to the movies, go on picnics, and just go for long drives. Narissa saw the side of Jake that she knew had been there all along. He was funny, considerate, and attentive. She always enjoyed the envious stares from other women when she was with him. He still had his moments where he liked to have his way, but she knew that he wouldn't completely be the Jake that she knew and loved if he didn't. And she did love him. She didn't know when it happened but she was in love with Jake.

He would kiss her and touch her body every so often but it never went beyond that. She was a little disappointed because she wanted more. Tonight, she was going to give herself to him. Tonight would be special. Jake was coming over to her apartment and she planned on cooking a romantic meal for two. She had even bought a tight little black dress for the occasion. Her body tingled with anticipation at what was in store.

She was just lighting the candles on her dining room table when there was a knock on her door. Jake. She smiled as she finished putting the last minute touches to the table before running over to answer the door.

Jake was leaning casually against the doorway holding a bottle of wine. He looked so handsome in a pair of khaki's and crisp black shirt that was unbuttoned at the throat. She had a sudden urge to place her mouth against that exposed bit of flesh but held back. A stray brown lock fell carelessly over his brow giving him a boyish look. Jake gave her his huge one hundred watt smile and her pulse began to race.

"Come in." She said going up on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

"You look beautiful tonight. Is this all for me?" He asked giving her an appreciative glance. The little black dress she wore hugged every curve of her body. His mouth began to water. Jake had promised himself that he wouldn't go further than she wanted to but it was going to be a long night if he had to keep his hands off of her.

Narissa prepared a gourmet spread of shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, and crème brule. Neither one of them tasted a single bite as they ate. They were too absorbed in each other. After barely finishing dessert Narissa pushed her plate aside. "Do you want to listen to some music?" She asked feeling shy all of a sudden.

"I'd love to. We never did get around to tasting this wine I brought. I know you're not much of a drinker but I think you will like this one. Shall I pour us a couple of glasses?" He raised a dark brow.

"Sure." She answered as casually as she could. Her heart was beating do hard that she would sure he could hear it.

She rummaged through her CD collection and pulled out a Marvin Gaye disk. When Marvin's dulcet tones sang through the speakers, Narissa joined Jake on the couch sitting next to him. She took the pre-offered glass of wine from his hand. She took a sip.

"Mmm. This is good." She smiled.

"I thought you might like it. It's a little sweeter than most wines. My friend who owns a vineyard makes it and when I tried it, I thought about you." He smiled, pleased that she liked his choice in wine.

His smile had such a devastating effect on her that her hand started to shake causing her to spill some wine down her dress. "Oh my goodness." She laughed nervously.

"Let me get that for you." Unable to help himself he said leaned forward to lick the wine that was dripping between the exposed valley of her breasts.

Narissa gasped. He looked up. "Tell me to stop and I will." He said.

Narissa couldn't say anything if her life depended on it. Taking her silence for acquiescence, Jake put his own glass of wine down and took her glass from her nerveless fingers. "This wine is delicious, but I bet it would taste even better on your lips." He said dipping his index finger in the glass of wine before rubbing it across her lips.

Narissa's mouth parted as he slipped the damp finger into her mouth. "Suck it." He ordered. Narissa gently sucked the wine from his finger. The taste of the wine against his skin was heady. Jake removed his finger and then leaned over. He traced her lips with his tongue. "I was right. The wine definitely tastes better on your lips." He whispered.

Narissa shivered with pleasure. Jake pushed down the straps of her dress to reveal her pert bare breasts. Jake dipped his finger in the wine again. When his finger was dripping with the sweet fluid, he reached over to circle her nipple with his finger. He repeated the motion with her other nipple. Jake put his glass down then before cupping her breasts in his hands. He sucked one nipple deeply into his mouth. "Oh Jake." Narissa moaned.

"The wine tastes even better here." He said before taking her other nipple in his mouth. Narissa grasped his head, holding him against her breasts as he sucked roughly on her nipples. Narissa could feel her pussy contracting at the sensation coursing through her body.

His mouth against her skin was unlike anything else she had ever experienced. It wasn't long before they were both naked on the couch kissing each other with a wild abandon of lovers long denied of each other's touch. Jake got off the couch and lifted Narissa up into his arms. As he carried her to the bedroom, his mouth never left hers.

He deposited her on the bed and his body immediately covered hers. Narissa ran her hands down his back only to have her wrists captured in his hands. He pinned her wrists above her head in one of his hands. He leaned over and nuzzled her neck with his face.

"Jake let me touch you." She begged, her body quivering with desire.

"Not yet, angel." He whispered against her skin as he lapped her skin with his tongue. He dropped kisses along her breasts and belly before placing a light kiss on the neatly trimmed patch of hair between her legs. He let go of her wrists them.

"Keep you hands above you head." He commanded softly. Jake was still as dominant as ever in the sack but Narissa was so turned on that she would have done anything he asked of he in that moment.

He grabbed her thighs, lifting her up so that he could gaze at the pink lushness of her exposed pussy. He inhaled deeply. The very scent of her drove him crazy. He dove face first into her dripping pussy, slurping on her throbbing clit. Narissa wiggled beneath him knowing that she wouldn't hold out much longer if he continued this assault of her senses.

"Please!" She begged. She needed his cock so badly that she thought she would die.

"Patience angel." He said before sliding two fingers into her dripping cunt. He fucked her with his fingers as his mouth latched onto her clit again.

"Oh god Jake. I'm going to come." She screamed bucking her pussy against his face.

This caused Jake to suck on her clit even harder, milking her cunt of it's juices. Narissa came twice before Jake was finished eating her out. Jake wasn't completely finished with her yet however.

He kept her legs spread as he went to his knees. He stroked his thick, long cock in his hands. "Do you want this angel?" He smirked rubbing the head off his shaft against her clit. Narissa could only moan. Her sweat-dampened body was helpless to his will. "Say it angel. Tell me you want this cock." He ordered softly as he rubbed his cock along her still wet slit.

"Yes Jake. Please give me some cock." She pleaded.

Jake could no longer contain himself. His hard rod slid into her slick sheath. Jake grunted as he pushed deeply into her. Her pussy was so hot and tight. He had waited for over a year to feel this good again and it was worth the wait. He pumped in and out her. Narissa began to move her hips with his to meet him thrust for thrust.

He drove into her like a man possessed. Jake shuddered against her as he shot his load up her tunnel. Narissa screamed out Jake's name. Nothing could compare to this intense moment. Jake collapsed on top of her.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her brow. Narissa smiled lazily as she drifted off. She thought she was dreaming when she heard the whispered words "I love you."

* * * * * *

A week later Jake took Narissa out to a new Italian restaurant that they were both dying to try. They were having a good time enjoying each other's company, chatting, and laughing when someone came over to their table.

"Jake. Fancy meeting you here." A tall thin man stood by their table.

Narissa eyes him curiously and Jake looked a little uneasy.

"Hello Joe. Yes, it's a small world isn't it?"

"I'd say." Joe smiled jovially.

Jake seemed reluctant to introduce Narissa to this man and Narissa began to have a strange feeling that something wasn't quite right here.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your lovely companion?" Joe smiled.

"Uh, sure. Joe this is Narissa. Narissa this is Joe." Jake introduced briefly without elaborating. Narissa's face grew hot. Was Jake ashamed of her?

"We're in business together." Joe elaborated when he noted Narissa's confused expression.

Narissa nodded. Maybe Jake didn't want her meeting anyone that was involved in his business considering what he did for a living.

"Well Joe, Narissa and I have to be going but we'll talk tomorrow okay?" Jake said as if to shoo his colleague away.

"Yea, sure. Remember though, we have a meeting this week with that group who is interested in investing in the Sierra Vista apartment complex." Joe said.

Jake stiffened. He merely nodded Joe's way before the man went away.

When Joe was gone, Narissa looked at Jake with confusion in her eyes. The Sierra Vista was where she lived and worked. "What was he talking about Jake?"

Jake didn't answer at first.

"Jake what's going on?" She asked again. "No more secrets dammit." She said through clenched teeth.

"Narissa when I told you about my business ventures, I didn't tell you the whole of it. I didn't lie to you about the adult catalogue or the stores. That's how I made some of my money. When the adult business took off I decided to diversify so I branched out into other ventures. Property development was one of them. I own lots of property actually."

Narissa's jaw dropped. "You own the Sierra Vista complex?"


"So technically, I work for you?" she asked.


"And you're my landlord?"


Narissa took a moment to process what this meant to her. "How long have you owned it? No, better yet, did I get my job because of you?" When Jake didn't answer Narissa's heart fell. It was as if he had never let go of the control he had on her life. "Does Tim know?" She laughed humorously. "Don't answer that Of course he knows. It was through his 'friend' that he had heard about my job. I guess that friend was you. Well, so much for my independence. It was all a joke wasn't it? You must have had a good laugh at my expense. Both of you did." She said bitterly.

"No Narissa, it wasn't like that."

"Do you think I am going to believe you now? Don't bother. Just in case you didn't know, let me tell you something about your friend. We fucked. Was that part of the plan?" She asked vindictively.

By the stunned expression on Jake's face she realized that he didn't know. He actually looked very hurt. Good. For all she cared Tim and Jake could both go to hell. "You will understand if I leave then. I'll take a cab and I will thank you not to follow me out." She got up to leave.

Jake watched bleakly as she walked out of the restaurant and out of his life.

To be continued...

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