tagNonHumanMine...Yours Pt. 11

Mine...Yours Pt. 11


Author's Note: I thank all of you for your kind words and emails. I love, absolutely love getting all of the comments and reading them. Keeps me going. It is hard to write since I am working so much, real life does get in the way. Kind of sucks doesn't it? :-)

A big thank you to my substitute editor bearslady. Also a thank you to someone who helped me a great deal to understand some of the characters I had to portray in here.



Chapter 32: Law

I waited for Mr. Brooks to tell me more but he said nothing else. A Paladin? I had never heard of one. It must be a human thing, it sounded important though the way he said it. He had told me I wouldn't believe what he was, but how was I to believe or not believe when I didn't know what it was?

"What is a Paladin?" I asked. Mr. Brooks sighed, glanced at me to give me a smile, then continued focusing on the road.

"Know what a samurai is?" He asked. I knew that one. One of the first movies I had seen with Greg was the Seven Samurai. I had been curious if the world had been black and white long ago. Then it was explained to me that humans didn't always have color pictures. I had asked Greg why humans didn't just share thoughts since they are in color, then found out they couldn't. Which made sense to me, because I had wondered for a while why Greg just didn't explain things to me by linking his mind to mine. I had wanted to ask him about it, because with our bond we could but he had never opened up that part of himself...

Seneca had explained to me what could be done with a link, how she and her master could experience all sorts of fantasies both fun and hideous. I realized during the binding process that Greg's mind is broken, and he wasn't able to...

Mr. Brooks is waiting for an answer!

"It's a warrior who uses a sword and kills people for a purpose other than food or energy." I told him. He chuckled and engaged his turn signal to get on the fast road. I liked it because even though I am sitting still we are moving very quickly! I hoped I could roll down the glass so I could smell the world as it passed by! Then I wouldn't be able to hear Mr. Brooks though, so I paid attention to him.

"That's right, in a way. A samurai is a servant, someone who has sworn an oath to his lord and will serve him in whatever he asks. Even if his lord should ask for his life a samurai will give it." He told me.

I thought on that, and how foolish the samurai were! What if he knew better than his lord what should be done? And to just throw away his life? Hmmm...I thought back to the movie.

"Can...ummm...samurai have a cause instead of a lord?" I asked. Mr. Brooks nodded his head approvingly.

"Yes they can, and the reason I brought up samurai is that a Paladin is something similar." He paused and seemed to be trying to organize his thoughts.

"A Paladin is a servant to a lord. He is that lord's emissary, servant, voice, hands and feet. His job is to go where his lord wants him to go and be ready. Do you understand?" He asked, sparing me another glance.

"Not really." I replied. Then remembered that sometimes Greg would have me say back to him what I heard him say and then he would fix what he had said originally so it made sense!

"A Paladin is a servant and goes and does what his lord wants and is just...available? Ready? Is that it?" I said. He nodded and then turned on his blinking signal showing he was getting off of the fast road.

"That is right." He told me.

"That's just stupid!" I told him hotly. Those eyes of his glared at me for a moment and it felt like I was being pushed back into the seat! Then he focused on his driving again and sighed.

"I am sorry Lucretia, I forget sometimes that you are not human and don't know our ways." He reached out his hand to me and patted my knee. I placed my hand on his, accepting his apology. Inside though, my emotions were roiling! What had I felt? What had pushed against me? And what the hell was a Paladin?

"How is being a Paladin going to help us talk to the Alpha?" I asked quietly. Mr. Brooks chuckled.

"That is a very good question. The answer is because it is needed and I feel compelled to do it. My Lord will back me on this." He replied.

His Lord? I felt the difference in the way he said it. Mr. Brooks has a lo...no. It has to be said the way he did.

Mr. Brooks has a Lord.

"Who is this Lord that makes you, a human, go into a home of werewolves? IS he trying to get you killed, that does not seem to be a very good Lord!" I told him, and then Regretted saying that since it could be taken as being disrespectful.

Focusing on the road, and the signs on the side of it, Mr. Brooks took a small gravel path that was barely wide enough for his truck. There were many tall trees around us, and before we couldn't see the sky I saw storm clouds on the horizon, coming from the direction where the sun raises...I mean sun rises.

"My Lord is the Ruler of this Plane..." Mr. Brooks said quietly. His voice was resonant and strong. "My Lord is both a part and separate from this realm which he made from nothing. He is so powerful that he could gather all of this world up into his hand and drop it right into his eye without blinking." Then he smiled and squeezed my knee.

"He also cares for all of us. I am his Paladin, a human sworn into his service." He stopped the truck and stepped out of it, buckling on his belt that held his handgun. When he looked back in at me as I was undoing the seatbelt his eyes were intense and the smile he had was quiet and deadly serious.

"With my Lord on my side, no one can stand against me!" he declared in a soft voice.

I have decided that I like Greg's father!

I climbed out and walked next to him as we came closer to the mansion where the Alpha and his main pack lived. I could hear him speaking quietly under his breath as we approached the gate. I was looking back and forth between him and our destination. We were walking...WALKING right up to the entrance of the enemy! I could have changed and flown us both inside, or maybe he as a Paladin could turn us invisible. All he was doing was talking to himself! He wasn't telling me anything! How was I supposed to...

Mr. Brooks took my hand in his and then I heard his voice as he spoke a little louder for me to hear, "...not what I want to have happen Lord, but what You want to have happen. Please watch over Lucretia, she is precious to my son and also to me. Guide our steps and our actions; show us the correct path to take. Amen."

I stopped walking and it stopped Mr. Brooks who looked back at me.

"What was all that?" I asked incredulously.

"I was praying..." he replied.

"But we weren't going to eat or sleep, we are going to...to..." I sputtered out words. I was so confused!

I was confused so often that at least...I was getting familiar with the feeling.

Mr. Brooks turned back to face me, his back to the gate that was still a good hundred feet off or so. I could see two men standing guard in front of it. They had the smell of Were on them.

"When we as humans pray, we are speaking to the Lord of this Plane. Tradition tells us to pray before meals and before we go to sleep, but what our Lord tells us..." he sighed and his thumb caressed my hand he held. "...Our Lord tells us to pray continually." He looked over his shoulder at the gate.

"Especially when we might be going to war." His Sardonic tone made me grin. We WERE going to a fight after all! My skin began to ripple and shift as my height increased and I felt the familiar weight of my horns grow on my head. The hair that would fall in front of my eyes to block my vision slowly vanished. My muscles expanded, hardening and stretching. The bit of energy I had taken from the weres that attacked my Greg burned in me wanting to be used! Mr. Brooks took my clawed hand in his and continued our sedate walk to the gate.

"Shouldn't we..." I began before he shushed me.

"Trust me, Lucretia." He said quietly. "Don't let go of my hand."

I fought down a scream of Frustration, but something inside of me told me that I should listen to him. The guards moved to stand in our path.

"Sir, I will have to ask..." his voice trailed off as Mr. Brooks walked right by him and placed his hand on the locked gate. Something clicked and the gate swung open easily on oiled hinges.

"Everything is fine." Mr. Brooks said over his shoulder to the startled guard. "The Alpha is expecting me."

The guard nodded and closed the gate behind us. I arched an eyebrow at the guard and he just waved us on and turned his back on us to dutifully scan the surrounding forest for anyone who might be coming into the compound without authorization. What was going on?

That werewolf had let an armed human and succubae enter without stopping us? Either the security here was really bad or...

I let my senses extend towards Mr. Brooks and felt nothing. No magic, no power, just him. He did feel different than other humans, but then again...all humans are different!

We came to the front doors of the mansion and Mr. Brooks opened the door and walked in with me through the opening side by side. A man in a nice suit came up to us, his eyes opening wide upon seeing me. I grinned at him, showing my sharp teeth and he gulped once.

"Uhhh...Sir? How can I help you?" He said as perspiration broke out on his forehead. I could feel his heart beating faster. Like when I caught a butterfly and felt it's wings beat inside of my cupped hands. I really liked that feeling! I let the tip of my tongue caress my lips and I began to take a step towards him when Mr. Brooks, who was still holding my hand, began walking to the side. He called out to the man who greeted us.

"Let the Alpha know we are coming to see him."

I walked along side of Mr. Brooks and saw he was smiling to himself. We passed many doors, some open, some closed. I saw a small arena set up where some werewolves were fighting back and forth while other's looked on. The two who were in the between states of transition stopped fighting to look at us. Mr. Brooks waved and said, "Hello. Nice to meet you all. I am Greg Brook's Dad, which way is Alpha Roberts?"

One of the wolves pointed and Mr. Brooks nodded once, "Thank you. Sorry to interrupt." Then he pulled my hand and I waved as well before allowing myself to be pulled out of sight.

"You didn't need to ask for directions, I have the Alpha's scent. I could find him easily!" I whispered harshly.

He took another turn walking by more doors, waving to some, greeting others and always asking for directions to the Alpha. Then he took a corner turn leading us away from where our enemy was and I stopped, holding tight to his hand to turn him around and found that I couldn't! I tried pulling harder and planting my feet but I didn't have the strength! I am stronger than any human, even when Greg is using his power I can hold my own, but this! I still couldn't feel any power or magic or anything from Mr. Brooks.

Fear began to close up my throat making it difficult to breathe. I don't like Fear at all, Anger usually follows quickly on it's heels!

Mr. Brooks looked back at me and grinned...he grinned!

"Don't be scared Lucretia, everything is going to my Lord's plans."

On one of the turns we ran into a young man who had skin darker than mine. I remembered his scent and began to growl. He was one of those that were there when my Greg was attacked and hurt! HE froze upon seeing me and then did a double take at seeing Mr. Brooks. He bowed his head as Greg's father stopped in front of him.

"You're Greg's daddy aren't you?" The man asked Sadly. I still wanted to rip his head off after draining him dry!

"Yes..." Mr. Brooks answered quietly. The black man shuffled his feet a little then looked up into Mr. Brook's face. I saw tears glinting at the corner's of his eyes. Was it Sadness or Shame he was feeling I wondered. It made my own rage back down as I examined his face. I think it was a bit of both.

"I didn't know it was him we were hunting, man, if I knew I wouldn't' have gone. Greg seemed pretty chill and all that. I just did what the Alpha Roberts told me man. I didn't...I didn't know...okay?" The black wolf looked down at his feet, his shoulder's slumped.

I waited for Mr. Brooks to do something, instead I heard him start speaking softly to himself. Then he put a large hand on the werewolf's shoulder, it made him flinch at the contact.

"Your name?" Mr. Brooks asked.

"Tyson...Tyson Westcott." The man said quietly.

"Thank you for not attacking my boy, Tyson. In the future I would recommend you think first before you act. It may be hard to do sometimes, given what you are. Try though, and you will be a better person for it. I forgive you for your thoughtless actions. You will need to ask my son for his forgiveness later. Now go."

Tyson stepped back, his eyes wide and then took off jogging the opposite direction we were going. I heard him whisper, "Damn, that is one scary motherfucker!"

I was Angry as well! How dare Mr. Brooks forgive that...that Tyson Westcott THING! Didn't he know that he was part of the group that attacked my Greg!? Didn't he want to hurt them? To make them suffer for what they had done?

"Lucretia..." Mr. Brooks said.

"What?" I retorted sharply.

I looked into Mr. Brook's eyes and what I saw there made me cringe inside. It was like...like...

"Greg is my son, when he bleeds I hurt, when his heart is broken I weep his tears. However, my son spared Tyson's life for a reason. Is it better to kill him when he will learn from this and become a better man?" His hand tightened on mine, to the point where it was almost painful! Where does his strength come from?

"Do not question my resolve, I will do what must be done. It must be what is right though. I follow the Law, the spirit of it. Many times Justice and Vengeance follow the same course. However..." Mr. Brooks looked down the corridor where Tyson had fled.

"...sometimes Mercy takes the place of Justice." He finished.

"How can Vengeance and Mercy work together?" I asked, now more confused than ever. Mr. Brooks just pulled me along with him, laughing softly and said,

"When we meet the Alpha...you will see." Mr. Brooks told me.

He looked past my shoulder and smiled predatorily, "I love it when a plan comes together!" He said quietly. I turned and saw eyes, many eyes in both furry and human faces. I felt surprise, caution, fear, and anger from the werewolves watching us. Then my nose caught the familiar acrid scent of the Alpha! Well...maybe he doesn't smell bad, but I could feel my heart harden and my crop tightened on the few gold coins and the gift stone my Papa gave me. The actual scent was of cedar and spices and then of warm soft fur. If I had not known who the scent came from I would have assumed it to be from a nice person.

Knowing he was a chjorzit, made me want to sneeze then hold my breath!

Mr. Brooks walked along with me back to the play room...the place where the weres play-fight together. We were paced by many of the wolves, some in animal form, others in that hybrid shape. Many didn't change and just watched as Greg's father let go of my hand half way to the center of the room. He smiled at me and I stayed put. He stepped out into the center of the floor and put his hands in his pockets, then bowed his head and held still.

I thought about Mr. Brook's Lord...the one who was supposed to be protecting him...? Where was this Lord now? I can hear the wolves getting restless behind me, their scent heavy on the air. I can smell their leader, the Judge Michael Roberts getting closer. I scan the room, it's just a large two story square room with a balcony about twice my body's length above the ground that circles all four walls. I see more figures appearing there as well. If Mr. Brooks had wanted to get everyone's attention with walking around...he had succeeded!

I turned to face the wolves creeping up behind us and crouched, flexing my claws and rattling my wings. One of them snarled and I answered with a piercing shriek that made him clap his paws to his ears and back up.

No wolf pup can intimidate me!

I saw Hildy appear on the walkway above me, she looked down at me and I couldn't read her expression. She looked upset...Angry, Hurt, Afraid, and...Sorry? What was she sorry for?

"Peace..." a soft baritone rolled through the room and the wolves all settled down. Judge Roberts walked in through the double doors with a little dramatic flourish. He pushed both doors open at the same time and sauntered in filled with the power of knowing who he was and that he was on his own land. That he was king of his own little corner of the world...

...I was fully prepared to correct his thinking!

He looked at me and his lip curled up like he had tasted something terrible; I knew how he felt. Just seeing him I remembered licking his mug to get his scent and I almost gagged myself a little bit. I settled for hissing at him and baring teeth in a snarl.

Mr. Brooks was standing there, his hands in his pockets in the center of the room softly speaking to himself when his head came up and he turned his back on the Alpha to look up near the ceiling. He pointed his finger right at someone and said, "Don't do it! It's not worth it!" The wolves parted and there stood a young man with a gun. It was different than the gun that Mr. Brooks left in the truck, his "shotgun." It had a very long tube on it with a telescope on it.

I like telescopes! I thought it was smart to put one on a gun.

"Do not obey your Alpha on this...set the rifle down and just watch, this is between him and I." Then Mr. Brooks turned his back on the wolf and smiled pleasantly at the Judge Michael Roberts. I saw a small glint of light and a red dot appeared on the back of Mr. Brook's head. I thought this was a curious thing when suddenly many things happened all at once.

A gun shot rang out and Mr. Brooks turned. He drew his handgun from his waist and pointed in the direction the red light had come from and pulled the trigger twice. The hand gun didn't move, but from my angle I could see a blast of flame and white smoke billow from the tube. A loud howl was heard and that long tubed gun clattered down to the floor. I walked over to it, ignoring all of the wolves watching me and picked it up. It smelled of...brimstone, or sulfur is the closest I can come up with. I decided it would not be good to leave this weapon lying around where it might be used against us. I bent it at where the tube came out from the heavy plastic part so the two ends touched. Then looked over at Mr. Brooks who had holstered his handgun and put his hands back into his pockets and was regarding the Alpha quizzically.

"What is it you want?" The Alpha asked. I opened my mouth to speak when I got a feeling in my belly that told me to wait. Mr. Brooks must have also got that same feeling because he was silent, just watching the leader of the werewolves with a measuring gaze.

"What do you want here, in my home?" The large man said even more loudly. Again Mr. Brooks was silent, seeming like he was waiting for something.

"Is it revenge? Is that what you want? You want justice for your son?" He chuckled. "Well here I am...take me on then!" The Judge growled. Mr. Brooks smiled quietly and shook his head.

"You break into my home..." The Judge began speaking when Mr. Brooks raised his hand. The Judge went silent and it seemed to bother him that he did.

"I wanted to know why you do what you do, and now I know." Mr. Brooks said softly. He scratched his chin for a moment and seemed to come to a decision.

"If you attack my son again I will take everything away from you. Your people will leave you and they will hunt you down. This is your only warning, Alpha Roberts." Mr. Brooks said to him.

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