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Minister's Wife Plays The Organ


This story is completely fictional and contains encounters suggested by some readers. All characters are at least 18 years of age. Your feedback is welcome as always. Enjoy the story!


Sarah Harper has been married to Reverend Thomas Harper for 25 years. She plays the organ at Sunday service in the Mountain Creek church which is affiliated with the Mountain Creek private boy's school. The school is a very prestigious school tucked away in the Wasatch Mountains and only the wealthiest of families send their children there. The school is for grades kindergarten through high school and there is a preparatory school for divinity students. All students in the preparatory school are 18 or 19 years of age and they have been selected to attend a divinity college. The extra year of school at Mountain Creek is designed to prepare them for life in the ministry. The Minister Reverend Harper teaches at both Mountain Creek and the nearby divinity college.

Sarah's family was thrilled when she married a minister of their faith even though he was twenty years older then Sarah when they wed. Sarah was 21 years old and she had never had been with another man except to kiss occasionally on a date. Thomas was thrilled that she was still a virgin and he looked forward to educating Sarah in the world of sex. During their honeymoon they hardly left the hotel. After Thomas had taken her virginity, Sarah could not get enough of his cock. She seemed to be insatiable in bed and she wanted to fuck continuously. Thomas was anxious to school Sarah in oral and anal sex but he held off during their honeymoon.

Over the next year of their marriage, Thomas introduced Sarah to oral and anal sex. He took his time and he was patient with her. He first taught her about her pussy and he ate her to incredible mind blowing orgasms. Thomas waited until Sarah asked if there was some way she could reciprocate and pleasure him the way he pleasured her. It was then that Thomas taught Sarah have to masturbate and suck a cock. Thomas was pleased with the way Sarah adapted to oral sex and after she got over the first time he came in her mouth, she willingly accepted his loads down her throat. Thomas introduced her to the 69 position and she loved it as she could give pleasure as she received pleasure.

At times when Thomas ate Sarah's pussy he would slip a pussy moistened finger into her anus. Sarah was startled the first time but after that she actually liked the finger in her ass as Thomas ate her pussy. One time Thomas and Sarah bathed together and he paid a lot of attention to her ass. He washed her thoroughly and fingered her rosebud. Then he had her lean over the side of the tub and he rimmed her anus. Sarah almost jumped from the tub when she felt her husband's tongue probed her nether hole. Sarah adjusted quickly to the tonguing and she got incredibly turned on. After the bath Sarah dashed for the bed and lay on her back with her legs splayed waiting for Thomas to join her. Thomas however turned her back to all fours and resumed rimming her asshole. He then licked her pussy and her asshole alternately driving her wild. Sarah had one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life.

Over the next several months Thomas paid equal attention to Sarah's pussy and ass. Then the day came when he told her that he wanted to put his cock in her ass. Sarah was nervous but up to now Thomas had always been careful with her and he had introduced her to so many ways of love making that she trusted him. He cautioned her that there would be pain at first, followed by a cramping feeling and then she would feel bloatiness and very full. Sarah nodded that she understood and she let Thomas put her in position for her first anal fuck. Thomas had her lay her head down on the bed and elevate her ass to the desired height. He pressed lightly on the small of her back causing her ass to be even more accentuated. Thomas applied ample amounts of lube to her ass as well as his cock. Then he spit on his cock making it as slippery as possible and he positioned the head at the entrance to her ass. Thomas pushed slowly and gently and Sarah felt her sphincter open up to accommodate the head of his cock. The pain ripped through her body and she screamed for Thomas to stop. Thomas did not stop however and for the first time in her life Sarah was scared.

Thomas eased his cock head passed her sphincter and Sarah felt it close around his shaft. She knew he was part way in but the pain was still there. Her eyes filled with tears and she shook her head and pleaded with him to take it out. Thomas continued his onslaught of her ass as he was determined to have it. Then Sarah felt the pain subside and the cramping took over just as Thomas had said. She felt him go a little deeper into her ass and she felt her anal passage begin to contract instinctively. The cramping went away and it was replaced by a bloatiness feeling, again just as Thomas has said. Thomas was now almost all the way in her ass and he began to slowly fuck her. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then sank it back all the way into her ass.

Sarah had only had one cock in her life so she had no way of knowing that Thomas' 6" cock was a perfect size to break in her ass. Despite his size he felt huge in her ass at that moment. Sarah now only felt the fullness in her ass and she actually liked the strange new feeling. Thomas was gliding easily in and out of her ass and he felt his orgasm begin to build in his balls. A few more strokes and the Thomas plunged his cock all the way in and held it there as he emptied his balls in his rectum. Sarah felt the surge of cum shoot into her ass and she actually liked the feeling of the warm cum coating her rectum. Her anal muscles instinctively squeezed his cock and milked it dry. Thomas leaned over her body and told her how beautiful she looked with his cock in her shapely ass. He caressed her breast as he talked and then he lowered his hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit. Sarah needed to cum so she rolled over on her back and pulled Thomas' face to her pussy. Thomas ate her to another glorious orgasm and she coated his face with her love juices.

After that night Thomas and Sarah had anal sex frequently. Thomas seemed to like fucking her ass even more than her pussy. Sarah had loosened up and she could easily accommodate Thomas' cock in her ass. Thomas was still a good lover and he always made sure that she was pleasured. At the age of 30 Sarah moved with Thomas to the mountains when he accepted the position at the Mountain Creek School. Thomas would be the minister for the area and he would have faculty appointment at the school and the nearby divinity college. In addition to the school, the church also served the local residents in the area. It was an excellent opportunity with excellent pay. Sarah would play the organ at Sunday services and eventually she became the choir director for the school.

They had lived there six years and things began to change for Sarah and Thomas. Their sex life lost the spark it once had though it was no fault of Sarah's. She was still very interested in sex and at the age of 36 she was at the peak of her female sexuality. Sarah would implore Thomas to make love to her and she often took things into her own hands. Sarah would suck her husband's cock until he was rock hard and then she would mount him and ride him until she orgasmed. It was often a race for Sarah to cum before Thomas came or went soft in her pussy. There were nights that Thomas was just too tired and then Sarah turned to masturbation. She had never masturbated before then but she was desperate and she needed relief. Sarah was getting more and more frustrated with Thomas but she stuck by him and tried to work with the situation.


Sarah was conducting choir practice in the church after school. The choir was made up of boys in the third grade up through and including the senior class. Three of the senior boys always assisted Sarah with the set and take down of all choir equipment. The three boys named David, Joshua and Samuel were the oldest in their class at 18 years of age. The three of them planned to apply to the divinity college and attend one more year at Mountain Creek in the preparatory program. They were all handsome boys and very fit. They were all six feet or taller and they were all excellent athletes and avid skiers. What Sarah didn't know about them was that they were all very well endowed with each of them carrying 8" cocks. The boys hardly dated because of their location and there were no girls nearby, even when they went home at break most of the girls there were already spoken for.

One day after choir practice the three boys were helping Sarah straighten up when David and Samuel remembered that they had a meeting with one of the teachers. Sarah excused them saying that she and Joshua could finish up. Shortly after David and Samuel left, Sarah caught her heel on something and tumbled backwards into the choir section. As she fell her skirt flew up over her body and exposed her shapely legs and panties. Joshua was stunned as he watched Sarah fall backwards and his eyes were fixated on her bare skin above her stockings. He stared at her for what seemed like several minutes and took in her legs, panties, garters and stockings. Joshua had never seen anyone exposed like that before and his cock throbbed in his pants. Coming to his senses he ran over to help Sarah to her feet.

"Are you all right?" Joshua asked showing concern.

Sarah was beet red as she got to her feet as she knew that Joshua had see her under things but she composed herself and replied, "Yes Joshua I am fine, thank you."

"You better sit down for a minute," he said again expressing his concern.

"Yes I will but I am fine really," Sarah answered as she sat down.

"Mrs. Harper, I can finish up here by myself. Why don't you go home and rest," Joshua offered.

"That is very sweet of you Joshua and since we are almost finished, I will take you up on your offer," Sarah said with a smile.

Sarah stood up and arranged her dress. Then she said good bye to Joshua and left the choir section. As soon as Joshua was convinced that she had left, he sat down and unfastened his pants. He was so turned on from seeing Sarah Harper's undies that he had to jerk off. He dropped his pants to his knees and pushed his underwear down with them. He grabbed a hold of his impressive cock and began to jerk off. He closed his eyes and recalled the scene of Sarah exposed beneath her dress. His hand flew up and down his cock and as he raced toward his ejaculation.

Sarah had gotten all the way downstairs when she realized that she had forgotten her purse. She went back to the choir section to get it and she stopped in her tracks when she saw Joshua masturbating. She watched as his hand raced up and down his shaft but what really got her attention was the size of his cock. She had never seen another cock before and she never realized that they would be much bigger that her husband's but Joshua was bigger. Sarah was convinced that it had to be at least 8" long and 5-6" around. She was frozen in time as she watched Joshua jerk off. She finally decided to do something about it.

"Joshua, what are you doing and in church to top it off?" she yelled at him.

Joshua opened his eyes but he was too close to stop, "I can't help it. I can't stop," he gasped.

"Stop it right this instant!" Sarah ordered.

Joshua then leaned back and his cock spurted cum in the air. Sarah watched in amazement as Joshua seemed to cum for minutes. At least four or five streams shot up into the air and the first one must have gone two feet. Sarah continued to watch as he finished jerking off and cum puddled on his lower body. Finally he released his cock and it settled on his abs. Sarah had never seen anyone cum like that and she was unaware that anyone could produce so much.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Harper I couldn't help it. I got so excited when I saw your legs and panties that I just had to get off," Joshua blushed as he apologized.

In a way Sarah was flattered that just the show of her panties and legs could get a handsome boy so aroused. However she knew she had to be stern with Joshua.

"Joshua, go to the rest room and clean yourself up then go back to your dormitory. We will discuss this at a later time," Sarah said assertively.

"Yes Mrs. Harper but please don't tell anyone," he pleaded as he left the choir section.

Joshua walked to the rest room with his pants and underwear still around his ankles as he did not want to get cum on his clothes. Sarah restrained a giggle as she watched him walk out of the choir section. However she did admire his young taut buttocks as he moved away from her. Sarah then straightened up the choir section and left the church. On the way home she kept thinking about what she saw and she was still amazed at Joshua's large cock and the amount of cum that spurted from it.

That evening after dinner Sarah was particularly horny as she recalled the events of the day. She basically attacked Thomas in bed and she was successful getting him hard and fucking him. After she fucked Thomas however she was still horny as she could not get the image of Joshua's big dick shooting cum in the air. That night Sarah masturbated two times as she visualized Joshua's spurting cock.


That night in their room Joshua decided to tell his roommates about his encounter that afternoon with Sarah Harper. David and Samuel sat on the edge of the beds and listened intently as Joshua described what happened.

"So she must have tripped and fell backwards and her skirt flipped up over her body. I saw her legs, stockings, garters and panties," Joshua told them.

"Did you see her tits?" asked an excited Samuel.

"No stupid, I saw under her skirt not her blouse," Joshua answered.

"What did she look like Josh?" David asked.

"Oh man she is beautiful. Her legs are really nice and she has a flat tummy. Her skin looked so smooth above the tops of her stockings," Josh replied.

"Shit I'm getting a boner," Samuel said.

"Sam, you're always getting a boner. You're the horniest guy I know," David said with a laugh.

"Stick it Dave," Sam yelled back.

"So Josh did you touch her," Dave asked.

"No but I wanted to. I just stared at her for a few moments and then I helped her up," Josh told them.

"If it was me I would have touched her panties," Sam said excitedly.

"No you wouldn't. You would be kicked out of school for that and you know it," Dave snapped.

"I have to tell you guys something else though," Josh went on, "I told her to leave and go home and that I would straighten up. When I was sure that she was gone I dropped my pants and jerked off."

"Right there in the choir room?" Sam asked.

"Yeah and guess what? She came back and caught me," Josh admitted.

"No way, Mrs. Harper caught you beating your meat," Dave challenged.

"Yes she did. I thought she was gone and I had my eyes closed thinking about her body. I don't know how long she stood there but she finally said something," Josh went on.

"What happened then?" Sam asked.

"She yelled at me to stop but I couldn't. I was so close to cumming that I just had to finish. Then I ejaculated all over my abs and pubes," Josh admitted.

"And she just stood there and watched?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, she just watched as I shot my wad. Then she told me to go to the restroom, clean up and leave," Josh replied.

"That was it nothing else happened?" Sam questioned.

"That was it but she did tell me that she would take it up with me at another time. She was upset and I hope that she doesn't report me," Josh sounded concerned.

"Wow. I bet she liked it. I bet she liked watching you shoot your big load right in front of her," Sam added.

"I doubt it she seemed pissed off," Josh replied.

After that conversation the boys returned to their studies but none of them could get the image of Sarah Harper out of their minds. Josh vividly recalled her on the floor with her skirt up while the other two tried to imagine what she looked like under her skirt. When the lights went out that night the three of them jerked off in their beds thinking about Sarah Harper. Each of them fantasized about having sex with her although they were all uncertain what they would do. The three of them shot their wads and then fell asLukep as cum dried on their bodies.


The next time after choir practice Sarah told Joshua to remain behind that she wanted to speak to him. David and Samuel were dying to find out what would happen but they could not figure a way to spy on Sarah and Josh so they reluctantly returned to the dorm. Sarah had Joshua sit on a bench in the choir section and she sat next to him. Just her closeness was enough to stir Joshua's manhood and he felt his cock grow in his pants. Sarah noticed the bulge in Joshua's pants but she did not say anything. She was pleased in a way that someone her age could excite the 18 year old.

"Joshua I want to talk with you about what happened the other day," Sarah started.

"Mrs. Harper I'm sorry that I got carried away. It's just that I got so excited," Josh stammered.

"Are you telling me that just by seeing my legs and panties you got that excited? Haven't you seen girls in bikini bathing suits that certainly show a lot more?

"Yes I have but it's not the same. You looked so sexy in your stockings and garters with your bare skin exposed above the stocking tops."

"I see, so if I showed you my legs and stockings again are you telling me that you will get excited again?"

Josh could feel his cock straining to get out of his pants and he thought that if Sarah showed him her legs again that he would cum in his pants. Josh just nodded in agreement and then he watched in amazement as Mrs. Harper pulled her dress up to her waist exposing her legs and stockings but keeping her panties concealed.

"Is this what you wanted to see Joshua? Would you like to see my panties too?"

Josh just nodded yes again. Sarah looked in his lap again and she saw the outline of his impressive cock against his pants. She knew that she was on dangerous ground but she loved teasing the teenager and watching his reaction. Sarah made a game of it as she inched her dress higher and higher until her panties were visible.

"Joshua, do you want to take your penis out again and play with it?"

"Oh God yes!" Josh gasped.

Josh stood up and quickly unfastened his belt and trousers. He pushed his trousers along with his underwear down to his knees and his vibrant erect cock sprung forward. Sarah smiled as the impressive organ danced in front of her and it was all she could do to keep from grabbing it. Josh took hold of his cock and began to stroke himself as Sarah pulled her dress up to her waist and gathered it around her.

'Josh would you like to touch my bare thighs?"

Josh just nodded and reached for Sarah's bare skin above her stocking tops. He gently caressed her skin and he felt tremors run through his body. He kept stroking his cock with one hand as he caressed Sarah's thighs with the other. Josh felt as if he would cum at any minute.

"Josh would you like to touch my panties?"

Josh gasped in surprise and again nodded the affirmative. Sarah took his hand from her thigh and placed it on her panty covered vulva. Josh had never touched a pussy before even one that was covered. He wasn't sure what to do so he just rubbed it gently. Josh then noticed that Sarah's panties were getting wet.

"Mrs. Harper, your panties are getting wet,"

"That's because you are getting me excited too," Sarah sighed.

Sarah then reached for Josh's cock. She took his hand off it and replaced it with her own. Josh gasped aloud as no one had ever touched his cock before. He felt her soft delicate hand wrap around his thickness and glide up and down his shaft. He continued to rub Sarah's panty covered pussy and stroke her thighs using both his hands now. Sarah loved the feeling of the youthful cock in her hand. It was definitely longer and thicker than her husband's cock and she cherished the vibrant sensation of it.

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