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Party Crashers

My name is Sunny Michaels. People call me Su. I'm a fourth-year student with a fulltime college schedule and an IT job that starts at six in the morning. I don't care for the nickname, I don't care for my schedule, but that's life. I can handle life, even when it gets strange.

I'm alone in my one bedroom apartment where my parents generously pay half the rent. I'm a grown man of twenty-one years, I have an adult's life, and while my father doesn't see why he should pay for half of my living space, my mother understands—insists. It wouldn't do to be rocking the headboard with the family trying to sleep under the same roof as me.

It's Friday, and I'm gearing up for a night of hardcore porn, Jack and cokes and a bottle of lube that provides a gentle, warm pulse when applied to my penis. I may have an adult life, but not much of one.

The pop from the coke lid releases arching bubbles of fizz, and I mix a splash of the coke with the ice and four shots of Jack I've poured into a fancy, frosty rocks glass. I feel like a gentleman when I use this glass, and it helps convince me that I'm not an alcoholic by not drinking straight from the bottle.

My face cringes when I take my first my sip, but I let out a happy, "Ah, that hits the spot," once it's in my tummy and I add another splash of coke for taste.

I'm leaving my kitchen on my way to my room when there is a knocking at my door. I have the can of coke in one hand, the glass in the other and I put down the can so I can open the door.

"Huh," I say, wondering who it could be. I didn't order food and the only time I see any of my exes is when I'm watching the artistic videos we made together, which I promised to delete, but I never said when. I'm a man of my word, and I always will be as long as I delete them one day.

I open the door, and when I see who is smiling up at me, I ask, "What do you want?"

My sister gives me a frown that looks harsher than I think she intends because of her very Japanese appearance. We're mixed, Ameriasians, but since our father's people are German, that makes us Euroasians. I think we're called hāfu by full blooded, born in Japan, Japanese. Or is it Halve-twos? I don't know, but my sister would because she's heavily embraced that side of our family heritage while I don't give a shit.

"Why do you always say hello like that?" she asks and walks past me into my home.

"Come right in," I say.

We have similarities in our appearance, such as our black hair—mine with some blond highlights, hers died with streaks of red—and we share the same sharp features, though her epicanthic folds are more pronounced than mine in the eyes. She's small, whereas I'm tall and we're both in athletic, though while I'm lean and muscular, she has a slender ice skater's body that is easy to miss when she's wearing regular clothes.

I sip my whiskey and cringe as she walks into my kitchen and makes herself a Jack and coke. I want to tell her she measures wrong as she mixes her drink. There is more coke than Jack in her glass, but she's two years younger than my twenty-one, so she'll learn eventually.

"Min," I say, "what are you doing here?"

Her real name is Mini, and our dad likes to call her "My Little Michaels" in reference to that pony cartoon. It was cute when she was a kid, but she no longer sees the charm in it.

"I need you to drive me to a party," Min tells me.

"Is it a fetish party for men who like Japanese schoolgirls?" I ask, nodding at her outfit.

She's wearing a black sweater and short, gray pleated skirt. Under the sweater is a white shirt, and the collar and cuffs are exposed. She's wearing black thigh-high stockings and short heels. Instead of a purse, she carries a stylish backpack in the shape of something anime-ish; cat-like.

"No," she says, shaking her head, but she does a spin that twirls her skirt upwards, and I get an eyeful of a not so schoolgirl thong between two grown woman cheeks. "I look good, right?"

"Always," I cough. "What party?"

"A party Steve's at."

"Why didn't you go with him?"

"I was gone, remember?" Min says, frowning. "At our grandparents. I got back early. I'm going to surprise him."

"I didn't know you were gone. Why don't you drive yourself?"

"Shut up," Min says. "I want to drink, so I need a ride." She looks around my apartment and her eyes land on my glass of whiskey. "I can tell you've barely started. You should come too."

"Hmm," I say. "I do I have plans." It's not a lie, but I'm not telling her I plan to drink heavily and masturbate.

"Bullshit," Min says. "Don't be a hikomori. Go change into something nice."

"What the hell is a hikko-mo?" I ask, but I'm already heading to my room to change. I'm going to take her with or without the invite, it's the relationship we have, but I like giving her a hard time.

I change in a hurry, dressing in clothes that accentuate my exotic half-breed appearance. I'm slender, so I wear a pea coat that emphasizes that, but my black slacks are regular fit, none of that skinny shit for me. I put on some boots, a gray button up shirt and I flick my collar up. I make sure my hair looks like I just ran a hand through it; though making it appear that way takes a little while. After, I'm out the door with Min and driving her to her party.

"Let me out in front," Min says when we get there.

"While I park a block away," I say. "If I'm walking, you're walking."

I find a spot, and we walk half a block to the house. "I'm going to find Steve," Min says as soon as we're inside and she's gone.

"Really?" I say, watching her leave. I don't know anyone.

"Which way to the alcohol?" I ask a pretty blonde girl.

"I'll show you," she says, and I walk with her through the house. "You're by yourself?"

"I'm that obvious?" I ask.

"Mm," she says, lips pursed together while her eyes give me a good look.

We don't bother exchanging names as she takes me to a game room where people are shooting pool, playing darts and using the card table for a drinking game. I get a Jack and coke from the bartender, but since I'm driving it's a pretty weak drink I ask him to mix.

"What do you do?" she asks me. There is a thin brown lacquer coating her eyes and I'm hoping this doesn't mean she's beyond the ability to give consent. I'm feeling lucky as she smiles and stares at me with a clear purpose in her eyes.

"Student," I answer, sipping my drink and leaning against the bar. I move closer to her. "Final year and I work for Wentcom International in their programming department."

"Sounds important."

I shrug; playing it cool.

"Do you want a shot?" she asks as she dances to the house music.

"Sure," I say.

My new friend is wearing in a tight, crisscross sweatshirt and blue jeans. Her jiggling breasts are a prominent feature of her body, and it's easy to tell she's gone without a bra tonight.

The house bartender comes over, and she holds up two fingers, saying, "Three Wise Men." She turns to me. "Ever had that?"

"Probably," I tell her, which is probably true. At the very least, I've tried everything in it at one time or another.

We take our shots together. It burns nicely down my throat, and I breathe out a cloud of warm liquor scent. She laughs, mimicking my action and then she leans into me, putting a hand on my chest and her head on shoulder.

"Can I tell you something?" she asks, looking up at me.

"Yeah," I say, thinking, Aw shit, sob story.

"I just broke up with my boyfriend. I need to get over it."

She's staring at me with a question in her eyes, and I decide I don't mind being her recovery fuck tonight. Sometimes it's helpful to be there for strangers.

"Want to go somewhere quiet and tell me about it?" I ask.

"I'd like that," she says and gets a beer from the guy playing bartender, and then we're looking for a place to be alone. Did I bring condoms? I hope so.

I'm holding her hand as we walk upstairs and she leans into me. I'm feeling good about this, and since it's been a while, I'm starting to stiffen by the time we reach the second floor. I take two steps from the landing when a door opens, and Min steps from behind it and her face says it all: she wants to stab somebody.

"Fuck you!" Min shouts into the room. "And fuck you, whore!"

"Huh," I say to myself and rub my tongue against the inside of my cheek. That's that. My night is over.

Min turns; sees me and skip-runs to me.

"Something wrong?" I ask.

"I want to go." She brushes by me and is halfway down the stairs before she turns to shout, "Let's go!"

"Damn it." I turn to my new friend and give her a shrug. From the room that Min stormed out of, her Ken-like and I'm guessing ex-boyfriend, stumbles into the hallway. He's shirtless, and a pretty girl steps out behind him, looking a little disheveled.

Steve takes a step toward the stairs before he recognizes me. He stops, makes an "I fucked up face" and leans on the rail looking down into the living room.

"Su," Min shouts.

"Got to go," I say as my semi-hardness deflates.

Min's Crazy Ass Revenge Plan

"He was butt fucking her," Min shouts in my car. "And you want to know why?"

"Not really," I answer when I realize she's not asking rhetorically.

"Shut up," Min says. "Because I don't butt fuck. I'm too small to butt fuck. Why would he do this to me?"

"Because you don't butt fuck." I can't keep the laughter from my voice.

"Stop, Su." Her voice goes from angry to soft and broken for a second. "No jokes."

"Sorry," I say. "Look on the bright side: at least Steve didn't dump you. You get to dump him."

Min stares at me with a narrow-eyed look that scrunches her face. Her lips part slightly, and she shakes her head in minuscule motions of disbelief.

I keep my mouth shut and let her vent as we drive back to my apartment.

Once home, I collect my Jack from the fridge, which I had strained into another glass and I add ice and a splash of coke. I sip, hissing at the harshness, but it's oh so good.

"Want one?" I ask.

"Yeah," Min says.

Min's quiet as I make her drink. Her backpack is by the door, and she's lying on my couch with her arms crossed beneath her breasts. She looks like an angry, Victorian style schoolgirl who is staring intensely at my ceiling. I've seen her like this before, and I'm sure her thoughts are borderline psychotic.

"You want to stay the night?" I ask when I hand her the drink.

"Yeah." She takes the drink and scoots up the armrest enough so she can sip, but the smell hits her nose before the rim reaches her lips. She wrinkles her brow and asks, "Is this a glass of Jack?"

"Course not," I say. "I'm not an alcoholic."

She gets up and goes to the kitchen, gets a bigger glass and fixes the measurements. "I'm not one of your dates," she says as she sits back on my couch.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Min shakes her head, and her short, helmet-like hair swishes front to back. She takes a long drink, sighs and takes another long drink. She's a lightweight, and I'm guessing after another glass of liquor she'll pass out, and I can continue with my planned porn night alone in my room.

"Do you want to bitch and moan some more, or watch TV?" I ask, thinking how unfair it was that I went from porn to possible sex, back to porn.

"I want revenge," Min says. "It needs to be harsh and everlasting."

"Hmm," I mutter. "Want me to kick the shit out of him? Hold him down; butt fuck him? Show him what it's like."

"You'd do that for me?" Min asks. There is no joking in her voice. Her black eyes are hopeful.

"No, you fucking degenerate."

"Shut up."

"There is an episode of South Park where Cartman feeds a kid his parents after being bullied by him," I suggest, joking. "And, on an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dee gets a stripper to give his estranged daughter a lap dance."

"Now we're talking," Min says, drinking the rest of her alcohol in several long swallows that leaves her upper body cringing in a series of trembling pop locks. "It has to be something Steve will never forget."

I stare at her.

"Can I have another?" she asks, holding her glass to me with a sweet smile on her face.

I make her another, and take a seat on the end of my couch where her feet don't reach. "I'm going to help you plan your revenge, but only to keep you from collecting felonies."

We plan for a while. After finishing her second glass, Min rises on wobbly legs and stumbles toward my bathroom.

"If you're going to puke, use the toilet and not the sink or the floor," I tell her.

Min's in my bathroom for a long time—long enough I begin to worry. I get up to check on her and find the door cracked. I give it several quick raps with my hand and wait for a reply.

"Come in," Min calls, her voice urgent and lively.

I step in and close my eyes as quickly as I can, but not before I get the full view of what she's doing. She's holding her skirt around her waist, and she's standing with her butt angled toward the mirror. She's wearing that not so girlish thong that sinks right between her surprisingly full cheeks. Her body is perfectly proportioned to make her assets seem larger than they are.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Thinking," she slurs.

"Looks like you're staring at your ass," I say, leaning against the doorframe and looking down my hallway towards my bedroom, thinking about porn.

"I am," Min says. "It's part of my revenge."

"How so?" I ask in a lazy, absentminded fashion. I think I'm in the mood for some Hentai: Bible Black. Magic and schoolgirls.

"I'm going to get butt fucked, and I want you to help me do it."

I spit Jack all over the doorframe. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

No longer concerned with modesty, I look at her. She's running her right hand over the taut crescent of her behind. Like I said, her size is deceptive. She looks straight up and down in regular clothes, but in anything tight, you can see how much she works at the curves of her body. I want to look away as she fondles herself, but I don't, and she smacks her butt as if trying to convince herself it's go-time. Her flesh ripples tightly over her muscles and her cheek bounces snugly.

"Steve wants to butt fuck me," Min says, dropping her skirt. "So I'm going to take it up the butt." She wears a look some might mistake for clever-innocence, but I see something macabre in her eyes.

"How is this going to help your relationship?" I ask.

"Fuck the relationship," Min says. "This is about revenge."

"How are you getting revenge by letting Steve sodomize you?"

"Steve won't be doing the sodomizing," Min says, twisting her mouth distastefully at the word. "I'm going to let his brother do it—have my ass and then I'm going to let Steve know. It will break them."

"I'm going to talk you out of this when you sober up," I say. "You'll thank me."

"No," Min snaps. "I need you to go with me to buy some sex toys to help me get ready. I don't want to get raped in one of those dirty stores."

"This isn't the eighties," I say. "You can buy sex toys online."

"Oh yeah," Min says. She bites her lower lip and turns her head, annoyed. "You can still help me."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because," Min says, wiggling her booty side-to-side. "You have more money than me."

"You know what?" I yawn. "I'm going to go to bed, and we'll talk in the morning."

"You mean we can shop in the morning."

I shake my head and walk toward my room, calling back, "Talk, not shop, because tomorrow morning you'll be sober."

So Many Butt Plugs

"One of your friends should be helping you," I tell Min as we sit in front of my three monitor setup.

"All my guy friends want to fuck me," Min tells me. "They'll think I'm inviting them into my panties and besides being my brother, no girl wants you in her panties."

I sigh; feeling like Charlie Brown after Lucy snags the football out from under him.

It's noon and Min is still in her pajamas: a pair of checkered satin shorts and a white top. I let her keep a drawer with some of her stuff—which almost cost me a girlfriend once—but she's my sister, and we're close. One time, I replaced her underwear with adult diapers, which was funny until she asked with a teasing and suspicious voice, "What's a big brother doing with his little sister's panties?" I'm wearing basketball shorts and a workout shirt that makes me feel like I'm wearing nothing at all.

The website at the top of the search list was one I recognized from radio ads and late night commercials.

"Training kits, jelly starters and bumpy bubble anal plugs," Min says, reading the titles of various toys as she quickly scans them. So many."

"Look." I point at a set of three anal trainers made of glass that ascend in size. "Fancy."

"Check this one out." Min opens a new window and pulls it to the left screen. It looks like stainless steel, but it's zinc with a heart-shaped base that glitters like a red jewel. Its end is tapered, reminding me of a smooth, pointed acorn. "I like this one.

As I'm looking at the plug and I start picturing Min wearing it, the jewel glittering between the tanned cheeks she exposed to me last night in the bathroom. I cringe—I'm not trying to picture her like this—but this is about her, and I'm getting some unwanted side effects from this adventurous shopping.

"Let's get this one for you," Min says, double-clicking something called an ass-gasm penis ring plug.

It's strange looking, that's the one thing I notice. There is a loop that fits around the base of a man's cock and his balls and then swings between his legs like a G-string that ends in his ass and held there by a plug.

"Let's keep the spotlight on you," I say, laughing.

Min looks at me then, her lips twisting in humor before she bursts out laughing.

"Candy heart plugs," Min reads. "Do you think they're edible?"

"No," I say. "They resemble candy hearts. Why would you eat them after they've been up a butt?"

"I don't know." Min puts a finger to her lips and studies the picture of the candy heart plugs. There is a charm to her innocent like curiosity, something I haven't seen in a long time. Things go away when people grow up, and I feel a little nostalgic, and I want to hug her, but then she says, "I'd do ass to mouth for my man. It's hot, right? Don't you think it's hot?"

She's looking at me. I don't know what to say.

"I guess." I shake my head. "It worked for Max Hardcore until they threw him in jail."

"Who's Max Harcore?"

"No one," I answer. "I was being sarcastic."

We continue our search for the perfect butt plugs or at least the ones Min finds interesting. There are so many for us to choose from and when we cross one called the tushy teaser, Min whispers, "I want my tushy teased," in such a soft and playful way I can't stop myself from picturing it. I was starting to suspect this was not normal sibling activities for a reason.

"Nekojin," Min says as she stops on a cat tail butt plug that comes with a set of ears and four paws to wear. It's a complete cosplay outfit

"Neck-what?" I ask.

"It's the western way of saying 'catgirl,'" Min says. "Nekomimi."

"I don't know what you're saying."

"I want this." Min brushes her fingers over my screen in a strangely provocative way. She's fingering the cat tail, and her head follows the lines she traces in a swaying, hypnotic fashion.

"Don't touch the screen," I say, slapping her hand away. She slaps my hand back, and then we're slapping each other's hands like a couple of fools for the next few seconds.

"Watch," Min says, jumping from her chair and crawling onto my bed. She poses like a cat, on her knees with her feet elevated, her arms stretched out in front of her and her butt in the air, back arched. "I'd make a sexy cat, right?"

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