Miracle on RR34 Ch. 02


"Do... do they see me?" she asked, swallowing nervously.

"I'm sure they do," he said, grimacing. "Not going to take a chance and assume they don't. I'll do everything I can to protect you, of course."

"Is... is that going to be enough?"

She could hear the angry hisses and an evil chanting outside clearly now, getting closer with each moment. It pained Santa that he couldn't lie to her.

"I don't know, Virginia."

She sighed and smiled weakly. "Well, at least I know there's a Santa Claus now. And he gave me the night of my life before it all ended."

He returned the smile, trying to feign a cheerfulness he didn't feel.

"I don't..." Ginny faltered, trying to find the words. "I don't suppose that you'd... well... that you'd be willing to kiss me one last time? You know, before the end?"

He turned to look down at her, his hands holding her arms with an unreal gentleness and a warmth in his eyes that comforted her even now.

"Nothing would make me happier, Virginia."

She smiled and closed her eyes. "Merry Christmas, Santa."

"Merry Christmas, Vigrinia..." he said softly as he leaned down to kiss her.

Then the night was filled with high-pitched shrieks, a noise that made her eyes snap open. She'd heard noises like that before, once a long time ago in grade school. It sounds like the hissing passage of meteors above, and getting closer. Or what she imagined artillery sounded like when it was incoming, like in all those war movies.

Santa's head turned and an almost evil grin crept over his face as he listened. "That's more like it!" he declared, standing tall and pointing at the blackness of the night. "Watch the sky, Virginia..."

She looked up and noticed glittering points of light, dozens of them, seeming to get closer. The hissing shriek was indeed their approach and they seemed to be aimed right at them. She felt Santa's hand squeeze on her shoulder, almost in excitement. His blue eyes were blazing ferociously.

Finally, what looked like dozens of giant icicles, each larger and longer than a semi, lanced out of the night sky and slammed into the earth around her house, shaking it as they buried their tips in the frozen ground and came to a stop. Several impaled the intruders as they came in, while others kicked up a covering spray of snow as the enemy stopped and looked around in confusion.

Then doors or portals opened on the sides of the titan icicles and tall, lithe beings began leaping out of them, wearing weird, form-fitting armour and carrying space-age guns and swords or axes. Their armour and long hair was a riot of colours that was reflected by the snow and ice. Wild, ululating warcries pierced the air.

And a savage, bloody battle began on her property.

"Who the hell are they?" Ginny almost yelled in astonishment as she watched. They moved with inhuman grace and speed, the ones not wearing helmets revealing long, beautiful facial features that were often frightening because of the wrath they displayed. The helmets were all tall and peaked, showing fearsome designs and glowing eyes. Weird runes pulsed and throbbed with light all over their armour. Guns hissed and shrieked while swords hummed as they slew.

"My elves," Santa said, clearly pleased and also eager to fight but not willing to leave her side yet. "They got my call and converged on my position."

"Those are elves?" she exclaimed in amazement. "Aren't they cutesy little toy-shop people?"

"Cute myth, but no, not these ones," he replied, watching as several elves wearing bone-white armour with feminine features raced past, throwing themselves into a knot of the hulking bugs. They screamed and the masks of their wild-maned helmets gave off vibrations that shook Ginny's teeth in her head as it melted their foes' faces off. "No, a lot of my elves are warriors, meant to help me fight Krampus. They keep Christmas safe with me."

"What the hell are they wearing?" she asked in disbelief. How could this weird night get any weirder?

Santa sighed. "Truth? They've been spending way too much time playing Warhammer 40k and they... appropriated armour, weapons and tactics from the Eldar faction. They're space elves."

"Wow. Gay..." she muttered, shaking her head. "Well, they're certainly earning their keep tonight."

He nodded. "Been a long time since Krampus moved against us this hard. Apparently he got bored and was feeling uppity. That or he just forgot what a good thrashing felt like."

Ginny watched as three elves, clad in scary black armour and wearing helmets that looked like peaked skulls, marched relentlessly forward, firing little rockets from elaborate launchers they carried in their hands and on suspensor harnesses. The rockets punctured the bugs' chitin shells and exploded inside them, sending shards of exoskeleton and stinking goo in every direction. Ginny squeaked and hid behind Santa as some of the nasty effluence landed right where she'd been standing only a moment before.

Beams of super-heated plasma and tiny, shuriken-like projectiles hissed and whizzed by them, the remains of her lovely house now the center of a battleground while the winter storm raged on. Warriors in green armour, carrying weapons that looked like a horrifying hybrid of sword and chainsaw, tore into a knot of foes, slicing them to bloody ribbons. As savage as the battle had been earlier, when it had just been her and Santa, she suddenly appreciated its relative civility.

"They need my help," Santa said finally, cracking his knuckles, his expression grim. "We have to finish this off or Christmas won't come on time."

"I thought you said there was plenty of time." Ginny protested, frowning up at him.

"There was," he admitted. "But in order to defeat Krampus' minions, I summoned every single quantum iteration of myself back to here to help me fight. No one is delivering presents anywhere at the moment. I can't change real-time if I'm here in my entirety."

He turned and looked at her. "Hopefully we're keeping them busy enough that they don't worry about you. Stay against the wall and work the music, will you?"

"Manning the music station," she said, nodding, focusing on giving herself a task. "Music for Santa and his homocidal elves to kill by. Got it..."

She watched as Santa leapt through the shattered remains of her bay doors into the howling storm and crashed into a knot of foes, savaging them. She watched in disbelief for some time, trying to figure out how Santa could kill anyone. I mean, even serial murderers got presents in prison, didn't they? Maybe they didn't, she had no way of knowing and chalked up thinking about this to what could only be described as the weirdest night of her life.

She squealed and dodged out of the way as a body came flying through the doors and landed next to her. She scrambled over to the entertainment center and stood in front of it, trying to figure out what the hell she should play.

"Okay..." she breathed, trying to focus. "Mass slaughter music... mass slaughter music..."

What constitued mass slaughter music? Death metal? Panic At The Disco?

Teletubbies music?

She had no playlists, so she began cycling through the radio, hoping to find anything that might suffice. Oldies... Christmas music... hip-hop... trance... disco...

"Son of a fuck," she muttered. "This is harder than it looks."

She finally came across a station playing 'Jailhouse Rock' and decided that was good enough, she was sick of looking. She winced, trying to ignore another splintering crash as a body came through her wall. She hugged herself but then felt her robe. She frowned as she looked down at it, realizing it had been thoroughly shredded in the fight earlier. Those shuriken-thingies had been cutting it real close.

Ginny grumbled as she pulled it off and threw it away, standing there completely naked- it hadn't been keeping her warm in its current condition and she was thoroughly beyond giving a shit at this point about who saw her naked. They were all too damn busy tearing one another apart anyway.

And that sort of pissed her off. She was buck-naked and no one seemed to care.

She'd shaved her pussy for this?

"And I thought my night sucked before," she sighed to no one in particular. "Not getting my cunt pounded had been my biggest complaint before this h-ACK!"

She never saw the menacing shadow that had slipped up behind her.


Santa picked one of his foes up overhead and hurled him into a cluster of foes, bowling them all over. He then punched another man as he tried to run by, knocking him off his feet and into his back. A quick stamp on his solar plexus made sure he stopped moving. The huge man thrust his fist in the air and shouted loudly.

"Clear!" he thundered, indicating no other enemies surrounded him. His elves responded in kind, many of them gathering in a tight ring about him, weapons facing out as they sought to protect him. Hundreds of bodies lay strewn across the landscape, some burning from plasma blasts, other shredded and blown apart by rockets or sliced into bloody jerky. The storm seemed to be abating, no longer a blizzard so much as a stiff wind and swirls of snow.

"Sire, we detect no enemies in the immediate vicinity," one elf wearing blue armour with a tall, crested helmet announced, striding up and saluting by thumping his gauntleted fist over his heart. "This attack has been defeated."

"Maybe," Santa said, looking around warily. "But that doesn't mean anything just yet. We have to secure the area, make sure Virginia is alright and then get back to-"


"Damn," he muttered to himself. "I thought this was too easy."

He made several complex gestures, sending his elves fanning out in a wide arc as he began trudging forward through the snow, heading toward where the voice had come from out of the night. The winds and squalls of snow continued to die down until there was an almost deafening silence, the moon shining brightly overhead and revealing the sheer carnage of the battle that had been waged- the snow and ice gittered with frozen blood.

"KRINGLE!" snarled the inhuman voice angirly.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Santa said loudly, scowling. "Don't get your panties in a bunch!"

He stopped in a clearing on the other side of the house, glowering at who confronted him- the beast was not as tall as he was, nor as muscular, but horrifying in aspect. The backward-jointed, hairy legs ended in wicked hooves. The skin not covered in coarse black fur was almost as dark and criss-crossed with innumerable scars. The vascular chest was crowned with a strong neck and sitting atop it was a blasphemous head, a demonic goat's visage from which grew four evil, twisting horns. The red eyes blazed like wrathful coals and sharp teeth glistened wetly inside the hateful mouth.


And in one of his powerful, clawed hands, he held Virginia by the neck, who looked like a rag doll.

"Hi, Santa..." she said weakly, looking very apologetic.

Santa kept walking forward, clenching his fists.

"By all means, Kringle, keep coming forward if you mean to slay the child." Krampus growled, starting to squeeze and causing Ginny to shudder in fear. Santa stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes narrowing. His elves had now cast a tight net around the scene, hemming in Krampus. One circle of warriors faced inward, pointing their weapons at the abomination while another behind them faced out, prepared for any further attacks. Santa didn't move.

"Let the girl go, Krampus," he said levelly. "This doesn't concern her."

"Oh, I beg to differ," said the beastman in an almost non-chalant tone. "It's always about the children, isn't it?"

"Hey!" said Ginny angrily. "I am not a child, jerk! I'm twenty- GRRK!"

"Oh, do stop talking, you're such an annoyance." Krampus said, giving her neck another warning squeeze. "Let the adults work this out."

"There's nothing to work out, Krampus," Santa growled, his blue eyes flashing. "You'll let the girl go."

"I think we both know that's not happening," intoned the vile intruder. "She is my victory over you, and you know it. Revenge is not only a dish best served cold but often. And not often enough for me."

"About this cold revenge dish thing," Ginny said, squirming slightly. "Couldn't... couldn't I just find you a nice tin can to chew on instead?"

"Shut up, girl!" Krampus said harshly while several elves could be heard to chuckle and even Santa smirked at her jest. "I hold your life in my hands, to dispose of as I please."

His foul breath crackled in the cold night air. His touch was uncomfortably warm, almost hot and strangely kept her body from freezing in the winter night. His touch felt evil and her skin crawled in revulsion. His strength was terrifying.

"It wasn't enough that I slaved in coal mines for you, giving you carbon lumps to deliver to naughty children," Krampus growled, glaring at Santa. "It wasn't enough that I found the worst of them and brought them to you in the night so you could lecture them."

"Hey, nobody asked you or ordered you to do the coal thing, pal," Santa said angrily. "And the whole kidnapping kids thing was your idea. I decided to let you have some creative control and look what happened. When it didn't work out, you decided that beating naughty kids with reeds was the answer. You're damn right that wasn't good enough!"

"SILENCE!" Krampus snarled loudly, stamping one of his clawed hooves and making the ground shake dangerously. "Your kind-hearted foolishness with these puny mortals changed nothing about their behaviour! Your failure to recognize their inherent selfishness was why our efforts were doomed!"

"These puny mortals?" Santa countered. "You used to be one of them, Pete, remember? You were a well-behaved boy once."

"Shut up!" growled Krampus.

"Well-behaved, but not good," Santa continued. "You followed the rules and wanted everyone to follow rules. You were a control freak. I brought you north to show you what kindness could do, but you hated the cheer and the happiness and you fled to the coal mines in Greenland, hiding in the dark where the light of Christmas couldn't touch you! And when making kids feel bad with coal didn't bring them into line, you started the whole whipping them with reeds thing. Good job there, Pete!"

"I'm warning you, Kringle..." Krampus said dangerously.

"Ooh, he really gets your goat, doesn't he?" Ginny sneered, causing several elves to laugh loudly. Krampus now snarled furiously and lifted her into the air by her neck, causing her to cry out in pain. Santa watched warily, knowing better than to make a move.

"We seem to have an impasse," Krampus said, an evil smile playing over his slavering mouth. "You cannot harm me, because you know I can slay the child, but I cannot as yet slay her because she is my bargaining chip. But my need to hurt you, old man, is so very strong."

He lowered Ginny down until her feet were just touching the snow-covered ground. She frowned as she heard a wet slithering sound she could not identify.

"And there are other ways to hurt you than slaying the poor dear, aren't there?"

Ginny felt something slimy touch her leg and then start to crawl up it, wrapping around her smooth skin. She shuddered and squirmed in horror as she realized exactly what was happening. The snake-like appendage wound up her thigh and then behind her. She gasped as it slid between her ass cheeks and then underneath to her pussy. She felt the blunt head split her lips and then move upward again.

"Don't do this, Krampus." Santa said, trying to figure out what to do without hurting Ginny.

"And why not?" replied the qliphotic abomination. "Don't you have a present for me? Then I guess I'll have to give myself one."

Krampus' organ continued to slither its way around her body, leaving a glistening trail on her skin. She stiffened and moaned as his apparendage wrapped around her breasts, squeezing them, the head pausing and teasing the nipples.

"Hey, asshole, dinner and a movie first!" she spat angrily. Ginny was about to say something else when the large, grayish cockhead snaked up in front of her face and then plunged into her mouth, causing her to gag and go silent. Her eyes widened and she thrashed furiously, but to no avail. He was simply too strong.

"Language, young lady." Krampus chided, still staring at Santa. "Hasn't Santa taught you anything?"

"This isn't gonna end well for you, Pete." Santa said, his tone dire.

"Christmas never does, Kringle," replied the demon, his cock sliding in and out of Ginny's mouth. "I'm just hoping to make the holiday every bit as awful and intolerable for you as it is for me. After all, misery loves company."

He brought her body close to his head and his other hand reached over and stroked her netherlips, which were glistening. He leered at his foe, knowing Santa was helpless to get closer.

"Is she good down here?" Krampus said mockingly. "Nice and wet and tight for you? Was she the best one ever, in the endless list of good girls you have fucked?"

Santa said nothing, just glaring at Krampus. His knuckles were white as he clenched his fists.

"Sharing your toys is the spirit of Christmas, isn't it?" Krampus said evilly, finally pulling his cock out of her mouth. Ginny coughed and sputtered, tendrils of resinous spittle and worse trailing away from her lips. She glared at Krampus but was still immobilized.

"Just get this over with and fuck me already, whip-prick," she spat. "You won't be my first egotistical disappointment, trust me."

Krampus' eyes blazed red and his tongue sped around her naked form blindingly quickly while he released her from his clawed grip. The tongue wrapped and immobilized her arms, holding them out straight while still encircling her breasts. It then snaked around her waist and legs, pinning those as well while his long cock, swaying about like a cobra, came to a stop in front of her swollen netherlips. The head teased and tapped against the opening, causing her to moan and squirm.

"As you wish, child..."

The head forced itself through her lips, sliding deep inside her. Ginny cried out in a mixture of shock and indescribable pleasure. She felt the tip of his pointed tongue probe trailing around her nipples. The python-like length of his cock churned inside her pussy.

The blinding light behind her eyes finally receded and she lifted her head, looking out into the night, feeling his tongue constricting around her neck. She could dimly see a huge being in red pants and black boots watching nearby, his powerful chest exposed. The startling blue eyes flashed in the darkness of the night. She could tell he wanted to rescue her but didn't dare come closer.

She gasped and shuddered as Krampus' member pushed still deeper inside her. She felt fuller than she had imagined possible, the slithering appendage stretching her wide. The sticky, squelching noises were hardly to be believed.

"Ew, gross! Hentai noises!" she thought in revulsion.

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