I don't really remember the trip to the hospital. I got all of that later.

I woke up coughing, it got worse, finally I was coughing up blood. Usually this means the end in situations like mine, I have been ready for it for months, to be honest.

Oxygen from somewhere, flat on my back plane ride to Boston, nurses everywhere. I think sometimes it is a disadvantage to have a bit of money and lots of help, I would have been pleased to just go this time around.

When one is diagnosed as terminal, damn it, it should be! Bunch of crap still pegging along 20 months later...Oh well.

I have a wife who will never give up. The family joke is if she ever got into a leg biting contest with a Grizzly Bear, sooner or later that Bear is gonna lose a leg!

Tough on me though, I have to admit I want to give up..hard to understand, I know...

So flat on my back, through the doors, time to do some more laser surgery, fix my lungs. Cool, I get another 10-12 weeks.. I think is is a pain in the ass to have to fly to Boston every 8 weeks or so, $20,000 down the tubes each time, for what? More time?

All of us will be where I am sooner or later, the lucky ones will just go in their sleep. Guys like me have to fight, danged wife....she insists she will save me, I personally would like to be allowed to go as nature intended, I know that sounds strange. Get yourself in my position, it won't...

I remember seeing Amanda as I was wheeled through the ER. Even sick as I was, the sight of her brought a minor erection. You would need to see Amanda to understand......

I was laying there flat on my back, coughing every few seconds, blood included, thinking about boffing this sweet young thing..I never lost my ability to get it up, I should have, but I didn't...

I woke up feeling pretty damn good, I could breath, the coughing was gone. Doctor Hajjarri had burned out a growth that was trying to collapse my left lung, suddenly I was getting air again..

Hell! I felt great, I wanted to go bowling, I wanted to go fishing, I was even thinking of jetting over and riding the roller coaster..Well, not quite that good but relative to what I felt like just hours before, it was pretty much all right.

Then Amanda came in with a tray of food, well, if you call it that. Some kind of Squash pasta, hell with it, I would eat Rats if I could look at Amanda! You really would need to see this woman, she was the type that in any room, anywhere, it was like she was in a spotlight standing out from the rest. The only other woman to ever affect me like that is my wife, Lee.

She knew, no horsing around. She put her hand on my upper leg and told me she was my night shift nurse....I got a boner that would make the porno movies, nothing on this planet could stop that..

I heard a happy voice, and looked over to see Lee sitting there, grinning. "Looks like you are feeling better!" she said. Lee gave me a kiss, told me to get some sleep, and she would be back early in the morning. I glanced at a clock on the wall, it read 11:45, I didn't know if it was day or night. "Nearly midnight!" Lee said, reading my mind.

Lee looked back at me as she went through the door, I really wanted her to stay but I knew she had been up for nearly 36 hours. She gave me a smile, and left.

I turned my attention back to Amanda, still sitting on the edge of my bed, her hand still on my upper leg. I was thinking that it was odd that she was just sitting there, I couldn't remember a Nurse doing that before. I was also thinking I wanted her hand to move just a few inches higher. I was trying to come up with a cute comment when the medicine kicked in, and I was asleep.

It must have been about 4 hours later, I was asleep, Amanda came in. Her touching my arm woke me, just a few pills. I smiled, she smiled, and asked how was I feeling?

I told her lots better now that she was here, and I was rewarded by that sweet smile again.

Amanda told me that if I needed anything, anything at all, just push the button..She looked directly into my eyes as she said that, the invitation was obvious. I waited just 20 minutes..

Amanda came in, "What do you need?" she asked, her smile expecting the answer.

"I need someone to take care of this for me!" I said, waving my hand at the obvious.

Amanda smiled the same smile, drew curtains around the bed, and came over to me. . "I know, just let me!" she said..

I just lay there as she rubbed my legs, then my chest, I was basking in the feeling. In short order, she ran her hands into my balls, then up and over me!

"God, I love this!" she said, as she stroked my erection, slowly, using a squeeze then a soft touch, then another squeeze. I watched her expression as she stared at my cock, feeling and rubbing it with pleasure.

I could not stop, I erupted almost instantly! She did not change other than to slow her strokes, then a squeeze, then a few more strokes, damn! I blew again, more powerful, she didn't stop, she teased, some more strokes, now firmly, then softly, then firm and a huge squeeze just as I came for the third time!

Too soon all was quiet, I had almost passed out, this lady knew all about Extended Sexual Orgasm...

I was flat on my back, I never touched her. Probably I could have, but didn't for some reason. I had as high a level of pleasure from her hands than I had even with my wife, and that is something I could describe but no one would believe.

I knew I wanted to feel that experience again, so I asked her bluntly.."Come back tomorrow?"

Her answer surprised me, she said, "No! Next trip back, no more this trip. I want you to remember, next time will be even better..."

I thought about that the rest of the 5 days I spent there..different nurses came and went, none appealed to me except for one that was a bit on the chubby side. I think her name was Kathie, I teased her a bit and got a few blushes, but even though she showed interest she never really did anything. I never saw Amanda..Then as we were leaving, she appeared..

"Come back to see me!" Was all she said...I know she knew I would like that. Then Lee wheeled me out to the car.

I loaded into the chair at the airport for the trip down the ramp to the airplane. I thought about a lot of things. The one silly thing that popped to mind was I got my choice of seats, first one on the plane!

I thought about Amanda, I already pretty much knew I would never see her again...

I don't need to, I have Lee.....

* * * * *

Lee: I suppose this isn't very erotic, Ted really didn't even intend it to be. It just happened, I know for a fact since he told me about it on the plane ride home. What he didn't know is I asked Amanda to take care of him. A simple conversation between me, a Doctor, and a good RN. There are a lot of things that go on inside hospital walls that aren't talked about.

I thought of going back and trying to spice this up, but then it would be from me, not from Ted. So other than fixing some typos and connecting a few parts, this is just the way he left it in his notebook.

This was just a moment between two people, a gift of pleasure if you will. That simple, so easy, so normal. If there is one thing I have learned from my man, sexuality and pleasure between two people has no stigma attached. It is a gift with no need for shame to be involved. If you read his stories, you will find between the lines a strong yet gentle man, who understood about the truths of human beings. He broke "rules" because he knew the rules were wrong!

There are 3 stories left in Ted's notebook. 2 are pretty much done, one I will need to work on. I will offer them for publishing and use Ted's ID so those of you who liked his works can find it.

Thank you.


* * * * *

I am really sorry to inform the readers that Ted (magichands) passed quietly in his sleep 10/23 of heart failure due to complications of Cancer. This story and a few others were either pending or unfinished in his notebook files. I will finish and submit the remainder when time allows.


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