tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMiranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 01

Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 01


Readers...I'm trying something new. Miranda is one of my favorite characters. So, because her story is longer than my usual I will be posting it in chapters. I hope y'all enjoy Miranda as much as I have...YOGAKAY




Chapter 1

Disgust welled in Miranda as she unpacked her new office. Regret, remorse and shame were all the twenty-seven year old felt she had left after more than five years working for the State of Texas as a parole officer. For four years in a row, the petite blonde had been the highest performing parole officer in the state. Tasked with supervising the state's released felons, Miranda's job entailed making sure those released from prison followed the rules. The bottom line was, how many of the reoffending bastards she locked up equaled how much respect she got from the law enforcement community.

At five feet tall and only one hundred fifteen pounds, the green eyed blonde had worked harder than anyone to prove herself and she had succeeded. In fact the determined young woman had surpassed her fellow officers. She had been considered a hard-ass and had gained the respect she deserved as she returned more and more repeat offenders back to prison. But that was before Miranda had relapsed. No, she wasn't an alcoholic or a drug addict. Nor did she gamble or play video games.

Since Miranda had still been a young girl there had been an itch in her deep and hidden that she just couldn't reach by herself. The only thing that made that burn stop hurting was being taken by a man. Starting at the age of eighteen and even into her early twenties life had rotated around sexual encounters. A coin carrying member of Sex Addicts Anonymous for five years, Miranda had slipped and slipped badly at the Lubbock County Jail Christmas party.

The holiday party had begun as they all did. Casseroles were lined up in the break room on a plastic folding table under tacky red and green decorations. Men and women from all branches of law enforcement had been invited and came and went throughout the day. Paper plates full of homemade tamales and other Southwestern fare were juggled alongside plastic cups as holiday wishes were exchanged.

It didn't take long before bottles were pulled out of desks and the party spilled into adjoining offices. That's when Miranda's problem started. Tipsy herself, the parole officer had headed into one of the gray painted rooms. Two male sheriff's deputies sat drinking from red Solo cups and laughing as Miranda entered the room. Immediately the energy changed when the two men looked up. Dressed in fitted black slacks, a practical green blouse and flats Miranda attempted to conceal her true nature. Somehow, she still managed to ooze sexuality. Images of her tiny form stripped bare flashed before both of the deputies' eyes.

The look of lust on the men's faces triggered a response deep and primal in the blonde parole officer and she shut the door behind her. Surprised the two deputies in brown polyester uniforms sat speechless as they watched this "no-nonsense" woman begin to unbutton her blouse. Never taking her slanted green eyes off the staring men, Miranda let the blouse waft to the bare gray linoleum floor.

Firm D-cup breasts were mashed into a plain white cotton bra and threatened to spill forth as Miranda slipped out of her work pants and black flats. Deputy Baker gulped and ran a large naturally tanned hand through his closely cropped black hair. Deputy Rosemond leaned forward with shock and delight displayed on his harshly masculine face.

Reaching her slender arms behind her back, Miranda released the clasp of her bra. As her practical bra fell to the floor, Miranda's perfection was revealed. Symmetrical rose engorged nipples sat atop firm pale breasts and strained to be touched. As she stood in front of the two deputies in only a pair of white cotton bikinis Miranda grinned and cocked her head. Slowly with her eyes fixed on the two, Miranda lowered herself to her bare knees. As the deputies sat frozen, Miranda slowly bit her bottom lip.

Deputy Rosamond didn't need any more time to process the reality before him. Standing, the tall African American man unzipped the fly of his dark brown pants. Stepping forward he pulled his already hardening eight inch erection from his pants. Smiling Miranda caught Rosemond's chocolate brown eyes and parted her dark pink lips. Groaning, the six foot officer traced her heart shaped lips with the head of his now rigid cock. Veins bulged on the dark brown member as Miranda's pink tongue darted out and encircled the head. Salty precum entered her mouth and she released a soft sigh. Wrapping her small pale hand around his dark girth she pulled him into her warm and moist mouth.

Even as desire raged through her, Miranda felt shame. She knew she was fucking up and fucking up big. But the feel of a man sliding down her throat drove all negative thoughts away and she began sucking enthusiastically. Pumping with one small hand she continued deep throating the lucky deputy. Sounds of her gags entered the small county office as her eyes teared.

Shock had frozen Deputy Baker but watching his coworker fuck Miranda's face snapped him back to the moment. Dimples appeared on both sides of his darkly tanned face as he too stood. Stepping next to Rosemond he also unzipped his uniform. Withdrawing his rigid naturally tanned seven inches he couldn't believe this turn of events. Insistently, he tapped the side of Miranda's curved cheek.

Thinking only of pleasure she grinned with delight when she looked into Baker's lust filled blue eyes. Quickly she wrapped her small hand around his smooth erection and brought it to her waiting mouth. And that was how she was discovered. While pumping one man and sucking on the other she was returned to reality. It was the sound of a woman's gasp that had gotten her attention.

With one cock still in her mouth and another cock in her hand she turned her head. Standing in the doorway was her supervisor, Tanya Hernández. Horrified the topless woman let go of the two men and grabbed her green shirt and began dressing. "Wait ... don't go. I can explain." Tears filled Miranda's eyes as she saw her boss turn sharply and walk away.

Of course there was no explanation for why she had been sucking and pumping two county officers at the Christmas party. It hadn't mattered anyway. Her reputation in the tight law enforcement community had been destroyed and there would be no coming back from that. A quick transfer had been arranged and now here she was alone, five days after Christmas arranging her small office near central Austin. Shaking off the memory Miranda reminded herself to hurry. There was a Sex Anonymous meeting in two hours. Recently relapsed, Miranda was trying to make ninety meetings in ninety days as suggested by her sponsor in the program. So far, she had only missed a couple.

As she quickly set up her small black metal bookshelf her phone chirped. Perfectly arched eyebrows raised as she saw the Austin 512 area code. The only person in the state capital who knew her number was her new boss, Rex and he was out of town. The blonde parole officer wasn't ready for the text.


Welcome to Austin

This is Trent

I'm a police officer in Williamson County

I want to see you tonight


This was too odd and not the least bit appropriate. Not to mention that she had a meeting to attend. Queasiness settled in Miranda's stomach. Something wasn't right and the young woman feared she knew why.


Thank you for the offer

I can't tonight

I'm so disappointed

Deputy Baker

Said you were

A friendly girl.

A sense of the inevitable descended on Miranda' slight shoulders as she read the screen. Panic started stirring in her veins as she imagined her "problem" becoming public knowledge. Maybe she could convince this person to keep her secret. She had to try.

OK, tonight is fine

Officer Trent wasn't surprised when he read her response. It was exactly as he had expected. She couldn't afford to refuse. Relaxing back in his patrol car with a self-satisfied smile on his face, he typed on his phone.


I'll be in front

of your office

7:00 pm Black & White

says Round Rock on

the side. Can't wait to

meet you


The smiley face emoticon was just salt on the wound to Miranda as she sat at her empty desk and worried. Nervously she wound one finger in her thick blonde hair as she considered the coming evening. A good impression was going to be difficult but perhaps not impossible. She needed to look like someone you wanted to help. With only thirty minutes to go till the unknown officer arrived, Miranda hurried to the women's restroom.

Looking into the small mirror she wasn't pleased. Her hair wasn't "done" and looked like she had just gotten out of bed. It was a Saturday and she hadn't even bothered with make-up. Digging through her brown satchel she found a dark rose lipstick and a bottle of Poison cologne. Once more gazing at her reflection she smoothed her golden blonde hair, applied lipstick, sprayed cologne and unbuttoned two buttons on the green plaid flannel shirt she wore. Tight Levis jeans and brown Justin Roper boots completed her outfit.

Cramming two mints into her mouth she headed out the side door and true to his word, the Round Rock police officer's patrol car sat waiting. Walking under the dim street light she tried to calm herself. Nerves were making it hard to breathe. He hadn't actually threatened her. Maybe she could talk her way out of this. She had to try. Grimacing she admitted to herself desire was already circling throughout her petite frame. Saying the Serenity Prayer quietly to herself she continued walking towards what felt like fate.

Grabbing the door handle of the cruiser she opened the door and leaned over. Bright blue eyes met her green ones as the light turned on. Handsome was the only word to describe the twenty something officer. He looked like a cop from TV. Blonde hair was clipped short and his strong jawline was clean and looked like it could take a punch. A prominent nose was masculine without being too big and his smile revealed a row of perfect white teeth. Miranda knew she was in trouble as she slid into the car.

"I'm so glad you were able to make it." His grin said he wasn't lying.

"Thank-you, for asking me." With an air of the absurd the conversation continued on as if the circumstances were normal. Miranda fidgeted and fussed with her hair as the young police officer drove into the Texas night. Trying to focus on what was happening she couldn't help but notice how large his hand gripping the steering wheel was. Her pulse quickened as she took note of the muscles in his arms.

As if he had read her thoughts, Trent flashed her a quick grin before returning his blue eyes to the road ahead. Moisture pooled between Miranda's legs as she inhaled his woodsy scent. Fuck, he smelled as good as he looked. Unconsciously Miranda licked her full lips as she imagined how Officer Trent would taste. The smile on her face told the truth. Miranda was forgetting all about her twelve-step program and was remembering everything that her body craved.

Squirming in her seat Miranda forced her gaze off the officer's strong profile and looked out at the city lights flying by the cars window. It wasn't long before the car started turning down one less populated road after another. The distracted woman hadn't even bothered to ask where they were going. She knew in her heart it didn't really matter. There wasn't much hope she could convince the officer with words to protect her secrets. That was painfully obvious. If she couldn't, well she was downright frightened to think of how far she would go to protect her reputation.

As the car turned down a dirt road she exploded, "Please, I made a mistake. I had been drinking. I don't normally act like that ... please don't tell anyone. I need my job." Shuddering she sank into her seat and stared again at the young officer's profile. Why hadn't he spoken?

In a tone serious and quiet he finally spoke. "Miranda, I'm not going to make you do anything ... I just thought we could be friends." As he spoke he slowly stroked her silky blonde hair. She was just so tiny. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her.

She should have pushed his hand away but she didn't. Instead she sighed and leaned slightly into him and said, "No." As if she hadn't spoken his large fingers traced down her arm. His hand slightly glanced the side of her breast as he pulled the patrol car to a stop behind an old abandoned building.

"Promise me, you won't tell anyone ... please." Her voice didn't sound like a bad-ass parole officer. No, she sounded like a little girl pleading to stay up past bedtime. The thrill of power shot through the young police officer. Pleased Trent felt his need begin to rise.

"Don't worry, no one knows we're here ... it's our secret. Now let's get out of the car."

Miranda stepped from the cruiser into the unusually temperate air as if she were sleepwalking. Inside was another story all together. A fierce war was raging. Intellect demanded she stop this insanity but base desires had her already wanting to please this powerful man.

"Come here."

With hesitant steps she approached the man who had taken charge of her. Lounging against the hood of the black and white car he leered. "That's right Baby ... come talk to me."

Talk? Was it possible? Would he really give her a chance to talk her way out of this predicament? Her hopes were immediately dashed when he added another direction.

"Take off your sweater and shirt ... I want to see those fabulous titties I've heard so much about." Officer Trent's little brother was also an officer of the law. Only he was still stuck in their hometown, Lubbock. The phone call telling him about Miranda had been the best Christmas present the older brother had ever received. Mentally he reminded himself to thank his younger sibling.

Miranda felt her prominent nipples harden and an ache begin between her legs as she stood in front of the cocky officer. Keeping her head down she shed her cardigan and began to unbutton her plaid shirt.

"Look at me." It was said softly but it was not a request.

Shivering Miranda raised her eyes. Immediately a blush spread across her neck and face. Staring boldly into his heat filled blue eyes she pulled her shirt open and let it fall to the ground.

"The bra too."

Eyes still locked on his she unclasped her black cotton bra and it joined her shirt on the dry ground.

"Fuck ... they are perfect." And letting out a low whistle he starred at her large pale breasts made even more beautiful by her engorged nipples. Chuckling he pointed out that she was having a good time. Shame flooded through Miranda when she heard the truth in his words and she dropped her head.

Under the streetlight Miranda stood exposed and waiting for direction. None was needed. She knew exactly what the young police officer wanted when she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Without even looking up, Miranda lowered herself to the asphalt. Officer Trent's erection twitched as the woman looked up and offered her warm mouth.

With a sound animalistic in nature he pulled his nine and half inches out. A grin spread across his face as he watched Miranda's green eyes widen. He knew just how big he was. There wasn't much he enjoyed more than the look in a woman's eyes the first time she saw what was headed her way. The young woman kneeling before him didn't disappoint. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen in person and it showed in her expression as she licked her parted lips.

Leaning down the police officer grabbed a handful of Miranda's shoulder length hair and pulled her forward. Instinctively Miranda wrapped her pale small hand around his impressive girth. Her fingers didn't quite touch as she drew him to her mouth. Taking just her tongue she lightly circled the head. Officer Trent's flavor immediately hit her taste buds and she groaned softly. Gone was any remembrance of her conflicted feelings.

Tension built in Miranda's core as she lavished attention on the young policeman. One small hand tickled the officer's balls and the other stroked his straining erection. The parole officer's mouth stretched as Miranda took all of him deep into her throat. Need began to eclipse all else as she continued deep throating Trent. Smacking sounds entered the still night air as Miranda hungrily sucked and licked the tall officer.

Groaning he twisted his hand tighter in her thick blonde hair and began to set his own rhythm. Over and over again he plunged down the throat of the trapped woman. Gagging, Miranda took the assault with pleasure. Tears filled her eyes as she struggled for breath. Officer Trent's groans began to build and suddenly Miranda felt herself released.

Abruptly the police offer grabbed Miranda's arm and yanked her to her feet. "Turn around and put your hands on the hood." Jolts of electricity ripped through Miranda as she happily complied. The desire to be fucked was the only thing on her mind. As she unbuttoned her Levis she felt Officer Trent tugging at her waistband. Jeans and black cotton panties around her ankles Miranda thrust her curved ass out. Sounds of pleasure surrounded her as the officer roughly squeezed her rounded cheeks. With one hand he opened her from behind and with the other Trent guided his engorged nine and half inches between her legs.

Miranda's head roared with anticipation as she felt him line up. Wiggling her pale behind at him and lifting one knee she encouraged him further. The tightening in the officer's balls was all encompassing and with a roar he plunged. Cries erupted from the woman pinned on the hood of the police cruiser as his width stretched her tender flesh. Pain and pleasure fused as she ground back against his strokes.

Grasping her soft hips roughly he pulled her forcefully back as his speed increased. "God you're tight ... fuck yes!" And the rhythm continued as Miranda was bounced back and forth. Coiling deep inside forced moans from her lips as she climbed towards release.

Stroke after stroke, Officer Trent laid claim to the young parole officer. Her slippery folds embraced him in silky tightness. The sound of slapping flesh was soon accompanied by cries guttural in nature. Miranda's screams grew as she climbed higher and higher. The assault on her ravaged flesh continued as the rising became unbearable.

Wave after wave of moisture was released as Miranda reached orgasm. Satisfaction complete she collapsed further onto the hood of the black and white cruiser. Officer Trent's firm slap on her ass snapped her out of her fog and she pushed back with gusto.

As Miranda's hot pussy throbbed around the massive cock impaling her, Officer Trent began to roar. Rhythm increased as need became excruciating. With rapid fire movement the muscular police officer reached the wall. Shudders ripped through him as rope after rope of thick hot cum shot deep into Miranda. Groaning he collapsed on the prone woman.

Within a few moments Officer Trent withdrew his softening cock and again slapped Miranda's ample ass. "Get dressed ... we have to go."

Nodding her assent, the parole officer pulled up her tight jeans and reached for her bra and flannel shirt. Without speaking she returned to the passenger seat. Officer Trent slid into the cruiser and with a quick grin her way headed back into town.

No words were spoken as they sped through the night. Miranda knew she was in trouble. The need to fuck was already returning. Glancing sideways at the officer she hoped he could keep a secret. She certainly wouldn't mind being his personal fuck toy.

Pulling to the curb in front of the parole office, Officer Trent spoke for the first time. "That was fucking awesome ... you are an amazing fuck." As Miranda stepped from the car he added, "Can't wait till next time. We'll be in touch." Before Miranda could even register that he had used the word "we," the Round Rock cruiser was gone.

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