tagGroup SexMiranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 04

Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 04


Readers: If this is your first introduction to Miranda may I suggest you begin with chapter one. She is having one hell of a time! To those following Miranda's adventure, I hope you will enjoy the Big Game as much as I did writing it.

Thank-you for your support and votes ... YOGAKAY ... xoxoxxo


Chapter 4

The Big Game

Miranda sat in her blue truck and watched the sun begin to rise over North Austin. The blonde parole officer felt different. Miranda had never been with a woman before and Detective Jennifer Lyons hadn't cared. Miranda still had the taste and scent of Detective Lyons in her mouth and on her body. The older woman had wanted Miranda and hadn't been above using a little coercion to get her way. Miranda knew she should be upset but she just wasn't. Miranda was a little shocked at how alive her petite body had felt when Detective Lyons touched her. Savoring the flavor of the beautiful detective in her mouth, Miranda started her Silverado pick-up truck and began her short drive to her newly-rented townhome.

Opening the front door, Miranda looked around her small two bedroom townhouse. It had been over two months since Miranda had moved to the Texas Capitol and boxes of books still remained stacked in the corner of the small living space. Piles of unpacked books covered the old hardwood floors. An avid reader since she was a child, Miranda had more books than space to put them. The older woman's apartment had inspired Miranda. The graceful beauty and clutter free surfaces of Detective Lyons' apartment had made the blonde parole officer's new home seem neglected.

Quickly slipping into black and white polka dot flannel pants and a black tee, Miranda settled by a pile of books and began sorting through them. Her progress halted. Three books about sex addiction sat mocking her. She felt judged. Immediately Miranda's mood soured.

The night before she had spent the evening learning how to please a woman. The sex had been mind-blowing and now Miranda muttered resentfully, "I'm expected to feel guilty?"

"Fuck that!" Without any additional thought, Miranda carried the three self-help books to the cylinder trashcan by the pantry door. With an exaggerated brushing of her hands she turned her back on the previously studied books. No more was she going to beat herself up. The blonde loved to be fucked and there wasn't a twelve-step program in the world that was going to change that. The truth was Miranda thought, "if I hadn't been so sexually deprived before the Christmas party, I wouldn't have lost control." And if Miranda hadn't lost control of her sexual desires she wouldn't have been caught pleasuring two Lubbock County deputies at the sheriff's holiday party.

That poor "decision" had been discovered and now Miranda had to do what she was told. That wasn't really a problem. Miranda loved to please and so far all the young parole officer wanted was for more sexual demands to be made.

The move to Austin was supposed to be a new start for the blonde officer. But no sooner than Miranda had arrived in the Capital she had been confronted with her secret. The Round Rock police officer had made it clear in the text he sent. If Miranda wanted her reputation protected she would need to be available when Officer Trent called.

After spending the day transforming her townhouse into a home, Miranda settled onto her second hand brown leather sofa. It hadn't been twenty-four hours since she had learned how to eat pussy and Miranda was already feeling restless. She knew the signs. A rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing and an ache between her legs meant one thing and one thing only. She needed to be fucked and until she was very little else would enter her mind. Taking a deep breath, Miranda reminded herself to calm down. This too would pass. She just needed to find something else to focus on. Glancing over to her phone she realized just how disappointed she was. Not one message had come in all day from the people who had laid claim to her body. The more she tried not to think about sex, the more the thoughts of entwined nude bodies plagued her. Why couldn't she like to quilt like her sisters?

While her two older sisters had hung with their mom learning domestic skills, Miranda had run wild playing with the neighborhood boys. Now the two older ones were happily married in the suburbs and here she was on a Sunday night hoping the phone would ring. Some things just never changed.

She wanted to get dressed up and head downtown. Music venues blanketed the college town and they always teemed with young University of Texas students. She shouldn't have any problem getting laid. Internally shaking herself she reached for the drawer of toys in the wooden side table. It was going to be a long night for the young woman.

Monday morning came and Miranda was in worse shape. Despite the orgasms she had given herself throughout the long night her body ached. A burning that made no sense occupied all of her thoughts as she tried to concentrate on the file before her. Eduardo Ramon Santiago was a badass and had just been released from prison after a ten year sentence. Violent crimes checkered the forty year old man's past and Miranda wasn't excited about the impending home visit.

This would be the first time Miranda visited the newly released man and she didn't know what to expect. With resignation she stood. She might as well get it over with. As Miranda exited her office, her boss, Rex stopped her in the doorway. Startled Miranda stumbled. Before she could fall Rex's strong brown arm encircled her waist and caught her. Immediately released, Miranda jumped back. Heat covered her chest and face and Miranda cringed. She knew she was blushing.

Trying to speak she looked up into her boss's deep brown eyes. Heat flared in Miranda as she noticed just how handsome her boss really was. Her eyes must have changed as she was looking up because all of a sudden the energy around the two intensified. Both Miranda and Rex took a step back. Flustered, Miranda inquired if there was a problem. Equally uncertain of what had just happened, Rex shook his head no and walked away. Miranda stood and watched his retreat. She had never noticed what a tight ass her black boss had.

Over an hour is what it took Miranda to drive what should have taken only twenty minutes. The traffic in the state capital was terrible everyday but distracted Miranda had missed her turn. That was why now the frustrated parole officer was over thirty minutes late for a scheduled home visit. The parolee was only required to wait ten minutes and she hoped Eduardo hadn't taken advantage of the situation. She didn't need the aggravation.

Stepping out of her blue Silverado she took stock of the home she was about to enter. Located in deep East Austin the white one story residence was charming in a slightly worn out way. The house could use a fresh coat of paint but the yard was pristine. Pansies filled cracked pots and bloomed in the temperate winter. Succulents grew wild in the front yard and the back was filled with live oaks. A statue of the Virgin Mary stood in a small garden to the left of the tall porch and greeted all those who visited. It was painfully obvious this house belonged to someone who cared.

Steeling herself, Miranda lifted the old-time door knocker and let it fall. Nothing. After a few moments, she tried again. Nothing. Eduardo was considered high risk and she would have to return now at the soonest possible moment. With disgust obvious on her pretty face, Miranda dug through her satchel for pen and paper. A noise behind her made her gasp and feeling foolish the blonde parole officer turned around.

Standing too close for comfort was her parolee, Eduardo. The smile across his angular face confirmed he was enjoying her discomfort.

"You startled me." Her voice was much calmer than she felt. Already agitated, Miranda didn't need anyone crowding her personal space. Especially a parolee who looked like he belonged on a Spanish soap opera. "You're late." The voice was low and fit the man it belonged to. Eduardo was a visual delight. Thick curly dark brown hair and dark green eyes contrasted beautifully against his dark naturally tanned skin. The gym in prison had sculpted his body into long lean muscles. Muscles that now stretched the plain blue pullover he wore tucked into loose jeans.

With a start, Miranda realized she had been staring. This was terrible. It was hard enough being a tiny woman doing a big job. She didn't need to let any lines get blurred. Putting her most serious face on, she apologized for her late arrival. Casually she stepped back. It wouldn't do for Eduardo to know what effect he was having on his horny parole officer.

The meeting followed normal lines and future appointments were made. Though nothing had ever been said that would be considered inappropriate, the energy between the two had been real and they had both known it. It was a much relieved woman who finally left the Fourth Street home without getting naked.

Back home, Miranda thought she was going to scream. Every man and to be honest a few of the women she had encountered throughout the day had captured her attention. Pacing she groaned inwardly. She didn't need a meeting. She needed fucking and a battery operated toy just wasn't going to reach the itch deep inside her. As she made another loop through her galley style kitchen she heard her phone chirp.

Almost tripping over her own feet Miranda lunged for her brown satchel. Heart racing she read the message.

Big game this Sunday

You're the hostess

Dress appropriately for

your new position.

... Go Cowboys!

I'll text you the address

The game is at three

You need to be there

a half hour early.


The only thing in the text that worried Miranda was the "dress appropriately." She'd never been to a gang bang before.

The rest of the week was excruciating for Miranda. Close proximity with men was guaranteed in law enforcement and the horny parole officer felt like a pinball bouncing back and forth between tempting opportunities. From the District Attorney's office to the county jail she battled against her body's demands. She loved fucking and she accepted that. It was the fucking up that she wanted to avoid. So she kept her thoughts quiet and her body covered as she went about her work.

Clothing was proving to be a challenge for the twenty-eight year old. It started with trying to get something "special" for the upcoming game. Googling lingerie in Austin had given her several options. Fascinations located off Interstate 35 catered to strippers and others in the sex industry. So while doing home visits in the industrial area, Miranda had slipped into the erotic store. She prayed no one saw her truck in the parking lot.

How many outfits Miranda tried on was impossible to keep track of. A chubby but very sexy young woman worked extra hard that afternoon. Every article of clothing Miranda tried on was quickly met with disapproval. The petite blonde wasn't used to the image she saw in the dressing room mirror. Gone was any evidence of a parole officer as she stared at herself in the latest "dress" the saleswoman had brought to the curtained dressing room.

Black leather barely cleared her ass in the corseted get-up she finally chose. Breathing was difficult. Muscles had bulged in the sales woman's arms as she had pulled the laces crisscrossing the back of the black dress tighter and tighter. Miranda's normally large breasts were squeezed together and threatened to spill forth. Her small waist had been constricted further and made her ass and tits stand out even more. Black stockings and four inch heels that weren't designed for walking completed her outfit. The petite blonde had never looked hotter and her slutty bad girl appearance only encouraged the fire raging inside.

Her "hostess" outfit selected, Miranda decided to try on a couple of the "regular" shirts. These blouses were unlike the ones she had sported since graduating from Texas Tech. Fitted, slightly sheer and bold in color the shirts made Miranda feel beautiful. She was tired of always looking a little frumpy and on an impulse had bought three in varying colors. The new clothes and heavier make-up hadn't gone unnoticed by either coworker or client. Interested looks had begun following the blonde parole officer everywhere she went.

Tempted over and over again, the horny woman kept her head down and her mouth shut. Panties soaked she pretended not to notice the offers coming her way. Not many were fooled. The woman literally bristled with constrained sexuality. If it hadn't been for the upcoming football party she knew "being good" would have proved even more difficult.

Saturday night came and Miranda sat staring into the night. Never had excitement built higher. Not knowing what to expect only made the anticipation more excruciating. Fantasies of giving herself to a group of men kept Miranda awake. The images of being passed around kept the frustrated woman's hands between her legs. No matter how many orgasms she gave herself Miranda's body wouldn't be satisfied. Only a cock could reach the itch that was tormenting her day and night. On Sunday morning the sound of her coffee pot turning on woke Miranda. Somewhere around two that morning the woman's mind had finally quietened and she had slipped into much needed slumber.

The smell of brewing coffee brought her out of her bedroom. Pouring herself a cup of French roast she stepped out onto her back patio. She didn't need to start getting ready for hours. Time came and went as Miranda kept checking the clock on her phone. Minutes seemed to take hours as anticipation became all consuming. Trying to keep busy proved pointless. She couldn't concentrate on the folders she had brought home from work and the townhouse wasn't in need of any deep cleaning. She considered going to the gym. That idea was quickly rejected. She needed to reserve her energy.

Finally the morning passed and it was one o'clock. Normally, it never took Miranda over twenty minutes to prepare herself for any occasion, but today was special. She wanted everything perfect. Grabbing a can of bubbly water from her bare refrigerator she headed to her master bedroom. Smoothing her blue coverlet, she placed her new leather corset dress, black stockings, hot pink thong and jewelry on the bed. A thrill shot through Miranda as she studied what she planned to wear.

Steam filled the small bathroom as the blonde shaved, scrubbed and soaped her petite frame. As her hands exfoliated the tender skin on her breasts she imagined strangers pawing her flesh. Soaping her mound she admired the dark blonde landing strip leading the way to her most sensitive spot. Continuing to imagine the mouths, hands and cocks of strangers, Miranda completed her shower. Coconut oil was warmed by hand and massaged into every inch of Miranda as she continued preparing her body for the big game. Taking a little extra oil, she inserted one red tipped finger into her rectum and moisturized the inside of her narrow passage. "It didn't hurt to be ready," she thought as tingling accompanied her ministrations.

Her body and mind transformed as she zipped the black leather corset in place. A miniature hourglass on display is how she appeared in the outfit made for fucking. A pleased smile crossed Miranda's face as she applied heavy make-up around her eyes. She liked the way looking slutty felt. By two o'clock the young parole officer resembled a high class prostitute and as unnatural desire rose in Miranda she thought she might explode. A full length black tweed coat hid the truth underneath, and vibrating with expectation Miranda headed to the warehouse in Cedar Park.

Pulling into the commonplace storage facility on a bright sunny Sunday was beyond surreal. Families milled around open units that only held "stuff." There was nothing evident suggesting what else the facility was used for. Briefly she imagined all of the construction inside being done under a cloak of darkness. How many of these places existed in suburban America? No way to know. Glancing at the other numbered doors Miranda shivered. What secrets did they hide? Unit 207 was clearly marked on the white door waiting for Miranda. Uncertainty came unannounced as she slowly approached the door. What had she agreed to do? Her footsteps stopped of their own accord. The corseted woman in heels didn't even know how many men to expect. Before she could decide what to do, the door opened. Impossibly tall, Damien stood there looming over her.

"Welcome," as he motioned for her to enter the expression on the bald police officer's face made it clear Damien was ready to play. "Come on in, please." Hazel eyes leered as she hesitated. But feeling as if a force unseen was pulling her, Miranda stepped into the entryway. The door was immediately pulled closed and with the sound of the lock catching Miranda shivered. Completely isolated, she felt vulnerable in the small faux office.

"Let me take your coat, we need to get you ready before the guys arrive."

Shyness assaulted the young woman. The black corset dress had seemed perfect when she had bought it at Fascinations but now it felt uncomfortable and over the top. Heat flared in Miranda's chest and face as she allowed the big man to slip her tweed coat off of her shoulders. What had she been thinking?

"Fuck, you look amazing. Turn around." Goosebumps appeared as Miranda turned slowly for the police officer. Stroking his dark goatee, Damien inspected the scantily clad woman. Her self-consciousness was apparent in the way she held herself and Damien felt himself tighten. The game couldn't start soon enough.

Pointing to the small desk Damien instructed Miranda to sit. The small wooden desk held three items: a phone leading to nowhere, a pen holder full of pens, and a Cosmopolitan magazine. The stage had been set.

"When the guys get here, you welcome them, take their coats and show them into the inner room ... it's your job to do as you're told, happily ... think of every man here as a boss you're trying to impress ... oh, and don't forget to offer the guys a drink ... after everyone is seated, you stand by the couch next to the bed and wait for instructions, any questions, Babe?" Feelings of power rose in Damien as he spoke. The more nervous she appeared the more excited he got.

Oh, Miranda was nervous but that wasn't all she was. A sopping wet pussy and hardened nipples told the truth. The more the aggressive man spoke, the more aroused she became.

"How will I know when the last person arrives?"

"I'll tell you when you show them in, don't worry, there won't be more men than a woman like you couldn't handle. Babe, you're a pro and the boys are excited." Leaning over, the policeman ran one long finger over the swell of Miranda's breasts. "Mmm, get ready." With one look back Damien entered the playroom and left the new hostess alone. Miranda didn't have time to reconsider her actions. As soon as the inner door closed behind Damien, the front door began to open. It wasn't anyone she had seen before. Of average height, the Hispanic man split into a grin when he saw Miranda sitting behind the desk.

Heart pounding and feeling a little shaky, Miranda stood. "Welcome, I'm Miranda; I'll be your hostess this afternoon."

"I'm Victor and I couldn't be happier to meet you." Victor wasn't lying. There wasn't anything that grabbed his attention like a big breasted blonde. If the blonde happened to be tiny, well that was just gravy.

Victor's naturally tanned hand grasped Miranda's and he pulled her forward. Stumbling on heels she wasn't used to Miranda fell into Victor's arms. Looking up into his warm brown eyes, she smiled. Black wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail highlighted his angular features and his body felt slim and strong.

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