Miranda's Design


Oriana was accepted to a university on Earth and had been staying with Miranda for the past few months. Now that Ori was 18, she didn't need a guardian, but still wanted to stay with her sister rather than renting her own place. She was happy to be able to spend time with her older sister now that the Reaper threat was gone and the Galaxy slowly rebuilt.

Miranda was equally happy to spend time with her sister. She could finally relax and not have to worry about the Reapers or Cerberus. She didn't have to worry about Ori either now that she was under her own roof.

At the moment the two of them were sitting on the couch watching Television. They both loved watching "C-Sec" the show where camera drones follow C-Sec officers around and film them catching criminals on the citadel. They both giggled as two Turian and three Human officers tackled a Krogan to the ground for threatening a Hanar diplomat.

"Wow, i'm surprised they were able to get him to the ground." Ori commented.

A few minutes passed and they arrested an Asari prostitute. Her tits were practically bursting out of her tight top and her mini skirt barely covered her ass. Oriana looked at the slut with disgust.

"What a slut, why would anyone be attracted to something like that?"

But something in Miranda was aroused at such a sight. She watched every bounce of her succulent breasts closely. After a moment of slight drooling and staring at the whore, Miranda caught herself and shook her head.

"Uh yea...disgusting alright..." Miranda responded.

What had just come over her!? She never considered herself a lesbian or even Bi before. She had never even looked at another woman that way until just a few seconds ago. Yet the second she saw that busty Asari, her pussy went moist in an instant. She decided to try to ignore her sudden lust and if it happened again she would try to figure out what was going on with her.

And then all of a sudden there it was the pain in her abdomen. It had been a recurring problem the past few days and showed no signs of letting up. Each day it had gotten more painful, but oddly enough, pleasurable as well (which was what really worried her). Additionally, there was slight pressure in her butt and breasts which she couldn't deny were pleasurable as well.

"Pains again? I told you, you need to see a doctor." Ori told Miranda after seeing her sister clench her stomach.

"I'm sure it's nothing. It'll be gone soon." Miranda replied.

"That's what you've been saying for the last week and it's still there."

Miranda looked away and tried to ignore Ori's pestering to see a doctor.

However, as fast as it had come, it went away.

"There, you see? It's gone already."

"Whatever..." Ori said, disappointed that Miranda wouldn't take her advice. Thinking of how stubborn Miri could be somehow reminded her to give Miri her birthday present.

"Well now that you're feeling better, I wanted to give you this!" Ori said as she handed her sister a small gift wrapped box.

"No, Ori you shouldn't have!"

"Oh shush and open it."

Miranda unwrapped and opened the box to find a golden heart-shaped locket inside. Miranda picked up the locket and looked at how detailed it was. There were beautiful designs embedded all over it. She opened it to find a picture of herself and Ori in it.

A tear ran down her face as she looked up at Ori and gave her a hug.

"It's perfect Ori, thank you." Miranda said as she put the locket around her neck.

"You're welcome!" Ori said with a smile.

However, this lovely moment wasn't meant to last. Suddenly the pain (and pleasure) in her abdomen returned, greater than ever. Momentarily, the pain took over. Miranda fell on the floor and rolled around trying to stop the pain. Ori went to her knees and tried to communicate with her sister, but all Miranda was focused on was the pain, the unbearable pain.

"Miri what's wrong!?"

But then...the pain was gone. And there was nothing but bliss.

The pleasure took over and she immediately began to moan. The lust took over and she began to remove her jumpsuit. She began to play with her pussy as her abdomen, ass, and breasts experience pleasure she had never known before. Her mind became clouded with lust and bliss. She didn't care that her sister was right there, she never wanted this feeling to end!

Ori could only look down at her sister, confused and slightly turned on by how hot she realized Miri was. She looked at her sister's pussy astonished. What was happening to her sister!?

Miranda began to scream "Yes! Yeeess! Yeeeeeesssss!!!" Then she saw it...it burst out of Miranda's pussy in seconds. Before her was what looked like a 13 ½ inch penis. And it was her sister's! It was massive! It had to be as thick as her arm! Miranda's pussy lips formed around the huge cock until there was no trace of her former sex.

As this happened Miranda wrapped her hand around her new cock and began jerking off as if she'd been doing it her whole life. The second she touched it with her hand, her pleasure amplified tenfold. She rolled her eyes in the back of her head and let her tongue hang out of her mouth as she jerked her new cock like there was nothing more important in the universe.

In her clouded head, she realized she loved her cock, and was glad her pussy was gone. It felt right, it felt oh so right to be gone of that dreadful pussy. Something in her brain kicked in and made her want to love her new member, cherish it, and even worship it.

Ori watch in horror and arousal as she watched her sister jack off right in front of her. She noticed something happening underneath Miri's penis. She saw two bulges begin to descend from underneath Miri's cock. They started out small, but they grew bigger and bigger with each moment until they were both the size of tennis balls. And then they dropped, held up by a tight, creamy white patch of skin. Miranda's balls had just dropped.

Yet Miranda still wasn't done changing. In the next few moments, her breasts would swell up to a 28G. Her hips became even wider and her ass grew as well. In just a few minutes, Miranda had become one of the sexiest women on the planet, heck maybe even the galaxy. Even her new 13 inch appendage seemed natural on her, as smooth and creamy white as the rest of her body.

Then Oriana caught a whiff of something. It was a strong musky scent. It was coming from Miranda's newly formed testicles. All of a sudden Oriana's mind began to cloud. Lust began to take over as she felt her pussy moisten and her nipples harden. She stared at Miranda's cock and testicles and then finally she pounced.

She dived her head in between Miranda's thighs. She stuck her nose right up against Miranda's warm ball sack and took a nice long whiff of her sister's heavenly scent and began licking and smothering her sister's balls with her tongue. She took Miri's left nut in her mouth, which was difficult to the sheer size of just one of her testicles. She continued to suck and caress her sister's balls in her mouth.

Miranda may have only just got her incredible dick, but she knew she was going to orgasm soon. She loved the way Ori was playing with her balls. She was so caught up in the pleasure of it all, she didn't even care Ori was her sister. She just continued to play with her breasts while jacking off. The feelings she was experiencing was so wonderful, she'd trade anything to feel like this all the time.

Oriana continued to suck on Miranda's balls when something snapped in her brain. She loved her sister's cock. She wanted to please her sister and make her feel good. And she didn't just love her; she was IN love with her sister and the beautiful meaty log in front of her.

Oriana closed her eyes and leaned down to plant a kiss on the tip of Miri's member. Her lips gently touched the tip and that was all Miranda needed. As her cock began to twitch, Ori knew what was happening. She wrapped her lips around Miri's dickhead so that she could get all of her sister's creamy seed in her mouth, to prove her devotion to her. She wanted it all.

Miranda's cock pulsed and emptied her spunk into Oriana's mouth. Jet after jet of hot jizz was deposited into her mouth. The taste electrified her taste buds. It was her new favorite taste. She swallowed as much as she could, the delicious cream just kept coming. After 2 minutes of non-stop cum filling her mouth, Miranda's stream stopped.

With her cock beginning to soften, Miranda's mind was slowly coming back. She sat up realizing everything she had just done. In a way she was horrified, but everything she had come to realize in her clouded mind was true. If given the chance to get her pussy back she would decline in an instant. She really was in love with her new penis. It just felt right for some reason. However, she had mixed feelings about Oriana. She was her sister and she had let her play with her new testicles. Even now Ori was snuggling her dick, rubbing her cheeks up and down the length of her meaty appendage.

"I love you Miri." Oriana said lovingly.

"I love you too Ori." Miranda replied with a little smirk on her face.

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