tagNonHumanMiranda's Longing

Miranda's Longing

byvery erotic©

Samantha was everyman's dream! Beautiful, loving and beyond all else faithful. She had been married to Bill for 13 years and never once thought about cheating. She had giving Bill 3 children and probably the best years of her life. She married Bill when she had just turned 18. She had given Bill her virginity and he was the only man that she had ever made love to. Sadly to say she had never had an orgasm with Bill.

Lately Samantha had been feeling restless and she would have these strange dreams of a man with glowing red eyes. She would always wake up, out of breath and laying in a very large wet spot on the sheets! She would always run to the bathroom and shower. Always embarassed that she had came with out her husband. What was she doing? As the weeks passed the dreams became more vivid and her longing grew.

Almost if by accident Samantha walked into a pet store one day and was drawn to the reptiles. She was aroused by the way they slithered, By the way they would flick their toungues at the air. They were amazing creatures. From no where a gentleman walked up to her. Beautiful aren't they? So sleak, So Sexual. Standing before Samantha was the sexiest man she had ever seen! He stood 6'6 and was built like a greek god. He had wavy black hair and piercing eyes.

He asked Samantha if she'd like to join him for a drink. She politely said no, i'm married. He took a businesscard from his pocket and handed it to her. Serpent's lair it read. Owned and operated by Nevien. Well if you change your mind sexy ladie you'll have my number. The rest of the day was a blur. She could not get the handsome stranger out of her head. She masterbated until her pussy was sore. That night she went to bed with her husband as usual but things were different.

She tossed and turned til she couldn't take it anymore. She got up and went down stairs and retrieved the businesscard from her purse. What was she doing? She was always the good wife, the good mother that would never risk an affair. She picked up the phone and dialed. Her breathing was fast and harsh. It rang once. Then twice. What was she doing? She hung the phone up before it could ring a 3rd time. She sat in the dark and almost cried. At that moment the phone rang. She jumped im fear and grabbed it quickly before it could ring again. She put the reciever to her ear. Samantha come to me. I feel you, i know you long for me. You long to be set free. She trembled. I can't.

Samantha come to me. I have what you need! What you long for. Where? Samantha wispered. What time? Now! I'll be waiting for you. Last stop motel, room 666 the door is unlocked. Samantha grabbed her coat and threw it on over her white silk nitie. She grabbed her car keys and gently closed the front door behind her. What am i doing? She ran every light on the way to the motel. It was 3 in the morning, no cops would be on the road at this hour. What am i doing? Her head was spinning, her heart racing, her pussy throbbing!

She pulled into the motel parking lot. Funny she never noticed the motel before. As she got out of the car she looked around to make sure no one seen her. She ran up the dark stairs to the second floor. the stairway smell of urian. What was she doing? She knocked at the door of room 666 and it squeaked open just slightly. Nevien? Are you there? Come in SSSSSamantha. What was she doing?

She pushed the door open and took a step inside. it was dark and there was on odd odor in the air. Like something was burning. It smelled of sulfur. Across the room she could make out Nevien's shadow. She could also see a pair of glowing red eyes. what was she doing? Was her mind playing tricks on her? Neiven? Is that you? Yessss child come to me. She closed the door behind her. The room was totally dark except for a light that was coming in the window. The light fell just in front of where Nevien was sitting.

SSSSamantha, do you want me? Do you want me to make you mine? Do you want my ssssead? What was she doing? Yes I want you so badly she said. There is a pricessss child. I'll give you what you've alwaysssss longed for. I will free the real you ssssamantha! But there is a pricesssss~.

Anything, anything she moaned. She could see the red eyes glowing britely in the dark room now, but she wasn't afraid. I will Take you SSSSamantha. Your body will be mine. Your will shall be mine. Your sssssoul will be mind. Nevien rose from his chair and maid his way to her. As he traveled thru the light from the window samantha saw something that she couldn't believe. Nevien's form had changed! He was no longer a tall dark handsome stranger. He was now a serpent His body was covered with scales. His hands were claws. His legs were gone and in there place the body of a snake. But one thing cought her eye. Where his groin should have been there was an enormous scaled erection. It stood straight out!

Nevien stared at samantha thru burning red eyes. You want it don't you ssssslut? She wispered yes. Touch it. She reached out her small hand and brushed the shaft. It was cool and leathery. She began to stroke the monsters giant cock. Nevien reached for the front of her night gown and ruffly tore it off her body. She rubbed the 14 inch monster with both hands now. ssssssuck it, Nevien comanded. she got to her knees and grabbed the giant cock at its base. The head was the size of a baseball. Everything was surreal. She opened her mouth wide and took the creature in her mouth. She sucked this demon's cock with a fierceness her husband had never known. The monster grabbed her red hair ruffly and throw her on the bed.

She instinctually Spread her legs as the demon entered her. It drove the monster cock into her. She felt tremendous pain. But at the same time tremendous pleasure! She looked up into the red eyes. And for the first time in her life She orgasmed from intercourse. It wasn't an orgasm like when she masterbated either. It was a mind numbing orgasm that reached her very soul. The creature grabbed her waist and flipped her over. She layed her face on the pillow and stuck her ass up in the air. She felt the serpent's toungue flip out and touch her asshole. Then she felt the creature's cock! SHE SCREAMED OUT IN PAIN AS THE MONSTER ENTERED HER ASS! But quickly another orgasm washed over her and she forgot about the pain. Nevien pounded her ass harder and harder til he was lifting her off the bed with each thrust! When Samantha felt the giant cock swell and shoot it's hot cum inside of her. She felt the strangest sensation. It felt as if her heart had stopped.

5 days later Bill recieved a call from the police. They had found his wife. A cleaning ladie for the motel was walking past room 666 and spelled something rotten and reported it to the manager. The manager was visable shaken. Room 666??? Are you sure? That room hasn't been used in 13 years. Not sinse the murder of that young girl back in 87. He grabbed the keys and slowly open the door to 666. There on the bed lay the rotting corpse of samatha. The room stunk of sex, fire and brimstone and rotting flesh. The corpses vigina was completely ripped open and blood was everywhere.

In a dark corner of hell, demons line up to service the cum slut known as Samantha. Never sinse the begining have these demons experienced anything like her. They would violate her 3 at a time. One in her pussy, one in her ass,and one in her mouth yet she would giggle and beg for more. In hell Samantha was treated like a slut. But in hell samantha also orgasmed everytime she was fucked!!

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